Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Johnny Gill & More Join DJ Cassidy To Perform Classics! | Pass The Mic

Soul Train
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Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Johnny Gill, Kelly Rowland, Vanessa Williams, Karyn White, Shirley Jones of The Jones Girls, Force MDs, Al B Sure, Howard Hewett, Keni Burke, Mtume \u0026 Tawatha Agee \u0026 Valerie Simpson Join DJ Cassidy To Perform Classics! This is DJ Cassidy's Pass The Mic Mother's Day Edition!

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Comments 0
DuBlog 56 minutes ago
Tender love! Yeeeessss! I’m crying 😭😭😭
William Butler
William Butler 4 hours ago
Just missing Stephanie Mills
Just Dani
Just Dani 5 hours ago
I love DJ Cassidy for this!! I want him do!! Monica, Brandy, Usher, Mary J Blige, Lil Kim, Snoop Dog, Dr Dre, Mariah Carey, Escape and more!! Lol
FirstWorkMedia 10 hours ago
Classic stuff!💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾, but why was the DJ acting so goofy and why did everyone seem obligated to validate him?
RADIO MOTEL LTDA 11 hours ago
Pia Soul to Soul
Pia Soul to Soul 13 hours ago
❤ love you all. Thank you for this format ❤❤
Jas007 15 hours ago
I wouldn't want to be anything but black!!! I don't care how hard life has been to us we still age like fine wine 😄😄😄
Nino Roca
Nino Roca 17 hours ago
bien le bonjour de françe
Denise Lawson-Elam
Denise Lawson-Elam 20 hours ago
Put some respect on The Jones Girls!! Ayeeeeeeeee!!!!
Denise Lawson-Elam
Denise Lawson-Elam 20 hours ago
Vanessa Williams - I played this on continuous
Shady Blogger
Gladys knight is almost 80 years old and she looks amazing
Adriana Regina Da Silva Paz
Kaycie Hulett
Carol Adams
Carol Adams Day ago
I always get jealous when I hear such great voices worshipping this world instead of their maker who gave them their voices. Imagine if these songs were sung to Jesus who deserves to be glorified for giving His life for humanity. And I'm not saying this to provoke the world! Thank you Lord for your gifts, regardless of how they chose to use them!!
Danny Thomas
Danny Thomas Day ago
DJ Cassidy is dope!
Harborview Operations
Gladys looks amazing
Lydia Delossantos
And gladis night can't go wrong
Lydia Delossantos
Can't go wrong with Patti LaBelle
Rozella Moss
Rozella Moss Day ago
I love it , Thank u so much.....
Brian 2 days ago
Vanessa Williams is freaking beautiful. The end.
stickmanbw 2 days ago
Where's the Father's Day at. It's today.
Carolyn Mcgruder
Carolyn Mcgruder 2 days ago
Now this is beautiful music.
Aric 3Gunner
Aric 3Gunner 2 days ago
This was just,,,strange
Tammy-Joy Blair
Tammy-Joy Blair 2 days ago
Johnny Gill's smile is all I need to start my day. He smiles and I feel happy.
xian weber
xian weber 2 days ago
JM JM 2 days ago
Billboard should do the same tribute 😊
IVAN BELL 3 days ago
Latavia Godwin
Latavia Godwin 3 days ago
They showin' out!!!!!
Don C
Don C 3 days ago
Michaela Heikamp
Michaela Heikamp 3 days ago
Autolist Canada
Autolist Canada 3 days ago
Old is truly gold 👏
筋キング 3 days ago
can dj cassidy please stop singing with the singers by saying "ayy, ohh, bring it home" etc.
Billie Mason
Billie Mason 4 days ago
Now this is music !!!!!!
Yvonne Weary
Yvonne Weary 4 days ago
It's a blessing we all are still in the land of the living. Beautiful show.. Al B Sure you look good ..Twin😘
Lee Files sr.
Lee Files sr. 4 days ago
Who you want to hear....come on man!!!we know who's show it is??? Calm down the chatter during the performance.
