Pattaya Hotel 16$ - Beautiful Thai Lady Shows Me Sumalee Residence

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Pattaya Hotels Beautiful Thai Lady shows me 3 rooms in the Sumalee Residence, these hotels are located facing Tipp Plaza, Phatthayasaisong 12 Alley, close too The Base condominiums $16-$22 per night.

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Jun 5, 2019




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It's me Sarah
It's me Sarah 5 months ago
Thank you so much for the video:) A customers send me and my boss an email saying that they're interested in our rooms and condo, and they said that there saw it on RUvid.
Niko P
Niko P 5 days ago
Damm girl you sure do attract a lot of weirdos. Would hate to be your husband or bf, i would need a gun.
Rom Lim
Rom Lim 11 days ago
Hello sarah...do you wanna marry with me?
Deva Grg
Deva Grg 11 days ago
Ple hotel name and contact number I am come 2 week
The Dude's Clues
The Dude's Clues 11 days ago
Have mercy you're gorgeous!!!! If u ever get to Thailand I'll be sure to check this hotel out! Very clean and that 700 baht/$23 room looked perfect.
Rom Lim
Rom Lim 16 days ago
May I stay with two thai ladies in this hotel in a single room???
flavaj489 19 hours ago
Thai, beautiful, and speaks fluent English...its a wrap!!! 👍
EMR80 Day ago
She is cute
Love Story
Love Story 2 days ago
5:38 yes it hot.
spero medineli
spero medineli 2 days ago
Not possible to rent her for 2 hours ? 😉
陈禹岐 3 days ago
why you pull her after she show your room?
Zel Zwrd
Zel Zwrd 3 days ago
wow! 500 baht per day? this is a steal.though,if u add another 250 baht,you can get a decent hotel with 2x the size at walking street,but still,this place is pretty good.
Coon Dung
Coon Dung 4 days ago
Amazing curves .
wayne Last
wayne Last 4 days ago
Excellent deal but no safe for your laptop.
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 4 days ago
Yeah that’s true
eugene Thomas
eugene Thomas 5 days ago
She is sexy as hell and beautiful
Niko P
Niko P 5 days ago
Chinese girl?
Deathblow Materia
Yeah she is legit. Just hope she doesn't have a cock
Michael G
Michael G 7 days ago
She has sort of a Mexican shape somehow..I see them everyday in the states..high wasted pants..why....uuggghh
cardinia1 7 days ago
lets be honest you aint pick that motel for the fish?
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar 5 days ago
F&F reference
quieno salin
quieno salin 7 days ago
she wasted her time
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 7 days ago
Well she had to be there for work anyway so why not?
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 7 days ago
Wow !!! What an Absolutely Fantastic Looking Girl !!! She was Gorgeous ! So did she quote you a Monthly Rate for the Rooms ?
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 7 days ago
Not for these hotels but she has a condo for 10 or 11 thousand baht a month she has her own channel check it out
Marc S
Marc S 8 days ago
Very grateful woman
David Wang
David Wang 9 days ago
She speaks a higher class of English than does the camera man, who can't hold the camera still and seems focused on her ass. You're not her type, fool.
Hafiz Nadzri
Hafiz Nadzri 9 days ago
Tell me hom much this girl.. i very very like this body.. i can give USD2000 pernight.
nivasyl strongman
if it's $700 USD. that's too much for a room in a third world country. i can get a room like that for $400 in mexico.
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 9 days ago
It starts a 500baht which is a round 16 USD a night lol
Nakky Dave
Nakky Dave 11 days ago
I feel depressed after seeing this beauty
Please Suscribe Me
Please Suscribe Me 11 days ago
5:48 mine erected 🤣🤣
El falconi
El falconi 11 days ago
I will give her 700 baht for room and 10 000 baht tip for her :)))
Nocturnal Keyboard Warrior
That is called _Tharki Buddha_
tropicalfishlover 15 days ago
Looks new but somewhat small and simple rooms with a nice and clean bathroom. No view from the windows and no private balcony puts me off though. How about free Wi/Fi? 500 baht is good price for the central location so for a few days stay it would be OK. It is just a few blocks from Soi Bua Khao, but a bit far from Walking Street! You didn´t mention the monthly price of Sumalee Residence in the video? Sarah only told about the monthly price (10000-11000 baht ) for the "Peak Towers Condominium" on the other side of Phra Tamnak Hill near Jomthien. Nice review though!
