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Takis are rolled up tortilla chips of surprising intensity. After making gourmet Doritos, Claire was pretty confident she could make gourmet Takis in just one day, but the length of this video might say otherwise. Anyway, join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Takis.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Takis | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 100
ouykcuf Day ago
I just ate a burnt taki
Jean Luo
Jean Luo 2 days ago
wow i want all those right now
Cloudsmarsxs !
Cloudsmarsxs ! 3 days ago
POV is 1:00 am in the moring and your hungry watching this
Eleanor Rose
Eleanor Rose 3 days ago
My mouth is watering
Yoaatta lolartbdg
I love takis they are awesome I get some for free because my uncle works for takis delivery to stores I got the purple one and fell in love with takis
og x clan is nice
7gfgf bnb h1d1r1r1rr1r1r1r141r1r1414r1r1441r1vfgd4rgr5tgcghtdhfyhcyr UK beejd eff gbt e huh 87
JACK HARP 5 days ago
Yo I’m the intro...was that a blue Taki?
Solid Spank
Solid Spank 5 days ago
Orange bag of Takis is the best they have cheddar cheese and hot it’s like spicy cheese it’s very good
Alex Erazo
Alex Erazo 5 days ago
The blue ones
Charbel Tube
Charbel Tube 6 days ago
Me eating a full bag 👁 👄 👁
Shayla Marie
Shayla Marie 7 days ago
Forever going to miss slightly overwhelmed and angry Claire 💛💔
DJ Mc Lantern 181
This video stinks.The videos on my channel are way better. Hit the subscribe button bro😀
xl Arealsicle
xl Arealsicle 7 days ago
I want takis now 😞
Ls TVlil_amant25
Ls TVlil_amant25 8 days ago
Im surprise for not even gettin fired for wasting all those ingredients
Affy 8 days ago
Caleb Sandoval
Caleb Sandoval 9 days ago
RIP bon appetit
Santiago Oliva
Santiago Oliva 9 days ago
What Mexican chips do
Increase_jdog 10 days ago
Who else wookill for all does takis
Katie Ann
Katie Ann 10 days ago
My mouth was watering watching this hehe
Derek McKenzie
Derek McKenzie 10 days ago
Something tells me that the commercially produced product is much less complicated IRL...
holypicklesmofo 11 days ago
tortilla blunt
Anime Girl
Anime Girl 12 days ago
To see Claire make tortillas and using a spatula to flip them hurts my Hispanic soul
maci saylors
maci saylors 13 days ago
Me sitting her saying "I want a takis"
The Granny Takis Show
I love Takis ... and I'm inspired by your videos!!! Please give me a shout out to promote my channel and post more videos. Thank you so much!
nik marshall
nik marshall 13 days ago
They can’t even eat five of these and I ate 2 bags in 2 days. I’m a takis addict lol.
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 14 days ago
My mouth watered after seeing all those bags of takis🤤🤤
Yanaiza Toledo
Yanaiza Toledo 16 days ago
I love how she says “hello I’m Claire I’m in the BA test kitchen and today etc etc” with a perfect smile every time!
Giavanni Milo
Giavanni Milo 17 days ago
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill 17 days ago
ther spicy but amazing
Amy Lee
Amy Lee 17 days ago
Billie eilish be like:👁️👄👁️
Sky The Gamer
Sky The Gamer 18 days ago
your gonna get sick if you eat to many of those me eating 2 backs of Takis nd dynamite Doritos everyday no matter I always get stomach aches
Isabelle G.
Isabelle G. 18 days ago
have you guys dipped your takis in lime juice? soooo good
Noelyeet 18 days ago
Who else looking at takis made their mouth watery?
Dale Baird
Dale Baird 19 days ago
John on a Lawn
John on a Lawn 19 days ago
**Rich, white taki girls that sit next to me in history class has entered the chat**
Toriann Rickard
Toriann Rickard 20 days ago
You should make homemade turbo flama chips
Love Nature
Love Nature 20 days ago
I clicked this because I have takis
Giulia _kitty and dog lover_
Is it bad that im 10 and i eat a whole party sized bag of Takis in a day?
Brianbytheway 20 days ago
Me looking at this vid thinking I understand everything
Xander GREMBKA 20 days ago
People in Australia: well now I want some
Livy_Melon 21 day ago
Them: a couple of these will Make you sick Me: eats a whole bag in 5 minutes without water
Strangerr Tings
Strangerr Tings 21 day ago
honestly the trader joes ones are way better than the name brand ones
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson 21 day ago
But why did you try the worst ones first 😭
SheepDog53 21 day ago
Guys.... I’m beginning to think that reading the ingredients isn’t Claire’s favorite part.
Rukya Alkaabi
Rukya Alkaabi 21 day ago
Raise your hand if you just watch this over and over again like a month apart and 2:38 A.M just wanted to have some takis In Your mouth right now ummmm🖐
FN_shrine_XCIE 21 day ago
Holycowar Lol
Holycowar Lol 22 days ago
Dam that’s what people eat these days I grow up with fruit gummys I miss those days 😪😓😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺
Conasia Wilson
Conasia Wilson 22 days ago
Takis are ALREADY gourmet
Nina Joe
Nina Joe 22 days ago
LAMAOAO the camera style looks like your filming a seen off the office🙀🙀🙀😛😾😛😾😁😡😆😾😏😾👁
The Person
The Person 22 days ago
6:34 "17 million views... that's a lot of views. Good for those kids." Claire having an existential crisis in her head
Zyrihanna Bryan
Zyrihanna Bryan 22 days ago
Yup 23 days ago
You make me smile🙃
Aaron Inman
Aaron Inman 23 days ago
Today on Tasty Clair has a stroke
Bliss Vii
Bliss Vii 23 days ago
"What's a tAHky?"
