PART TWO: We Address Tamar’s Comments on “The Wendy Williams Show”

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Sep 19, 2019




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PanaSouza 7 hours ago
It came out that loni was the culprit. She wanted to be the only pure black sista on the show. Look it up, RUvid it. #JustSayin
Mer Ma
Mer Ma 13 hours ago
I’m glad Tamar is gone
I bu
I bu Day ago
Adrienne’s makeup here is BOMB, so pretty and elegant! Props to her mua!
Loni did what she’s accused of #ForSure She’s been envious and jealous of Tamar since the beginning of the show! In her dreams she’s as funny as Tamar and mixed (light skin) like Tamara 😩 She tolerates #Munchkin and #Jeannie ... for now!
Middy Mehdi
Middy Mehdi Day ago
That fat girl she's not real.. You can see it in her eyes
Lt Soul
Lt Soul 2 days ago
Such a crybaby
Lo Louangsana
Lo Louangsana 3 days ago
I’ll always believe Tamera and Adrienne before Loni! Probably the two realest on the real. Jeannie & Loni y’all always doing to much makes sense y’all aren’t as popular a lot of didn’t know y’all before.
Blue.babe_1 the hunny
#ILoveTamarBraxton Bring her back!!😢😢
Black Excellence
Black Excellence 2 days ago
Too late for that 😶
Nozibusiso Ndlovu
Loni has just become distasteful, all the other ladies have maintained being honest good hearted people but Loni has become so shady not only regarding to this whole Tamar drama, but as of late on the show. She’s just plain disrespectful.
Edith Arellano
Edith Arellano 5 days ago
Good vibes.....
Magdalene Dodo
Magdalene Dodo 5 days ago
this is so fake seriously just leave it ther! we dont know what really happened so oacj it in
Peacekeeper Truth-seeker
I guarantee the producers told her to be loud and opinionated, she complied, Producers started reading comments like these then asked her to tone down her " blackness " and stop attacking Jeannie. Hmmmmmm. I am sure the ladies watch every episode after taping just like sports. You can feel it in the atmosphere when someone you work with every day is about to get fired. Million dollar bet they all said I knew it was coming,I just didn't know when. This show does not represent all cultures anyway.
Black Excellence
Black Excellence 2 days ago
I doubt that. I still trust Loni
B 5 days ago
Loni STFU!!!!!!!!!
Carol Christiansen
Tamar is trying for a come back. I don’t believe her or the old woman writer. They are a joke. As hard as they try they can not break these women. So Tamar sit down.
Lt Soul
Lt Soul 2 days ago
You stupid and gullible lol
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
For those blaming the women especially loni needs to stop. You guys acting more childish than tamar. Wendy wanted to addressed it knowing it old news. Tamar have said she never knew the reasons and the women on the show said they didnt know either when they all were vacationing. They tried contacting hut tamar didnt want to speak to any of them. For those who dont know how shows work. When the new season is coming they dont know if they still going to have a job next season. Their boss,producers etc is the one that decides. Tamar was bringing negativity for a show they wanted positive. We all seen the remarks and disrespect tamar was getting overtime. Guess who knew she was going to get fired ? Her ex husband been knew but kept quiet. So if you guys want to blame someone blame the ones that hire them. Argue and ask them why not the women.
hope victoria
hope victoria 7 days ago
Caitlyn Phillips
Caitlyn Phillips 8 days ago
I wanna see a segment where tamar speaks on why she was being so childish and mean towards jeannie because I'm really wondering if it's just because tamar was jealous and didnt like her to not like her.
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
Tamar in one segment have told jeanie she didnt like her when she first met her. Jeanie expressed herself and tamar always had something rude to say is how it all started
Sant Beker
Sant Beker 9 days ago
This girls aré Fake as hell the fat one Is a racist mean person
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
So instead of focusing on the issue your father focus on calling someone names? Childish much?
