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Sno Balls. Baby boomers will remember this post-World War II junk food favorite. Claire Saffitz returns to the Test Kitchen to try her hand at making gourmet Sno Balls.

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Sno Balls | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Nov 14, 2018




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Comments 80
Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit Year ago
Claire. Is. Back. Not prerecorded.
Amy Hendrick
Amy Hendrick Month ago
Yay yay yay yay
Bon Appétit Claire should do gourmet funny bones
Vihan Jain
Vihan Jain 9 months ago
Jayme Ann Alaska
Jayme Ann
Jayme Ann 10 months ago
Where had she gone?
Kimberly M.
Kimberly M. Year ago
wren 5 hours ago
ah yes my favourite type of snoball: uncircumcised
alice !!
alice !! 12 hours ago
watching her peel the sno ball reminded me of that simpsons episode where sideshow bob peels his face off and idk it triggered something in me
Sagar Roy
Sagar Roy 2 days ago
“The last time I used this machine... the only time... was...” _STARTS HAVING SKITTLES FLASHBACKS_
Sagar Roy
Sagar Roy 2 days ago
I gotta stop watching these I’m just gonna fall in love with Claire
Eduardo Aguilar
Eduardo Aguilar 5 days ago
Oh man, Brad’s balding :(
hostess snacks were always so disappointing to me as a child
stan shion
stan shion 9 days ago
that intro LMAO
Ridhi Chandrasekar
Ridhi Chandrasekar 13 days ago
brad and claire is such an amazing duo
michelle _
michelle _ 13 days ago
the taste the rainbow at 8:08 !!shdHSHDHSHDS the way i cracked up
TheGraceCraig 13 days ago
As I’m watching this I really wish my fam liked coconut. I would so love to just be eating some coconut shreds in peanut butter right now.
Laura Mayne
Laura Mayne 14 days ago
this is just such a good episode for some of claire's iconic moments
luckycay 15 days ago
Tastykake! Tastykake! Tastykake! Tastykake! Tastykake! Tastykake!
Allie Redford
Allie Redford 16 days ago
Brad is like somehow an exact fusion of the best parts of Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer
O’WON오원 18 days ago
I need a video about Claire's earrings collection, seriously. such an amazing taste. and also yeas im watching this in 2020.
sara 18 days ago
the feeling i felt when when claire peeled the cake was very uncomfortable
Vinod Jacob
Vinod Jacob 18 days ago
Where did you get that coconut grater - as Indians we use that thing everyday...and would an awesome addition to our kitchen
K Webster
K Webster 20 days ago
Brad is a joy!! I dont want to disappoint him.
Nathan Drake
Nathan Drake 20 days ago
if you are wondering a nut is a fruit so coconuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts ... etc are all fruits
Jim Jimmy
Jim Jimmy 20 days ago
Skittles flashback hahah. That was awesome.
Summer Noybn
Summer Noybn 21 day ago
if you want swb whiter, beat it for a good while after its done
Michael Sear
Michael Sear 22 days ago
Current Gourmet Makes Palm Oil Score: **Palm Oil: 7** No Palm Oil: 2
Sara Jehar
Sara Jehar 22 days ago
Most importantly, we learn in this episode that Claire is left handed 7:31
Mahek Sheikh
Mahek Sheikh 23 days ago
Please do a gourmet Starbucks cheesecake video! Hopefully you will also have mental breakdowns doing it ❤️
screamingnspace 24 days ago
I was really hoping she’d add a bit of purple food coloring to make the cream white instead of yellow...but that’s just being picky. These look great!
lahcim666 25 days ago
Brad is soooo hansome!!
Rodrigo Montes de Oca
Oh, I get it
Juan Martín-Roldán
At this point in my life, quarantined, i've already seen all the "Gourmet makes" videos, and i can only say that... I love Claire. She's great, relatable in so many ways and such an inspiration. It's just that, yeah.
Anna DeVault
Anna DeVault 28 days ago
chris is CEO of the coconut tool
ECL28E 28 days ago
When I was a kid, we brought Sno-balls to school and used black construction-paper to make 'em look like "Jelly doughnuts"
Nina Valentino
Nina Valentino 29 days ago
I love these videos.
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee 29 days ago
Don Iguana
Don Iguana Month ago
Clare....will you have my children? You can read my ingredients anytime
Wulfscar Month ago
Apparently the coconut can be all three: a fruit, a nut, and a seed.
Jay Black
Jay Black Month ago
Sno Ball looking good but wow Claire looking even bettter!
Helene Morin
Helene Morin Month ago
Brad: "Is a Coconut a fruit?" Claire: "It's a nut." Brad: "...wat" I know coconuts are fruit, but this is still funny.
