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Sno Balls. Baby boomers will remember this post-World War II junk food favorite. Claire Saffitz returns to the Test Kitchen to try her hand at making gourmet Sno Balls.

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sno Balls | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Nov 14, 2018

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Comments 10 904
Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 6 months ago
Claire. Is. Back. Not prerecorded.
Kimberly Elizabeth
Betsy Dong 5N Muldbjergskolen
And now i’m nr. 500!!!
Betsy Dong 5N Muldbjergskolen
I am comment nr. 499
incubusman421 3 months ago
will she marry me?
ice cream
ice cream 3 months ago
StaceWah 18 hours ago
Ha! Chris all genuinely angry that Brad likes dry cake 🤣
Keara Bartlett
Keara Bartlett 22 hours ago
I would love to watch you do a remake of every Hostess dessert snack!!
Marco Martinez
That "eee" at 11:34 *-* Just adorbs
What Ever
What Ever Day ago
Pastry Chef, Brad, and Chris Attempts To Make Gourmet Sno Balls
Alex Chopra
Alex Chopra 2 days ago
mixing the beet juice with malibu was a masterstroke
Max Ravenwood
Max Ravenwood 3 days ago
In all these videos we see how Brad is a outlier in his opinion on snack foods.
A J 3 days ago
All I remember is the movie Zombie Land
0MegaBeast 3 days ago
Why’d Claire leave in the first place?
Julie Baker
Julie Baker 4 days ago
Wouldn't it have been easier to dye the coconut first, THEN dehydrate it? You wouldn't have to worry about sediment in your dye clogging the air brush, or about the dye adding too much moisture.
Cazadoo nske
Cazadoo nske 5 days ago
Claire is so good to watch
Tyler Bellefleur
Tyler Bellefleur 5 days ago
Delwar Hossain
Delwar Hossain 6 days ago
Can she pls try to make Mochi Ice Cream
Parker Brooke
Parker Brooke 6 days ago
When she first said beets I thought she said beans. I couldn't figure out how she was going to use beans for the color. Lol.
Alexis Mitchell
Alexis Mitchell 6 days ago
I had no idea they came in so many colors! I’d never eat one, but WOW! Those things are sweetened chemicals...
Clayton Murrell
Clayton Murrell 6 days ago
Snowballs are do disgusting
Ali Trainor
Ali Trainor 7 days ago
I love when her and Brad work together!!!!! "I'm not mad I'm disappointed!" Bahahahha
Hostess Cupcakes Hostess Cupcakes Hostess Cupcakes Hostess Cupcakes
Alexandra Macaraig
The amount of focus Claire has at 11:37 tho
Kathy rabon
Kathy rabon 7 days ago
Bailey Lynne
Bailey Lynne 9 days ago
Sam Puckett used to call these Fat Cakes
jelt 24
jelt 24 9 days ago
Gourmet lollipops!?!!?!??!!!
christina lee
christina lee 9 days ago
make takis
Jennie Gomez
Jennie Gomez 10 days ago
Brad is the friend we all need
A J 10 days ago
How are these people making money? Even the cooks seem like they don’t know what they’re doing
Karissa W
Karissa W 10 days ago
"how do you set the PSI? Right here?" "What does that mean?" lolololol
Erryn Killiner
Erryn Killiner 10 days ago
Omg wow American and British snoballs look SO different! These sound incredible
Karl Pat
Karl Pat 10 days ago
I kinda ship Clarie with Brad
Kitty Pryde
Kitty Pryde 9 days ago
Karl Pat yeah, but he has a wife and children. I was so sad when I found out! I ship them so much too!
Nancy Jane
Nancy Jane 11 days ago
Who else has never heard of snoballs?
Jade Gacha
Jade Gacha 11 days ago
I had my captions on and it said “v8 test kitchen
Crucial Farms Urban and Fresh
Next episode please . I've now watched them all
Diamond more Diamonds
Potential change: Adding the coconut malibu rum, or some other form of coconut flavoring, to the marshmallow coating.
