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Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make a gourmet version of Hot Pockets!
Everybody remembers where they were on that day in 1983 when Hot Pockets first appeared. It was a giant leap into the future. A miracle some called it, for nobody could seem to say where the Hot Pockets came from. They just existed. Food, and therefore humanity, would never be the same again. The efficiency, the culinary explosion, a modern miracle that truly served as an evolutionary step for all of mankind. An entire meal in a pocket that you could hold in your hand. Joy in the streets was met by existential dread. Where could humanity go from here? Had we truly reached our civilizational zenith? Religions formed over night, some might even say cults. But then a second flavor appeared. And then a third. And now over fifty, each richer and more complex than the last. Since that day in 1983, humanity has been on the precipice of our next phase of being, but for one obstacle in the way. How are you supposed to eat a Hot Pocket without burning the hell out of the inside of your mouth? I mean, come on. It’s crazy hot, but it’s seriously impossible to wait just five minutes until it comes out of the microwave. No, I need it now. Give me that Hot Pocket.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Hot Pockets | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit




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Comments 80
Drew Mikel
Drew Mikel 9 hours ago
Delaney is the biggest contrarian
Ariel Caitlin
Ariel Caitlin 17 hours ago
i love claire her energies so pure
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 18 hours ago
The reason why the pastry split...because it's a pastry instead of a bread dough. Skip the butter square. The filling had too much cheese. When the temp gets to melting point the interior is a greasy bubbling scalding molten lava. Cut amount by half. Par bake, flash freeze, then finish with a second round of baking would allow the breading to hold up to the conditions. Maybe even try some unglazed oven tiles or a pre heated skillet as a cooking base. In the factory setting Hot Pockets are loaded on a conveyor and baked in an industrial sized tunnel oven. The breading sits on a metal belt that partial bakes the product before landing in the freezer. Therefore no splitting.
BodbDearg Day ago
Brad: is it leaking out? Claire: yyyeah...its leaking out Brad: *mastrubates slightly* Brad: its going to be a tough one Claire: Claire: Claire: Claire: Brad doesnt care
damian mermella
SOLA is so pretty
Timothy Ryan Wang
She could actually sell these and I would fckng buy them
Liam W
Liam W Day ago
should've just made a stromboli..
Fubang77 Day ago
Oh my god I'm having Flashbacks. I once spent 23 non stop hours in a hotpocket factory. Still not as bad as the perfume or hotdog factories... but it ranked up there...
Fubang77 Day ago
@Megan Bariel Because one will do anything for a paycheck fresh out of college... >_> Seriously tho: see those engraved sell by dates on your bottle of soda? I spent a year in factories across the US doing those marks for every product under the sun.
Megan Bariel
Megan Bariel Day ago
Im just wondering why you were in a hotpocket, perfume and hotdog factory for 23 hours
dd dd
dd dd 2 days ago
why cant Americans ever say oregano correctly
Julia Vitkin
Julia Vitkin 2 days ago
Not to be dramatic but I would die for Claire
Critter Cosner
Critter Cosner 2 days ago
She is so adorable it hurts.
Forever Queen Aquarius
I can’t believe she’s never had a hot pocket they’re amazing!
Chelsea Trujillo
Chelsea Trujillo 2 days ago
Nicole Kindelin
Nicole Kindelin 2 days ago
Can someone explain why you let dough rise only to punch the air out. Very confused
Robert Lee
Robert Lee 18 hours ago
Fermentation makes dough pillowy. Knocking out gases makes for a less sour taste.
xShrewsburyX 2 days ago
the meatball ones are the true OGs
Stephen Merkle
Stephen Merkle 2 days ago
I just got done making onion/garlic/chilli jam 😃😃🧄🌶🧅🍯
DEXTER M 2 days ago
Ham and Cheese is is so much better than Pepperoni mainly because the pepperoni crust gets hard most of the time
Lindsi Lorinser
Lindsi Lorinser 3 days ago
I agree with dalany I like the ham and cheese one way more
keenan from limbo
she should freeze them before they bake. the inside would cook slower than the outside to avoid bursting
Julia Lynn
Julia Lynn 4 days ago
I really just want someone to make a montage of Chris coming up and sticking his face in food to confirm that's what he was smelling
No Name
No Name 4 days ago
Microwave pork chops lmao!
Adam Dean
Adam Dean 4 days ago
Rick's nails are disturbing.
trafficsignal101 4 days ago
Why is everyone one here a assistant producer, or director, or some other BS title??
Nemo C
Nemo C 4 days ago
Claire looks so beautiful in this video
Elina 4 days ago
In an alternate universe, Alex Delaney and I have a beautiful life together and that is how I sleep at night
J-Mac Isgett
J-Mac Isgett 4 days ago
Ham and cheese feels more iconic to me too
Punny Gaming
Punny Gaming 4 days ago
Claire: ow Ow OW
no name
no name 4 days ago
I'm gunna try freezing the filling first
Lisa 5 days ago
Molly boob graced that guy
Samu 6 days ago
Claire: Chris! look!!! Chris: *SNIFFFF*
Mak Lauren
Mak Lauren 6 days ago
Ham and cheese is 100 percent the og flavor
Gost Boi
Gost Boi 6 days ago
we dying our hair still to make someone quirky and unique?
