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Nacho cheese exists in two states: the melted cheese state and the powdered cheese state*. When it comes to the powdered cheese state, all pale in comparison to Nacho Cheese Doritos, continually perfected by science and consistently beloved by the masses since 1972. Join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to take Nacho Cheese Doritos to the next level and make them gourmet!

*The third state of nacho cheese, cheese sauce, is controversial in the nacho community and for our purposes we are disregarding it. For more reading, see the studies ‘Nachos in Nature’ (1983), ‘Dormant Doritos’ (1992), ‘The Quest for Queso’ (1999), ‘This Powdered Chip’ (2001) and ‘The Health Benefits of Nachos and the Search for Immortality’ (2007).

Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/

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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Doritos | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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May 22, 2019




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Comments 80
Daniel Flippo
Daniel Flippo 4 hours ago
I know I'm a year late to this video, but... oil replaces some of the water in the batter/dough to create a more consistent bubble and doritos are sprayed with an insanely atomized oil mist just before flavoring is applied....
gloss vm.
gloss vm. 6 hours ago
Chris' pen that's on his ear is a part of his body lol- I never see him without it
Kristi Yagwit
She kills these challenges! Doritos has a huge sheet oven to dry them on both sides almost immediately (Frito Lay is up the road). Kudos for winning!
kamehameha30 Day ago
I love eating nacho cheese Doritos with sour cream
Travis Takamori
27:50 ; ...and that’s why I LOVE GABY!!! lol
Fajar Setiawan
The 50 million dollars are not for just developing recipe but also to tweak the assembly line machines which are very very costly.
Devon Owens
Devon Owens 2 days ago
Claire, I love you and I'm literally in the process of watching ALL your videos cause they are so interesting! However Gabby dancing in the background of this video is EVERYTHING!!! lol love it!
viraltaco 2 days ago
the secret is: a lot of MSG.
H Byrd
H Byrd 3 days ago
Please make Zapps Voodoo Chips!!
Joey Rogers
Joey Rogers 3 days ago
We need to thank disney for Doritos
No other Like my own skin
Could you make? Gourmet Little Debbie Nutty Buddy Wafer Bars Can you make the layers not as harsh to bite inside? When you're able to.
Rob A
Rob A 4 days ago
i always assumed doritos were vitrified
2SLEEPY 4 days ago
31:08 his face
Avery Cloud
Avery Cloud 5 days ago
me: *sees a 46 minute gourmet makes video" me oh no she's going to go insane
london sullens
london sullens 6 days ago
gabby makes me feel amazing 🥰
Zyx Carstairs
Zyx Carstairs 6 days ago
Real question do American cheese doritos taste the same as the European ones?
Jamila DiCaprio
Jamila DiCaprio 9 days ago
7:20 wonder where she put that nail at 😷😂
R E 10 days ago
Happy Anniversary to this episode
snappy 10 days ago
When the red one was cheese flavour I was shocked. I'm used to the cheese flavour being orange, the red ones are chilli heatwave! Haha wild how the branding gets such a strong hold on your mind
etf42 11 days ago
42:44 bawdy 😋
Dani Rabinowitz
Dani Rabinowitz 13 days ago
Call me crazy, but what about making an oil based spray with the spice mix, and spray the chips right out of the fryer? I think that's probably the closest to what they likely do on the assembly line
Nora-Midori Jane
Nora-Midori Jane 13 days ago
i love molly finding $40 and immediately becoming oprah
Adam Ryan Your Creepy Neighborhood Spider-Man
Her Doritos look a lot better than the originals. Make me some please
SwiftBlade4 13 days ago
I've tried the Flaming Hot Lemon Doritos. Would not recommend to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Too cruel.
SkyreeXScalabar 13 days ago
it's just a tortilla chip with MSG
Taylor 13 days ago
Why do people love Doritos so much?
syd bryant
syd bryant 14 days ago
she went through the five stages of grief six times in this one video
Who Am I?
Who Am I? 14 days ago
The problem with patenting a process is that anyone can steal the process and it’s almost impossible to prove that it’s the exact same process. Patenting a process is like saying to all your competitors: Hey guys, here’s how to make our product. That’s why there are trade secrets.
littl dude
littl dude 15 days ago
claire: 3D doritos! me, colombian: thats a Tostaco my gal
C 15 days ago
27:48 Gaby dancing LOL. I'm a Gaby Superfan!!! Also a Claire Superfan... girl you are the best. I love you!
Sea of AG
Sea of AG 15 days ago
claire is the original creator of the egirl hair
Jam Alferez
Jam Alferez 15 days ago
I'm a Claire that needs my own Rhoda and Gaby and Chris.
Dani Kendall
Dani Kendall 16 days ago
Challenge, gourmet soft drinks
Jonathan Streech
Jonathan Streech 16 days ago
