Pattaya Hotel 16$ - Beautiful Thai Lady Show’s Me Sumalee Residence

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Pattaya Hotels Beautiful Thai Lady shows me 3 rooms in the Sumalee Residence, these hotels are located facing Tipp Plaza, Phatthayasaisong 12 Alley, close too The Base condominiums $16-$22 per night.

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Jun 5, 2019




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Junaid Junaid
Junaid Junaid 2 days ago
Ses allow No
Junaid Junaid
Junaid Junaid 2 days ago
Sex allow Ea No
jason x
jason x 6 days ago
Mmmmmmmm she is beyond hot
Vijay Raj
Vijay Raj 7 days ago
Girl is super hot 🔥
Daddy Tube
Daddy Tube 8 days ago
om sai creations
om sai creations 12 days ago
Send me your address and contact number
Hardy Grafström
Hardy Grafström 13 days ago
When I hear that voice - I think it sounds like Richard Coyle (plays Jeff Murdock in the brit sitcom 'Coupling')
LifeCode 14 days ago
...is she also available for night ?
John Martinez
John Martinez 14 days ago
She is beautiful
Candra Alam
Candra Alam 15 days ago
Bijikers mana suaranya woy
Mohd Suman
Mohd Suman 15 days ago
wow sexy
RUANG GAMERS 16 days ago
Erpan sesat gak puasa like
- ゲームPussy
- ゲームPussy 19 days ago
Erpan kontol
Shawn O
Shawn O 20 days ago
Best video about breasts I’ve ever seen
Scott Bonacci
Scott Bonacci 20 days ago
Does any one know when thiland opening back up
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw 20 days ago
Shouldn’t be too long now
Rogin 22 days ago
i think you are red "white" guy you are really disgusting, creepy and thirsty people!!
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw 22 days ago
Whatever your trying to say nobody really cares anyway
Michael Chavez
Michael Chavez 29 days ago
She is hot
Heker Proo
Heker Proo 29 days ago
Bangsat gua nyasar
Pumpkin Eater69
Pumpkin Eater69 Month ago
Agus Wahyudi
Agus Wahyudi Month ago
Mana pengikut Erpan 😂
Nuur Kharis
Nuur Kharis 26 days ago
@Thailand Raw you tau erpan
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw Month ago
Mfr crazy
Mfr crazy Month ago
Erpan bangslur
Luky Oka A. S.
Luky Oka A. S. Month ago
Gua kesini gara gara Erpan
101 Month ago
Erpan bangsat
Anggara Pratama
Anggara Pratama Month ago
Fall Month ago
Yang ke sini habis nonton erpan1140 like
Channel Kimak
Channel Kimak Month ago
Gara gara erpan aku anjir tolilnggggg
UPIL Thanos
UPIL Thanos Month ago
Erpan bangsat
M.Andrianjay Month ago
Kesini gara" erpan bgst🤣
Romi Jak
Romi Jak Month ago
Yang kesini gara" erpan like😀
Siapa yg kesini gara-gara erpan
SlumberBadak Production
Anjay #Erpan1140
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw Month ago
Ngonten pidio
Ngonten pidio Month ago
Kesini gegara erpan
Yusril Nurasri
Yusril Nurasri Month ago
Abis nonton erpan gesss
PUTRA p Month ago
Yang kesini gara" erpan?
Mamank Kirito78
Mamank Kirito78 Month ago
Njirrr wkwkwkw
Nizar Ramadani
Nizar Ramadani Month ago
K'sini gara2 makhluk mars
LL NN Month ago
T-NGK Project
T-NGK Project Month ago
Yang kesini gara gara nonton video Erpan1140 like
Minz Official
Minz Official Month ago
Erpan 1140 mna hahaha
Supian Noor
Supian Noor Month ago
Yg kesini gara gara erpann parah
Riz ID
Riz ID Month ago
pinter cari angle nya
Limbo Month ago
Anjir kok ketauan hahahaha anjir lo sama aha HAHAHA
Modern Communist
How much for the girl?
peter papadimitriou
Nice lady
Alex Tapia
Alex Tapia Month ago
God she smoking hot
Life is short Peace
