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Pringles. They're the miraculously not greasy potato chips that come in a tube. They're also the original duck face. Join Claire Saffitz as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Pringles! And lest we forget: once you pop the fun don't stop.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Pringles | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Jan 22, 2019

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Comments 13 748
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 3 hours ago
20:45 Oh Amiel! You are so funny and adorable I could hug you!
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 4 hours ago
Carla is so genuine with her inputs. Though I find her intimidating at times. I guess it’s because of her curly hair. LOL.
I Don't Know Elisa
I Don't Know Elisa 4 hours ago
I want to buy a Claire makes: Gourmet cooking book
guuba gaaba
guuba gaaba 14 hours ago
i bet a can of those clingles is really expensive !!!!!!
babayevsky 17 hours ago
Alberto R
Alberto R 20 hours ago
Myka T
Myka T Day ago
The montage of her popping open all the cans starting at 1:41 is the best ASMR I've ever heard
sarah braswell
It was light outside when she started.
sarah braswell
I always thought they had potato starch in them. Like those fake mashed potatoes.
funke101 Day ago
Kinda have a crush on Claire
Dang Day ago
18:37 wow and i thought claire was short 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Russ Walker
Russ Walker 2 days ago
Can we talk about the eye-work that goes on at 0:18. “...today we are making gourmet *pewpew* Pringle’s *brow choreography*” Gourmet attempts to make me fall in love, amirite?
Victor Frontino
Victor Frontino 2 days ago
You guys should make a quick cuts episode of Claire just destroying all the kitchen equipment
kunwar utkarsh
kunwar utkarsh 2 days ago
Claire the queen
Krusty Krusty
Krusty Krusty 2 days ago
Who else was eating sour cream and onion pringels while watching this
omni nocte
omni nocte 2 days ago
Kea Vassallo
Kea Vassallo 2 days ago
IS THAT A SPRAY CAN OF WATER how did i not know that was a thing that actually existed
Dimitri Miller
Dimitri Miller 3 days ago
I'm eating Pringles watching this.
Kiara 3 days ago
S/o to the editing staff for recreating that Kit Kat commercial song but with the opening and eating of Pringle’s @1:40
Ana Bella Official
Did you know the they are actually classified as a biscuit since they are thicker than regular chips?
AXW CITY 5 days ago
*P A R A B O L O I D*
L. Richards
L. Richards 6 days ago
WILLIAM KWAN 7 days ago
Why not use mashed potato flakes?
David McCoul
David McCoul 7 days ago
Wow, quick mafs on Chris with that paraboloid
David McCoul
David McCoul 7 days ago
I feel like learning Jazz kit after watching this series. Have no idea why...
dema hinson
dema hinson 7 days ago
There is fiberglass inside the Silpat!
lubna s
lubna s 8 days ago
That is one determined lady!
Joel Zerr
Joel Zerr 8 days ago
Every time I watch one of these I'm amazed by both Claire's boundless ingenuity and food knowledge!
Alisha Jackson
Alisha Jackson 8 days ago
She should make gourmet takis
Armastat 9 days ago
For us Non-Eqq-Heads, its called a saddle shape.
G MinK
G MinK 9 days ago
Looking up how it's made reminds me of Henry's Kitchen. Another great cooking series, by the way.
cheilsea bernier
cheilsea bernier 10 days ago
pringles are soooo good
Laura Wilberts
Laura Wilberts 10 days ago
Where is her sweater from??? I love it.
S Cv
S Cv 10 days ago
Let's hope Claire gets a raise soon
Pink Strawberry
Pink Strawberry 11 days ago
Claire sure does know how to ruin that kitchen supplies 😂😂😂
Carol Armstrong
Carol Armstrong 11 days ago
Yellow scarf fella-"You are completely crazy." Claire- "Ya, well, they make me." LOL!
VoxNerdula 11 days ago
Claire's getting grayer... AND LEO'S GETTING LARRARARAGER!!
Jojogape 11 days ago
everybody in this series is just so cool and charismatic tbh
musical garcia
musical garcia 11 days ago
I want pringles now
Scruffi 12 days ago
Claire Pringle is on the right.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent 12 days ago
Shouldn't Pringles be baked instead of fried?
DIO 12 days ago
I'm eating Pringles right now.
Phillip Carr
Phillip Carr 12 days ago
Nerd Rope!
