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We bought the Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the beginning of the video at Penn Station. Normally, we'd advise you to never ingest anything that has at any point entered or left Penn Station (for your health and safety), but we always make an exception for Krispy Kreme. And this is solely because there is only one Krispy Kreme location in New York City. Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Krispy Kreme Doughnuts | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Nov 26, 2019




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Comments 8 849
Claire C
Claire C Hour ago
Claire and the whole BA fam is the only thing keeping me sane during quarantine
james gagne
james gagne 2 hours ago
don't know if this helps but krispy kreme runs their doughnuts threw a conveyor. so its length of time cooking is a set time and temperature... the oil is i think sunflower seed oil ... hope this helps
GraceTheCutest 3 hours ago
Why is no one talking about when Claire said to "give it a poke" and like half a dozen arms showed up.
No Name
No Name 7 hours ago
Can I just sit here with my brain and my recipe and think about it?
Michiko Manalang
Michiko Manalang 14 hours ago
makes gourmet doughnuts "I'm bad at high-five-ing with my right hand" BBY
Decomposite 17 hours ago
33:47 Andy: I just never thought that anything about me would be compared to a doughnut. Us: Now, now, Any, don't be saying that, we all know you get your doughnut glazed regularly! 😂😍
Dar Jackson
Dar Jackson 18 hours ago
She let them poke the dough without washing their hands 😢😢😢
CosmicGamer12 *
CosmicGamer12 * 19 hours ago
Camera crew: "Why do donuts have holes?" Andy: *turns with look of existential dread*
Charlie ahs2
Charlie ahs2 Day ago
Ok do you want to pick one that's more of a weapon? ....Brad
mintylight Day ago
What is wrong with Penn Station food?
PathOfPirate Day ago
"you deserve it" - so that was cursing or thankfully encouragement? ~40mins episode Me: I guess what it was also what it became.
Ciara Suyeto
Ciara Suyeto Day ago
Did anyone else’s local Krispy Kreme’s have a window in the store where you can watch the regular glazed ones being made? It’s weird to me that Claire had to find it online 🤣
JunPlaz Day ago
36:21 How to Make
James O'Sullivan
18:20 - I think by the end of today I’ll have it (Me: looks and sees half the video left) Me: oh honey
Christopher Fodor
Clair is awesome
Willy Tsung
Willy Tsung Day ago
Best ending ever. Wish we could have seen that chive g-string.
Luana Gasperotto
Luana Gasperotto 2 days ago
You should make timbits!! ❤️
Alex Pittman
Alex Pittman 2 days ago
@Claire! Thank you for keeping us going during the quarantine! Would there be any way you could teach us all how to make a Chick Fil A Sandwich???
Asha Williams
Asha Williams 3 days ago
Claire Saffitz and Alex Delaney are such an unexpected ship but a ship none the less.
Caleb Keith
Caleb Keith 3 days ago
Does anybody actually watch these to learn how to make them
BodbDearg 3 days ago
claire: "how many times did you try this?" sohla: *nodds* claire: *fears sets in* "a lot." sohla: "A LOT"
Samantha Delgado
Samantha Delgado 3 days ago
Did Sophla just DIP her doughnut in her WATER ??
Sara Surface
Sara Surface 4 days ago
Rhoda saying that this would be too easy... like in what world?!?!
eric king
eric king 4 days ago
Claire : Cream of Tartar
siri H
siri H 4 days ago
Why is no one talking about the butt-ernut squash
That one random demon
You are an absolute gem and we all appreciate you Claire
Bethany Bradford
Bethany Bradford 4 days ago
Wait I thought we were rolling out w greased parchment paper to protect the donuts.
Ricardo Isaac Ventura Meneses
sorry, I coudln´t ignore it but.......Andy thick.
Kasandra Annmarie
All the beautiful donuts 🍩😋 and now I really want donuts 🍩🍫
Jasmine Jk
Jasmine Jk 4 days ago
I really want to see Claire make Cambodian doughnuts
timothy ray faller
What's the brand of the mixer :) thanks
Danielle Venchiarutti
you should make a cereal! like fruit loops!
EverydayIsMonday 5 days ago
Claire's look way better
MR.SHY_DRAWS 1 5 days ago
A real challenge would be making Duck-Donuts donuts
Classy Mi
Classy Mi 6 days ago
I made these today and they were amazing! Thank you, Claire! I have decided to join the part of the internet that would die for you. That is all.
A Esc_
A Esc_ 6 days ago
I feel bad for the people who didn't get to lay their eyes on the glorious butt-ernut squash 🍑 at the very end of the video. Also, WHERE IS THAT FOOTAGE OF THE CHIVE G-STRING?!
Jeslyn Sama
Jeslyn Sama 6 days ago
the BUTT-ernut squash is easily the highlight of the whole video XD XD XD XD
nevinma malalasekara
who measures with a knife 9:19
Kasandra Annmarie
nevinma malalasekara chefs
Lause 6 days ago
So in the end the recipe is the one that everyone already knows and makes
Kasandra Annmarie
Lause I wouldn’t say everyone 😕
Michelle Marquez
Michelle Marquez 7 days ago
rhoda is my fav human ever
Brian Reid
Brian Reid 7 days ago
Why does my 600 grams of powdered sugar look massive compare to yours?
