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So maybe this episode is a bit like Ferrero Rocher, in which Claire gourmetized an already gourmet treat. But what is wrong gourmetizing that which is already gourmet? Nothing, we say! Join Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
Check out Claire's Instagram: instagram.com/csaffitz/
Illustrations by Logan Tsugita
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream | Bon Appétit

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Jan 27, 2020




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Comments 80
Ochiá Rodákino
Ochiá Rodákino 5 hours ago
I am trying to be offended about the lack of Strawberry Cheesecake, but these all look so good!
hyunves 11 hours ago
Claire: pistachio?? Chris: *violently throws pen on the floor*
Ana Lozada
Ana Lozada 18 hours ago
Claire is the shiznets! 🙌🖤🔥💯👏
catokella 19 hours ago
26:50 28:31
Yom Bekele
Yom Bekele 21 hour ago
Brad has such...Nick Miller energy
RMR 2 days ago
7:05 thanks Claire we love you 💜
Esmeralda Garcia
Esmeralda Garcia 2 days ago
Mint chip for the win :)
Liz Miller
Liz Miller 2 days ago
Claire is my hero, I’m not kidding. Her organized and calm way of thinking in all these gourmet videos just blows my mind. I’d be totally defeated a third of the way in into most of them.
Llwellyn 2 days ago
3:39 Some Rapoport foreshadowing.
giftyunho 4 days ago
Claire is such a boss! So superwoman! I love these videos. Thank you so much and keep them coming!!!
modernizedesigns 5 days ago
Is there a link to the ice cream recipes?
Ethan Harris
Ethan Harris 5 days ago
I miss you guys😥😥
Lari Warshong
Lari Warshong 5 days ago
Claire and Brad are just entertainment forever, I love em
Stefania Gache
Stefania Gache 5 days ago
Adam:*doesn't get a high five* Me, in Kim Kardashian's voice:"That's what she deserves"
Fitness Frank
Fitness Frank 8 days ago
You fatties need to get PUMPed Up like FITNESs FRANK!
MrGeemoney2001 8 days ago
“Out of my way” proceeds to throw icecream
Rhys Clydesdale
Rhys Clydesdale 10 days ago
Where. Is. The. COOKIE! DOUGH?!
oof 12 days ago
the level of multitasking. idk how she stays on top of it all
2:32 Chris's face, the hate in his eyes, the moment he hears banana :D
Rory Barrett
Rory Barrett 14 days ago
Ben & Jerry's bring back the core!!
Melanncholy 14 days ago
claire thinking half baked and ohish food one of my few fav flavors is heartbreaking tbh
Cari Cesarotti
Cari Cesarotti 14 days ago
Ok it seems like no one has mentioned that it would be obviously "Rocky Rhoda" and I gotta say I've seen better showings, internet
Nature Kuwait gardening
I followed this recipe today - with coconut sugar and stevia instead of white sugar - DELICIOUS thick and creamy!! I highly recommend this recipe 😊👍🏻🍨🍦
Robyn M.
Robyn M. 18 days ago
Looking back after the Rapoport incident Claire's impression of him being snotty hits a lil different.
Zhamilya Nugymanova
What incident?
Den 19 days ago
This was the most fun gourmet makes episode ngl. I love that whole crew was present. And tbh this almost makes me want to go to the kitchen and make ice cream
Haylee Robinett
Haylee Robinett 19 days ago
Can we just talk about that fact that Claire looks old and young 🤯
John Padgett
John Padgett 20 days ago
You went into extreme detail, but subtly. A lot of effort went into creating many a pint, customized for each of your test-kitchen cohorts...well done. That's highly capable.
Lé Kiwi
Lé Kiwi 20 days ago
3:36 oh how this aged... like fine wine
Zhamilya Nugymanova
Can you explain what happened plz?
Jimmy Menezes
Jimmy Menezes 21 day ago
its nice to see claire have fun with the challenge for once :p
Jimmy Menezes
Jimmy Menezes 21 day ago
lol andy always tasting inappropriately xD
Adil Khan
Adil Khan 21 day ago
i love the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor of Ben and Jerrys. Anyone else? that graham cracker swirl is sooooo good
Beat Rice Kelly
Beat Rice Kelly 21 day ago
Watching How To Make Ben & Jerry’s While Eating Ben & Jerry’s 😂🍌🍨🍦
Zach 21 day ago
Good riddance Adam
Siobhan Kewley
Siobhan Kewley 22 days ago
I know if there’s lots of brad in the intro, it’s gonna be a fun episode
ArielRenee21 22 days ago
This is squad goals af
chuppaciuk 23 days ago
Thank god the handle broke because of not at least one thing in this kitchen is destroyed in one of Claire's Episodes, it's just not the same.
Jay__is__away 23 days ago
The Halcyon
The Halcyon 24 days ago
Claire pistafitz?