Andrew Fabela
Andrew Fabela 23 days ago
Takis are pretty much dynamites but more hot
Matthew Sanjuan
Matthew Sanjuan 23 days ago
Tbh they both look super different
chlatepdng 23 days ago
I’m at 17mins, I’m thinking freeze then fry like a taquito, then blast flavor powder in batches . In this order ,Spicy , sour, salty, sweet
isaiah nieves
isaiah nieves 24 days ago
who else was watching this while eating takis
Jek225 !
Jek225 ! 24 days ago
How have these people never had takis
Vivian l.
Vivian l. 24 days ago
If u never had takis as a kid u are un natural
S.C Sway
S.C Sway 24 days ago
Mexican dude
King Dragon gamer
King Dragon gamer 24 days ago
I kinda feel like they putting some like addicting drug into the takis cause they’re so addictive and good, or it could just be that the spicy and limely is just so much more than the others
Lao Liang
Lao Liang 24 days ago
Royalty Jmoneyy
Royalty Jmoneyy 24 days ago
Also dose anyone have the problem with some bags not having enough spicy on them
Royalty Jmoneyy
Royalty Jmoneyy 24 days ago
I’ve ate so much takis I turned into one
Jason 24 days ago
The reason they have the color they do is because they use the ingredients that are in ANTIFREEZE people
awannabeanything 25 days ago
Wait I’m not sure if they are part of buzzfeed. Somebody pls tell me
BlizzY Animation
BlizzY Animation 25 days ago
Welp time to go get some takis
A9689 A
A9689 A 25 days ago
I remember I bring chetos or takis some one comes to ma and then tells the whole school
Mckenna Arnold
Mckenna Arnold 25 days ago
My brother eating takis Me: 👁👄👁
Jeremiah Croke
Jeremiah Croke 25 days ago
Takis are my fav chip if all time
racso perez
racso perez 25 days ago
5:53 so much words
malachi 25 days ago
The fact that the dude in the start said “these can kill a human” makes me laugh since I eat a whole bag in one day
Deandre Warthen
Deandre Warthen 25 days ago
Who else had a waterfall in their mouth
jake Bosak
jake Bosak 25 days ago
Is anyone else here because they are also in a life episode where you crush at least one entire big bag of takis a DAY?! Bc me too, do we need to seek help, let’s discuss
Abril Manzo
Abril Manzo 25 days ago
Watching this makes me so hungry
La Daniels 0
La Daniels 0 26 days ago
Clair reminds me of myself so bad it’s actually scary
La Daniels 0
La Daniels 0 26 days ago
Can someone go get me some Takis cause now I want some
Aiden Lopez
Aiden Lopez 26 days ago
The idea that she doesn’t know how to make tortillas makes me cringe lol
Superyolo24 26 days ago
Us Hispanics : *Eat 20 bags a minute*
Schli_YT 26 days ago
Gourmet cheese balls! Do gourmet cheese balls !
lieutenant solace
lieutenant solace 26 days ago
Here we go with another ignorant person ruining a good type of junk food
Vxbes 26 days ago
White people be like
Rsp YT
Rsp YT 27 days ago
I’d still prefer regular Takis any day
avocado thanks
avocado thanks 27 days ago
The video: shows close ups of the takis Me who hasn't had a taki in months: 👁👄👁 (I swear I'm not white I just really like "spicy" food😂😂)
meh x
meh x 28 days ago
Its so easy to make them, corn meal fry it and put a little a oil for the powder to stick, but we don't know what are the spicies
RobloxJollyRancher 28 days ago
Me looking at there subscriber list: me seeing there subs are at 5.99M 🤣
Delsy Gomez Bartolon
hispanic people don't usually wait for the Masa to rest they do the tortilla's right away.
Juanita Moore
Juanita Moore 28 days ago
why was her making a drink for her boss so pure dude wtf (-':
5,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos Challenge
Hi I hope everybody has a good day!
Aidan Johnson
Aidan Johnson 29 days ago
I can’t be the only one eating Takis while watching this.
ronda scard
ronda scard 29 days ago
Ew tf
SISter SQaudEEE 29 days ago
Am I the only dumb person that I thought it said government makes takis
Arlizyo 29 days ago
People who eat takis there hole life watching this.. u barley know what takis areee 🤦🏻‍♂️😋
Mathew Manley
Mathew Manley Month ago
If you are usually eating healthy, those Taki things destroy your gut.
Lofi _Michale
Lofi _Michale Month ago
Why????? My Dad has always said this, If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Takis are a already perfect creation, just please don't make a better version, its good enough. Thank you tho for making one but takis are already good.
Krys TMI
Krys TMI Month ago
I could eat 4 big bags and not break a sweat lolZ
Melody Vang
Melody Vang Month ago
My elementary school is packed with takis like last year-
Salty Sunflower
Salty Sunflower Month ago
For me,takis have always been gourmet
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