Uisce Preston
Uisce Preston Month ago
Just remember: Carmine literally means ground-up bug fluid. :)
Skylar Middleton
Star crunch
Maxi Month ago
We love Brad
mei redmond
mei redmond Month ago
4:22 : Flash back to Twinkie episode. First one foreshadows everything
bits Month ago
the pink snowball was my birthday cake when I turned 4. My mom owned a convenient store and I always saw the pink snowballs and wanted one. I finally had one on my birthday with a candle on it.
Allie York
Allie York Month ago
Omg I freaking LOVE snowballs
DaSpammer58 Month ago
For a moment I thought Chris was sitting on the trash can at 4:56
Julie Kavanagh
Julie Kavanagh Month ago
This was a very satisfying episode because of how unchallenging it is
Luke Thomas
Luke Thomas Month ago
Ok I've been watching a lot of BA content and I have to admit... Brad gets on my nerves.
Aiden No ideas
Aiden No ideas Month ago
Brad: you do this s*** for fun Claire: .... 👁👄👁 yea
Liz P
Liz P Month ago
A coconut can technically be categorised as a fruit, nut and a seed
Hazel C
Hazel C Month ago
Is it me or they used the same clip for the reeses cups
Seabreeze Rides
Seabreeze Rides Month ago
She is soo gorgeous.
MATEWA Month ago
idk y but the way she peels the marshmallow coating off makes me sooo uncomfortable like that isn't right lol but love u claire!!!
xxbluezz Month ago
You should do viva puffs!
im also the doctor
‘Sno Balls’? Sorry, I only know Fat Cakes
cocoqui Month ago
Every guy at BA is way taller than Claire, like... a whole head taller. Then there's Chris. Maybe that's why he's her favourite.
мιкa Month ago
i love you grangran claire
Groosenator 2 months ago
11:50 a rare “hatless Brad” moment
missdee212 2 months ago
I've never had a snoball, it never looked tasty but I wanna try it.
Alli Catt
Alli Catt 2 months ago
Mae Jee Desendario
Mae Jee Desendario 2 months ago
There is no Claire fromthebonappétittestkitchen meltdown in this video. And I feel like Claire fromthebonappétittestkitchen need more vacation or break. This whole self quarantine made me watch binged watch all Gourmet Makes.
ABC 123
ABC 123 2 months ago
Here’s the easiest one : candy buttons. But you have to do it without research and you have to improve it.
Thomas Costantino
Thomas Costantino 2 months ago
who else has been binge watching ba while in quarantine
Bethany Christensen
Bethany Christensen 2 months ago
I hate when you guys layer all the audio tracks of her reading the ingredients over one another so it just becomes a cacophony of ingredients it's so annoying. I just want to hear them and not noise and words flashing at me rapidly.
K D 2 months ago
Is it just me or should claire be the next voice of siri?!?!?!? .........I think its just me buuuuuuuuttt somethin to tthink about.
Rebecca Onken
Rebecca Onken 2 months ago
the skittles sequence is so iconic
Jade Leoncio
Jade Leoncio 2 months ago
we love a sharp objects stan ❤️😌
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez 2 months ago
Snowbalks are, a hostess cupcake turned upside down, filled with cream, and coated with 2 layers of marshmallow and coconut flakes on top.
Kaylee Leanne
Kaylee Leanne 2 months ago
Please recreate the cupcakes or ding dongs
Laura Jackson
Laura Jackson 2 months ago
Hands down the St Paddy’s Day snowballs are the best snowballs
Elias Amity
Elias Amity 2 months ago
claire reading the ingredients & her voice just constantly overlapping itself is what my head sounds like during a panic attack
Julia Hughes
Julia Hughes 2 months ago
imagine someone buying $150 merch
Rebecca Mann
Rebecca Mann 2 months ago
She deserved this swift victory, she really needed this 😭💕
sarikatimmi 2 months ago
those candy dot thinks on white belts of wax paper
Prue Gorospe
Prue Gorospe 2 months ago
I think toasting the coconut shaving in a pan can bring out the flavor.
Raeven Davis
Raeven Davis 2 months ago
1:28 brad sounds EXACTLY like mr. peanut butter
Grass 2 months ago
I cracked up the way they separated the coconut and look at the coconut grater overall. It's amazing how one's everyday life usage is so different as someone who use coconut everyday.
Sarah Catherine
Sarah Catherine 2 months ago
I love Brad
saurabh washimkar
saurabh washimkar 2 months ago
Clair and Brad chemistry: Siblings who would kill for each other. But Gourmet Makes is like an elder sibling concentrating on her project while snapping at her your her brother, ”Go away. Come back later”.
apieds 2 months ago
Now we know why Brads always wearing a hat lol
Jeira _Demon
Jeira _Demon 2 months ago
"nobody like dry cake" Me: :-;
Jonah Lindhé
Jonah Lindhé 2 months ago
This might be the happiest episode of gourmet makes.
Josh Parkinson
Josh Parkinson 2 months ago
Brad: You do this s*** for fun Claire: ...yeah...
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