Pat McAfee Reacts To Ryan Fitzpatrick's Emotional Response To Losing His Starting Spot

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What do you think is going on with the situation?
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Oct 21, 2020




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Comments 100
dean horton
dean horton 12 hours ago
He was doing great and should have never been replaced. Love the guy, it's a shame it happened.
Samuel Madrid
bit strange showing up in my feed as soon as hes back to being the starter
T Beck
T Beck 5 days ago
Tua will be a decent back up in the NFL!
T Beck
T Beck 5 days ago
He has a beautiful smile!
Brook Brownell
Brook Brownell 15 days ago
Dallas needs you Fitz!
Andrew Ng
Andrew Ng 16 days ago
Fitz has got to be by far the most likeable QB ever.
Food FellasTV
Food FellasTV 20 days ago
Send him to NE
Jay Smith
Jay Smith 20 days ago
mama said there are 3 fairs in life, the County Fair, the State Fair, & the UNFAIR
Troy Jones Sr
Troy Jones Sr 21 day ago
Cowboys or Chargers need to trade for him..😳
Alemon 88
Alemon 88 23 days ago
When you hype a guy up like this his fall is way harder, you guys did this to him, he is a role player who doesn’t throw too many interceptions, just because he beat the sorry jets you guys act like he will take a team places as the starter and when he doesn’t yall will be back to saying hes just a journeyman, i really feel for the guy, just stop you are going to make people over analyze his average game and call him trash when he doesn’t beat a good team like the seahawks
geary wimberly
geary wimberly 23 days ago
Fitz has made lots of money, for him to go public like this is unprofessional. He should have let the fans and teammates mourn for him publicly, not do so himself.
Rstev 24 days ago
2 people can keep a secret when one is dead lol
Rstev 24 days ago
Your gonna break up the band while on a hot streak YOU ARE THE DOLPHINS
Rstev 24 days ago
Fitzmagic is the heart of this team, he will be back in that’s just the way it goes TRUST ME
Out in the yeeard
Out in the yeeard 24 days ago
Dallas here we come 😋
Kev 24 days ago
He’s not even a bad QB wtf
Riahs Crew
Riahs Crew 24 days ago
Fitz look-a-like fan boys 😂 There’s the other side we don’t see at practices and will see this Sunday that will make you forget Fitz!! Fanboys better stay true to their feelz once you witness Tua time. After Sunday Fanboys response ohhh that’s why!! Lol smh.
Keoki Malulani
Keoki Malulani 24 days ago
Really, Do you have to use that language people are sent to hell for. I'll never watch your channel again ....
Emperor Gentu
Emperor Gentu 24 days ago
Chris Tesch
Chris Tesch 25 days ago
I’m honestly worried about Tua. I’ve got a baaad feeling guy is going to get injured here in the next few weeks. Don’t know why, just have that gut feeling
easyscore 25 days ago
Tagovalio will be the next Mariota. Mush in the head
Connor Hoffstetter
Connor Hoffstetter 25 days ago
Buffalo fans still love this guy, I cannot believe they benched him after a win
Einniv Xel
Einniv Xel 25 days ago
Just sayin great fit
Einniv Xel
Einniv Xel 25 days ago
Fitz to cowboys
JonahsWail 26 days ago
Trade him to Dallas
buZZwig Van Roţțen
The only reason is because they used a 1st round pick on him and they're feeling pressure to not use him
buZZwig Van Roţțen
Him and tyrod
Lucas Sredzinski
Lucas Sredzinski 26 days ago
As a dolphins fan most other fans don’t care about fitzmagic getting pulled. Everyone is excited for tua, not to say that I’m not excited to see him play but honestly watching fitz play I finally felt like we had a good QB at the helm. Granted he’s not the greatest but he’s my starting qb, I’m gonna miss this guy as the starter. Hopefully tua comes out to play against the rams on Sunday and shuts my mouth on the topic.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 27 days ago
dolphins was Fitz. He has such a great personality and is a good leader
MuttonChops24 27 days ago
Fitzmagic to the cowboys
Now will be know as Ryan Fitzrragic
Justin Lane
Justin Lane 27 days ago
Fitzmagic to the Cowboys???
mouseinurhouse 27 days ago
They took the job away from him for a chump that is going to be injury prone. If I was fitzmagic I'd want the hell out of the Dolphins. I'd be done.
Robert Beck
Robert Beck 27 days ago
Watched a little bit of Fitz's response to losing his job, and having to participate in meeting with a boss who just fired him. In real life its called knowledge transfer.