Sylvia Brown
Sylvia Brown 6 days ago
This is a calzone.
Unique King
Unique King 6 days ago
I'm crying because no one told her ham and cheese was the OG 😭. Am I the only one who loves that flavor still 😨😰
lesley cisneros
lesley cisneros 6 days ago
i love brad so much :)
lesley cisneros
lesley cisneros 6 days ago
i love delaney so much :)
Jamie Lam
Jamie Lam 6 days ago
I dropped my gourmet hot pocket
tweedledeng 6 days ago
B Great
B Great 6 days ago
She has better hands than Agalor
Pen M
Pen M 6 days ago
I ate these as a kid! Ham and cheese with ranch was my jam, also that’s how you knew when it was ready cuz it spilled out so pretty accurate every time
Jonathon M
Jonathon M 7 days ago
One box of hot pockets is $2. I would pay $10 for one of her first round.
Stargazer1682 7 days ago
I agree with the one guy, to me the ham and cheese Hotpockets are the "classic" Hotpocket; and was my first though when they were saying, "they're basically inside-out pizzas, right? That's the classic Hotpocket?" Ham and cheese all the way. Although, oddly enough, I tend to prefer the off-brand variety more; for some reason the brand name don't taste as good to me.
Ethan Dymkowski
Ethan Dymkowski 7 days ago
Senairio senahrio
umpugan 36degrees
ghad shes gorgeous ❤️
Selena Esquer
Selena Esquer 8 days ago
Should of made ham and cheese 💯
Xeno Morph
Xeno Morph 8 days ago
This video should have ended after the first batch. They looked so good and probably tasted like heaven
Michelle Marquez
Michelle Marquez 8 days ago
8:28 y’all peep rick?🤣
Hotstuff 666
Hotstuff 666 9 days ago
Those uncultured swine! Never tasted a hotpocket!?
favoritefella 9 days ago
Wowsers, Claire is gorgeous and insightful! Great jerb
Iwant Afreetrial
Iwant Afreetrial 9 days ago
That Adam guy sucks, such a waste of space
Crispy Water
Crispy Water 10 days ago
Would you consider hot pockets calzones?
Arlene Fernandez
Arlene Fernandez 10 days ago
Let’s take a moment to appreciate Ricks nails!
dawn lee
dawn lee 10 days ago
Not bad just a little too long To watch I just want to bake and eat
Chords 10 days ago
I could eat pockets for the rest of my life
ewan 10 days ago
keep the leaves julia
Iwo Gross
Iwo Gross 11 days ago
"How do we transition between these two shots?" Director: *Throws everything
Jonathan Melena
Jonathan Melena 11 days ago
I don't know if anyone reads the video descriptions on this series but they're hilarious.
The Deadly Tikka
The Deadly Tikka 11 days ago
What she made at the end of day one is something I make all the time. Soooooo good!
Audra Blake
Audra Blake 11 days ago
Delaney was serious about his ham and cheese 😂 he cut that so fast
Misha Hashmi
Misha Hashmi 11 days ago
39:33 recipe for the sauce
Ismael B
Ismael B 11 days ago
I want to eat that so bad
Lollie Wink
Lollie Wink 11 days ago
everyone in the kitchen looks both 40 and 20 at the same time
Telogor 11 days ago
She's going too hard for the flakiness, and she's not sealing the edge with a fork. That's what's making her hot pockets pop.
Acullieno 123
Acullieno 123 12 days ago
Do the Keebler cookies!
Macarena Nuñez
Macarena Nuñez 12 days ago
claire: feels very easy to gourmet *the video is 40 minutes long* me: oh claire
incognito 82
incognito 82 12 days ago
Does the ingredients say include personality? No, no it does not.
Little_Squidward 12 days ago
The "crisping sleeve" if the foil piece you put it into to make it crispy. .there is only 1 hot pocket
Jade Leoncio
Jade Leoncio 13 days ago
ham and cheese 1000%
Flight Therapy **BullisticFPV**
Claire is my favourite cook in this kitchen.. doesnt try to be a canadian like brad or a detached princess like Molly
kalico kat
kalico kat 13 days ago
This woman is a textbook emasculator
Luciel 13 days ago
I've never had a hot pocket
Mae Jee Desendario
Mae Jee Desendario 13 days ago
I can't wait to see Claire throws back all the things being thrown to her. she can just then say, reflects. 🤣
Mae Jee Desendario
Mae Jee Desendario 13 days ago
The most successful episode by far but with so many breakdowns. I love how breakdowns turn into victory. I would do anything just to try any of claire's gourmet. 😭
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea 13 days ago
Claire is such a good catcher, whenever someone throws something at her, she always catches it. 👍🏼
yackfou2412 14 days ago
Can you not make another word for dough (Teig in german). It sounds so stupid and you use it a lot... please use another word for dough. You can just use the german word for example
yackfou2412 14 days ago
What happens with his fingernails 🙈
DirtyBird760 14 days ago
the pepparoni pizza is actually one of the worst cuz the pepparonies are like halfs, they should diced
Shelbie_Jordannn 14 days ago
Ham and cheese is the best! You should’ve tried it!
Milo Szecket
Milo Szecket 14 days ago
gonna need a recipe for the first version
Dalena Tran
Dalena Tran 15 days ago
Delaney 😍
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