PART ONE: The TRUTH Behind These Wedding Traditions

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Real fam, is there a wedding tradition you had or plan to have at your wedding?


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Aug 3, 2019




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Comments 109
Jewels 29
Jewels 29 3 months ago
Love Jeanie’s outfit! I knew all of that except about the red wedding dress 😱 cool 😉
Super WolfieStar
Super WolfieStar 3 months ago
Actually, Queen Victoria wasn’t the first woman to wear white on her wedding day-or even the first royal bride to don the the color (Mary, Queen of Scots opted for white when she married the Dauphin of France in 1558). While some accounts have suggested that Queen Victoria wore white as a symbol of her sexual purity, historians have pointed out that wearing white was more of a status symbol. Wealthy brides wore the color to flaunt the fact that they could afford to have the dress cleaned-a task that was notoriously difficult in those days. And it’s true that many brides in Chinese, Indian, and other Eastern cultures, brides often wear red or a white-red combination, as the color red symbolizes auspiciousness and good luck. In Japanese weddings, brides often don multiple colorful dresses throughout the ceremony and the following festivities. Back when White wasn’t common for the white wedding dress. Many brides wore blue(Note; the white wedding dress and a veil became in fashion much later; in the latter 19 century. The color blue was originally a color for women, the color of Virgin Mary.). Other brides also wore black gowns as their wedding dresses before Queen Victoria started to wear white.
Bougie Suzy Favs
Bougie Suzy Favs 3 months ago
I really hate it when they do skits...like just talk about it.
Sara J
Sara J 4 months ago
This is too funny!😂
Ki'Aaron Temple
Ki'Aaron Temple 4 months ago
Loni's "OH! My word..." killed me 😂😂
Mya 4 months ago
Adel Ahmad
Adel Ahmad 4 months ago
I like this skit lol please more
Tiffani Farrington
Tiffani Farrington 4 months ago
This sketch is corny smh get it together
Erika B.
Erika B. 4 months ago
They just need to practice and memorize their lines
vondy fitts
vondy fitts 4 months ago
That look jeanne have Adrian when she said girl I’m good lol 😂
Daniela 4 months ago
When Jennie said “more importante” me: wait what? Why did she randomly said something in español! Love it
Amy Carey
Amy Carey 4 months ago
Well...this was different...
Moipone Tsoka
Moipone Tsoka 4 months ago
Paris Roam
Paris Roam 4 months ago
A less informative version of Adam Ruins Everything, but with my 4 faves lol
Alejandra María Mora
This was very entertaining 😂
Rocka10 4 months ago
girl wtf is this lmao this is where they really miss a girl like Tamar
metimez300 4 months ago
Rocka10 they did skits like this when Tamar was on the show also lol
Sharzhay La fleur
Sharzhay La fleur 4 months ago
Dowry is still a thing here down south ...
ailin chiang
ailin chiang 4 months ago
Back then I would have been a great bodygua,... oh wait no sorry I meant bridesmaids
Galilea Avila
Galilea Avila 4 months ago
The day adam and tamara get divorced love will no longer exist.I hope they always last ,they are so perfect
Carole A
Carole A 4 months ago
*One producer wanted to rock something* " *original* " *instead of sticking to the* " *traditional girl chat* " why would you do that
Ariane Hannig
Ariane Hannig 4 months ago
What in the world? 🤷🏽‍♀️
Lex C.
Lex C. 4 months ago
At the last THREE weddings I’ve been at there was no cake served. Just a crappy dessert table. I’m still mad about it.
Davrie Caro
Davrie Caro 4 months ago
Actually the white dress, is suppose to symbolize that you got money honey because it takes a long hard time to keep anything white back then. If you do that means you have lots of servants to do it for you
Super WolfieStar
Super WolfieStar 3 months ago
Davrie Caro I also heard that most wedding dress back then in Edwardian Era are made actually out of curtains.
AMS JV 4 months ago
I didnt have bridesmaids just three children carrying our rings and two candles haha
TréJames Newman
TréJames Newman 4 months ago
Leave my girls alone! I appreciated the skit!! This was different and interesting and it’s not replacing girl chat. I enjoyed it
Seeking Pathways
Seeking Pathways 4 months ago
Part 2 and part 3?
Jupiter Jewelz
Jupiter Jewelz 4 months ago
This acting tho! 🤔
Sheri Harris
Sheri Harris 4 months ago
Couldn’t they just sit around the table and talk about it 🤷🏽‍♀️ why the skit?
Sinalo Lilitha
Sinalo Lilitha 4 months ago
I’m asking the same question 😭 girl chat has always been better than the skits for me. The scripting is so annoying 😶
Myronn Coleman
Myronn Coleman 4 months ago
Sheri Harris they’ve been doing stuff like this since season 1 to make knowledge or educational or even lifestyle segments fun and not so serious
Danyiel Says
Danyiel Says 4 months ago
Everytime they read the teleprompter I start to cringe 👀🎥📜
DumplingTt 4 months ago
The cringe is the only “real” thing in this segment
Aunesty Thompson
Aunesty Thompson 4 months ago
I love Jennie’s outfit😍😍😍
Melisa Noor
Melisa Noor 4 months ago
The skit is extremely cringeworthy.
PHEnomenon 4 months ago
Really wish this was a regular table/panel segment. The skit is annoying get to the point/origins please.
PHEnomenon 4 months ago
@Myronn Coleman ok, my original comment still stands. I guess I'm just not ok me of those people 🤷‍♀️
Myronn Coleman
Myronn Coleman 4 months ago
PHEnomenon they’ve been doing segments like this for five seasons... and people like them cuz they’re funny and cringy
TruTHAsia! 4 months ago
Was this actually recently recorded? What happened to girl chat? Would prefer a knowledgeable REAL discussion about this over the "acting" that's going on here 🙁
G W 4 months ago
Jeanie’s eye contact was creepy
Lindsay Lindsay
Lindsay Lindsay 4 months ago
What the school play am I watching. Um no producers. It's a no from me
Enjinks 4 months ago
I heard Queen Victoria chosed a white dress because it was a difficult color to have at the time, because it would stain real fast, so only very rich people could afford such a dress!
Monica Nguyen
Monica Nguyen 4 months ago
Oh my mom had a pink wedding dress
Qveen Kehra
Qveen Kehra 4 months ago
This is so cringy😩
00819813 0013824
00819813 0013824 4 months ago
thank u for the helpful videos!
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