OCT 31st 2019
OCT 31st 2019 27 days ago
I'm a huge Falcons fan who lives in Tampa .. I do not like the yucs or even remotely respect the franchise . That said when Fitzpatrick was here in Tampa and throwing for very nearly 400+ a game & multiple TD's it was difficult not to root for RF14 . We took our daughter to eat at Hibachi grill she loves on her b'day .. RF14 came in a few minutes after us with not only the starting O line but the backups as well . 14 was nothing but gracious to everyone who wanted a pic or autograph & turned away no one . Mad respect for the Fitz'Magic .. I should probably also add that my wife was a cheerleader for the Dolphins for 2yrs & is a Fins fan .. working in the field I do I get to meet fairly famous or infamous people quite a bit & did have the opportunity to work an NFL "players only" private event at a nightclub in St.Petersburg that Fitz attended .. after getting my assignment of which part of the room I would be covering I did notice Fitz was in my area of protection ... Upon leaving a few of the players handed out tips to not only the wait staff but their personal protection for the evening . When Fitz left he shook my hand and I noticed folded bills in my hand . The only other player to tip me from my section was James Wilder Jr. ... They both tipped very well 4 bills each & Wilder only asked me to walk his fiance to their vehicle to grab something during the night .. Wilder I assume is still kicking ass rushing in the CFL but for now he's the RB coach at my daughter's highschool & his Alma Matar . I now work in school protection with the PCSO & school board but definitely miss those days sometimes .. I feel for 14 & am pretty sure he'll be slinging it again for someone else soon
mcbrizzle82 27 days ago
Fitz has got to be by far the most likeable QB ever.
Arizona Audits
Arizona Audits 4 days ago
@A Real JaMerican Agreed. Much more likeable Fitz doesn’t even compare Lol.
Arizona Audits
Arizona Audits 4 days ago
Definitely not Lmao. New here?
Darius Price
Darius Price 16 days ago
@X a way to
A Real JaMerican
A Real JaMerican 23 days ago
Can’t forget the great Peyton Manning
X 25 days ago
@Ci Papi Ci Papi Ci That’s one of the places I could see him going, but if he’s going to go there this season it’s gonna be soon.
Michael Macias
Michael Macias 27 days ago
From a Miami fan it’s not tough. I’m ready for TUA!! 7 int in 6 games not good enough. We should of beat Seattle but “fitzmagic” couldn’t get it in the end zone. So we settled for 5 fieldgoals.😒
Ed Disterhaupt
Ed Disterhaupt 27 days ago
Fitz . . . maybe w can make some room in Minnesota for you! We could use some MAGIC.
Heartheld 27 days ago
fitz magic and minchew magic? he can come and help improve minshew or even beat him out
eR3alist 27 days ago
Are we supposed to pretend like this dude hasn't made a career out of playing well enough to get a good contract and then just folding... over and over again?
Todd V.
Todd V. 28 days ago
And when Tua gets hurt because he's being rushed into playing this season, the Fins will yet again demonstrate just how incompetent of an organization they are
Tone Loc
Tone Loc 28 days ago
Shut up Ryan...you knew what you were getting into. You are not a starting QB in the NFL ok.... Go Tua
IamSalley 28 days ago
Lol!!! Lol y'all serious about this Fitzmagic thang?
DillonSavage 28 days ago
FitzMagic to the Boys
Derek Maldonado
Derek Maldonado 28 days ago
Being a journeyman QB is extremely difficult for anyone to be. Bouncing between sub par teams with instability in the coaching staff and environment. Having a different coordinator every single year if not other year. I respect any guy that plays that role and handles it the way he does. The guy really wanted that starting role this year. He played very well too.
richarris1111 28 days ago
If I was Fitz getting traded means ending up with the Cowboys or Vikings unless hoodie has seen enough of Cam.
Joseph Webb
Joseph Webb 28 days ago
Fitzpatrick to the cowboys ????!!!!!
hrs1414 28 days ago
As a lifelong dolphins fan, im honestly pretty disgusted by how this was handled. Yea yea tua is the future yada yada yada....Flores wants to put tua in bc he thinks we have a shot at something...and in this process he punishes the dude who put the team in that position.
The Wrestler
The Wrestler 28 days ago
How could he & anyone else be surprised & upset. He's a journeyman quarterback & it's clear that Tua's the future. Everyone knew what was going to happen it was just a matter of time. Maybe not the right time but nonetheless was just a matter of time.