Mangosocks 24 days ago
Adam Rapoport and Ben & Jerry's. If you haven't read the news, let me just say that it is very ironic. A juxtaposition almost
dsd Dala
dsd Dala 24 days ago
I love Claire. I have a hard time finding female friends, and Claire has this grit about her, that encompasses a dogged desire to succeed and figure out how to do whatever needs to happen to win, and she is not intimidated by learning new things and being daring. I am a pragmatist, and a can-do kinda chick, and Claire and I could take on the world, giggling and laughing at our failures and celebrating our total domination (lol). Call me, Claire, let's hang out. Hahahahahaha
Ella Rae Heyns
Ella Rae Heyns 25 days ago
I’ve never had Ben and Jerry’s
Ellen De Mol
Ellen De Mol 26 days ago
Oooh now I do want to taste the double-fudge-chunk-snickerbar-sh*t
Erin 26 days ago
Brad casually sounding like a Scotsman at 4:55: “OHH YER GONNA WELD IT ARE YEH?”
Eleni Kara
Eleni Kara 28 days ago
Ohhh rapoport references now that he has resigned!
Eleni Kara
Eleni Kara Day ago
@welm8 also ba didn't pay Christina, gaby and sohla at all when they were on their videos in contrast to the other chefs who got paid huge amounts just for one video
Eleni Kara
Eleni Kara Day ago
@welm8 also that was brought by a photo of him having been painted as a brown faced many years back and it resurfaced
welm8 Day ago
What happened? Did i miss something?
Eleni Kara
Eleni Kara 7 days ago
@millie bobby brown I know right! I'm like there's got to be at least one in a lot of videos and nothing ... and for a guy that did what he did
millie bobby brown
i had to scroll down too far to find a rapoport hate comment and that’s a travesty
icesk8ergal1123 28 days ago
SnobbyLion 24 days ago
Maybe it was too cold and hard?
Lumaknight 28 days ago
immediate disapointment dont diss phish food its so good :P
dgmwitz 29 days ago
claire dislikes half baked. claire i thought i liked you
waze faze
waze faze 29 days ago
mint fucken chip claire
Karragh 29 days ago
my favourite is "half baked".
Beau Guedry
Beau Guedry 29 days ago
Brad’s secret Irish side coming out strong when he says “oh yer gonna weld it, are ya?” Incredible.
Abbey Maynard
Abbey Maynard Month ago
Wish she would do one for the non dairy B&J’s it would be awesome and challenging!
Christopher Reid
Claire: I can either boil this or dehydrate it *cut to dehydrator*
Jowen Mangaba
Jowen Mangaba Month ago
the amount of laughs claire had in this episode is just... SATISFYING
gloss vm.
gloss vm. Month ago
I'm only 5 minutes in but I already know this is going to be a fun one.
PattyMayonnaise Month ago
I'm not ever gonna make the ice cream. I just wanna know the name of their co-worker in black at the end.
kayleigh Month ago
the opportunity for rocky rhoda.... lost
Estudios Logovo
Estudios Logovo Month ago
I pity those who haven't tasted dulce de leche ice cream. It's SO GOOD
Frozen Deity
Frozen Deity Month ago
I love you Claire!
Joe Parker
Joe Parker Month ago
mr kai
mr kai Month ago
Wow, that was spellbinding! (Claire, I'd have called yours 'Puttin' on the Saffitz')
LunamSol Month ago
i love this channel but i also LOVE ben and jerrys. and to not do half baked, broke my heart
LunamSol Month ago
everyone was so happy and excited though so it doesnt matter haha
Zoe Reed
Zoe Reed Month ago
I have never related to Chris more than when he threw a pen while espousing mint chips superior-ness
zara teo
zara teo Month ago
Why no chocolate chip cookie dough :-(((
MrHit NRunBs
MrHit NRunBs Month ago
so this ep. we learn that Chris like toothpaste ice cream flavor. respect for Chris - 10
Jini H
Jini H Month ago
Omfg she literally tried my top two favourite flavours first, in sequence (I love chunky monkey n half baked. After that I guess chocolate chip cookie dough)
L M Month ago
Génial ! J'adore. Amazing ! I love.
Juliana Pereira
Juliana Pereira Month ago
they lost the chance to make cherry claire!
dreamysquid Month ago
half baked is my favorite!! 😔😔😔
Pauly00001 Month ago
One of my favorite episodes of The Office. My favorite B-Plot ever is the garbage handle is broken and everyone is shook.
Renata AG
Renata AG Month ago
This is such a wholesome episode. I love seeing Gaby in gourmet makes
AmypopsPlays Month ago
Since lockdown happened, Iv been addicted to watching these vids, absolutely love the friendship between Clair and Brad 😂
oo oo
oo oo Month ago
Well done, Claire!
oo oo
oo oo Month ago
you can tell they don't really wash their own dishes... we have three ice cream machines.. let's just do them all at once. lol
Alan Pudliner
Alan Pudliner Month ago
pistachio could of been called rapo pistachio
steppy1295 Month ago
This video was awesome but they’re just wrong about half baked having too much stuff in it! And don’t get me started on the cores!
ZookZide. Yt
ZookZide. Yt Month ago
u should have gone to the ben and jerrys ice cream factory in VT
Hamish DONNELLY Month ago
phish food is my mums favorite and my favorite is new york super fudge chunk
Rute Maluma
Rute Maluma Month ago
"2`19" "Yeahp that's close enough" "2´20" mood
Ilya C
Ilya C Month ago
"Morocco Mint" was a missed opportunity.
katie chau
katie chau Month ago
Chris reminds me of the anooying guy in lazy town omg
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