Patrick Mahomes - Master Chief (An Original MVP Documentary)

Joseph Vincent
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Patrick Mahomes has taken the football world by storm. This documentary takes a look at the the incredible rise of the MVP Patrick Mahomes. His incredible throws, angles, side arms, no looks, left handed, & 80 yard deep passes presented in an original narrative and crafted in a way you expect from Joseph Vincent.
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Feb 6, 2019




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Comments 2 501
emax 5 days ago
imagine what kind of KILLER he would be if he was ambidextrous...
I Yeet
I Yeet 6 days ago
I’m my opinion: Accuracy:96 Arm strength:98 Speed:91 Throw on run:90 Defense:86
Speedkill 7 days ago
“How did he pull that off” Patrick: because I’m Batman!
young savage
young savage 8 days ago
aye bro do jaylen hurts thooo
Ski mask Son
Ski mask Son 9 days ago
Patrick mahomes+ tyreek hill is the best duo change my mind
WeebKage81 4 days ago
yeah with mahomes rocket of an arm and tyreeks killer speed that's a dangerous combination
Powda Boii
Powda Boii 10 days ago
I love how at 20:50 he jus casually throws it from the 25 into the end zone dis man different🤣🤣
ITS A MARIO 127 10 days ago
Patrick Mahomes is my brother
Hangover Chilly
Hangover Chilly 10 days ago
I'm really late to the party. Just now learning about this guy.
Sameer Ahmed
Sameer Ahmed 14 days ago
Anyone gonna talk about Tyreeks hops though?
pillowbugg 15 days ago
One of the best I've seen...John Elway, Payton Manning, Patrick Ma homes...power canon...my favorite type of QB...SKOL VIKINGS
Collin Campuzano
Collin Campuzano 17 days ago
Mahomes SUCKS
Collin Campuzano
Collin Campuzano 17 days ago
Wildthing Hale
Wildthing Hale 17 days ago
Has 1 good season with incredible talent around him and people think he walks on water lmao ! Can anyone say RG3 ? Take away hill and Kelcy and nobody catches those wobbly duck passes lmao 😂 Rodgers makes stars out of nobody talent ! Who has Lazard or vitale on any fantasy roster ? Now stfu till he has done something for 5 years consistently ; or done something in the playoffs;)
WeebKage81 4 days ago
he throws farter than aaron Rodgers and 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yds is still impressive even with talent on his team so stop being a hater
Quinn Denver
Quinn Denver 13 days ago
Wildthing Hale sure bud
Jakob Nunu
Jakob Nunu 19 days ago
Please do josh allen
Pinoystra 23 days ago
this was a tyreke hill highlight tape
Pinoystra 23 days ago
give any qb tyreke hill and theyll do the same
Quinn Denver
Quinn Denver 13 days ago
Pinoystra sure bud
tranmer32 26 days ago
24:06 Mahomes is the next GOAT....after Brady retires.
Clover 27 days ago
A tyreek hill film
Rae Burton
Rae Burton 29 days ago
Randal Eberle
Randal Eberle Month ago
is everybody just ignoring the fact they were using the halo theme at the beginning of the video??
Dylan The Gamer
Dylan The Gamer Month ago
Conrad Spear
Conrad Spear Month ago
Master save a hoe
Dylon Suina
Dylon Suina Month ago
this is probably the best fucking video ever created. thank you
Evdvd123 Month ago
Sry but arod still has the best arm in the game
WeebKage81 4 days ago
you do know he threw for 80 yds from the goal line while aaron Rodgers only threw for 65 yards
Evdvd123 Month ago
He is a close second
Joshua McClelland
Who is the guy that says “Patrick Mahomes is a rookie quarterback and threw 50 f***** touchdowns 20:18
Goatell Beckham
Goatell Beckham Month ago
I think that's Bill Burr
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck Month ago
can't even beat the pats he doesnt need a documentary lmao
WeebKage81 4 days ago
wasn't his fault it's because of the terrible defense. Seriously Patrick mahomes isn't the only player on the team.Every time he faced the patriots it's always been highscoring.
Warrior TV
Warrior TV Month ago
Dylan Beck nobody can beat the pats
Vinnie Duda
Vinnie Duda Month ago
My name is Vincent
Andyyy Month ago
Tristan Smith
Tristan Smith Month ago
He's the type of player to put his head coach in the Hall of Fame.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson Month ago
P Mahomes is a great QB that's for sure!! But … only time will tell if he is a winner like Brady. 2 different things.
Luis Alanis
Luis Alanis Month ago
Perfect video! As a Broncos fan I really like Patrick Mahomes. Only part I didn't like was Tom Brady as Mufasa, Scar or Nuka would've been more fitting.
