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Takis are rolled up tortilla chips of surprising intensity. After making gourmet Doritos, Claire was pretty confident she could make gourmet Takis in just one day, but the length of this video might say otherwise. Anyway, join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Takis.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Takis | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Nov 5, 2019




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Comments 12 273
Langi Vu
Langi Vu 29 minutes ago
Why has Gaby or Rick not shown the White folk how to pronounce the Hispanic foods? Don’t pronounce the “H” in “Harina”, lol. Also, every time Claire tries a gourmet version of something so many people have no idea what it is, lol. As a kid how did most of these people not even try one thing?
lil mixx 21
lil mixx 21 5 hours ago
12:00 just roll the dough first then code it with seasoning
Angie Garcia Renteria
Blake Mcmahon
Blake Mcmahon 7 hours ago
I eat like 2 bags a day
jejdjdkdjrjje skskeiriiciswk
we just gonna ignore how sweet she is and made drinks for her friends
Burū Kiti
Burū Kiti 8 hours ago
I loveeeeee takis😍😂
Vanessa 9 hours ago
Claire is such a perfect virgo
Annelise Marier
Annelise Marier 13 hours ago
My cousin’s classmate is one of the people that made the song hot Cheetos and takis
Orizuruuu 14 hours ago
Any chance an air fryer would produce similar/better results?
Nick Kaliss
Nick Kaliss 14 hours ago
Please do funyuns
The Chicken Industries
tf you mean “these kill people” i eat whole bags of them lmfao
Jess JustJess
Jess JustJess 19 hours ago
This whole video I was drooling..
*Mystic_Wolfy *
*Mystic_Wolfy * 19 hours ago
Just sent my bro to get me Takis while watching this😂
Christine Le
Christine Le Day ago
but if you took a trip to arizona everybody eats takis and hot cheetohs
Buzz Kill
Buzz Kill Day ago
Get to the point quicker
Armenta Smith
You should try them with sour cream
Jordan Guzman
Masa de arena means corn flour.... just say corn flour
Sean Allwang
Sean Allwang Day ago
Lol, South West snack yoooo.
Kelly Dolan
Kelly Dolan Day ago
I absolutely love the chemistry everyone in this company. Claire making Gabby and Sohla a vermouth and Gabby being a loving ray of sunshine gives me life.
Zachary Gliwa
Yo i grew up eating Tastykakes all the time. I know it’s a bit of a regional treat, but I’m pretty sure they are distributed all up and down the east coast at this point. I want to Claire attempt to make her version of a Butterscotch Krimpet.
FBI 2 days ago
These white people are so surprised at Takis while I be over here eating 2 bags a day
sophia pham
sophia pham 2 days ago
why is my mouth watering as the were eating it in the beginning-
Regina Arvizu
Regina Arvizu 2 days ago
Regina Arvizu
Regina Arvizu 2 days ago
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh 2 days ago
I wish she would have tried annatto instead of beet powder
Luke Milot
Luke Milot 2 days ago
If you smoke them like cigarettes, then they do actually kill human beings
Tiger Lord
Tiger Lord 2 days ago
White people be like: 2:00
Chicken Little
Chicken Little 2 days ago
she looks so old
Gray Lee
Gray Lee 2 days ago
How do I like. Apply?
Ashley Angulo
Ashley Angulo 2 days ago
i am so confused as to why so many people here have never had takis. i was legitimately offended
Escher Babcock
Escher Babcock 2 days ago
Please make flat ones or like unfolded
Rob Kingsbury
Rob Kingsbury 2 days ago
That is why my taki order took so long
Trinibyte 2 days ago
Petition for Wholesome Gaby Vermouth Hour.
Jadie 2 days ago
the way the guy at the beginning pronounced takis is the same way my mom does 😂 im like "can i have some takis?" and shes like "you want tAAAkis?" smh
Tevin Jones
Tevin Jones 3 days ago
If only she knew how to roll a blunt lol
Howie Davis
Howie Davis 3 days ago
Why was she frying the spices 😱😱😱.
Emilio Gonzalez
Emilio Gonzalez 3 days ago
No one: Absolutely no one: Migos: 2:03
Lucas Marquez
Lucas Marquez 3 days ago
She's choosing the ones with barely any power....im on the edge
Shayla Sims
Shayla Sims 3 days ago
*screams in black* 👁👄👁
Darrick Sp40
Darrick Sp40 3 days ago
Everyone at my high school loves these, and I’m the only one who doesn’t like them. I’m fine with the spicyness but I’m not a fan of the taste.
Claritybeautè Company
Soooooo , she "unrolled" it in water and everything and couldn't see its grilled ... And kept .... On ... Frying them ...
Harry The Ripper
Harry The Ripper 3 days ago
Dammit. I'm craving guacamole takis now.
Alexis Alao
Alexis Alao 3 days ago
The test kitchen has characters you would see on a show like the office lmao
Smith Kids
Smith Kids 3 days ago
Make gourmet soda
Violeta Diaz
Violeta Diaz 3 days ago
The way she pronounced masa harina triggered me so much 😂
Violeta Diaz
Violeta Diaz 3 days ago
How is it that so many of them hadn’t eaten takis before? 😂
Layla Loves Kpop
Layla Loves Kpop 3 days ago
Omg I just wasted 33 minutes of my life watching this lady fail and fail and then succeed at making takis lol 😝
JaydenHOCKEY18 3 days ago
How hungry I am now: l v
Darkitz 3 days ago
wtf are takis and why do they look like watermelons in the close-up ?
Official Luckytale account
Nobody’s takis are better than the originals
Tripped_09 4 days ago
When white people discover takis
Ricky BlitZ
Ricky BlitZ 4 days ago
I see why she’s a tortilla chef and not a doctor or lawyer, her procrastination surpasses anyone I know to the point she forgets her job til the next week, Wat was she doing that made her forget she’s a chef? Also ur a chef working on a tortilla chip for three days straight, how do u not notice the black grill marks on every taki🤦‍♂️
GT TheGeneral
GT TheGeneral 4 days ago
This lady is pretty dumb.
O Farmer
O Farmer 4 days ago
Try adding the seasons to the dry masa
c. gwakamole
c. gwakamole 4 days ago
Props to you for using the korean brand of chilli powder
m _erxsa
m _erxsa 4 days ago
I bet my life that their fancy taki recipe didn't even get remotely close.
Maria Gonzales
Maria Gonzales 4 days ago
Claire and Rick need to make Conchas together. Please.
Eoin McIntyre
Eoin McIntyre 4 days ago
I'm eating takis while watching this
dalton marchand
dalton marchand 4 days ago
Maryn Medina
Maryn Medina 4 days ago
And then there’s me: Struggling to make eggo waffles
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