[Part 8 of 10] Waterwheel Microhydro, More Volts

Joe Malovich
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Jan 13, 2018

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Comments 509
George Batton
George Batton 11 days ago
That's a lot of effort just to charge your Macbook.
stewbuntu 14 days ago
This is the first video I watched, but why not use a truck alternator? Like 180 watt old diesel alternator.I'll watch the others soon
Dalibor Benic
Dalibor Benic 19 days ago
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein 23 days ago
We should donate so this guy could buy a pickaxe.
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 22 days ago
@Hermann Fegelein links in the description.
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein 23 days ago
@Joe Malovich Then we should donate so you could buy a pickaxe handle!
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 23 days ago
Really I have a pickaxe head, just need a handle.
Gustav Bork
Gustav Bork Month ago
Have you done anything to the wood, as it still dosnt rotten?
Loride delta
Loride delta Month ago
Parabéns pela Roda dagua, ficou exelente! eu também fiz uma porem um pouco diferente, breve estarei postando o video. - Brasil
J yu
J yu Month ago
Hello sir.why not use synchronize motor 110 or 220v ac.so that no need to buy battery or power storage.
Xtreme Month ago
Hermosa maquina hermoso lugar
Brayden Anderson
.... Warp with the water.weather
AggronTV Month ago
how you know the date but not the month
ipkandskill Month ago
Watch at 1.5 speed.
Dyonisis Month ago
bruh he look like mr. incredible when he wasn't in shape
Dyonisis 23 days ago
Joe Malovich I like the blonde Clark Kent one
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 23 days ago
I appreciate this comment. I've also gotten Cody's from Cody's Lab, and when I was 70 pounds lighter a blonde Clark Kent.
TrickedHat1139 Month ago
knew that iron axe was on low durability xD
Tomos Halsey
Tomos Halsey Month ago
So wait, are you giving the new home owners a hydro electric dam?
Jim Stanley
Jim Stanley Month ago
They'll get a dam and a flume. I think the water wheel will be in the basement if the new owners want to play with it. He'll probably keep the electronics for another project.
JayJayMills Month ago
when that axe head flew off I nearly fell out of my chair
XfStef Month ago
If this dam project doesn't work out, you can always start a career in making sound effects with your voice ;)
KnightWalker49 Month ago
I bet you use your axe to do your laundry
MrWnw Month ago
I dont understand the wood + water thats a bad isnt it?
Barnaby0014 Month ago
its pressure treated and it will last a lot longer than he will have it up, also its cheap and removable.
Samuel Martinez
Samuel Martinez Month ago
i have never seen snow in person
Jonathan Mayer
Jonathan Mayer Month ago
I know this is over a year late - but efficiency would have been better had the wheel been pushed further under the trough. You're getting a lot of water flow back behind the wheel countering some of that forward momentum.
the water that the creek produces must be so yummy...
Team Leader A0x12w
mate you cannot aim an axe.
obiwon84 Month ago
The theoretical max power output would be the gravitation potential energy of the water flow. It looks like about 4 gallons per second, 1 meter useful drop, so it produces around 140Watts of power. However not all of this is convertible as generators have theoretical maximum efficiencies. I believe real hydroelectric dams are around 40% efficient. So if this guy is 30% efficient that would be around 60 watts. This means he can power one lightbulb. But hey that adds up over a month! That would make almost 45 kilowatt hours per month of free energy. Or roughly 5% of monthly usage for average households.
tylor durdun
tylor durdun Month ago
good GOD MAN (you do great work) but PLEASE --->Shut The FUCK UP watch jimmy diresta on how to make vids
Katana Seiko
Katana Seiko Month ago
Well, at least that one didn't have issues with vegetation.
Oliver Groß
Oliver Groß 2 months ago
Never saw a man chop an ice-tree. So here we go with the sub :D
bruchpilot747 2 months ago
I was happy to see him install the shute which dropped the water further to the wheel's front thus increasing efficiency (The position where the water hit's the wheel sould be at that point where the water's dropping angle is tangential to the wheel)... now he's undone it again... Such a pity. And as soon as the gen is under load the resistance won't be exactly low.
euglenii 2 months ago
Sorta like bitch lol i like your jokes mate
Darth Fader Productions
I watched all the way up to here so far and i was like 33 HELL YEA!!! lol
Darth Fader Productions
OHH subbed and liked also lol. Im just waiting for the government to come and tell you that your wheel is scary and the electrical company does not like you lol.