Musiclover3 12 days ago
I just wished she had filled them with marshmallow not buttercream personally
Meagan Tiller
Meagan Tiller 12 days ago
excuse me did you just throw shade at snoballs get on their level I’m kidding claire you’re great But don’t mess with my snoballs :)
Victoria 13 days ago
Coconut is not a nut. Coco (portuguese) is a fruit. In this case english messed up 😅
Heidi Kermit
Heidi Kermit 13 days ago
Wtf is a snowball bro
Jolie Ta
Jolie Ta 13 days ago
We all love claire!
Rwby Tetsuya
Rwby Tetsuya 14 days ago
Is Claire okay she always has that white strip of hair is it because of stress or does she paint it?
Max Spechter
Max Spechter 14 days ago
Lol'd so hard at those sigh montages of Claire
what am i doing with my life
does anyone eat sno balls?
hobo the true
hobo the true 14 days ago
Is that the thing Sam pucket liked
Gianna Gervais
Gianna Gervais 15 days ago
does anyone else remember fat cakes from iCarly? They used a pink snoball. The more u know
Heylola2 15 days ago
you read the ingredients for the wrong color
Mechomulk 15 days ago
Kiss you hand 5 times Post this on 3 videos Check under your pillow
Катя Брусковская
This is so much work
Why am i Like this
Why am i Like this 15 days ago
Whenever I eat sno balls, I peel off the coconut, Eat the cake, Then eat the coconut and marshmallow...
Elise Hoffman
Elise Hoffman 16 days ago
Ohhh make gourmet cresent rolls from the tin!
someone you might know
Whoa the snoballs I know loo exactly the same from the outside but they're just a hard meringue!
Nathan Viveiros
Nathan Viveiros 16 days ago
Brad knows what he’s talking about
Idk Oli
Idk Oli 16 days ago
Claire having ptsd flashbacks at 8:06 🤣
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075 17 days ago
Claire's snowballs look divine!
Sharon 92075
Sharon 92075 17 days ago
I used to love Hostess snowballs. If you get them when they are *really* fresh, they are not dry, they are perfect!
Angel Woodings
Angel Woodings 17 days ago
*W H E A T F L O W E R*
Andres Youngs
Andres Youngs 17 days ago
Make pop tarts
orewing 17 days ago
absolutely nobody: claire: let's put these in the dehydrator
Justus Attanasio
Justus Attanasio 17 days ago
"I don't feel terribly *beet-en* down"
Mr. Sister
Mr. Sister 20 days ago
Can I marry Brad? Please??
vygotsky17 20 days ago
My 4 year old daughter is so happy to see you back :-) I'm also relieved I don't have to tell her that you've gone to a kitchen up state.
Bret Schafer
Bret Schafer 21 day ago
I happen to like snoballs, but it really did make me kinda sad when she pulled off the marshmallow coating and it's pretty much a hostess cupcake flipped upside down without the chocolate topping.. it makes sense a for a business, but I feel kind of cheated
Cristal Ledbetter
Cristal Ledbetter 23 days ago
Brad and Clair needs to happen 🤩
Cristal Ledbetter
Cristal Ledbetter 23 days ago
Sarah May Woodruff that’s quite nice
Sarah May Woodruff
Sarah May Woodruff 23 days ago
Cristal Ledbetter Brad is married with kids.
José Vitor Terêncio
6:55 * taste coconut * Claire: taste super coconuty
Kayla Raymond
Kayla Raymond 24 days ago
my favs are claire, brad and chris
Sheri Hone
Sheri Hone 25 days ago
I really love this show, it's like a home for food nerds🙌
Lucas Weber
Lucas Weber 25 days ago
6:44 Claire makes cocaine
x._unique.alexis 27 days ago
Am I the only one that ships Claire and Brad?
