Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Choco Tacos Part 2 | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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Well here we are again: Claire in the grips of yet another culinary challenge. Does she have what it takes to complete her gourmet version of Choco Tacos without the benefit of being in the Test Kitchen? The short answer is yes. The long answer is definitely yes, this is Claire Saffitz we're talking about.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Choco Tacos Part 2 | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

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May 28, 2020




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Comments 80
Lynn Ludlow
Lynn Ludlow 10 hours ago
Do sour punch straws next!!
Leila Flinn
Leila Flinn 11 hours ago
Gourmet Moon Pies!
Simple Crissy
Simple Crissy 2 days ago
Funchaser 2 days ago
you should try making frosted flakes
Nayan Walia
Nayan Walia 3 days ago
Please do Mrs. Fields cookies! The classic semi chocolate chip.
Sniperzduty 4 days ago
Claire should make Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Stephanie Garland
Claire ily but try 118 days in quarantine LOL
NStarks007 5 days ago
give claire a redo! part 3 baby!
Amber S.
Amber S. 6 days ago
Do Klondike bars!!! the Reeses one with more pb mmff
Corabelle McCrea
Corabelle McCrea 6 days ago
pleassssse make gourmet cosmic brownies!!!
Pudeta 6 days ago
Can you do a Graham crackers one? For all the ppl in Europe who can't get any and wanna do smores? :D
Rikki Navarrette
Rikki Navarrette 6 days ago
Claire should make corn nuts next!
Cryogen 7 days ago
you should do cosmic brownies, that's something I would recreate.
Kathryn Johnson
Kathryn Johnson 9 days ago
Wouldn't be gourmet makes without Claire using or destroying something she probably shouldn't have. Ps! Give the stars we care so much about the pay they deserve!
tt tigerz
tt tigerz 9 days ago
Can you make gourmet Malteasers?
TaylorandSaid 9 days ago
I want to see Claire make Jaffa Cakes so bad. They're this really nice biscuit/cake type things with an orange filling and dark chocolate.
Mara Woolsey
Mara Woolsey 10 days ago
Looks so darn good. Great job, Claire!!
Paul Roman
Paul Roman 10 days ago
Its not Gourmet Makes if Claire doesnt break apart any kitchen tool.
A is for Annihilation
Mmm. They look yummy. Frickin nightmare to create but they look amazing
Gabrielle Paul
Gabrielle Paul 11 days ago
miss your videos :( hope everyone is doing okay
Ella Mae Marshall
Ella Mae Marshall 11 days ago
You should make Tootsie Pops next!
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 11 days ago
I love how she's like one part pastry chef, one part McGuyver, and one part Inspector Gadget!
200-Roaming -Cows
200-Roaming -Cows 12 days ago
Make tic tacs
Daniel Bernier
Daniel Bernier 12 days ago
Where are the videos ?? Haven't got a notification in weeks and there's no new ones on the RUvid page! Sadness falls over the homestead. 🤔
Karen Stroup
Karen Stroup 12 days ago
Claire, you ordered cannoli tubes, but not a taco stand? :)
BTS_ Jungkook
BTS_ Jungkook 12 days ago
You should do Gourmet Goldfish!!
Alexandra Foy
Alexandra Foy 13 days ago
Lmao you called the cat as if it was a dog 😂
Ciara x
Ciara x 13 days ago
Omg could you try candy sticks but vegann :))
Olivia Warren
Olivia Warren 14 days ago
Okay but when they’re back in the test kitchen, I think Trolli sour brite crawlers would be cool
Ashley Lacy
Ashley Lacy 14 days ago
Can Claire do gourmet gummy bears ?
Liv Valcourt
Liv Valcourt 14 days ago
can you please make gourmet Bugles
Klaire Woods
Klaire Woods 15 days ago
You should try gourmet sour punch straws
C Peezy
C Peezy 15 days ago
Please make gourmet "little bites" muffins. There's something going on in those things that's not a normal muffin
Bill Clay
Bill Clay 16 days ago
Why would you just not make a Choco Taco Milkshake out of those old leftover ones? Just pop a taco into a blender with some milk and BOOM
Akihito204 16 days ago
"Dont tell them about our domestic squabbles about coasters" If this wont be me w my s/o, then I dont want one 🤣
Karen Brown
Karen Brown 17 days ago
Watching this makes me realize just how much I need a pizzelle maker.
Karen Brown
Karen Brown 17 days ago
She could've used aluminum foil to make holders.
veenassa 17 days ago
Try making white rabbit candy sweets!!!
Hanna Maryam
Hanna Maryam 18 days ago
Claire, please do gourmet Choco Pie next
rodya255 18 days ago
Oh yeah, I'm Claire and everyone loves me. Meanwhile who cares if everyone else is getting paid. Get lost with your privileged complicity. Get off the air!!!
