Patrick Beverley vs Kevin Durant Full 1-On-1 INTENSE Play! | GSW/LAC | 2019 WCR1 GM2 | FreeDawkins

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April 15, 2019 | Patrick Beverley vs Kevin Durant Full 1-On-1 INTENSE Play! | GSW/LAC | 2019 WCR1 GM2 | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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Comments 100
Francis Anthony
Francis Anthony 10 days ago
Beverly is a smaller version of dennis rodman
Cameron Coaster
Cameron Coaster 18 days ago
If they ain’t booing you, you not doing shit right 💯 years PAT
Cameron Coaster
Cameron Coaster 18 days ago
I fucking love that shit PAT 😈 these other niggas be letting them shoot. Stay on they ASS
John Voss
John Voss 21 day ago
The Clippers got a shitload of media exposure they wouldn’t have otherwise. This is how you make money with a crap business. Well played Doc Rivers, well played.
Davi Pedrotti
Davi Pedrotti 22 days ago
Clippers have a good defended
Milly Glee
Milly Glee 23 days ago
Patrick Beverly looks like every drunkard and druggie I see at every gas station. Lmao ...I swear they picked him up on some corner. 😀😁😂😃😄😅
Rampaged 54
Rampaged 54 23 days ago
Beverly and smart top guard defenders in the league
Tre Hazel
Tre Hazel 24 days ago
He still dropped 45 lol tf
mack 2k
mack 2k 25 days ago
Good job...nba so soft
mansa musa
mansa musa 26 days ago
Definitely great to watch
Black Star
Black Star 26 days ago
Black Star
Black Star 26 days ago
Mark Ladeza
Mark Ladeza 26 days ago
The heart of Beverly to win the series. ❤️
Tommy Tomato
Tommy Tomato 26 days ago
Do gsw only has 2 championships? Why are you comparing them Jordan led BULLS?
Guille Schafh
Guille Schafh 26 days ago
Excelent defense!!👏
Rick Gilbert
Rick Gilbert 27 days ago
Why have some 6 foot guard a 7 footer and that 7 footer can shoot 3s
Carl Lazarraga
Carl Lazarraga 27 days ago
Beverly guarding durant makes me uncomfortable is hell lol. He's all over that man'a body, damn.
Dale Blevens III
Dale Blevens III 27 days ago
Definitely a blatant, illegal/moving screen on #2 on the clippers while the ref was looking directly at it and didn't call anything. Call me crazy, but the NBA is probably rigged in terms of referees picking and choosing on what they call and when. This isn't basketball anymore, It's theatrics.
LordDigz12 27 days ago
4:34 Beverly grabs Iguodalas arm, wraps it around his own neck then flips like he’s being choked.
Ch Berry
Ch Berry 27 days ago
12:36 sums up the whole video. I feel his energy bra lmao
Donbayard Konan
Donbayard Konan 27 days ago
NOne of the modern defenders can guard KDI think sincerely that Only the greatest of the 90's can
Efix 27 days ago
This Patrick Beverly hype is pretty retarded.
ttm gamer
ttm gamer 27 days ago
Bro Beverly is like that one dude u know that plays the most annoying shitty defense but distracts you so much you can’t hit anything 😂😂😂
jincheng wang
jincheng wang 28 days ago
His D is not dirty, but just ugly😁
Tea Hoodie
Tea Hoodie 28 days ago
If you think Patrick can guard Kd for 7 games and stop him from averaging 30... you just don’t know basketball
Yushuang Luo
Yushuang Luo 28 days ago
The man did everything he can but the clippers still has no chance. I feel bad for them.
everyneed 28 days ago
8:57 dude was spamming tf out of that square button
MrTheTomahawk 28 days ago
why tf is durant not just posting beverly every play tf
MrTheTomahawk 28 days ago
wait why tf beverly on kd?!?!?
Steven Washington
Steven Washington 28 days ago
Patrick Beverly looks like Chris from "The Wire".
Jefferson Medina
Jefferson Medina 28 days ago
i guess, gsw still going to win the series
Be The Change
Be The Change 28 days ago
At least he ain’t Scared To Guard the best player. Gotta Respect That ✊🏿
Issaias Santana
Issaias Santana 28 days ago
Where are my bandwagon warrior fans at 😂
James LaFleur
James LaFleur 28 days ago
This guy was played like this since Rockets
Kevin Reyes Kev
Kevin Reyes Kev 29 days ago
He basically shut Kevin Durant down literally his other teammates blew it by not matching his intensity
ChIefN 29 days ago
He asked for Durant cause he didn't want curry
Zurym 29 days ago
thank god he gonna run kevin to the east all the way to new york with his head ass
Damir McLean
Damir McLean 29 days ago
Beverly would be a no doubt dopy candidate if he was seven inches taller
Galaxy Le
Galaxy Le 29 days ago
1:25 Oops. Watch your teeth!