I Am Love
I Am Love 4 days ago
19:01 chills!! Go get your man.
Maxine West
Maxine West 4 days ago
Great singers
adwoa a
adwoa a 4 days ago
Gladys joined by Kelly was a lovely touch!
sd gardner
sd gardner 4 days ago
I work at night have stop
sd gardner
sd gardner 4 days ago
Who are u
Florencio Mandofa
Bons tempos não voltam....
Lovely Shade
Lovely Shade 4 days ago
Latisha Mclaughlin
On God this man here makes my soul move..that was my auntie favorite at the end..n she left me n went on that train by herself..im so sad but happy at the same time..thank u so so much
Tomicka DePriest
Tomicka DePriest 5 days ago
Elvis Vilchez
Elvis Vilchez 5 days ago
Wao! Vanessa Williams is super beautiful!
LaShawn Lewis
LaShawn Lewis 5 days ago
Love it!!! I was singing as if the mic was passed to me :) Love it!!!!!
Flávio Ferreira
Flávio Ferreira 5 days ago
Wyad hyeefor
Flávio Ferreira
Flávio Ferreira 5 days ago
Este manja só fera 👏🏾👏🏾
Midnight_Sun 5 days ago
According to Democrats moms should be referred to as birthing people.
C-Rae Rae
C-Rae Rae 5 days ago
Well! Ima leave this one right.
Rodger Moore
Rodger Moore 6 days ago
I'm breathless every time I see Vanessa Williams. Absolute true beauty. Honorable mention - Gladys Knight's infectious smile
Bran dan Bran dan
this was epic!!!
Ms Elite
Ms Elite 6 days ago
Al B Sure looks great and youthful
Derek Seven
Derek Seven 6 days ago
Yes Lord.
MAESTRANZA 6 days ago
Mechellay 6 days ago
Seeing Patti and Kelly sing reminds me of the episode of black lady sketch show when she wouldn’t leave until the woman sung with her lol
gloria simon
gloria simon 6 days ago
Now that's what I call soul music! Real food for the soul!🙏🙏
Altanir Sampaio
Altanir Sampaio 6 days ago
Amo isso tudo ❤️❤️😘❤️ Tenho 52 anos pretendo assistir um show desse jeito ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Altanir Sampaio
Altanir Sampaio 6 days ago
Brasil ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Altanir Sampaio
Altanir Sampaio 6 days ago
D+ de Bom
Altanir Sampaio
Altanir Sampaio 6 days ago
Você é o cara 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Maria Benedita Estevam
Bom dia sou do Brasil gostaria que tradução do que o Dj Cassidy fala quando começar a cantar acho lindo mas não sei oque ele fala não falo inglês. Ele dançando parece uma calopsita lindo. Pra quem ler oque eu escrevi que chega para o Dj. Eu danço na 3 idade porém tenho 66 anos . Peço ao Dj que me manda um chapéu autografado por ele porém não tenho dinheiro pra compra o meu número é 60. Muito obrigada. Meu nome é Maria Benedita ESTEVAM Da Conceição Obrigada São Paulo Brasil obrigada se alguém ler.Rua Maria ñ 48 Vila Galvão. GUARULHOS. CEP.070 110.
Vandapooh W
Vandapooh W 6 days ago
I want Karen White glasses! If you know what they are please message me..
Sina Leupolu
Sina Leupolu 7 days ago
Love these songs, they r classic. Missing my mom who's passed a year ago n it's not the same without her.
