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A seller tries to peel off with a high asking price for a NASCAR fire suit, but Rick pumps the brakes in this clip from "Take A Seat". #PawnStars
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Pawn Stars
Season 4
Episode 6
Take A Seat
"Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.
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Jan 24, 2018




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Comments 80
"he knows everything about nascar" doesn't know 2003 was the last year for winston cigarette sponsorship dates it 2005
Mattpie Gaming
Mattpie Gaming 3 months ago
update newman was badley hurt in the 2020 daytona 500 was in fist on the last lap and battling his team mate ryan blaney and blaney caught his bumper and flipped him into to the wall and laned on lajioe and had a brusied brain.
JimmyLukes 4 months ago
ryan newman took the fire suit off after the race threw it and i caught it!
Rainor Tyre
Rainor Tyre 4 months ago
He could have got more for that. That guy didn’t know everything about NASCAR. These suits ain’t cheap.
Bill Quarter
Bill Quarter 4 months ago
Most attended sport in USA??? Have you seen the Bristol stadium???? Empty - it was packed top to bottom in 2000-2009
Jaime Rodriguez
Jaime Rodriguez 4 months ago
His face 🤣😂😭
Andrew Ham
Andrew Ham 6 months ago
There is only 1 race the human race *gets slapped* what about NASCAR.
YupItzBOLT 8 months ago
He is my third cousin
kyle1m 9 months ago
the store employee will never appraise an item over asking price lol
ok, thx Johnny...make sure you empty the trash cans in the bathrooms.
fucker4166 9 months ago
Me Johnny polished My knob famously
big strong daddy
Robert Quinonez
Customer: I have a Jimmie Johnson's firesuit when he won his 7th championship. Rick: I would give you $70 for it.
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop 2 years ago
Don't sell it!!!
Ronnie Bishop
Ronnie Bishop 2 years ago
I've noticed these Guy's talk great but they never buy anything! Hahahaha
20 KILLZ 2 years ago
Didn’t have room for it🤔
Anthony Cassani
Anthony Cassani 2 years ago
jbroskoski3 2 years ago
YA Tittle threw a pass, I caught the ball myself
MurphyBoy !
MurphyBoy ! 2 years ago
This is what the history channel is now. Let that sink in for a second...
skullpull 101
skullpull 101 2 years ago
rip old man
Mike Bastoni
Mike Bastoni 2 years ago
R.I.P Richard
Carlieto' Way
Carlieto' Way 2 years ago
Rick's employee is using Rick's line!!! What someone has on sale on the Internet and what they are able to get are 2 different things wow, Authentically nascar drive suit will never retails for 600 maybe 4 times the amount 2,500 is about right!!!!
zain ali hussain
zain ali hussain 2 years ago
600 and then rick is going to sell it for 2500
Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot
Kristin Elizabeth Fontenot
michele8196 2 years ago
It's worth about 2500...... I'll give you 13.27 and a seven layer burrito
Jose Magana
Jose Magana 2 years ago
MARTEL WEBBER 2 years ago
Worth $50000 but ill take $3
Houston Born White Guy
It was Wiston Cup till 2003 that guy doesn't know shit
Youngla14 2 years ago
600 bucks for a race car suit sign me up
TornadoTwistar 2 years ago
The other give away is the Ford logo on the left chest which indicates that Ryan Newman only got to race 2 years with Penske Racing in a Ford. Penske Racing converted to Dodge power after the 2002 season. So with that being said...this suit was used between 2001 and 2002. This suit was not used after 2002...
The Kids Nice
The Kids Nice 2 years ago
"That's why it's great to have Johnny around"... well hopefully Johnny ain't around during tax season, cheap fuck
Bryan Clark
Bryan Clark 2 years ago
A race worn race suit and he only values it for $600?? Get the fuck out of here.
Leo Lin
Leo Lin 2 years ago
One Eighth
One Eighth 2 years ago
Vine 6
Vine 6 2 years ago
Pinellas Exotic Reptiles
He should of walked from the deal.
Maverick Mills YT
Maverick Mills YT 2 years ago
Subscribe Please!