Kcorosa 9 days ago
I think she didn’t say anything because she didn’t agree. Adrian probably don’t know LONNIE Had something to do with it. Anything in the darkness always comes to light. I miss Tamar being on there. I don’t like how it is now.
Golden Bowl
Golden Bowl 10 days ago
This is a hit show I love like I love the real housewives of Atlanta ...women of color can really make the ratings pop
S 10 days ago
What happened
S 6 days ago
@Calm Down thank you for answering!
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
Itsnjust about Wendy William's mentioning about Tamar not being on the next season of the real and got fired a while back. Wendy decided to bring it back up
officermills 10 days ago
Watch Loni's anxious hands when Tamera says she doesn't know anything ON GOD 👀
Life of Dallas
Life of Dallas 10 days ago
loni gets so upset over something she didn't do... interesting
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
If you're being blamed for someone getting fired you'll be upset too
Motorola E4
Motorola E4 10 days ago
3:39 the twin. I don’t know if that’s tia or Tamara but I say the same thing she says
cxrtera 11 days ago
Lonnie sounds guilty. This entire skit reads like mean girls at school victim blaming the girl they bullied to the principal to save their ass. Her comments were so minor they never needed to be addressed
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
Seems like on wendy wendy wanted to address it knowing it's been a few years so that's why it is brought up again
Terrell Mitchell
Terrell Mitchell 11 days ago
Lonnie a liar 🤥
Julie Fulton
Julie Fulton 12 days ago
Because you did
Cisco ThePrinceTiNKXX
Loni is LYING
Silver Oasis
Silver Oasis 12 days ago
loni is a liar! she tricked all the co-hosts what a disgusting person! Using all the guilt trips and the cards she had...just a disgrace! I feel bad for adrienne, tamera & jeannie for just not knowing that is was Loni "the lying" Love (aka HATE).
Daughter of Zion
Daughter of Zion 12 days ago
I’m going to just leave this right here ruvid.net/video/video-SZenIRaoMKg.html
Mason Clark
Mason Clark 12 days ago
Lies lies lies. Loni def had something to do with it. Tamar was funnier than her. Couldn’t stand it.
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
@Mason Clark for her best friend to say that isnt much of a best friend. Even best friends will do anything to sell a story. We will never know what actually happened. But the way tamar have bee describing it and try not to say much seems like she knows why. I remmeber ahe did state her ex husband knew it was coming and took his time telling her. So he was blamed for behind the scenes stuff,the females were blamed too and producers so the story all over the place. To me she did bring a negative vibe on the show at times but everyone have their opinion of her
Mason Clark
Mason Clark 6 days ago
Calm Down loni’s best friend has already come out and said that loni wrote letters to the producers of the show. That obviously played a part. No one knows 100% what actually happened. It’s all opinions. And I stand by mine. Tamar had the most personality and biggest following on that show. Compares to all the has beens who are still there. Makes no sense they’d get rid of her.
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 days ago
That's a ridiculous reasoning. Tamar was going to get fired regardless and who knew it was going to happen? Her ex husband. None of the females knew as they vacationed. They tried contacting tamar during vacation and even tamar didnt know the reason. If the show going on way and producers dont like it they do adjustments. When a new season starts none of the women know of they going to still be on. That's the way it goes
Bitch you don’t gotta like me
Loni fat ass needs to stop lying 🙄
Trish Lamour
Trish Lamour 13 days ago
Tamar is an immature, narcissistic, spoiled brat who’s used to getting her way because no one wants to deal with her temper tantrums.
Brenda C.
Brenda C. 13 days ago
I’m just happy they finally stood up for themselves. We been knew Tamar was petty.
Lovellyycee 14 days ago
I know this not that serious but I really want them to take a lie detector test just to see 😭😭😭😂..
Why stir up jealousy ? 💪 competition creates haters but i want all of y'all back. Because this show will go on in your 60's & 70's. All ♥🇺🇸💯🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💟
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 16 days ago
I miss Tamar a lot, she brought something that others didn’t have and it was entertaining to watch her and I’m not saying it isn’t now but I did prefer the show when she was there but now they have Amanda and she kinda has the same energy but Tamar is missed and forever will be by me and her fans.