Lawrence Gutierrez
Lawrence Gutierrez 28 days ago
I mean.. if fitz wants to come to Denver... might as well 😂
Jeremy Ranschau
Jeremy Ranschau 28 days ago
As a Viking fan, I'll take Fitz
Tri Vu
Tri Vu 28 days ago
Cowboys need to sign Ryan FItmagic
Reverse The curse
Reverse The curse 28 days ago
tua got hurt so i thought the dolphins would let him learn for a year.
Michael Scarn
Michael Scarn 28 days ago
As a Steelers fan, I’d love to see us trade for Fitzmagic. Our backup quarterbacks are terrify
Logan Eckhoff
Logan Eckhoff 28 days ago
Is there any chance he goes to Dallas? Depending on how bad the Dalton injury turns out?
Coach 28 days ago
Looks like he forgot rule #1, this is a business and will be treated as such. How many life long workers have become unemployed in "the real world" who loved their job and company, only to be fired/replaced by someone younger? It's awful and I feel for the guy because he's truly seems like a good guy who loved where he was only to be replaced.
DANIEL 28 days ago
Let Fitzy pack up for Dallas
Neck Berard
Neck Berard 28 days ago
Anyone who says they are Dolphins fans and are hurt are TROLLING BABY. its TUA time. Fitzy is great but he over the hump, throw tons of INT's , flores knows FItzy is on his last gasp, its aint pretty but this is how it going down. and we will be better as a result.
Nehemiah Hicks
Nehemiah Hicks 28 days ago
Wentz is still playing somehow???
Logan Frost
Logan Frost 29 days ago
Fitz is playing the best ball of his life! Stupid front office executive decision! Tua will get injured bc should have more time to heal up and learn. People who don't play football making personal game decisions!
John Knight
John Knight 29 days ago
Its fvcked up. Being he lost his mom too. Think he had a mission dedicated to his mom. And they just took it away .
Bob_ Ohh
Bob_ Ohh 29 days ago
Obviously Jerry Jones can get fitz if he wants right? I mean that’s the move to make
Stephenj Barker
Stephenj Barker 29 days ago
I had to think hard of what team Fitzpatrick plays for now
xXAllbranXx 29 days ago
Fitzmagic to the Dallas cowboys big time weapons for a big time QB
Jim Fabian
Jim Fabian 29 days ago
That bread though
gguilliams14 29 days ago
Go to New England, Belechek can take him to superbowl.
Edward Villarreal
Edward Villarreal 29 days ago
Well Dallas needs a quarterback...
T master Fizzle
T master Fizzle 29 days ago
Bring him to boys can’t hurt lol
Jobu_Cerrano 29 days ago
Cowboys will take him right now
Jeff Sweeney
Jeff Sweeney 29 days ago
Fitz to the New England Patriots Cam ain't got it!!
Nikolas O.
Nikolas O. 29 days ago
Dolphins organization always find a way to mess things up. Brutal on Fitzpatrick
Josh Connor
Josh Connor 29 days ago
I feel Tua had to do something with this. I hope they lose every damn game
Lucidvein 29 days ago
Sure we all feel bad for Fitz.. but you are wrong about Miami fans being upset because Tua's ceiling is higher. We can win games with Tua too. Fitz didn't play well vs the Jets it was the defense. People love Tua too btw.
Lucidvein 29 days ago
Miami fans want to see Tua.
Cronopoly 29 days ago
@The Pat McAfee Show - Shula sold the teams soul to the Devil for the '72 undefeated season. This is continued Karma 😑😟😭
mike 29 days ago
Washington Football Teams needs some magic
Fishing with Cracked jxked
🌽🌽🌽🌽 squad
Leroy Jennings
Leroy Jennings 29 days ago
Oh I lost my job Wah Wah Wah Boo hoo
JD theHaole
JD theHaole 29 days ago
Fitzmagic Fridays please. thanks.