The Floamgnome
The Floamgnome 27 days ago
Can you do fruit by the foot
Melanco 27 days ago
Molly is always so nice!
Allison 27 days ago
I love this series!!!
그녀 ASMR she
그녀 ASMR she 29 days ago
I'm korean fan~♥ your video amazing>__< l love you!
bigbaaadwulf bigbaaadwulf
Make dip n dots?
Heather Meredith
Heather Meredith 29 days ago
Come on Claire, make your own brown sugar with a TBS of molasses in a cup of sugar! Store buying stuff you can do so easily. If it doesn't mix in, microwave it in two 10-15 second increments mixing in between. Let it sit mixed together for a few days and BAM! Homemade brown sugar that tastes just as good if not better(more caramel flavor)
Alexia Bautista
Alexia Bautista 29 days ago
You should do Pop Rocks!
Erin Nells
Erin Nells Month ago
Make a moon pie
Justin Craigen
Justin Craigen Month ago
It's a little strange seeing a naked snoball.
Magdalie Mexile
Magdalie Mexile Month ago
Me: I don’t like sno balls Claire: I was thinking maybe using vodka Me: You have my attention.....
collarmole Month ago
Ricky Thompson
Ricky Thompson Month ago
Make zebra cakes please.
Bella Ahinampong
This reminds me of the Fat Cakes Sam use to eat from ICarly
Giovanna Cardamone
Okay but I can't be the only one who's in love with her hair right? The white streaks just makes it so so gorgeous *-* I wanna run my fingers through it
Selcouth Human
Selcouth Human Month ago
I really hope they use all the extra food. Like, stick that first batch of cupcakes in a ziploc bag to prevent oxygen from entering, and I would've absolutely loved them, so I can imagine Brad's kids would've too!
Kim Gossling
Kim Gossling Month ago
I realize these segments are Claire's so she is mic'ed but I hate that we can barely hear everyone else's great contributions (they don't have a mic). :( I'm constantly turning volume up, down, way up, down!
Waffle Ninja
Waffle Ninja Month ago
I love Claire and Brad
M Jiménez
M Jiménez Month ago
I ship Brad and Chris. I'm sorry, but it's Wattpad's fault that I think like this. 😂
M Jiménez
M Jiménez Month ago
krisanthemum H.
krisanthemum H. Month ago
A word of wisdom from your elders here; DONT SHIP REAL PEOPLE
imogenbegins Month ago
Chris Morocco is the consummate professional. I like him.
Olivia Green
Olivia Green Month ago
2:10 is me at all times
tou should do moonpies!!
Jessica Month ago
Fat cakes
hope dailey
hope dailey Month ago
2:27 look at Chris in the back
Mr. Spock
Mr. Spock Month ago
Not sure I've ever even heard of these
Isabel McClellan
I hate snobals not the taste the consistency- woody harolsen zombieland
Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre Month ago
Man the ingredients in snoballs are like a mad science experiment
Dramamine Month ago
These comments are gay asf
Su p
Su p Month ago
“im not mad just a lil dissapointed” “are u talking abt me?” “NO”
Emmanuella Chiemeka
I ship Claire and brad together
me ???
me ??? Month ago
Their disgusting 😝😝😝
Kathy Ola
Kathy Ola Month ago
Snoballs are not good anymore.
Lifetime Mechanic
I'd Marry Claire rn
Niamh McGarry
Niamh McGarry Month ago
If you wanted the filling to be less yellow add a TINY bit of purple dye and it will counteract the yellow
Krys Spellsong
Krys Spellsong Month ago
So Brad admits to not liking cake in one of these videos, but he is the opinion you go with for... Cake. >.> I feel like you missed something when he (Brad that doesn't like cake) said it was delicious and you said great, you'd go with that... Although, these are fun to watch.
Sude Büyükkurt
For the first time ever everything worked well for Claire, I am surprised
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