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What do you think? Should Brad join Claire on Gourmet Makes more often? Just think about how differently all of the gourmet snacks would have come out: fermented M&Ms, dry-aged Peeps, campfire Cheetos. Anyway, in this episode, join pastry chef Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Butterfingers.
Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Butterfingers | Bon Appétit

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Feb 11, 2020




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Comments 80
Kara Pugh
Kara Pugh 8 hours ago
I love how Brad always says Claire’s name whenever he says anything to her 😂
quackson 10 hours ago
i like how brad adds claire after most of his sentences
Zoe Gelsi
Zoe Gelsi 18 hours ago
Zoe Gelsi
Zoe Gelsi 18 hours ago
Will Cook
Will Cook Day ago
I've been like the one guy asking y'all to do this episode for ages and somehow I missed the upload. I'm so sorry. Thank you so much. Thank you SO much.
Nurse Sassypants
Does anybody else not crave or think about these snacks FOR YEARS until you watch a Gourmet Makes episode? *goes to add Butterfinger to the grocery list*
Karen Wall
Karen Wall 2 days ago
I’m curious. Is Bon Appetit a test kitchen for recipes so they can go into their magazine? Or, do they create new recipes? Maybe a little of both? I just wonder what the Chefs are doing in the background. Thanks!
Centralreviews 2 days ago
You should make gourmet crunch bars
Izzy F
Izzy F 3 days ago
brad's reactions made my day
Spoonfull Of Eve
Spoonfull Of Eve 4 days ago
butterfingers but at no point there was butter😔
T G 5 days ago
So is there a recipe?
007bistromath 5 days ago
Wow, I'm surprised Claire has never made candy before. You should send her to check out Lofty Pursuits, she'd love it. Send Brad, too, he'd love how old-school they are.
007bistromath 5 days ago
Now I want a Director's Cut series
Lavonne Westbrooks
Candy makers have heat lamps that they use when stretching candy. You should try that to get even more layers
Maybeline Ong
Maybeline Ong 6 days ago
Imagine working at the ba test kitchen with that huge window with sunny days or rainy days or just some white out just happens that’s beautiful
Eve Lane
Eve Lane 6 days ago
if she has not already she could make her own candy that describes her personality
Saknr 7 days ago
claire is my favorite person in the whole entire world, she is my idol
lol lol
lol lol 7 days ago
Brad is slightly calmer when he's with Claire like I wouldn't mind working with him. When he's with Chris or Alex or other buds, it's a totally different story
Eric Gao
Eric Gao 7 days ago
Karina Evelyn
Karina Evelyn 8 days ago
If you think a squall is bad then wait for 2020.
Chaosscouter137 9 days ago
I have a request for the next episode: How to make a 3 Musketeers bar. I always loved that candy as a kid and still do to this day.
ArdentLion 10 days ago
"Claire lives her life a quarter-mile at a time."
oo oo
oo oo 10 days ago
27:41 -- completely agree! ZERO expectations with stuff.. having them only leads to disappointments!
Erin Forster
Erin Forster 11 days ago
I would have thought it was honeycomb with peanut butter and corn flakes... yes or no?
Ethan Jaques
Ethan Jaques 12 days ago
Gourmet makes should do big turks, theyre not even that good but it would be interesting to see them make.
Lululo Malu
Lululo Malu 13 days ago
The whole time watching the Episode I was like... I know this stuff, but I have never eaten a Butterfinger... and then I started a little google search and I found it! This stuff is Made with Blätterkrokant! That is what we call it in germany, it is just like puff pastry, but as a caramel XD we usually put other nuts than peanut in there though
The Abortion
The Abortion 14 days ago
Damnit!I've been requesting this ep for a year and when it comes out I miss the boat
Luhv Hue
Luhv Hue 14 days ago
5th Avenue gang where you at?
Kathryn Evans
Kathryn Evans 16 days ago
I feel like an old lady but I get SO WORRIED about Claire's teeth during some of these. This one and the Starburst one in particular.
NuKey Jarom
NuKey Jarom 17 days ago
The old formula was better. I can’t eat the new ones. I’m hoping your recipe is more like the old one! 🤞🏻😄
CookieLove 19 days ago
They put corn flakes in the peanut butter
Georgina Fisher
Georgina Fisher 19 days ago
I like seeing brads appearances
Molly Carmody
Molly Carmody 19 days ago
Definitely wanna see her make Peachie-Os
Anthony Lombardi
Anthony Lombardi 23 days ago
MAKE A COW TAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
карен леонг
I need a sohla as a friend
Hayden Wood
Hayden Wood 24 days ago
Y’all see Brad use that pinky trick to get the crumbs? Stoners know 🤙🏼
ItsJackDolan 24 days ago
11:44 Claire Saffitz as Rainman
Matthias Tan
Matthias Tan 24 days ago
26:05 the length of that bleep really caught me off guard i genuinely fell over laughing
The Ejam Diaries
The Ejam Diaries 25 days ago
I wanna try butter fingers
Ash Jung
Ash Jung 25 days ago
Protect Claire at ALL COSTS 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Froggy711 25 days ago
Sola to the rescue!