steven archer
steven archer 29 days ago
Heartbroken or not, Fitz may be doing ok but look, he's thrown more interceptions than td, the Dolphins got Tua to play not set, it's not your money setting on the bench lol, all the media is doing is starting drama, typical, even you said it, he's played for how many teams? Been benched by how many coaches? But Flores is wrong or the Dolphins are wrong for wanting something more than what Fitz can get done, it's not a big deal, it's a sport and when there's a better chance of winning with someone else any team would do the same thing, stop trying to start more drama for a team that's really done nothing but lose since Marino, I'm happy to be a Dolphins fan and even more happy to know now we have a chance at winning more than every other week or 4 or 5 games a year
Corey Staton
Corey Staton 29 days ago
As a Dolphins fan the coach fucked everything up.... you had it made you had a mentor for tua and the team buying in and playing hard, not now if tua is bad you can’t go back, fitz is pissed and the team isn’t going to ride for you anymore, just like the Seahawks game coach in over his head
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 29 days ago
Ryan isnt consistent ok he won a few games but thats been happening since he been with the dolphins i dnt mind benching ryan
Cole English
Cole English 29 days ago
He should go to Dallas 🙌🏻
Carlos Flores
Carlos Flores 29 days ago
miko foin
miko foin Month ago
Can't wait for tua to throw 3 ints and Ryan will be sitting there like hmmm
spark plug
spark plug Month ago
As a chiefs fan this sucks
Leonardo Mascarenhas
Fitzmagic was winning to many games. Dolphins owners dont like that.
Jerome Shalom
Jerome Shalom Month ago
Hes boutta be a viking
Jerome Shalom
Jerome Shalom Month ago
Mfer looks like a viking
JohnEnigma Month ago
Does anyone else believe that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be better as a coach when he retires?
miko foin
miko foin Month ago
wanted to start since day one that's just how dolphins fans are they feel no sympathy for fits they want to see their boy tua now even though it could potentially ruin him
SquidTeamSIX Month ago
Tbh I feel for fitzmagic.. BUT the rest of the team is moving in a good direction. The dolphins knew that tua would be the starter and now having practices under his belt and time to see fitz do good, do bad and learn from it. If they do good or bad they made the right decision. Fitz isn't the starter for the future and they need to find out if tua can fill that role.
Big Chris Miller
Oh man heartbreaking, he’s a good looking healthy multi millionaire. Super sad. I put it right up there with the soldier that get his legs blown off or a child with stage 4 cancer Hang in there Ryan 💪
Wacker Beats
Wacker Beats Month ago
The dolphins never seem to get it right. As soon as they are on a upwards path they always find a way to burn it all down.
Michael Mroz
Michael Mroz Month ago
yeah ok... How many hearts has Fitztragic broken...what goes around comes around.
Endangered Entertainment
Dallas needs some Fitzmagic
Zach Sklar
Zach Sklar Month ago
Look, I love Fitz. The dude is likable as hell and plays harder at 37 years old than most 20 year old players do. However, the situation is this. He helped get Miami to 3-3, but was not solely responsible. In fact, he flat out lost the Buffalo and New England game by throwing some very bad interceptions. Then, he couldn't convert any drives into TD's (except one) when they played Seattle. Obviously, Flores believes that Tua is not only healthy, but is capable of playing at a much higher level than a journeyman 37 year old QB. 10 interception to 7 TD's is nothing to write home about. Especially when you have an incredibly successful college QB who you took 5th overall holding a clipboard while the two other QB's taken in the top 10 of last years draft are lighting up the league. I truly believe this was an organizational move by the coaches to promote whom they feel is the guy to lead this team to the playoffs this season. The thought all along was that it would come after their week 7 bye. I'm sick of these armchair QB's crying for Fitz. Don't think for a minute that the coaches won't put him back in there if Tua shows he is not ready. Also, Fitz was very fortunate to even have this opportunity with a team. He was no better than a backup QB for every other team in the league. He knew it was a matter of time until he was going to hand over the keys and it was on a week to week basis. Well, now is the time. You showed us what you got, now let Tua. If he stinks, get your helmet and get back in the game. If he sets the world on fire, then it's time to know your place and either be the back up, find another team that needs your services, or ride off into that sunset and get a job as a QB coach or even offensive coordinator. Being a Harvard grad with his playing experience and likability, he will be a hot commodity. Don't feel bad for Fitz. His season may not be done. The NFL is a business and It's all part of the process. For now, it's Tua Time!
Bitcoin Motorist
Psst, you wanna follow sports journalist Colin Cowherd on Twitter? 👀
Brent Dowland
Brent Dowland Month ago
Learning has occurred
David Aloha
David Aloha Month ago
Hey let’s put our future franchise QB in a pressure cooker his rookie season.
Marcus Sinclair
Marcus Sinclair Month ago
All the Miami management has done has put amazing amount of pressure on Tua For no reason
ImYellow Month ago
Think about this if Fitz wants to get traded what if the Cowboys pick him up????????
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