Ememem Aringo
Ememem Aringo 29 days ago
👀@1:19 that guy at the back. haha
Baddie Butters
Baddie Butters 29 days ago
0:38 old school D. Have your face to his D.
GaGe JOn
GaGe JOn 29 days ago
I play defense like this and I always get fouled out but my team gets energy and even if we aren't a good team, that spirit I provide lift up everyone which is exactly like this case. I love to see this defense hahahaha nice comeback
Floki The Boat builder
Pat Bev + Klaw
Ryan Clarke
Ryan Clarke 29 days ago
Dude fouled out in the second quarter, he is literally hand checking with both hands, and running into KD every play. Because he is the smaller guy the refs are letting him get away with it.
Restine Vergara
Restine Vergara Month ago
Thank you and God bless
Ahmona Maxwell
Ahmona Maxwell Month ago
He plays defense like Bruce Bowen and Dennis Rodman. Old school. KD wouldn't have survived in the late 80s and early 90s.
rickey rom
rickey rom Month ago
beverly look like that dog that played in that cartoon called all dogs go to heaven.
Video Game Sanctuary
AdotBdot nailed this with his skit.
Adam Maes
Adam Maes Month ago
Look at all theses fools on here all hiding now game 3 shut them down WARRIORS shut tgere mouths KD the you tube silencer .
Ninja Channel
Ninja Channel Month ago
Klay Thompson hesitates on that 3 with 34 seconds left (11:46). Probably makes it if he shoots in rhythm, but he was shook.
Galaxy _ Sample
Galaxy _ Sample Month ago
Now that I’m watching it back game 2 I feel like they could of got a better shot and won the game
Hank Rutherford Hill
Beverly a bitch lmao green would kill that flea
Mr. Towler
Mr. Towler Month ago
Pat, Kawhi and Butler next season?
Al T
Al T Month ago
Pat is savage
D. Ross
D. Ross Month ago
"I'm Patrick Beverly, nobody knows who I am"....so I will make a name by hacking KD...cause everyone knows who he is.
buddy _
buddy _ Month ago
Beverly is getting under players skin
herman miller
herman miller Month ago
The NBA has a referee problem. The referees decided the outcome of this game, for what reasons I won't venture a guess.
herman miller
herman miller Month ago
The rules against hand checking and impeding movement were repealed for the Clippers but remained in effect for the Warriors. Beverly should have fouled out of the game in the first quarter.
GB Month ago
Upload the same but from G3 pls
Keith SlimmJr
Keith SlimmJr Month ago
Y’all know who the fuck is he.
F. B. I.
F. B. I. Month ago
Nobody: This channel: 1 on 1 intense matchup Nobody: Game 3 Kevin Durant: Fuck it
c j
c j Month ago
What's better Old NBA 1990 - 2000 New NBA 2010 - Now
rocky alfaro
rocky alfaro Month ago
yung 12:25 un ung nagdala e 😂😂😂😂😂
Belak Month ago
Durant getting exposed as soft. I wish this was Kobe. Kobe would go at Beverly all night. Kobe vs artest is one of the best matchups of all time.
herman miller
herman miller Month ago
You clearly don't know or understand the basic rules of basketball. For starters blocking and tackling is not allowed as it is in football.
Ronbasj L
Ronbasj L Month ago
This ref are paid by warriors. Getting soft on that play? This warriors cant win in a hard play with most favorable call on them. If they lose, curry will throw his mouthpiece and coach will throw also the board. This warriors team is an asshole. With adam silver's gay team. I wonder how hard adam silver wanking dic*s of curry green and durant and most of all kerr.
Ronbasj L
Ronbasj L Month ago
Truth hurts mr miller the retarded old guy. Just go to curry and.the whole team and wank dic*s.
Ronbasj L
Ronbasj L Month ago
Ur just a butthurt old guy who needs crutches 😂 ur an ignorant commenting on what is dumb. Youre purely describing yourself warrior fan. Cry miller cry
herman miller
herman miller Month ago
+Ronbasj L Silly, petulant and dumb child.
Ronbasj L
Ronbasj L Month ago
Players are immature and shown to conduct themselves in unsportsmanlike manner. Draymond the dragon face nigga kicks players in the crutch and clap in his opponents faces when they make mistakes. And curry the retarded face the master of throwing mouthpiece. Now do you really feel like a champion right now the way youre conducting yourself? Plus more favor calls on warriors, thats a weak call your Gay team. If durant will injured thats a more meaningful than winning a championship. 😂, cry miller
Ronbasj L
Ronbasj L Month ago
Its obvious your team is a dumb and you. Just look at how your team play and whos in favor. The only talent they have is to wank dic*s.
