Paul McCartney - Coming Up (Official Music Video)

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The music video for “Coming Up” from the McCartney II album was directed by Keith McMillan and released in 1980. It has been newly remastered in HD.
“Coming Up” was the first single released off the McCartney II album. The video features Paul McCartney playing a number different roles, alongside Linda McCartney who plays the backing signers in the video.
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Nov 20, 2020




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Hans Joachim Marseille
:31 amazing moment for Sparks to know that McCartney is a fan.
John Anderson
John Anderson 5 hours ago
No deep fakes here - funny how this works out in the future.
David Geier
David Geier 11 hours ago
Ok I get early Beatle Paul, Buddy Holly Paul, Goofy Drummer Paul....but what is with humorless Hitleresque keyboardist Paul?
Zen Master
Zen Master 13 hours ago
2:06 Beatle Paul
Skibofilms Productions
This is the best.
Alberto Rodriguez
Alberto Rodriguez 15 hours ago
"The Plastic Macs"
Mr Bats
Mr Bats 21 hour ago
Great tune i love the bassline im a bass player/singer/singwriter and pauls my hero
thewkovacs Day ago
thank you george and ringo for not sticking your wives on stage and in every video that you made
Maxx Doran
Maxx Doran Day ago
Love this video but the studio version is trash compared to the live version. This sounds choked and ridiculous. It deserves so much better
Russell Benezra
Brilliant Sir Paul
Giorgio RevolveR
My favorite Paul's song e v e r
HitBoxX 86
HitBoxX 86 Day ago
I always though they said "Call me over" insted of "Coming Up"
Ezio Spaghetti Auditore
The drummer psychotic look is proof this is the same Paul who trolled in those interviews.
Ezio Spaghetti Auditore
What do you know his eyes look as brown as ever. It's called HAZEL Beatle Bill freaks!
FranxFile Day ago
Esto es like señores ❣
Diego Valencia Morales
Hey, read my comment Look around you, don't be a fool. Oye, lee mi comentario, mira a tu alrededor, no seas un tonto.
Li Bruno
Li Bruno Day ago
Go on Linda
André Francisco da Silva
Essas facetas de Paul e da Linda são fantásticas!
tanya lowe
tanya lowe 2 days ago
I love it now and since I first heard it. Pure joy and I am 47. TUNE XXX
Sean 2 days ago
Coming up is an LSD reference, it's the very early stages of a trip when you get a body rush and also when you realise you got a good tab.
Oliver 2 days ago
Awesome that this music video has already hit 1 million views! It deserves more!
DemDem 2 days ago
I want to see all Beatles make this song and music video together, it'd be funny to see 40 Beatles sing together
Stevany Polnaja
Stevany Polnaja 3 days ago
all along i always thought "Hey Ya" by the Outkast -- Andre 3000's teams were the pioneer of this concept. then i found this. oh..me and my puny brain.
Stevany Polnaja
Stevany Polnaja 3 days ago
the music video concept must be called "the many faces of Paul"
Luis Angel Dolores Torres
Beatle Paul ❤️☺️😊⭐
Christopher Harmon
Interesting that this is the original studio version. Not the faster live version that usually gets played on the radio.
joe smith_tbmc
joe smith_tbmc 3 days ago
Not his best
bad boyss
bad boyss 3 days ago
a mi abuelita seguro estuvo enamorada de esta cancion :,v
lego builder
lego builder 3 days ago
I just can’t stop listening to this song.
TheRoberto44 3 days ago
John esa Right. This is granies music
George Harrison
George Harrison 3 days ago
Great song paul
mister person
mister person 4 days ago
I love every single bit of this
Tony Mazzola
Tony Mazzola 4 days ago
Wow there's a beatle in the background
ayyy2222 4 days ago
very good music from paul who always makes the best songs and music
todd johnson
todd johnson 4 days ago
This is embarrassing.
Wise Guy72
Wise Guy72 4 days ago
Paul is the Best
Sofia Snickers
Sofia Snickers 4 days ago
I love Lindas' looks ❤
BlueSoulJim 4 days ago
Did Linda impersonated Enrico Cadillac Jr from Deaf School?
OnwardsToMail 5 days ago
Who's playing the keyboard? Doesn't look like Paul or Linda.
Chris Neufeld
Chris Neufeld 4 days ago
It is indeed Paul, in his Ron Mael guise. (Ron Mael, keyboardist of the band Sparks.)
QWERTY UIOP 5 days ago
WOW PAUL IS MOVNG VERY FAST 😎😎😎😎🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂😁😁😁😂😂😂😎😎😎😎🤪🤪🤪🤪🤩🤩🤩😌😌😌😃😃😃😃🤯🤯🤯🤯🥵🥵🥵
B-Nana Man
B-Nana Man 5 days ago
I'm a big McCartney fan but this is garbage...
synthonaplinth 5 days ago
Okay, who is the guy to the left of Buddy McCartney??
OnwardsToMail 5 days ago
Paul McCartney
asgo 5 days ago
John loved this one.
Beatlemaniac Nintendofan
This video is so addictive i watched it 4 times in a row. This is my favourite part 2:13 3:33 McCartney 100%
joseamorales84 5 days ago
Boone vincent is better
itsjemmabond 5 days ago
His fans weren't joking when they called Sir Paul the cute Beatle.
軽部惠子 5 days ago
軽部惠子 5 days ago
Anna Stuart
Anna Stuart 6 days ago
Musical Genius. No, wait - genius.
Anthony C
Anthony C 6 days ago
It's such a shame Linda had to pass. They made such a great team
itsjemmabond 5 days ago
And then he married Heather.
Alexia hoseok lopez lennon
2:11 Paul ono and Buddy McCartney :v
paul nerval
paul nerval 7 days ago
One of Paul's best songs.