Tamar is ghetto. Never like her on the real.. Loud and ghetto
Genell Williams
Genell Williams 16 days ago
Tamar Need To Make An appearance On The Show Y'all Sisters
Softball Mom
Softball Mom 18 days ago
To the WW show........the one who stirs the pot, should have to lick the spoon.
Lïå bāby
Lïå bāby 17 days ago
Sips tea
tyree bracey
tyree bracey 20 days ago
Jeannie quit as a church mouse
PV 21 day ago
Tamar sweetheart just try Bad Girls Club
lou lou
lou lou 24 days ago
First time I agree with Adrienne
tata Fields
tata Fields 25 days ago
Honestly i think her relationship with vince played a part in her departure she wanted to switch managers for her career shes funny so lonnie said she gave her steve harvey manager she said this on the breakfast club watch the interview of all of them. And after she left the real her and vince had a divorce he was jealous of her success and didnt want her to have another manager so all the drama and back n forth probably started and after that she left the real and vince. Tamar should appear on the show since shes growing and becoming a better person now u cant hold onto grudges forever its best to talk about the problem and resolve it. Life is not promised tamar your real sisters deserve a face to face apology you were wrong how you left them apologize to there face not twitter or instagram ❤❤❤
Brianna Owens
Brianna Owens 26 days ago
I can hear the hurt in Loni voice and I can hear the frustration in Tam Tam voice
tarawrr20 26 days ago
You would think after this whole debacle that the producers would have been smart and NOT brought in another cohost? 4 was enough and now with Amanda on board it has been non stop the viewers getting run over by the “Woke Train”. Leave that BS to shows like The View. I watched The Real for the girl chats at the beginning. Now I have to find the girl chats amongst a sea of fake woke media agenda topics. It is so disappointing.
Ally Brown
Ally Brown 26 days ago
Tamar was ignorant, selfish, conceited, arrogant, gleefully and wisenheimer= TOXIC= FIRED!!! NO WONDER!!!
D R 26 days ago
Why is jean still there?
D R 26 days ago
Jean is fake and is playing the victim card.
Raw Foodsgirl
Raw Foodsgirl Month ago
at 2:52 the woman in pink is breathtaking!
Chantelle Finan
Chantelle Finan Month ago
Lorni your comment “I’m broke” was funny I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t laugh but it’s your facial expressions aswel love you all and the show shout out from the UK #cheetahlicious #hellohunnay #sistersister #lornilovely xxxxxx
g.r. preetheka
g.r. preetheka Month ago
Tamar could be a nice person but i personally never liked her on the show.. the way she talks used to be so annoying.. the Real show is so peaceful without her..
Tyneeka Trapp
Tyneeka Trapp Month ago
If you all don't like drama why are you still worried about this ladies. Now you say let it go after all this time. Don't mention this anymore. No matter what then I might believe it.
Keep up
Keep up Month ago
I love the loyalty at this table. 😍
Teyana Smith
Teyana Smith Month ago
The show is better without Tamar period!
Janelle Flores
Janelle Flores Month ago
Jeannie I love you! Love that you didn’t try to be fake about the situation
Caitlin McElroy
Caitlin McElroy Month ago
NEVER been women of color on a talk show ? 🤨🤨 really Adrienne ? I know a certain millionaire black woman who was on a talk show a few years back... think her name was OPRAH WINFREY. Nice try though
Kidanlij Month ago
I wonder how long Tamera’s hair is.
BabyLove Month ago
If they didn't have anything to do with Tamar Braxton being fired then WTF they keep talking about it. Girl bye
tarawrr20 26 days ago
BabyLove what annoys me is that if they weren’t part of the firing why won’t the network and producers let them speak out as to WHY Tamar was fired?
Tiger Lilly
Tiger Lilly Month ago
I think loni is so gorgeous.
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