Theresa Bajorek
Theresa Bajorek 18 days ago
Your roommate Maya looks like she's uninterested now, but I have a feeling she'll be interested in the leftovers later :P
Audrey St-Onge
Audrey St-Onge 18 days ago
Why would we hire someone who’s not racist when we could simply [checks industry handbook] uhh hire a racist and provide them with anti-racism training...
Olivia Airey
Olivia Airey 18 days ago
Claire, please make gourmet Nerds. I am sorry in advanced.
Marina 19 days ago
I would trust claire my life.
Destiny Schriver
Destiny Schriver 20 days ago
whenever this magic worker of a woman gets back in the the BA test kitchen, I challenge her to a gourmet makes episode of lofthouse cookies 🤭
xTwistedxRagex 20 days ago
Claire is a national treasure
Rose Schmit
Rose Schmit 20 days ago
I want Claire to be my aunt
Pay your workers Bon Appetit, especially your workers of color.
MIKEY SAVAGE 22 days ago
Claire has a big back
the BOYS and ME
the BOYS and ME 22 days ago
Swedish Berries please 🌹❤️
Zerina Ahmad
Zerina Ahmad 22 days ago
Claire u should do SOMETHING U HAVE NEVR EATEN BEOFRE and u et it on camera and try to recreate it Comment down bellow or like it so she can see it
Zerina Ahmad
Zerina Ahmad 22 days ago
Claire u should do DIP AND DOTS Comment down below or like if u agree
Evelyn Odriscoll
Evelyn Odriscoll 23 days ago
Please make Millions, I’m sure no American has had them before but they are phenomenal.
Microwave legs
Microwave legs 23 days ago
Your cats ARE stars.
Kallie Snow
Kallie Snow 23 days ago
I hope they do Happy Panda soon, it would be pretty interesting to see how Claire recreates the cute designs on the cookies
Alexander Rowley
Alexander Rowley 23 days ago
Please try to recreate coltsfoot rock. It's a traditional British candy, made to a secret recipe for over 100 years. It looks like concrete, and tastes amazing.
Jannah Simon
Jannah Simon 24 days ago
You should do airheads 😍
Kristin Haight
Kristin Haight 24 days ago
You should do gourmet Toffifay the German hazelnut candies
Billy Seah
Billy Seah 24 days ago
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 24 days ago
“The grief I get for not using a coaster & u couldn’t think to put a plate down” THAT GOT ME 😂 I love this btw!!
Butterflies and Bees
She needs to make maltesers next!
Kobie Schnitman
Kobie Schnitman 25 days ago
Gourmet gummy burger!!!!!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 24 days ago
15:18 how did the audio/mic get so good all of a sudden?? Was it even on first?
Hallie Lucille
Hallie Lucille 25 days ago
When will she make airheads! 😉
Ryan Dugan
Ryan Dugan 25 days ago
Gourmet Chicken in a Biscuit crackers
Lyrical Madness
Lyrical Madness 25 days ago
Can you please make sour punch straws next
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 25 days ago
Delany still looking at everyone like he's in love with them, even over Zoom. The power that man has....
Maya Vilmar
Maya Vilmar 26 days ago
In the first four minutes she had alot of beeping noises
Javier Sotelo
Javier Sotelo 26 days ago
Hey claire try to make a Mexican candy called rellerindos 🙌😇 pls and thank you
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 25 days ago
Alea Williams
Alea Williams 26 days ago
To dry the shells,you could have hung them right on the stove rack, it would have shaped them with a more square bottom but would make easier to fill and would stay open while drying. Just a thought.
christinamisich 27 days ago
monika laosi
monika laosi 26 days ago
This whole time I thought his name was Paris then came to the comments and see Harris
Spencer Thomas
Spencer Thomas 27 days ago
Could you make gourmet Peanutbutter stuffed pretzels?
monika laosi
monika laosi 26 days ago
A M 27 days ago
Hahaha coaster squabbles 😂😂
Charlie Ann Hughes
Charlie Ann Hughes 27 days ago
I missed this lol
Eric X
Eric X 27 days ago
Claire is smoking hot!!
Cookie C
Cookie C 27 days ago
She should make gourmet Nutter Butters either the original or the Nutter Butter Bites
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 27 days ago
Pleeeeaasseee do honey buns
Alex Azara
Alex Azara 27 days ago
Please do Poppables next!!!🥳🥳
Amy Yaich
Amy Yaich 27 days ago
Do veggie sticks Claire!!!
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 27 days ago
Claire and Harris taste testing the final gourmet chocotacos Delaney on Zoom: 👁👄👁
Romy –
Romy – 27 days ago
15:18 how did the audio/mic get so good all of a sudden?? Was it even on first?
Romy –
Romy – 27 days ago
11:15 “global pandemic” Ain’t that redundant?
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 27 days ago
I'm dripping all over the place 🙄
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