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How many of you experience sense memory when you think about eating Warheads when you were kids? You know, that sour feeling on the back of your tastebuds? Well, pastry chef Claire Saffitz is setting out to recreate that sensation as she attempts to make gourmet Warheads.
Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Warheads | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Dec 3, 2019




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Comments 100
Josh Maples
Josh Maples Day ago
“Try the legal limit of everything? Yes.” 🤣😂😅
Kathleen Roberts
I would rinse it under water for a bit then pop it
brando 4 days ago
I just figured out why I love this show so much: it feels exactly like it's filmed for a sitcom or something.
Brik ThroughYourWindow
My mouth waters so much watching this
Alanah hi
Alanah hi 6 days ago
Okay but I can eat Extreme Sour WarHeads without making a face
mohammed ismail
mohammed ismail 7 days ago
Claire can u adopt me please
Tigerz 9 days ago
Claire you are only allowed to make that face with cough syrup 🤢🤮 childhood flash back😅🤣😂
Melody Salas
Melody Salas 19 days ago
New word
Melody Salas
Melody Salas 19 days ago
Jack Shepherd
Jack Shepherd 20 days ago
The citric acid centre is for toxic waste sweets
araceli solis
araceli solis 20 days ago
When she said air head and not war head ,😁😁
Josue Corpus
Josue Corpus 23 days ago
The good ol' days
Laura M
Laura M 26 days ago
RIP Landon Clifford 😭🕊️
Jesse Former
Jesse Former 27 days ago
Nothing is better than 25:33 and the following 30 seconds. That MADE this entire episode. 🤣🤣🤣 sheer pleasure vs sheer pain! 🤣 love it
facundo vicente
facundo vicente Month ago
Priya be like "o this are fine" hahahahahaha
Orion Gammon
Orion Gammon Month ago
This is my favorite candy
simon sivil
simon sivil Month ago
I'm watching this and it was released 8 months ago. I really hope she has learned more by now as I'm really surprised someone who is making sweets professionally doesn't know what malic acid is...
DECKTRON5001 Month ago
I'd love to see her make Percy Pigs
Ella Karlsson
Ella Karlsson Month ago
How old is she she has grey hair no hate just asking
Gavin K
Gavin K Month ago
lmao she’s in her early 30s and the gray hair is dyed
I like to draw
I like to draw Month ago
i love them
1dgram Month ago
Acid Rocks next time (haven't seen those since I was an elementary schooler in the 80's)
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq Month ago
Please put recipes in description
You’re a chef!? I make gourmet weed candy, with zero training, and I can tell you this. Stick to what you know! Or at least do some better editing.
stephen markovich
I was salivating this entire episode
elias Rodriguez
elias Rodriguez Month ago
Andy is a kid 😂 with his hands
Conrad Smith
Conrad Smith Month ago
I love the drama of Chris fully hating all foods.
veggiet2009 2 months ago
Today I learned that Warheads might be good for your skin
Faith Wangari
Faith Wangari 2 months ago
Freycossy - _ -
Freycossy - _ - 2 months ago
19:19 You can literally see Brad's eyes pop out, just like in cartoons! Is he okay??
Bruce Neeley
Bruce Neeley 2 months ago
I'm sure I speak for many.... B.A. on RUvid is missed.
I am Beloved
I am Beloved 2 months ago
What like makes food gourmet?
TimmehTRP Month ago
Food that is made by someone that is knowledgeable in the craft and art of food. So it's subjective
Kelsey Teter
Kelsey Teter 2 months ago
The whole time Claire’s trying to describe ‘sour but not too sour’ I’m screaming HALF-SOUR in my head. Anyone?! 😂😂
Kali Cat
Kali Cat 2 months ago
I recall them having a small powder citric acid centre - probably early 2000’s. Maybe they changed the formula in recent years.
Kat L
Kat L 2 months ago
Claire: “don’t want to interrupt...” also Claire: -cling- 27:53 (cue everyone turning around to look at her and Delaney)
Beef Eats
Beef Eats 2 months ago
can someone count how many times she said "sour"
Naomi Ferguson
Naomi Ferguson 2 months ago
u should try making smarties
FerreTrip 2 months ago
I'm just bemused at Claire's reaction to Pepto. Edit: Watched the whole thing, I think Cosmo is one of the best kids I've ever seen, he's equal parts mature and innocent.
Rainbowking 2 months ago
Do jaw breakers one day
Michael Matalka
Michael Matalka 2 months ago
I am quite the B.A. and Goumet Makes fan. However this episode is in the top three ( and maybe #1) favorite. Cosmo is a Natural right up there with Brad with equally inborn appeal. I have only seen him in couple of episodes, but both times he just makes me smile. When he is old enough, B. A. Should give him an audition. He could be a big hit.
hobocode 3 months ago
Anyone else always skip the ingredient reading part?
Kuhu D
Kuhu D 3 months ago
9:05 is me answering exam questions to meet the word limit
maddendoe 3 months ago
4:50 doras been snooping around da kitchen
melzordTV 3 months ago
“I could make a better tasting pink liquid, but I don’t know if it could cure 5 symptoms”
Yuna Leek
Yuna Leek 3 months ago
Other people being able to eat warheads Me eating a warhead: Loud Screeching and soaking a warhead in water before I eat the sweet part.
