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Pringles. They're the miraculously not greasy potato chips that come in a tube. They're also the original duck face. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Pringles! And lest we forget: once you pop the fun don't stop.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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22 янв 2019

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Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit 11 часов назад
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Santi Avalos
Santi Avalos 22 минуты назад
3:56 it's that mate?
Nathan 22 минуты назад
Always confused why they buy so much of the product they are trying to recreate just for the start of the video?
Draugyr 22 минуты назад
I've always never really liked pringles (I prefer lays stacks tbh) because they make them so thin and delicate it almost feels like eating nothing. I need some bulk.
Chalani Wije
Chalani Wije 22 минуты назад
Omg I was waiting for this!!!
Jennifer Campos
Jennifer Campos 22 минуты назад
I love this series!!!! This is good work and research. what will be next?
Zidal Skillz
Zidal Skillz 22 минуты назад
Who else pees on the side so noone hears? No me ok?
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez 23 минуты назад
Oh yeah yeah
Fay Smith
Fay Smith 23 минуты назад
I love how she destroys some of the appoiances haha!!
Oh Yea yea
Oh Yea yea 23 минуты назад
Lets take over bon appètit. Oh yeah yeah.
Slaughter House
Slaughter House 23 минуты назад
oh yeah yeah
Andrew Esquivel
Andrew Esquivel 23 минуты назад
So like is her hair purposely gray or that’s just how her gray hairs came in?
indiathepanda 23 минуты назад
I love this series dont ever stop it!
Melty Bunii
Melty Bunii 24 минуты назад
She said shrimp chips and now i wanna see her make shrimp chips! I love those so much
BioHazard 24 минуты назад
wooooow #1 on trending
Logan Jones
Logan Jones 24 минуты назад
im literally so glad Claire stayed
AffordBindEquipment 24 минуты назад
potato particleboard
Lu Lu
Lu Lu 24 минуты назад
Whoppers and junior mints/york
Hoego 24 минуты назад
#1 on trending queen 😍👏🏼👏🏼
xDoge 24 минуты назад
Oh yeah yeah
Ammy Geiger
Ammy Geiger 25 минут назад
Almost broke my damn hand clicking on this video.
N. Oviedo
N. Oviedo 25 минут назад
On the real after watching this I bought some pringles😂😂😂
El Skinny O O
El Skinny O O 25 минут назад
Oh yeah
wannaoneismyreligion 25 минут назад
am i the only one lookig for brad?
lenny zhao
lenny zhao 25 минут назад
Party Penguin
Party Penguin 25 минут назад
My life in a few seconds 1:43
John Ramirez
John Ramirez 26 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
stellarfeathers 26 минут назад
#1 on trending!! I came as soon as I saw.
AmericanChoirboy 26 минут назад
i wanna see tostitos scoops next XD
Crimson 26 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah where my brothers at???
Aleks Murillo
Aleks Murillo 26 минут назад
oh no no
King Bat
King Bat 26 минут назад
Chris' opinion is the only opinion that matters.
agirl may
agirl may 27 минут назад
16:58 literally me when she cut that silipat
Sundried Jt
Sundried Jt 27 минут назад
Was about to take notes but then I realized I'm lazy
eXPeriencetech 28 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
M FA 28 минут назад
I always love the editor of this series ❤️
Al Yash
Al Yash 28 минут назад
Omg those Pringle’s look amazing .... oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah
Easton Hansen
Easton Hansen 29 минут назад
#1 trending
Softlice _
Softlice _ 29 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
Raze 29 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
MasomoJ 30 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
Katelynn Norton
Katelynn Norton 30 минут назад
She should make s Hershey kisses
Riley Bellamy
Riley Bellamy 30 минут назад
Oh yeah yeah
Amber Lynn
Amber Lynn 30 минут назад
Gourmet Nutty Bars
100 Subscribers Without Any Videos
100 Subscribers Without Any Videos 31 минуту назад
I was eating Lays while watching this.
DefunctNinja 31 минуту назад
the interaction at 8:30 is too funny to me when claire asks if he wasn't busy and he just turns and furiously flips the food
ToonVoid 31 минуту назад
I’m in the litty committee oh yeah yeah
dylan sass
dylan sass 31 минуту назад
She is so beautiful love her hair if I lived in New York I'd propose lol
Hello Bye
Hello Bye 31 минуту назад
I loveeee how it’s made
C&B Crew
C&B Crew 31 минуту назад
I swear I wish I could cook in that test kitchen 😩😍
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