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Nougat. Caramel. Peanuts. Chocolate. The building blocks of a Snickers bar. Each taken alone is simple enough (well maybe not the nougat), but together they become a different monster. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of a Snickers bar!
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Snickers | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Dec 21, 2018




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kevin Day ago
Sous vide to temper chocolate claire its allot easier maybe you wont hate it as much
Kaelan Larsen élève
There is not one episode where Claire isn’t sick
alyona shumilina
alyona shumilina 3 days ago
will Claire try to make Milky Way?
Alis092 3 days ago
Now I want snickers but the deep caramel claire version 😫
Melia Chee
Melia Chee 3 days ago
Not related but andy is so cute asdfghjkl
Jasmine Cooper
Jasmine Cooper 4 days ago
You should try to make a payday bar
Janani Siva
Janani Siva 5 days ago
I acc wanna make this. 😂
Reema Abdul
Reema Abdul 5 days ago
You should make a gourmet milky way or aero
No other Like my own skin
Tootsie Roll Gourmet
Ayla Thorp
Ayla Thorp 7 days ago
Kings Hawaiian rolls please
H. M.
H. M. 8 days ago
No other Like my own skin
When you're able to. Can you make videos regarding these? Goldfish Whatchamacallit
Isabella Sandoval
omg I was so scared for Claire when she forgot to grease the mold
Sari J
Sari J 9 days ago
The NerdBrain in me just climaxed at 8:25 after seeing that massive book. I need to have it in my life. RIP arteries.
William Vouk
William Vouk 11 days ago
I appreciate Chris Morocco’s deep, specific food reviews, but I think I prefer the detailed critiques of Gary Hall. “It’s good”
AJtheory 11 days ago
Snickers: Chocolate, Caramel, "Peanuts and *Peanut-Butter Nougat* ..."
i’m not creative enough for a real username
Yoooouuuuu aaaaarrrreee *thicker than a snicker*
gyptax 12 days ago
Daulah Iftitah
Daulah Iftitah 13 days ago
Man, that flu really did a number on Claire. After that "4 days (and a flu) later" cutscene, her voice sounds... exhausted Poor claire
Vicki clark
Vicki clark 13 days ago
I would go to Circus Ole
ً ً
ً ً 13 days ago
claire: “so when do you think i’m done with this?” brad: “yea.”
Dallas Erickson
Dallas Erickson 13 days ago
Are they 9 cm now almost a year later?
Kylie Lo
Kylie Lo 13 days ago
Can you do gourmet cake mix
Animazing 15 days ago
How do all these chefs stay so lean while eating so much good food throughout the day
NaomiElisabeth 15 days ago
... why the hell is she in the kitchen when sick.............?
Erik Elizarraras
Erik Elizarraras 15 days ago
i watch these videos mostly for claire XD shes so awesome
hallesdad 16 days ago
Am I the only one who let out an in voluntary “whoop!!” when they popped out of the molds??
David Mireles
David Mireles 17 days ago
Ok, Claire. Can I be your assistant? I'm not a food scientist or anything, but I'm just a resourceful nerd who loves food and think we would make a great team. Like, did you think of using powdered peanut butter? I bet your first test would have worked. Pulling the sugar wasn't a terrible idea, but the air needs to come from the whipped egg whites.
Lo Lee
Lo Lee 18 days ago
No drama??!! I gasped when the bars came out of the mold! Then internal tears of joy!
Armando Alcala
Armando Alcala 18 days ago
Claire turned me on when she said the words "fever dream"
spacefacecadet 18 days ago
Circus ole though (thought it was that for years honestly)
Luke jones
Luke jones 19 days ago
Claire has the most kissable cheeks. She's so adorable!
cool cat
cool cat 23 days ago
cool cat
cool cat 23 days ago
Ria Rayappan
Ria Rayappan 23 days ago
Dude Claire needs to open her own gourmet candy shop.
mal1k m0khtar1
mal1k m0khtar1 23 days ago
Rheema Mclorina
Rheema Mclorina 24 days ago
Claire + Brad = the perfect sibling duo!!
KittyIvie 24 days ago
i mean absolutely no hate when i say this, but who are the steps for? whose gonna actually make any of these?
Leilani Promen
Leilani Promen 24 days ago
What is the name of the book she uses for the recipes?
MrQuicky2407 25 days ago
Way too much chocolate
Amy Swain
Amy Swain 26 days ago
claire is one of those people who i can't tell how old she is
Rhys Churchill
Rhys Churchill 27 days ago
Claire is my celebrity crush and I cant even explain why
Yui Otawa
Yui Otawa 27 days ago
im watching this as if im going to make this one day
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 27 days ago
Chocolate tempering “how to” was rolled into just 1 step. Genius. 19:58
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 27 days ago
17:44 look at this puppy
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 27 days ago
Happy timeline here; 16:45
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 27 days ago
Christina is fast becoming a favorite of mine 2:33. I would like to see a funny side of her as she’s always business as usual which is fine.
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 27 days ago
I see Daddy Rapaport in the background 1:21
Hannah Penner
Hannah Penner 27 days ago
circus olay made me break down with laughter
OPGemini Month ago
Claire fine af
Gabby is honestly my favourite
serpentine1983 Month ago
Lol... At the "oh sh*t... Beep" xD
Katten Smulan
Katten Smulan Month ago
So we are not gonna talk about her hair? WHAT IS THAT
Sebastian Panzar
Claire: Took me three days to make a Snickers Todd Wilbur: Cloning a Snickers Bar - Blindfolded!
klvlj 23 days ago
Israel Mendoza
Israel Mendoza Month ago
hi Claire. i love your show. i just had a thought, can you do gourmet Choco Butternut from dunkin donuts?
Nassir Month ago
Claire cooking with the flu made me anxious.
Kerri J.
Kerri J. Month ago
This man said Circus O'lay. I can't breathe rn 😂😭💀
Kailynnnnn Month ago
I can’t even cook, but watching these make me feel like a chef.
Live4happiness Month ago
I'm actually a little annoyed that this company has thought about selling sample boxes of her home made creations or a variety pack or something
Lauren Rosenstock
Chris is just a normal version of Gordon Ramsey
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