Nancy Bun
Nancy Bun 7 days ago
When everyone winced at the bad high five? Felt that
inspire734 7 days ago
Nutmeg. Other people have made a soft sticky dough, knead with oil on the counter and on hands, then let it rise, roll it out put on parchment paper. You cut around the paper easy to lift that way and they won't fall. drop them into the hot oil better. Let it rise a second time 30 min. First time about an hour. Eggs and the regular stuff. There are a couple of people in here on you tube that have done it this way I mention. I got to go out and get nutmeg. Your dough is too firm. It has to remain sticky, the reason for the oil. That will make it lighter.
Amelia_C 7 days ago
butt ernut squash
Mariya warsi
Mariya warsi 7 days ago
How do u get job here? ??
Kasandra Annmarie
Mariya warsi probably gotta know someone 😔
Adin Ndr
Adin Ndr 7 days ago
idk but i read somewhere that the reason donuts have holes was bcs the first person who discovered it made this round pastry thing for their kid, but the center was undercooked, hence it was cut so the bread has a hole ever since and it's now called donuts. dang i forgot where i got this information tho....
Sarah Ray
Sarah Ray 8 days ago
Why does the pot sweat at 16:54
Lollie Wink
Lollie Wink 8 days ago
Our Hint: It's a specialty "blend" of flour (exclusively made for KK), the process for "proofing" is steam and heat at the exact same time (special proofer designed exclusively for KK), the oil is sort of like grapeseed oil. The doughnuts DO NOT cool...they are immediately glazed under the icing curtain. That's all we can say because we do not want to get fired! ;-D
Dhara Patel
Dhara Patel 4 days ago
Lollie Wink if I DM you and promise to never go into the doughnut industry or post it will you tell me more lol
disclaimer 8 days ago
Krispy cream is so good when it's fresh when those glazed donuts are fresh its like biting into a really warm and soft cloud
David Daley
David Daley 8 days ago
who is that at 35:03 ???
Diego 8 days ago
hey i have a question, what to do with the scraps?? if i use the scraps, the donuts are soo different than the first ones. somebody knows how to use them??
Jailynne Glenn
Jailynne Glenn 8 days ago
Krispy kreme dip their plain glazed twice. That's why their so shiny😱✨🌟✨🌟
NaKa Ji
NaKa Ji 8 days ago
Funny how they mentioned apocalypse in the beginning and it's only 3ish months after that now there s a potentially world ending pandemic that's happening. . . Makes me even more grateful for Bon apettit content.
tdtone2 8 days ago
My anxiety went straight to a 10 when Claire had her hand in that mixing bowl!!
Kenneale Simpson-lewis
Can you make vanilla custard doughnuts
m. 9 days ago
whats up with the subtitles switching places every two lines? super annoying
jc penney
jc penney 9 days ago
"everyone give it a poke" CORONAVIRUS
Dar Jackson
Dar Jackson 18 hours ago
jc penney LITERALLY ME
mikesum32 9 days ago
Test Kitchen Apocalypse happened sooner than we thought it would.
Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica Gonzalez 10 days ago
Watches in March 2020 (everyone poking the dough): CORONAVIRUS!
Ligaya Gapud
Ligaya Gapud 10 days ago
Why do donuts have holes? Adam: 11:34
Chxrge 10 days ago
Krispy Kreme already gourmet 🤤
Surbhi Pagaria
Surbhi Pagaria 10 days ago
I laughed so much at the dough poking
Hannah Jenkins
Hannah Jenkins 10 days ago
I have celiac disease why am i watching this 😫
Silver Mullins
Silver Mullins 11 days ago
35:42 I think her doughnut looks better lol
Varina PANDT
Varina PANDT 11 days ago
Zombie apocalypse hmmmm......xo
Marce Lata
Marce Lata 11 days ago
Claire is MY QUEEN 👸!!!!!
Herman Larry
Herman Larry 11 days ago
Chemistry 🤷🏾‍♂️
Quade Villaruz
Quade Villaruz 11 days ago
Skip to 9:00 when she actually starts to bake.
Noor Hafed
Noor Hafed 11 days ago
I love Claire's eyes
Bubble Falcon
Bubble Falcon 12 days ago
2019: if theres an apocolypse 2020: ummm soooooo whats up
Nesquick Hopper
Nesquick Hopper 12 days ago
I really want a Krispy Kreme
Barry Shaw
Barry Shaw 12 days ago
I find you so attractive 😘
Lucas Johnson
Lucas Johnson 12 days ago
ill start a fight for a pink sprink donut.
AZ_CR pro
AZ_CR pro 12 days ago
Claire is so cool dude
Madison 12 days ago
When she said “if there was an apocalypse” lol who’s watching in 2020
Antoinette Gabriel
It was actually eerie hearing her say that and seeing that it was posted in November
Karisma Navid
Karisma Navid 4 days ago
Watching this during the quarantine!? lol
Izumi Sovero Rodríguez
Thought exactly the same....I was looking for this comment
Eliza Merren
Eliza Merren 13 days ago
please do chickfila nuggets next
kylie king
kylie king 13 days ago
I would die for you
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson 13 days ago
Can someone please tell me the "Sad Claire Theme" song that is always playing???I've been looking to find that song for so long
satanlovesyou 13 days ago
ahhh yes my favorite self defense weapon; brad.
Stevey TeeVee
Stevey TeeVee 13 days ago
I love those.
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