Armando Sandoval
Armando Sandoval 7 days ago
Si existe el multi universo macCartney
HolaMiguel 7 days ago
I adore how Paul impersonates himself as a young Beatle 😅
myRadiotron 7 days ago
John Henry Bonham!!
Katya Mogilevets
Katya Mogilevets 7 days ago
I listen to this while doing my work. Does anyone?………
Emma Hiddleston
Emma Hiddleston 7 days ago
Sofia Snickers
Sofia Snickers 7 days ago
I listen to it all the time so that includes my work too :)
Alcedo B.
Alcedo B. 8 days ago
This video really looks like it could've been made by some modern alt-rock band
Carlos Rocha
Carlos Rocha 8 days ago
Tas bien papi xd
Lara Loz
Lara Loz 8 days ago
The plastic macs? LOL
flyboy747 uk
flyboy747 uk 8 days ago
Love the bass drum “The Plastic Macs”a dig at John & Yoko and their Plastic Ono Band
RedBaron863 8 days ago
On the left side : Is this Hank Marvin or Buddy Holly?
Oliver 8 days ago
I think he based it on Hank Marvin
beat 0909
beat 0909 9 days ago
日本人なら、リッチー・ブラックモア風のギタリストのシャツのカタカナ文字が何て書いてあるのか 気になるはず🤔🤔🤔
Keith Mars
Keith Mars 9 days ago
Paul and Linda were so great TnT god bless them. Paul said, "Drag?" and Linda went, "I want a mustache"
Tom Zorgdrager
Tom Zorgdrager 9 days ago
"Wait, it's all Paul and Linda?" "Always has been"
Silario 9 days ago
He looked young for a 37-year-old in that time
The Irish man
The Irish man 21 hour ago
Yeah well 37 year olds now day look about 22
Elliot Flowers
Elliot Flowers 9 days ago
No one takes the piss out of Ozzy...as good as this guy did!
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
👱‍♀️Lynda and🧔 paul were a great team😄 Even today sound fresh&fun🎵📢👍
うみっちゅ 10 days ago
All McCartney
Reg Hunt Music
Reg Hunt Music 10 days ago
That nod to Sparks was hysterical.
Tony bishop
Tony bishop 10 days ago
One of the Paul’s in the brass section with his hair slicked back looks like John Lennon in MMT movie when he is feeding the fat guy
crlaw75 10 days ago
A real enjoyable video I don't get tired of.
Ziyah D
Ziyah D 10 days ago
am i trippin or is this paul
Jimbo 0117
Jimbo 0117 10 days ago
One of the few songs where the live version is much better than the original studio recording 😊
Intoxicated Daze
Intoxicated Daze 11 days ago
one of my favs along with teddy boy
Mease Stone
Mease Stone 11 days ago
Great tune
Lucy Moonchilde
Lucy Moonchilde 11 days ago
Here again because this song got stuck in your head? Come have a sit, we have biscuits
francis mcgarth
francis mcgarth 11 days ago
Ohhhh 👏🤗🙄
Damien Williams
Damien Williams 11 days ago
This song is absolutely ridiculous but it's catchy and hard to forget
Gary Hunt
Gary Hunt 11 days ago
Look convincing as Ron Mael from Sparks.
Toon Klarenbeek
Toon Klarenbeek 11 days ago
Imagine McCartney in a band with John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. Four excellent musicians who were also born in Liverpool. That must be coincidence! They could work together and communicate in Scouse accent how cool would that be.
Dustin Hogue
Dustin Hogue 12 days ago
What a banger
Lira Werner
Lira Werner 12 days ago
John McCarntey 69
John McCarntey 69 12 days ago
More of this type of music is what the world needs than not Paul McCartney
Feeber Izer
Feeber Izer 12 days ago
Once a Beatle, always a Beatle.
Carlos Rodríguez
Carlos Rodríguez 12 days ago
Genial my Master, teacher...
Alexandre Pairoux
Alexandre Pairoux 13 days ago
Ron Mael be like : :I
Douglas Fernandez
Douglas Fernandez 13 days ago
Is this the video that made John Lennon come out of a 5 year hiatus and want to start playing/writing again? That’s what I think I remember.... anybody care to help???
Oliver 12 days ago
Yes, John heard this song and thought it was really good which inspired him to write and make Double Fantasy.
milos 14 days ago
Beatle Bill on steroids. :-)
carolina borne
carolina borne 14 days ago
love this song I got a beautiful memories about this song with my father
Funda45 14 days ago
Rudimar A
Rudimar A 14 days ago
É uma grande honra estar inscrito neste canal,ter o privilégio de continuar a acompanhar e curtir o trabalho incansável de uma LENDA - MITO. Obrigado Paul!!
DukeSonic Lofi Beats
this is shit
moon rock
moon rock 14 days ago
I need this on a 10 hour loop
Frank Harrell
Frank Harrell 15 days ago
The video is great and ahead of its time in a way, and so much about this song shouldn't work, but yet somehow it comes together brilliantly. Love both the studio and live versions, each with their own spin. Well done Paul, I guess that's one of the many reasons you are the legend you are!
Lani 15 days ago
Every time I listen to this it makes me smile 😭
Mary Vogl
Mary Vogl 15 days ago
Paul will ALWAYS be the Cute Beatle!!!🥰
Mauricio Zuñiga
Mauricio Zuñiga 15 days ago
Todos los betlemaniacos ya estamos ansiosos por ver la nueva get bak
Christine1970 15 days ago
🌹🔥🔥🔥🔥👌🏼 🔥🎸🔥🎸🔥👌🏼
I got your cassette with some of your best tunes but I played a huge of times and my cassette was broken. I used to play it every time that I could. 💞💞💞
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