So, it looked like part of the difference between the coatings was the level that things were ground to. He spice mix looked like super fine powder by comparison to the Doritos. I'm kind of curious if that would have made a difference in the finished chips. Granted, some of the apparent difference may have been the lack of weird chemical preservatives which people become accustomed to tasting and are often done to increase appetite.
Leah 16 days ago
Wait watttt... the packet for the nacho cheese doritos in the UK and Ireland is orange !? and the red one is chilli heatwave flavour... so confused
Dick Hurtz
Dick Hurtz 16 days ago
She’s hot
Willy Wong
Willy Wong 16 days ago
The secret ingredient in Doritos is MSG which is acronym for Mmm So Good
Kimmi Byre
Kimmi Byre 17 days ago
I love Claire and Gabby's relationship so much!
Caleb Johnson
Caleb Johnson 17 days ago
Gabby jamming out in the background is the cutest thing ever
Collin McKinney
Collin McKinney 17 days ago
Why do I love every show on this channel?
interesting child
interesting child 18 days ago
MUI 2016
MUI 2016 18 days ago
Bruh they don’t have sweet chilli heat... the best flavour
croguy 18 days ago
24:27 "What if I nailed it?" 20 minutes left until the end of the video 😃
Robin Evergreen
Robin Evergreen 19 days ago
That eating is so louddd
ALEX 19 days ago
Can you guys make COKE....PLEASE!!!!!!
Andrea Eusebio
Andrea Eusebio 20 days ago
Im just wondering if Chris smells his food before eating. Like if you went to a really fancy restaurant and just lifts the plate and smells it 😂 Or imagine him in a mcdonalds sniffing his burger. Okay im done 😂😂😂
Joe Hayward
Joe Hayward 20 days ago
Omg why no cool ranch. seems so much easier. and my fav :((((
Marc Adriano
Marc Adriano 21 day ago
I have a feeling that secretly guarded ingredient is MSG.
Willy Wong
Willy Wong 16 days ago
It's on the ingredients list! Monosodium Glutamate. People forget that MSG is in a lot of things not just Chinese food
Christopher Vazquez
Bro it annoying that she bites the chip and doesn’t just eat the whole thing
Ayesh Thiranagama
Gabi is the best thing😍😍
Jeff Mazer
Jeff Mazer 22 days ago
Wonder if she ever watched the Food Network "Unwrapped" episode that talks about how DORITOS are made.
Hello World
Hello World 23 days ago
Haven't she heard of Walmart?
Wolfgirl 24
Wolfgirl 24 23 days ago
where do you cook???
Amanda B
Amanda B 23 days ago
Claire 23 days ago
She should try to do sun chips next!!
Grace Keller
Grace Keller 23 days ago
Gaby is the bright ray of sunshine that we don't deserve but that we were blessed with anyway
Angela Marie
Angela Marie 23 days ago
I love Gabby that was the most beautiful performance I have ever seen!!!🥰🥰
Claudia Olvera
Claudia Olvera 24 days ago
You should do Tostitos
Claudia Olvera
Claudia Olvera 24 days ago
You should do Tostitos
Joanne Hoong
Joanne Hoong 24 days ago
Everyone in the background but Claire is just by herSelf
bunny 24 days ago
Romano??? Excuuuuse me
Summer Rains
Summer Rains 24 days ago
next time roll the chip in olive oil first!!
Karol Santiago
Karol Santiago 24 days ago
Masa JArina xD
Kim AndGetMe
Kim AndGetMe 24 days ago
Rhoda is such a saver! Love her!
Francesca Cappai
Francesca Cappai 24 days ago
Claire, just know that EVERYONE without exception loves you
Ben Willock
Ben Willock 24 days ago
It still bothers me that US Nacho Cheese Doritos have a red bag instead of an orange bag.
hannah pinover
hannah pinover 25 days ago
does she know that the order of the ingredients on the label shows you the order of the amount used? that would have helped her figure out the ratios? but i kind of think she knows because she is a literal genius.
Mariah Ortiz
Mariah Ortiz 25 days ago
TIL Amiel and I are the same person when it comes to all things Taco Bell.
Stiflers Mom
Stiflers Mom 26 days ago
why are american doritos so weird, like there’s 3 main flavours: tangy cheese, chilli heatwave and cool original
EvilHag 26 days ago
people who always smell their food before eating it are psychopaths
Michael Sear
Michael Sear 27 days ago
Current Gourmet Makes Palm Oil Score: Palm Oil: 12 **No Palm Oil: 6**
Nuyorican Feliciano
You werent born in the 90s of you dont remember 3D doritos 20:00
Nuyorican Feliciano
Her lack of junk food knowlege gets on my nerves
Fredcat 28 days ago
In the thumbnail, the gorment dorito looks like a diet dorito.
ambur wanek
ambur wanek 28 days ago
Love gabi! She is the best, dancing in the background😂
Crasy Enigma
Crasy Enigma 28 days ago
In my mind adam is a real life big mouth cartoon
Jess Cuz
Jess Cuz 29 days ago
I didn't see the moiré on the first apron
paula hahn smith
paula hahn smith 29 days ago
it is an equilateral triangle
Pedro Lomeli
Pedro Lomeli 29 days ago
Masa de Harina which when she says it sounds like masarina literally means wheat flour, not corn flour whatsoever.
Matisse Kugler
Matisse Kugler Month ago
I feel like instead of the office this is the kitchen
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