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Nougat. Caramel. Peanuts. Chocolate. The building blocks of a Snickers bar. Each taken alone is simple enough (well maybe not the nougat), but together they become a different monster. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of a Snickers bar!
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Snickers | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Dec 21, 2018

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Comments 10 204
Nicholas 11 minutes ago
Circus Olay, brilliant
Sunshine Kennedy
Clare may just have bad allergies i take centarazene for my allergies if i didnt take it every day i would be sick all the time also when you first take it you get worse its over the counter zerteck (sorry for the horrible spelling)
0ct0pies 4 hours ago
Someone show this woman to the HowToCookThat channel, she did a giant snickers lol
C M 6 hours ago
Claire, I’m eating snickers and decided to come watch this video so that u could explain the flavours I’m tasting as you describe how a snickers taste
Jalil Otems
Jalil Otems 7 hours ago
Make chips ahoy
Jake Gray
Jake Gray 12 hours ago
Chris: let me give you ONE critique Claire: 🙄 Mature Claire
nasiba wasim
nasiba wasim 14 hours ago
Everytime Claire says PIVOT i remember Friends lol
EnteHS dUb
EnteHS dUb 15 hours ago
Poor Claire she shouldn’t cook when she’s sick 😭😭😭
Pranav Thakkar
Pranav Thakkar 17 hours ago
Did anyone notice the change in music speed when she was unwell?
madison reed
madison reed 22 hours ago
i remember when i finally tempered chocolate correctly for the first time and i cried happy tears
Hannah Stinson
awww i feel so bad, ive been dealing with some extreme flu symptoms for almost 24 hours, but seeing you pull through even though you felt like crap (me right now lmaooo), its so modivational
Roadfart Day ago
Did she just graduate from Chef school yesterday or what?
Fever Dream - Today LMAO
Frankie Day ago
circus Olay
Frankie Day ago
I just want to eat that peanut nougat on its own
Ellysen Enriquez
what if claire did a gourmet makes but she used all the ingredients that the real one has? i don't know.. just an idea.
Aqua Strm
Aqua Strm Day ago
Mike n Ike , tasty candy as well as interesting
Dana Al-Attar
Loved the video! Thank you 😊 Would appreciate if the recipe could be mentioned in the description box though 💗
Chinchilla Warrior
nougat. B E S T W O R D E V E R ! !
Bill Carter
Bill Carter 2 days ago
Claire is my 2nd favorite chef (behind Gordon Ramsay)! But she's WAAAAAY more pretty. lolololol
Siena Nguyen
Siena Nguyen 2 days ago
9:28 that beat in the background sounds like that tik tok meme
Star Dust
Star Dust 2 days ago
I just got an ad at 11:11 I was like girl u ain't got no vibes then she said vibeal plan I was lmao
Kay Med
Kay Med 2 days ago
It's 5:01am and I'm still watching all of these
unicornola1 2 days ago
7:43 is that you Brian May in the background?!
Lily Rehn
Lily Rehn 3 days ago
Why did I blow the fire out with her?
Brett Nelson
Brett Nelson 3 days ago
Recreate zebra cakes please
William Burgess
William Burgess 3 days ago
Clair: when am I done Yes
The Fun Life
The Fun Life 3 days ago
Just casually eating a snickers bar whilst watching this lol
Lynn Hamps
Lynn Hamps 4 days ago
USA Ingredients: Milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, chocolate, skim milk, lactose, milkfat, soy lecithin, artificial flavor), corn syrup, peanuts, sugar, palm oil, skim milk, lactose, salt, egg whites, spice, natural and artificial flavors, chili extract. UK ingredients: Milk chocolate (35%) with soft nougat (14%) and caramel centre (27%) with fresh roasted peanuts (24%). Free from artificial colours, flavours & preservatives. Suitable for vegetarians. ( Sugar, Peanuts, Glucose Syrup, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Sunflower Oil, Palm Fat, Lactose and Protein from Whey (from Milk), Whey Powder (from Milk), Milk Fat, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Salt, Coconut Oil, Egg White Powder, Natural Vanilla Extract, Milk Protein, Milk Chocolate contains Milk Solids 14% minimum, Milk Chocolate contains Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter) Yet another choc bar with different ingredients...curious as to why, wish they would test both to see if they taste different.
disastrous brooklynite
"when do you think i'm done with this?" "yeAh."