Asian red light,I bet there is a bulge in your pants walking behind her.ha ha ha
大見修 Month ago
I wish go to t ailand nice girl with bed,👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍
eric williams
eric williams Month ago
Beautiful girl, and very good English
alexander vogt sanchez
If you are planning vacations , flying to the other side of the world to stay in 500 baht night rooms, do yourself a favour and stay home.
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw Month ago
Up to them after all they not flying to the other side of the world to sit in a hotel room or are you?
Ignacio Lopez
Ignacio Lopez Month ago
Thank you man I appreciate you
Alex Valdez
Alex Valdez Month ago
The tits on that girl.
St. Paul MN
St. Paul MN Month ago
What a cutie!
Lukman Portir
Lukman Portir 2 months ago
Subscribe my channel youyobe lukman portir
Vetu Naga
Vetu Naga 2 months ago
Ask her price!
Unknown User
Unknown User 2 months ago
In Thailand everything has a price and its usually around the 1000B range depending on the season and you’re age. Enjoy
Amit Singh
Amit Singh 2 months ago
U show nice views
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 2 months ago
Why the hell are the keeping the towel in the toilet seat🚽😖😖?
poptopia1 2 months ago
Can I call room service for boom boom?
Manny 2 months ago
i want to visit thailand just for the women
TobiEeck 2 months ago
I'd love to visit that with my babe 😍
ozzie444 2 months ago
Fine looking young lady. Speaks and understands English very well also.
MrKakso 91
MrKakso 91 2 months ago
The real question did you beat the poteto with her? Or did you squeeze your lemons
Shafep.inshallah Shafep.husine
Garden Roberta
Garden Roberta 3 months ago
oh such nice curves...... oh ah there were rooms?
J G 3 months ago
Nice piece of ass
David Head
David Head 3 months ago
700.00 dollars a night ?
Joe Smoe
Joe Smoe 3 months ago
Flat ass, heavy rack😎
Uma Pathy
Uma Pathy 3 months ago
I’m happy I have booked this hotel coming April month thanks for this video...
1992 1992
1992 1992 3 months ago
Afterday no money=)
8126 54512
8126 54512 3 months ago
she was throwing it all the signs and he was dodging it...lolmao
Diogo Souza
Diogo Souza 3 months ago
Is she a trap?
Virus Generation
Virus Generation 3 months ago
Hot body !😍
Danny Munoz
Danny Munoz 3 months ago
coln Hazel
coln Hazel 3 months ago
Wouldn't stay if no safe in room , good room , cheap
Insta Vid
Insta Vid 3 months ago
Good party..this one first experience of honking city....my keen desire to go Honking tour....love you
DA- PROFEZOR 3 months ago
Damn that girl is freakin hot wow
Jamessmith Doan Kim
Jamessmith Doan Kim 3 months ago
Johnny Dave
Johnny Dave 3 months ago
Hi.. How much per month. And do you get a discount for monthly?
Johnny Dave
Johnny Dave 3 months ago
Sure. Thanks
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw 3 months ago
You could always ask I guess
Thailand Raw
Thailand Raw 3 months ago
I think it’s just nightly at Sumalee but Sarah did mention near the end of the video about condos they have for rent
Shyam Lal
Shyam Lal 3 months ago
Beautiful women
Abufaza3_Gam3r 3 months ago
You should took her out
Mohit Rana
Mohit Rana 3 months ago
what is the rent of this lady😍
Cb Brutal1
Cb Brutal1 3 months ago
Hot boobs, beautiful face, super hot lips, I was not watching the rooms
travelingmoreno84 3 months ago
Far superior far superior, lol.
Sunil Kumar
Sunil Kumar 4 months ago
Cancellation plantation crops
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