Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit

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If Chris is the undisputed Test Kitchen super-taster, then Gaby is easily the jelly bean super-taster. Seriously, how did she guess Dr. Pepper? Impossible! Anyway, join pastry chef (and can we call her The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon co-host?) Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans. This episode is 48 minutes long, so grab a stress ball and tuck in.
Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit

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Jan 23, 2020




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Comments 8 936
Holo Hoops
Holo Hoops 43 minutes ago
The pear jelly bean is the best hands downnnnn
Caitlin Anderson
Caitlin Anderson 4 hours ago
Honestly, the jelly bean coffee cup rig is the most innovative part of this episode and is probably responsible for Claire's still in-tact mental health at the end of the day. Claire has a truly beautiful mind.
Ramzi Aaron
Ramzi Aaron 5 hours ago
what happened to the egg flavor in french toast?
Pinksugarelephant 9 hours ago
I was hoping at the end they would be like "How to make jelly beans? --Don't."
NiNi Na
NiNi Na 13 hours ago
If your boyfriend compares you to God, you are already in a good league. 💖🥳
Nikki Nichols
Nikki Nichols 14 hours ago
Since when does Claire have an engagement ring?!
emaarte 18 hours ago
anytime I see wet bread I hear Gavin Free dry heaving in the back of my mind
pugzy229 19 hours ago
I dunno about gourmet, recreate is more of what Id say you do. Still they look good though. Wish I could try one lol
Alexei 20 hours ago
8:37 *cries in banana laffy taffy
Cyrinity Day ago
I really hope that they compost ngl. it would be terrifyingly wasteful if they didn't.
Shaw Guy
Shaw Guy Day ago
Jelly Belly is already gourmet this video is a waste.
Raven Cain
Raven Cain Day ago
Claire’s Boys™️ being supportive but also slightly afraid
Yakazoid Day ago
Umm there is good banana flavor laffytaphy
Arsenic Wolf
Arsenic Wolf Day ago
My biggest concern this entire episode is that Rick doesn't have nail polish on. . .
The Virgo ♍️ is strong with this one!
Jordy V.
Jordy V. 2 days ago
You look like you're related to Simone Gierts.
Abel Crucible
Abel Crucible 2 days ago
gabby is so pure it melts my heart
Gavin Brophy
Gavin Brophy 2 days ago
Claire’s look of annoyance and defeat when the jellybeans weren’t heavy enough to tumble actually killed me
soft puff
soft puff 2 days ago
toothpaste is the best flavor.
Misheard Typo
Misheard Typo 2 days ago
Delaney did what he was told and was given attitude, press F for our hurt brother 😔
The Cat Collector
You actually don’t talk about the steel balls every video
shirakikuu 3 days ago
43:09 Delaney: You know, you walk out the door. You see someone that you know, and they ask you how you are, and you just have to say that you're fine, when you're not really fine, but you just can't get into it because they would never understand.
Ririrururara didyaknowwhat
Just a suggestion, instead of gelatin, agar-agar can be used, if you let it dry out, it will become hard for an outer shell coating :)
Ririrururara didyaknowwhat
Kohakuto (Japanese Candies) are made like this.
Niramol 3 days ago
Rick is so orange 🍊
deee 327
deee 327 3 days ago
It made me so angry that she didnt use a thick needle on the syringe...letting the syringe heat up in a warm water bath would also have helped....
Flamingo With 100 subscribers
Okay but who tf doesn’t know what Jelly Belly’s are?
ShandiCandy 4 days ago
Rick, thank you for pulling Claire out of the dark place.
Monica Moon
Monica Moon 4 days ago
and it’s green for eating so much kale
sexytomato100 4 days ago
I think it's acceptable *sips beans*
John Gilmore
John Gilmore 4 days ago
Excuse me what?!?! Banana candy is by far the best flavored fruit candy.
PixelleHearts 4 days ago
*People asking Claire questions* Claire: Can you just... y'know, not?
David Lovell
David Lovell 4 days ago
vcvintage224 5 days ago
Karissa Jensen
Karissa Jensen 5 days ago
Clair hesitates when she said boyfriend, yet she has a ring on her finger. *which is it Clair?* because to me I think he is more than that! 😂❤️
Lolly Magic
Lolly Magic 5 days ago
First time watching after watching on Jimmy Fallon. This popped up as a suggestion and I love jelly belly’s so had to watch! I’m also aleftie and love spotting new lefties! (New for me!) 😁
Alec Stanley
Alec Stanley 5 days ago
32:26 me waking up everyday
24:18 had to rewatch alex is so proud to be annoying her
nicolediy 6 days ago
wait is it just me or i never knew that claire had a boyfriend???
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream 6 days ago
This has more dramatic tension, more intense character arcs and story, and more expert pacing than some professionally produced movies I’ve seen in the past year
Clotted Scream
Clotted Scream 6 days ago
Man I would have loved to see a cinnamon roll flavor with like a cream cheese spin to it
DEVUNK88 6 days ago
make a maple syrup or honey based jelly bean...corn syrup is awful
Gmb061105 6 days ago
I cant tell if shes a maternal figure, if I want to be her, or if I want to date her. All I know is that I would die for her.
aracely marquez
aracely marquez 7 days ago
Love Rick to the rescue.
Taylor P
Taylor P 7 days ago
That was so sweet of Rick. He helped her when she was down and was by her side to finish the product. That's amazing. We appreciate people like Rick.
winter 7 days ago
4:52 WOURDER?????
NayvieNoir 7 days ago
Me alone in my bedroom on my phone: I believe in you Claire, you’re doing a great job
bartimus09 8 days ago
34:47 What an emotion
UndreptTV 8 days ago
I felt like I just watched an episode of "The Office" 😂😂😂
100Hasake 8 days ago
I feel bad for Delaney lmao
Danny Santos
Danny Santos 9 days ago
Did anybody else’s mouth pucker up when she said sours?
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 9 days ago
@37:00 Did she say she has a boyfriend? So what is that ring all about?
Harry The Ripper
Harry The Ripper 2 days ago
You don't have to be married or engaged to wear rings?
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 3 days ago
@GY2 GY2 So why didn't she say fiance?
GY2 GY2 3 days ago
UglyLuigi214 ASMR
Love when Claire says "Ay Ay Ay" 😂😂😂 too cute!!! 😜😘😍😍😍 lol
jes wes
jes wes 9 days ago
Follow jellybean gen on youtube :)
Deborah Bronson
Deborah Bronson 9 days ago
Would you consider re creating Puck cream cheese spread?
ChadTheChampion 9 days ago
i saw the boom mike lnao
ChadTheChampion 9 days ago
omg don’t say popcorn water 😂
ChadTheChampion 9 days ago
stop saying toasted bread water 😂😂
sunne sunne
sunne sunne 9 days ago
I love banana flavoured candy ....maybe it's a British thing
ERIKA DOWDY 9 days ago
Too Long😳😢
Joie 168
Joie 168 10 days ago
claire suffering cus she doesnt live in california for the opportunity to get a jelly belly tour: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah me actually living in california having taken the tour twice: 🤭
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