Arianna Barragan
Arianna Barragan 4 days ago
Can u makeeeee three musketeers ????!!!
The Adventure Ohana
is it just me or is this lady always making the stupidest mistakes
saiyan asian
saiyan asian 4 days ago
claire is bad ngl
Campbell McAusland
claire how old are you idk somewhere between 26 and 62
Anaanya Poddar
Anaanya Poddar 4 days ago
Gourmet pop rocks
irenefelton1 5 days ago
Omg. You know you're late at work when second layers of your hair are coming out of your ponytail
irenefelton1 5 days ago
“This episode is so boring” CHRIS WALKS OVER 💕🥰💕
irenefelton1 5 days ago
“The chocolate I’m gonna worry about tomorrow “ as they zoom in on Chris
28set215 5 days ago
marry me Claire..
emily renee fok
emily renee fok 5 days ago
claire making nougats made me crave nougats. and then i bought nougats and ate said nougats.
musimomo 5 days ago
"When do you think I'm done?" "Yeah"
Commando303X 6 days ago
Four days after developing the flu is too soon to go back to work - especially working in a kitchen: you need to be away for ~a solid week.
ACE 7TM 6 days ago
Poor camera man, he don’t never get a taste
meganjerai 7 days ago
These folks wanting desserts and candy less sweet are wierd.
eeva marie
eeva marie 7 days ago
Can you please do a drink like dr.pepper
karenamanda1958 7 days ago
Boss man wearing that suit so everyone knows he’s the boss. 😂😂
Ana Natalia Dosal
A Pastry Chef that can’t temper chocolate?... not gonna lie it’s a bit sad
Sofia Astrakhan
Sofia Astrakhan 6 days ago
Ana Natalia Dosal she’s a pastry chef, not a chocolatier... there’s a huge difference
Mia Adams
Mia Adams 7 days ago
Pleeeaaaasse do lofthouse sugar cookies
Yanky Doodle Paddy
Her voice change when she realizes her bf's penis isn't even 4 inches long.
Yanky Doodle Paddy
Her voice change when she realizes her bf's penis isn't even 4 inches long.
Yanky Doodle Paddy
The sound of her voice when she realizes her bf's penis isn't even 4inches long.
Kayla Reyes
Kayla Reyes 8 days ago
Make Cheetos!
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt 8 days ago
She was stretching it like Laffy Taffy and I swear to God I heard someone hum the “dun nuh nuh” from Laffy Taffy...
If We Won
If We Won 8 days ago
*Y E A H*
Katie •
Katie • 8 days ago
Rise crispies cereal from scratch would be interesting. Or those chocolate “turtles” YUM!
Fernando Gonzalez
We need gourmet weed snickers bar
Morgana Le Fay
Morgana Le Fay 9 days ago
I LOVE everyone in this test kitchen. Every single one of you! These videos are my happy place 😌 and I love anytime Christina comes into a video!!! I always adore her commentary on what you’re making. I never grow tired of these.
Marc Marc
Marc Marc 10 days ago
No one: Claire: looks everywhere when she eats
MrEscuchimi 10 days ago
The only thing that this show needs it's Bill Hader as narrator, so every time Claire says "I think it's going to be OK" Bill's voice says "It was NOT okay"
Ave Vee
Ave Vee 10 days ago
I like Gary
Naomi Alino
Naomi Alino 10 days ago
Did y’all know Vinnie isn’t the cameraman any more and I’m sad 😭😭😭
Jolie Ta
Jolie Ta 11 days ago
If you love snickers then make the like button blue
athen 11 days ago
12:27 Gabby thinks she made some noise, while Claire is thanking God that she is still there. This moment is priceless :)
Tubylubrx 2 days ago
Hailey Novak wow as someone with dyslexia I relate to your comment.