GaemaMusa 2 years ago
Rocketman?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
QUAVOPURPP 2 years ago
i work at a pawn shop and i know how the buisness works im an expert , rick has already lost money on this and lost more money on almost all of his purchases
runeplate123 2 years ago
IF..... MR Brown wore that famously it probably would of shot up to $5000 easily.
Trollelski Trollington
*somebody gives the guy a million dollar car, sells it to rick for $100 dollars* "I didn't pay anything for it so it's a win win for me!" That thought process fml
EasyThere Pilgrim
EasyThere Pilgrim 2 years ago
The customers always think they should get the maximum ASKING price on the internet. That must get so annoying to Rick after a while.
Last Rose Of Summer
I ❤Pawn Stars☺
Trending Videos
Trending Videos 2 years ago
Random dude:I am looking to sell a gold bar.Bought it for around 20,000 dollars. Rick:Yeah it's looks legit.The best I can do is 20 bucks. Random dude: Common how about a 100. Rick: 21 bucks is the most I can give. Random Guy: Sold. Rick:Sweeeeet.
Joe Mcgowan
Joe Mcgowan 2 years ago
Mr. Brown and that guys Joker shirt got along famously.
SpencE46 2 years ago
“dont have space for it”
Bless All choe
Bless All choe 2 years ago
Hi bald rick can I give audition to act in your show.. you can make me expert in anything 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Ricardo Montes
Ricardo Montes 2 years ago
Rick face when he saw how cheap it cost when the “expert” told him how much it was it matched the theme song
Mark Oliver
Mark Oliver 2 years ago
Corey is useless
David Sadloski
David Sadloski 2 years ago
Those gloves match the suit famously
I'm Player One
I'm Player One 2 years ago
Mr brown and I got along pivately no one needa know our business
ariana ghandi
ariana ghandi 2 years ago
Ricky bobby
tyedyejedi 2 years ago
You don't have space for it? So your new house doesn't have a closet or a drawer?
RebelRanger01 2 years ago
2005 Or earlier? He don't know what he's talking about because Winston left at the end of 2003 and the suit says Winston cup series so that's 2003 or before
Rainor Tyre
Rainor Tyre 4 months ago
It could be from 2001 also. He ran a few races that year.
Jon M
Jon M 2 years ago
RebelRanger01 2002/2003 sounds like "or earlier" to me. The guy didnt claim he knew when, he just (correctly) pointed out that it had to be earlier than 2006 because of the logo change. Get your heads out of your asses.
RebelRanger01 2 years ago
BrettMKW thats right I didnt even think about that. so we know for sure its from 2002 which i do believe was his rookie year so that could also add to the value later in his career or maybe after he retires
BrettMKW 2 years ago
Yeah and Newman drove a dodge in 2003 and this suit has a Ford logo so it's 2002.
Shippydiscover Dip
Shippydiscover Dip 2 years ago
Mr brown and Ryan newman got along famouslly
Bacon Brad
Bacon Brad 2 years ago
Rick needs a new Nascar expert. A Ryan Newman fire suit just sold for $379.99 on eBay yesterday. www.ebay.com/itm/NASCAR-Ryan-Newman-WIX-Filters-1PC-Fire-Suit-SFI-3-2A-5-C52-W46-L33-Simpson-/273022121973
JG Deuce
JG Deuce 2 years ago
Bacon Brad that suit on eBay may not even be a race worn suit. All the ones he wore have his name on the belt or suit.
memory man gaming
memory man gaming 2 years ago
Mr Brown's wore that suit and survived fires famously
Aaron joel
Aaron joel 2 years ago
Zachary Braun Where did the miss brown and mr brown meme come from?
game98killer 2 years ago
Comment section is now filled with Mr brown jokes lol
smurfarooney2003 2 years ago
I famously sodomised Mr brown
Hi By
Hi By 2 years ago
Kyle Busch is my fav
lolabraham 1
lolabraham 1 2 years ago
How ironic, an expert literally in the pawn shop..he's like what? 5 ft away from Rick xD
John Brocado
John Brocado 2 years ago
Why do we even watch people pawing things? I bet Mr brown got along famously with that idea
Z Cross
Z Cross 2 years ago
Inteo follwed by stupid joke
mcr2124 2 years ago
The “expert” would have know that the fire suit didn’t predate 2005, it predates 2004. The Winston Cup series came to and end in 2003
Jon M
Jon M 2 years ago
mcr2124 The "expert" was not introduced as such, simply as a guy who already worked at the shop who follows NASCAR and was able to at least give Rick and handle on the situation. But if you need to flex useless info in your head to make up for a shitty home life then you do you man.