J. Nico
J. Nico Month ago
I'm glad I watched this, now I have something to add to the football conversation at the barbershop!
J. Nico
J. Nico Month ago
I appreciate all of the "He's not of this world..." or "He was raised to be human but he isn't..." movie quotes. But seriously, the guy worked his ass off to be were he is. It was no miracle. He was a star at baseball AND football at the same time while maintaining a 4.0 average. Hard work DOES INDEED pay off!
J. Nico
J. Nico Month ago
He does favor Beetlejuice.
Poppy Marshall
Poppy Marshall Month ago
No one gonna talk about that juke at 14:30 ..... Ok I'll go back in my corner
Ory Sher
Ory Sher Month ago
Best sport videos on youtube. 100%
William Wright
William Wright Month ago
IMO, He’s a great quarterback, but he’s not elite. Not just yet
WeebKage81 4 days ago
sure someone who won league mvp isn't elite lmao
Edd Hazard
Edd Hazard Month ago
Mahomes é foda pra krl!!!!
Surgie Month ago
Hands down one of the best videos documentaries I've ever seen. Thank you for this video
Ezequiel Estrada
He will be the best player in NFL history
Aiden Clark
Aiden Clark Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks tyreek hill is the best wide out in the league
gerardflex Month ago
Patrick Mahomes is my favorite player in the nfl
Anna Monrose
Anna Monrose Month ago
Gboss68 Month ago
2:12 "He's into jet perpolsion, oh shit!"
Charles Urban
Charles Urban Month ago
When _Tom Brady_ beats you and then, immediately after the game, _insists_ that he go to your locker room so he can tell you that you are a badass, that you shouldn't let the loss discourage you, and that you should keep it up...Landry's hat, that's an absolutely incredible compliment.
G Grizzly
G Grizzly Month ago
13:02 “barbecue chicken”
bluefalcon3ID Month ago
JGARCIA415 Month ago
As a Bears fan, this is painful
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Month ago
Brady 2 Mahomes 0 1 career playoff win and Mahomes is the GOAT *LMAO*
Jimmy Tweedale
Jimmy Tweedale Month ago
Boom. Perfect timing.
crabtreecameron Month ago
Whoever won the coin toss in chiefs vs patriots game would’ve won the game undoubtably
chester nyangu
chester nyangu Month ago
Mahomes magic
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott Month ago
When an already good QB goes to a team with a system that fits them perfectly, the skys the limit.
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott Month ago
@Trev Mac You never answered my question... You're dead set on an arguable exception and not answering or focusing on the big picture.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Month ago
@Shawn Elliott A system under Belichick that was 5-11 in 2000 and 0-2 in 2001 with the highest paid QB in the league *Drew Bledsoe* Enters Tom Brady game 3 of the 2001 season and 14-3 and the Super Bowl & Super Bowl MVP (1 of 4) a system passing for 83,000 yards and 600 TD's .. *YER* a football illiterate dude Down 28-3 with 19 minutes left in a Super Bowl and it's a system that came back (15/15 212 yards in 1 quarter) 😂😂😂
Shawn Elliott
Shawn Elliott Month ago
@Trev Mac yer? What does his coaching stats have anything to do with the system Brady went to? lol. A teams system has more to do than the HC and his coaching stats lol. Also, it's Belichick. Not sure how you slaughtered that spelling, then again, "yer" lol Also, so you're saying that a good QB doesn't thrive in a system that fits them? Which was the point I was making. We see great QB's go to bad teams/systems every year and more often than not, bottom out. How often do we see great QB's turning a bad team and system around? Sure, it happens, but very rarely.
Trev Mac
Trev Mac Month ago
problem is yer lame theory goes down the drain when Belichciks career coaching record was 44-57 before Brady
MrBlondieZero Month ago
AFC championship going to be the real Super Bowl again this year.
Gabe Lumby
Gabe Lumby Month ago
And in a weird way, when Chiefs go to Patriots later this year, that regular season game could decide the Superbowl champion.
joaquin valenzuela
Hope this isn't Linsanty kind of performance
Chris Sean
Chris Sean Month ago
still cant beat brady
coolnameism Month ago
Man! I gotta go to sleep!
aLLsTaR*617* Month ago
As a Patriots Fan I’m comfortable saying he’s going to be the next TOM BRADY!! Respect the Talent of this young man!!!
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds Month ago
Tyreek Hill is a monster also credit where its due.
Alex Bradley
Alex Bradley Month ago
Rams vs Chiefs in my hometown LA for my birthday . Most points scored in a game ever . You couldn't even leave for popcorn because it was A SHOOT OUT!!! Couldn't have asked for a better 26th Birthday ! Lifetime Rams fan but I love your play Patrick Mahomes
Logan Wiliiams
Logan Wiliiams Month ago
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