01 02
01 02 7 days ago
why is he ruining this medley [with some of the BEST vocalists in the world] by TALKING SO 'DAM' MUCH??!! *so* annoying! some of these beautiful people I haven't see for years [ *my* bad, not theirs]. I mean, are they really that worried about copyright??, so pathetic.🙄
Jacqueline Logan
Jacqueline Logan 7 days ago
Keep it coming DJ Cassidy! I truly appreciate you and love what you do!! You take us to a place where music was beautiful and fun!! Thanks 🙏🏾
Chalmon Smalls
Chalmon Smalls 7 days ago
This was great! Love it.
carmen taylor
carmen taylor 7 days ago
Yes Love it 😀 😍 👏
Chantelle Williams
I'm grown now but this video got me in my lil 90s kid feelings. I love this. Y'all showed out fah real. Love all y'all.
eric Johnson
eric Johnson 7 days ago
Hell yes
Nuckin Futs
Nuckin Futs 7 days ago
Remember when actual talent like this use to DOMINATE our radios? Now we're lucky when the air waves throw out a worthy jam, it happens so seldom.
TP Corleone’s Funk Zone
Nuckin Futs
Nuckin Futs 7 days ago
Damn this'll immediately make you wanna love up on your girl/man. They all did their thang! 👏🎙️🎧🎶💕
Cookie Moye - Thomas
Gia Givens
Gia Givens 7 days ago
This was so Beautiful to see they still SANGING!!!!!🙏🏽🦋💗
Bol22 8 days ago
excellent.my congratulations Dj Cassidy.hugs God bless you And the Musicians that presents here.i liked it much.
SimplyBLACK21 8 days ago
This absolutely touched my heart seeing all these beautiful legends doing their thing!
Linda Wyche
Linda Wyche 8 days ago
Enjoyed the performance. Brought back so many beautiful memories. Thanks to everyone including DJ Cassidy💔💔
Valsly 8 days ago
Sing Gladys
Linda Wyche
Linda Wyche 8 days ago
Enjoyed this performance! All did very well. Brought back so many beautiful memories. Thanks to all and to you DJ Cassidy💔
Valsly 8 days ago
All I need is for Ashford and simpson
Linda Wyche
Linda Wyche 8 days ago
Enjoyed these performances! All were awesome! brought back so many lovely memories. Thank all of you and DJ Cassidy💔
Valsly 8 days ago
This new generation could never pass the mic...
Sam Ratulevu
Sam Ratulevu 8 days ago
What a time machine 🎶😍✌
Taryia Amazin Slaughter
Wow I loved it and everyone of them looks beautiful for their age God has been and if so go to them please let them know that they look good and I know it God
Taryia Amazin Slaughter
If meant to read God is good to them and is good to them right now
Della Robinson
Della Robinson 8 days ago
I still listen to all this good music
Catherine Kelly
Catherine Kelly 8 days ago
Oh Lord, I had to come back... KAREN WHITE.. Not your super woman... I'm 49, I grew up off her, you go Karen, you still look BEAUTIFUL!
Catherine Kelly
Catherine Kelly 8 days ago
Lord have Mercy..... That's all I got 2 say.. Go Ms. Patti!!!!!! and the rest.....
Celita Brown
Celita Brown 8 days ago
Wow!! I loved it!! 👍🏽😀👏🏽 Awesome!
Z M 8 days ago
Remember singing Super Woman at age 13 like I was just tired and fed up!!😂
1DrFul &Free
1DrFul &Free 8 days ago
DJ Cassidy, I just have to smile 😊
1DrFul &Free
1DrFul &Free 8 days ago
Its Got To Be Real!!! I’m feeling that right now!!!🙂
Jeffrey Kubo
Jeffrey Kubo 9 days ago
Dj Kassidy is the man his pass the mics volumes are fire!🔥💯💯💯💯💯
CeCe Wells
CeCe Wells 9 days ago
Go Gladys Knight with that strong voice…. The best for last. I love you and Patti LaBelle 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
River Vili
River Vili 9 days ago
the heaven echoes is cringe af
Debra Bowman
Debra Bowman 9 days ago
Gladys Knight!!!!!
Karen K
Karen K 9 days ago
Dj Cassidy you’re the best!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Debra Bowman
Debra Bowman 9 days ago
Al B Sure, JG and Howard H!
born2xlr8 yep
born2xlr8 yep 9 days ago
Thank you, I'm a little bit late but I love it!
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