Sadie C
Sadie C 26 days ago
8:46 Life happening in the background. It's ok Molly, I do that more than I'd like to admit.
Joey Elliott
Joey Elliott 27 days ago
How is nobody talking about how absolutely terrible the "Improved recipe" Butterfinger is?
Lindsie D.
Lindsie D. 28 days ago
She literally tried to wipe his face. Such a MOM
Eric Fouch
Eric Fouch Month ago
Idea for a future episode, "Salty Saffitz" where we see bloopers, and cut scenes where gets upset/melts down. It could be fun.
eva mia
eva mia Month ago
alex's excitement at 15:16
Blackdragon6 Month ago
It's just a chico stick dipped in chocolate 🙄😒
iani martinez
iani martinez Month ago
Michael Sear
Michael Sear Month ago
Current Gourmet Makes Palm Oil Score: **Palm Oil: 24** No Palm Oil: 12
The 6th Street Snake
Make the butterfingers bbq's please. I haven't had them in years.
Matt Barker
Matt Barker Month ago
What is Delaney's point on this show? Dude doesn't belong on camera
Tʏᴘɪᴄᴀʟ Tsᴜɴᴅᴇʀᴇ
Nobody lays a finger, on my Butterfinger. C;
charlotte Month ago
alternative title: me, a european and allergic to peanuts wondering what butterfingers taste like for 29mins
how did the first person temper chocolate?
Daylon Smith
Daylon Smith Month ago
Don't let the content of this video or the comments distract you fron the fact that the new butterfinger recipe is garbage.
Armuks Month ago
I thought this show was about making the thing better than the original i.e. not replicating but improving. But every time there's someone like Brad who complains they don't "look the same" or "taste the same". That's the point in gourmet versions!
Saharra Marcelino
The amount of times Charlie day, I mean Brad, says Claires name is too funny.
mike herrera
mike herrera Month ago
5th Avenue > Butterfinger
Elizabeth Chua
Elizabeth Chua Month ago
13:28 was the cutest moment ever 😭
Alex Kortscheff
Alex Kortscheff Month ago
Gimme that’s queso recipe
Gourmet Makes: Coronavirus Vaccine Make it happen please
Digital Bear
Digital Bear Month ago
15:22 Clair being a mom and trying to get something off her kids face. Delaney being the kid swiping her hand away why saying "no mom stopppp".
Sumikko_hh H
Sumikko_hh H Month ago
What about Gourmet Makes: Maltesers? (idk how to spell it)
macabre2007 Month ago
February Full Moon in full effect 0:18 , 7:20 , 8:48 , 11:44 , 18:39
Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson Month ago
The "new improved" is definitely worse. I'm sad to say I no longer eat them.
James West
James West Month ago
No one: The owl outside my room at 3 am while I'm watching Gourmet Makes: 13:29
Allison Callahan
i want claire to make kinder buenos next! my favorite candy bar
Lauren Koen
Lauren Koen Month ago
I went to the store, bought butterfingers, came back, and she's still making them
Stephanie Gonzales
I am so over the top in love with Sohla and her presence! What an amazing addition to the test kitchen team, she is clearly making a name for herself, and so many people come to her for help. I want a Sohl show.
kezumiyo- Month ago
never cut brad out >:(
Alejandra Ocampo
Sohla is a queen 👑
jeremy Month ago
Butterfinger paid for this because the new recipe is disgusting.
Timm Neeley
Timm Neeley Month ago
Claire, you need to keep the toffee warm while pulling it. Try keeping a space heater by the candy while pulling.
Kassidy Goddard
Kassidy Goddard Month ago
I can feel it getting stuck in my back teeth as I watch this
Kassidy Goddard
Kassidy Goddard Month ago
"Sticks in your teeth a little bit" girl you ever eaten a real one? that's an improvement 😂
Diane Vargas
Diane Vargas Month ago
watching this while hungry...
Teras_Kasi Month ago
Bart Simpson would like to know your location.
Emma Bloom
Emma Bloom Month ago
So are we just not gonna talk about that scene where Claire tried to wipe the food off of Delaney’s face??? Cuz that was the cutest thing I think I’ve ever seen
Justine McPherson
We love some Hard Crack... caramel
Skylar Middleton
Star crunch
Mac Rose
Mac Rose Month ago
This video made me realize that butterfingers are very similar to Crispy-crunches. I’ve never had a butterfinger before lmao, but they’re my mums favourite
That Takes Patience Hope
Can you do a Violet Crumb bar? I cant figure out how to form it consistently in a shape.
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