a m
a m 3 months ago
*lady gaga and black pink have entered the chat*
Benjamin Martinez
Benjamin Martinez 3 months ago
So dramatic with the pepto bismol
Confused Llama
Confused Llama 3 months ago
29:00 -Do I wanna try them? -no Aww Gaby 🥺😂
Nazz 3 months ago
Brad reminds me of Chris Pratt idk why
Luiza Vilela
Luiza Vilela 3 months ago
i love the astronomical difference between white people and poc trying these it really says a lot
Nushtash 3 months ago
I would love to see Brad reading the ingredients
Annika’sAGworld 3 months ago
I love sour candy’s
Mia_ hall
Mia_ hall 3 months ago
Clair saying pepto is disgusting Me having to drink it every day it's not that bad
Samantha Sutherland
Samantha Sutherland 3 months ago
Aree More
Aree More 3 months ago
If Claire and Delaney don't become a couple I'm gonna be so mad
Chris 3 months ago
Im not sure her fiance would appreciate that union lol.
mélanie 3 months ago
gaby's reaction to the warhead is extremely cute
Ella Hardek
Ella Hardek 3 months ago
My jaw did that thing this entire episode
Brian Romero
Brian Romero 3 months ago
Andy is so cute
annieleida b
annieleida b 3 months ago
wait, delaney likes claire
annieleida b
annieleida b 3 months ago
hold on, delaney is kinda cute
Courtett Greene
Courtett Greene 3 months ago
2:51 Andy is sooooo adorable 😂😂😂😍😍
Kate Terpstra
Kate Terpstra 3 months ago
Lol Carla looks as excited as Cosmo would be for this.
Omar Alejandro
Omar Alejandro 3 months ago
I like the taste of pepto.
Madeline Rotterman
Madeline Rotterman 3 months ago
So we know that all the warheads are put out for people to eat, but who is going to eat all those warheads!!! I guess just Andy and Priya?
runnbunnyrunn 3 months ago
Do you think we can have the ba test kitchen peeps try the world's most sour candy? Cause I honestly just wanna see Cosmo Music's reaction haha
Adeline Smith
Adeline Smith 3 months ago
claire needs to do goldfish
Anneisa Andrews
Anneisa Andrews 3 months ago
I thought i was the only one to spit out the warhead when it gets sweet🤣
Cullen Rooney
Cullen Rooney 3 months ago
“do i want to try them?” “No”
YYC SKATER 3 months ago
My dad gave one to his mom and she had to go the hospital because it was so sour
Bram Lopez-zucker
Bram Lopez-zucker 3 months ago
Its bad but I keep eating it lol
brianne T
brianne T 3 months ago
Delaney looks like Joe Rogan
Jadin Cruickshank
Jadin Cruickshank 3 months ago
I'm totally trying this with way more citric acid in the hard candy
Hallie Lucille
Hallie Lucille 3 months ago
Do warheads not have the gooey sour center anymore??
Toffee Badger
Toffee Badger 3 months ago
Andy's smile when he gets to taste the final product... Like that's pure joy
Diana Carrillo
Diana Carrillo 3 months ago
I love Cosmo sooooo much ❤️🥺
Yum 3 months ago
I also love malic acid.
Madeline Griffin
Madeline Griffin 3 months ago
I used to love warheads!!! My friends would get that or flamin’ hot Cheetos and see who could survive both of them the best. I was always the winner
MAIAH TINTA 3 months ago
U know what you should do- U should label all of your vids with what episode your on so you ca watch it in order :P
No 3 months ago
When i was a kid i ate so many warheads my taste buds all completely burned off and i did it MORE THAN ONCE so im with the kid on this one
Mae Lim
Mae Lim 3 months ago
So how many times do you hear airhead instead of warhead??
Jason Vera
Jason Vera 3 months ago
Pepdo bismol is literally tastes sooooo good.
Vincent Pizzo
Vincent Pizzo 3 months ago
"It's not that hard. It's just hard candy."
Weird Guy
Weird Guy 3 months ago
Claire is like a 5 foot Willy wonka
chrisb1511 3 months ago
Stream Sour Candy by Lady Gaga and Blackpink
Aimee 3 months ago
i love how claire is either delighted to see delany or wants to rip his head off. there is no in between
George Trapp
George Trapp 3 months ago
Where’s the spray! Where’s the spray!
mohamed elsheikh
mohamed elsheikh 3 months ago
In the words of some nightblogging tumblr: "Feed me the pain salt"
Heroic Heropon
Heroic Heropon 3 months ago
"I think this will be easy" Famous last words Claire
saikogrrl 3 months ago
Also I used to do the exact same thing she does, run it under water to get rid of some of the sour XD
saikogrrl 3 months ago
Weren't there also hot/spicy warheads? I feel like Claire could do a lot more interesting things with hot warheads
No other Like my own skin
Could you make? Gourmet Hippeas Organic Chickpea Puffs + Vegan White Cheddar When you're able to.
BGameme2 3 months ago
That’s not very social distancing of you.
Hege Valle
Hege Valle 3 months ago
I hate sour candy, i am Gabby ×10, my mouth hurt just seeing this, what is Cosmo made out of?
Ale Amézquita
Ale Amézquita 3 months ago
omg i jut realized but cosom has a LOT of his mom's mannerisms it's so cool to watch and imagine it's mini boy carla
Zoe Brown
Zoe Brown 4 months ago
Just seeing people eat them make my mouth water
Superman112 4 months ago
What do they do with all the left over bags of warheads
Cara Pomerantz
Cara Pomerantz 4 months ago
I really can't decide if Cosmo or Delaney is cuter
sabreena moose
sabreena moose 4 months ago
okay amazing after the 5th watch but all i can think is WHERES THE LINK TO THE RED SWEAT SUIT
ipkb 4 months ago
Please have Cosmo in every candy gourmet episodes in the future.
RachRev 4 months ago
Easiest way to eat warheads: coat it with saliva, hold it between you teeth until the sour dissolved, enjoy the sweet candy
Christofer Colon
Christofer Colon 4 months ago
I just found this videoooooooooo!!!!!!!! Do you sell these??? I want some!!!!!!!!
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