BrettMKW 2 years ago
Yes certainly. As a Newman fan myself (been a fan of his since 03), I can say I would pay 450 without a problem for this. Maybe not at this particular second but this guy shouldn't have sold it to Rick. I will admit though that there aren't a whole lot of Newman fans out there as he's kinda not the most personable driver out there so it isn't the easiest sell but I'm a good example of it's worth it to the right person. I actually have a tire sitting next to my shed that Newman used during qualifying probably around 2006. I can see why he did sell it to Rick though and Rick actually does have a point of "it's just Ryan Newman."
mcr2124 2 years ago
BrettMKW So this May very well be the rookie suite of the 2008 Daytona 500 winner....Worth more than what he took for it
BrettMKW 2 years ago
It actually predates 2003 as well because of the Ford logo since Newman drove for Dodge in 03. It's from 2002.
METALMAN4Wii 2 years ago
Rick sold that for $2500 I bet.
Hector Perez
Hector Perez 2 years ago
audio s olow...
SPEX NOLA 2 years ago
Ryan Newman was not famous enough, like a Dale Earnhardt, to get along famously with Mr. Brown
Keith Risk
Keith Risk 2 years ago
Mr Brown and Donald Trump got along famously till Mr Brown realized Trump was a complete moron. MAGA!
Trevor Newman
Trevor Newman 2 years ago
Me and Ryan Newman got along famously
Saber SMAW
Saber SMAW 2 years ago
it not worth anything, nascar is a joke!
Frankie Underwood
Frankie Underwood 2 years ago
This time an expert ‘clearly’ worked for the owner! Not so obvious!
Jon M
Jon M 2 years ago
Frankie Underwood You mean they 100% announced and identified him as an employee that follows NASCAR and never claimed him to be an expert? Pr are you deaf and going off RUvids auto generated subs?
ROBERT TONUS 2 years ago
big hoss is basically chris griffin all grown up
Dandypanty 2 years ago
Let me call a buddy of mine. His mother was a NASCAR.
Jord A.
Jord A. 2 years ago
my employee says it's cheap...
binh Nguyen
binh Nguyen 2 years ago
Johnny a bullshiter
DONALD J. TRUMP 2 years ago
how do u not have space it's a suit
Mike Jones
Mike Jones 2 years ago
Hehehehe 😂😂😂😂😂😂
R123 2 years ago
johnny and Mr.Brown got along famously
Kevin Renner
Kevin Renner 2 years ago
Mr. Brown wore that fire suit famously.....way before Newman obtained it.
RolandJovi 24
RolandJovi 24 2 years ago
The suit is from 2002. The "expert" said 2005 or earlier which is partially right. However, 2004 and 2005 would have NASCAR NEXTEL Cup series on the Top right chest area. NOT Winston Cup which ended as series sponsor at the end of 2003. His 2003 driver suit is slightly different in color scheme. As far as value, it's about on point. I'd say it's worth about $800-$900.
HarryRacer18 Year ago
Those suits cost $2,000 to $3,000 new without the sponsor logos. Plenty of suits of mid level drivers go for $1,500 to $3,000. If signed you looking at $2,000 to $5,000.
Clarence Henry
Clarence Henry 2 years ago
Drip Sensei
Drip Sensei 2 years ago
Tic Tack well he is right lol
ludvig nordin
ludvig nordin 2 years ago
Tic Tack shut ure gay as Up, hes telling the truth! listening to an "expert" from THE shop is like asking to get ripped of.
CG Vallejos
CG Vallejos 2 years ago
RIght, thanks Roland. I'll give you $10 because it's going to sit around for a while, I have to cover expenses, call up some people, and is a fair price. I'm taking all the risk here!
Dráco 2 years ago
Ryan Newman got along with Mr. Brown famously.
Ted0174 2 years ago
It's not a sport.
Ger Ruddy
Ger Ruddy 2 years ago
Ted0174 Motorsport!!!
Sniffin Drawz
Sniffin Drawz 2 years ago
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