Mr. & Mrs. Miles
Beverley is a Superior Defensive Master.
Van Bioc
Van Bioc Month ago
Beverly’s energy 🤣
Skye Walker
Skye Walker Month ago
The Refs are ridiculous
Orlando Tocano
Orlando Tocano Month ago
It's a mental matchup right now and KD isn't winning this one the Dubs may end up winning the series but he is being disrupted Patrick is playing the role that guys like Draymond Green, Metta World Peace, Dennis Rodman have played for their teams in the past, disruptor
Kobe Jamez
Kobe Jamez Month ago
Let's be real they let Beverley foul the shit out of him like kd said if yall go let Beverley do that let him...not a kd fan so dont @ me bitch
Henri Wang
Henri Wang Month ago
Henri Wang
Henri Wang Month ago
Storm Marshall
Storm Marshall Month ago
What people aren’t realizing is that the reason bev can get away with this is because he is staying lower than Durant’s arms, so Durant can’t pull up and get the contact very easily
Jason Chen
Jason Chen Month ago
B is a true warrior lol
lex lex
lex lex Month ago
I dont buy this shit, its not foul when nobody see it. playing dirty. pathetic! Still a loser
GhosT Month ago
So we just gonna ignore that nasty pull by Gallo
Ryze God
Ryze God Month ago
4 Fake
4 Fake Month ago
Bev got the clamps on him
Frederick Luke Sison
Pat and Lou !!! Common baby!!! Rest of the guys did a great job...but d refs sucks!!
Simon Schwarz
Simon Schwarz Month ago
they become best friends once a day
savage 7ecneek
savage 7ecneek Month ago
Dame get called for flopping but 10:45 Draymond gets away with this
MantisAtlantis Month ago
KD got exposed from a purist point of view. How is this not obvious though? When a 7 footer has to dribble, the distance between hand and floor is tremendous and just gives too much time for an average speed guard like Patrick to do damage.
Ian Smullity
Ian Smullity Month ago
Patrick Beverley is calling KD OUT being soft. Getting in his head, talking smack, and getting physical with him every possession. The best part is... It's working.
Ian Smullity
Ian Smullity Month ago
Yeah good for him he played well. Played like he makes 5 times as much money a year on his contact than Beverley. "Best player in the world has a good game in the playoffs." Amazing headline... lmao
Adam Maes
Adam Maes Month ago
Hey it didnt work game 3 what happened .hey r u there. Dont hide
Janet Horowitz
Janet Horowitz Month ago
Beverly hunts snakes in his past time
D.Hilla Month ago
All those petty files were pitiful. Fuck the NBA and fuck the refs I wish I grew up in the old era.
Hype Emperor
Hype Emperor Month ago
Beverly played his heart out, was phenomenal. He is that guy anyone would love to have on their team.
gilbert del fin
gilbert del fin Month ago
Good strategy coach💪
Bryce Hammerton
Bryce Hammerton Month ago
Beverly fouls him every play. His hands are all over him
Ben Karas
Ben Karas Month ago
The warriors biggest weakness is that they are not mentally tough. So the best way to beat them is to test them over and over mentally because they will break down.
The Anykind Content
Outsmarted GSW thanks to Beverly's lock on defense on KD.
Wartime Christian
When an unstoppable Force meets an immovable object
Jason Solomon
Jason Solomon Month ago
Wartime Christian nigga shut the fuck up lol 😂
Milliondolla kid
Pat Beverley from Chicago😂😂 he let them boys know he ain't wit that. That boy a straight pest on defense. You gotta love seeing that art of defense nowadays. Epic comeback against the mighty Warriors.
Queso Month ago
Beverley is one ugly mofo
R J II Month ago
Queso gtfoh Durant. We know it’s you
Moon Bruhhh
Moon Bruhhh Month ago
Adam Maes
Adam Maes Month ago
Raaaaaawrrr KD 38 points beverley is a kitty MEOW .game 3 .
Bruno Dantas
Bruno Dantas Month ago
What a horrible flop by Draymond!
Moon Bruhhh
Moon Bruhhh Month ago
Moon Bruhhh
Moon Bruhhh Month ago
EingeL Month ago
Harrel and beverly, the guys u always need
EingeL Month ago
Cweb talking shit about lou. He score 26 in16 minutes. Shut up fat pussy!!!
Xavier Abello
Xavier Abello Month ago
Casual Nba Fans: Who is "Bev"? Real Nba Fans: Ohhh shitttttt
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