Hailey Novak
Hailey Novak 2 days ago
It took me 20 minutes to figure out what this meant all because it was missing one letter but gabby is adorable
VanillaVegan 11 days ago
I want her to do cookie dough bites…
Omar Mora
Omar Mora 11 days ago
I love gabby
Shaban 11 days ago
Why's her hair white?
You forgot "Get the flu" in your instructions
Cayleb Monroe
Cayleb Monroe 11 days ago
I feel like chlair is sick all the time
Peter Maleh
Peter Maleh 11 days ago
I LOVED this episode ❤️
Nor Adam
Nor Adam 12 days ago
Why is her personality so adorable
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 14 days ago
So how much of this stuff is thrown away and wasted?
stacia99 15 days ago
Every time something goes wrong they break out the sad "Incredible Hulk" TV show piano theme
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez 15 days ago
I want Claire, and Brad to adopt me.
Chili Powder
Chili Powder 15 days ago
17:43 Andy reminds me of a little kid with his movements and facial expressions.
Gilbert Rivera
Gilbert Rivera 15 days ago
If we ever find another 🌎, Claire can make us another moon in 3-4 days tops!!
Gabanatora 15 days ago
Ima start a circus and call Ole just for Brad.
Emily Rose De Rosa
Emily Rose De Rosa 15 days ago
Please try to recreate a Raffaello’s
Cobraaa 17 days ago
btec tasty
Keith 18 days ago
Gaby is so cuteeee omg fdljdfldkfjfdlk 17:14
Kurstin Greenlee
Kurstin Greenlee 18 days ago
You should make Cheetos
illwill1991 18 days ago
I think the nougat from the "fever dream" day was better
Millward for Pocatello
So any help on why my nougat came out brown and not white
Jb Bradford
Jb Bradford 19 days ago
Why no you guys buy so muck of the Sam items
vuway hmm
vuway hmm 19 days ago
Slowly scream at chocolate and let cool
Jimmy Mendoza
Jimmy Mendoza 20 days ago
She's always forgetting to grease the molds. It happened in the Fruit Gushers video.
Psiberzerker 20 days ago
I have this feeling that by the end of this, her hair will be white.
j v
j v 20 days ago
The dude with the protein shake is gorgeous
Jaila Morgan
Jaila Morgan 20 days ago
Gourmet goldfish crackers
5 Percent Juice
5 Percent Juice 20 days ago
Chris cameos are best cameos.
munchin 21 day ago
As a blacksmith hobbyist, I winced a little when she hit that knife with the torch hahaha
Ava 22 days ago
You should make TAKIS
Dezzy 22 days ago
Tbh I’d just eat the caramel and peanuts cause that looks good
Jaap van der Velde
Jaap van der Velde 22 days ago
I mean they're cooking and it's delicious, but let's face it - we're all here for the kitchen soap.
Corey Martinez
Corey Martinez 22 days ago
Does anyone else think that Brad likes Claire or is that just me?
Violet Huang
Violet Huang 23 days ago
Who's seen ann reasons giant version?
Kaelah Vickers
Kaelah Vickers 23 days ago
Nobody: Gabby: I lobe it (I love it) 😂😂😂 gabby is the cutest ever ❤️❤️❤️
Im Sergei
Im Sergei 23 days ago
A W E S O M E ! Keep it going please!
Deecy P
Deecy P 23 days ago
When she got sick she sounds like Billie eilish
cynthireyla 23 days ago
I love when she said this isnt a dramatic episode and then afterwards all hell happens.
Claudia Becerra
Claudia Becerra 24 days ago
Chris Morocco it´s just like Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith 23 days ago
Nah not really
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