Dave Chippy
Dave Chippy 12 days ago
Recipe and ingredients please... 😅
Joshua Stoczko
Joshua Stoczko 13 days ago
z = Ax^2 + By^2
D3h 13 days ago
Natalie 13 days ago
Claire should just keep a file folder of her previously destroyed silpats to pull from when she wants to cut one up.
James H
James H 13 days ago
I crave salt and pepper now.
MarshallValentino 13 days ago
Bruno Giambroni
Bruno Giambroni 13 days ago
I’d love an “It’s Alive!” style response in the video whenever they bring up Brad and he isn’t around
Bruno Giambroni
Bruno Giambroni 13 days ago
Pringles are so good
Toyota Prius
Toyota Prius 13 days ago
1:41 Is this a Pringles Comercial Kit Kat Edition? Lol
Simon opdebeeck
Simon opdebeeck 14 days ago
“im holding the thing, so its my show” “alright then, have fun making pringles” *walks away*
Walter Duckworth
Walter Duckworth 14 days ago
But is it gourmet? This looks like a replication of pringles. How did you improve and elevate it? Taste, texture, flavor notes, aroma, shape? You didn't make your own powders to coat them either. Just used store bought powders. Love your video's. But, I don't see how you elevated it. No incentive to make it myself, just go and buy it without all the work. You may have hit making a pringle dead on. But this challenge is a complete fail. Please try again.
Stephen Fleming
Stephen Fleming 15 days ago
Im just tuning into admire her hair, and honestly, Claire is the best with or without the silver!
Crystal Joyy
Crystal Joyy 15 days ago
no one noticed the keys characteristics of pringles...theres only salt on one side.
Dean O.
Dean O. 15 days ago
I wonder how much these corporate brands pay to have their products showcased like this on BA. Talk about a win win situation... Even if Clair's version doesn't turn out well... Which doesn't happen a lot. The commercial value of these productions are worth so much regardless of the outcome. Whoever thought of this and made the pitch to the executives is a freaking genius. Clair is my favorite chef because she is vulnerable and she puts her heart into every challenge... I just love the cut of her jib sail. As far as gourmet chef's go I like Clair even better than Graham Kerr The Galloping Gourmet. Kerr was my favorite television chef when I was a kid. Take care. sincerely, Dean O. :-I
Myerr 15 days ago
chris makes a good kitchen dad
5280z007 15 days ago
U should make gourmet chex mix!
Rose 16 days ago
i love watching everyone come up to her and go "claire...!" in this very loving, very exasperated, very impressed tone
Andrei  Valentin
Andrei Valentin 17 days ago
pringles are 50% potatoes, give the chips the form...freeze them and the fry them
Jill 17 days ago
*P a r a b o l o i d*
Monique Nicole
Monique Nicole 17 days ago
Dio Vallery
Dio Vallery 17 days ago
you are completely crazy! and beautiful
TealAquaBlue 19 days ago
How about airfrying?
TealAquaBlue 19 days ago
Chris is like the Sheldon Cooper of Bon Appetit. 😂
Imam Syafi'i
Imam Syafi'i 20 days ago
no, claire, don't destroy another kitchen equipment
Ben Wang
Ben Wang 20 days ago
around 8 months have passed and I'm still thinking of hyperbolic paraboloids so thanks I guess
+Hugo^: 21 day ago
you're amazing
omit five
omit five 21 day ago
20:46 Michael Scott
+Hugo^: 21 day ago
I think it's fair to say I've become obsessed with Claire's culinary journey.
amapolavioleta 21 day ago
im curious about the mate that is next to the computer
Kaitlyn 22 days ago
1:44 that was almost like a Kitt Kat commercial. Lol now I’m sad you didn’t do that in the Kit Kat video
NyQohn Ambush
NyQohn Ambush 22 days ago
You should make york pepper mint patties
Gracie Garcia
Gracie Garcia 22 days ago
Air fryer!!!!
Hans Grueber
Hans Grueber 23 days ago
Hans Grueber
Hans Grueber 23 days ago
Pringles was originally going to be a tennis ball manufacturer.
Jonathan Grimaldi
Jonathan Grimaldi 23 days ago
I like to think every time Claire gets frustrated in one of these videos her grey streak gets slightly longer, but it is fashionably worn like a warrior's scars from many countless battles.
AntlersAreCool 24 days ago
I love how all these chefs have a similar reaction to the food - “it just dissolves” - and I’ve literally never had the thought cross mine when eating a Pringle before. But I’m going to be thinking about it now stop from now on.
troubled mexican
troubled mexican 26 days ago
she said "we stan these" and i felt that
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