Purwanto Wanto
Purwanto Wanto 15 days ago
vidio sek nya
Purwanto Wanto
Purwanto Wanto 15 days ago
vidio porno nya
She's hands down one of the most beautiful women I ever seen I wouldn't even notice the room
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 7 days ago
What a set of Hips !!! One problem with moving to Asia is trying to choose.
William Connell
William Connell 9 days ago
What room?? There was a room??
Temi Topson
Temi Topson 16 days ago
I miss Asia .
philemon isoa
philemon isoa 16 days ago
Mehn I just realized I’m in d wrong country.
Dick Large
Dick Large 18 days ago
Is she single? 😛
Ben borocool
Ben borocool 20 days ago
3.5 million views already LOL... wonder why :) @James: If u wanna live in Thailand long term, look up a course called Laptop Earnings. That'll show you how to earn a living online. One of the best programs out right now. U can try the code "limited50" if you're gonna get it (not sure if it still works though).
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 20 days ago
Yeah I’d love to make a living online will check it out and yeah I wonder also if I new I would have a lot of videos with this amount of views and wouldn’t need to look at making a living
Dr O'Boogie
Dr O'Boogie 21 day ago
Neat! I wonder how often she has to field this stupid question-- -And do YOU come with the room?"
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 21 day ago
Yeah I got bored of reading them comments at least 15 people asked the same question
IADDP 21 day ago
Keep your camera steady!
Gerd Müller
Gerd Müller 23 days ago
She have a cock😂
2020 ،
2020 ، 23 days ago
Gilbert Ortiz
Gilbert Ortiz 24 days ago
Is that USA money or there money
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 23 days ago
1usd is just over 30 Thai baht
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 23 days ago
Edward Alia jr
Edward Alia jr 24 days ago
Can u search me sarah my fb account is edward alia(chay shing)
Sarkar Sarkar
Sarkar Sarkar 26 days ago
Armando Sturzenegger
Is this paradise city axel rose sing about? '
island boy
island boy 27 days ago
whats the name of condo mentioned at end of video?
Bangkok Bean
Bangkok Bean 27 days ago
Well played
Melanie Magno
Melanie Magno 28 days ago
So many western guy so sick finding hot girls. That’s why a lot of them so sick body aswell.
king kong kong
king kong kong 29 days ago
catch you a nice disease fresh one
SoMotoku Karin
SoMotoku Karin 29 days ago
Should just get a room and take her inside for the day >.
Mo Salah
Mo Salah 29 days ago
Room are nice. The girl is so beautiful and speaks very good English. Thanks for showing the address. I'm booking my flight next week, on my way. See you soon. Send you a video when I get there. Ps: to my boss. I am not coming back.
king kong kong
king kong kong Month ago
Its a guy haha
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW 29 days ago
Not a dude for sure
Mat Indi
Mat Indi Month ago
How much for the receptionist?
Boripat Wannasri
Her accent like Philliipines.
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW Month ago
Yes i like that accent
Bader S
Bader S Month ago
Edi Star
Edi Star Month ago
6:35 sexi
mosquito5 Month ago
edgar95035 Month ago
very good price
Bkz81 Month ago
Very nice, clean, and friendly. The room and her 😀
Michael Heron
Michael Heron Month ago
This is the best i have seen in Pattaya for a long time for the price. Shame about the exchange rate for the pound.
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW Month ago
Michael Heron Yeah people are looking for different options it’s getting ridiculous
Michael Heron
Michael Heron Month ago
its getting scary, it must be difficult if you are an ex pat living there long term. The Philippines is more attractive now but the girls there are getting greedy. good for a long term girlfriend though.
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW Month ago
It was down to 37 the other day some places less
Thailand RAW
Thailand RAW Month ago
Yeah it’s just gone up a bit it’s now 38 to the pound today
Efthymios Chatzidamos
Nice body but i would use a black bag for the head!!
Leo Rocko
Leo Rocko Month ago
Wish my girl got an ass like that
حسن الأسطورة
I agree with you very hot season and also very Hooot body 😉😂😂😂👍🤒
albert19ful Month ago
Stunning and edible
reaper gaming house
Wow her rate per night
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