Squanchy FapFap
Squanchy FapFap 2 months ago
You are a nice guy and all but you gotta cut on the sugar man
Energy Zone
Energy Zone 2 months ago
Darth Fader Productions
Energy Zone
Energy Zone 2 months ago
VileStorms 2 months ago
Heres a late congrats on selling your old place!
Fred Dufour
Fred Dufour 2 months ago
1:58 hahaha
Bob Dip
Bob Dip 2 months ago
Being DC you will lose a minimum of 18 V unless you convert it to AC 120 V at the Generator and the cables not wires will need to be heavier than 12 Ga
Sliyaroh Modus
Sliyaroh Modus 2 months ago
A pick or mattock is better for ice.
Ed Jack
Ed Jack 2 months ago
Lee C
Lee C 2 months ago
I had thought you said the uni-strut was going to be on top of the 2 by 4 letting you slide the wheel forward and back, not the brackets to the 2 by 4. Pull it out? Will you be able to use it at your new place? I would also consider changing out to a 1 inch rod and getting the chain and bearings farther from the water. Good luck.
hey great project! I just finished my homemade Waterwheel whitch pumps water by its own :) ruvid.net/video/video-t1OAt0sJVD4.html
Peter Szarow
Peter Szarow 2 months ago
I don't understand why would he have to use those long carriage bolts to mount that contraption, and going up from the bottom on top of that. Why not a nice 3" long hex head wood screw? Oh a screw, he should know what those are.
Loupis Canis
Loupis Canis 2 months ago
Thank you .
AoyD 2 months ago
how many Amperes? Only amperes matters.
DrZergling 2 months ago
You should do a border in order to prevent water from touching the chains..
Jim Stanley
Jim Stanley Month ago
He was just trying to get it working before the new owners moved in. The whole thing was a temporary prototype anyway.
Joseph Hall
Joseph Hall Month ago
I was gonna ask how he keeps the chain a choochin' with all that water around
Nick Blake
Nick Blake 2 months ago
You will improve your efficiency by increasing water pressure, small pipe on angle would be better. Greater pressure build from your dam as volume of water flow directly through small pipe would create higher pressure on outlet. As you have it now the water pressure is poor as it relies on flow and gravity with little pressure from the dam.
Erikgasm 2 months ago
How to blunt an axe using only water! Good tool choice but it just looks so goofy!
euglenii 2 months ago
It can be sharpen again easily. No end of the world. Tools are made to be used after all. What is with you luddites these days god damn. Only complaining
codysett1 2 months ago
Lol all this just to move
Zyx 2 months ago
1:56 and that boys and girls, is why you don't hit with the back of an axe, unless it's made for it, but only on stuff softer than the hardened back (a regular axe is not hardened on the back)..You weaking the eye by expanding it so the head comes loose and suddenly pops off
Tim James
Tim James 2 months ago
Pre Planning makes a Huge Difference.
Justwantahover 2 months ago
HEY MAGNET MOTOR FUCKWITS! 17:04 Proof that the conservation of energy is true. Suck eggs magnet "free energy" suckers, none of your shit even exists. This experiment proves that you require more energy input than you get out (always). And it's COMPLETE PROOF that your "perpetual motion" shit is shit! There is nothing we can see that should HOLD BACK the wheel (NOTHING). Yet it's fucking HELD BACK, isn't it fuckwits! Get a small DC electric motor, connect the wires and you immediately feel the DIFFERENCE in required energy when you spin the shaft. Do that before you say the wheel was (fake) resisted.
Chris Dallaire
Chris Dallaire 2 months ago
@13:20.... That's exactly what I would say if I pooped myself a little bit :)
Jerry P.
Jerry P. 2 months ago
Anybody else screaming advice at your PC ? "Like HEY just put the nuts on with washers and tighten them up !!!! or why are those dam bolts so short or How long is that wood going to last ? " This is just an experiment right ?
Alan Spivey
Alan Spivey 2 months ago
Belts and pulleys can make the noise and wear less. Great project.
Scott Marquardt
Scott Marquardt 2 months ago
1:57 RIP
Brösel 2 months ago
Nice :)
Sonny Brown
Sonny Brown 2 months ago
You sold the place so all this was for not? That's too bad
Brendon Medeiros
Brendon Medeiros 2 months ago
I think he sold an old house and he was moving to that one in the video, so had to finish this fast.
Driving Across America
I like the videos so much, I let the adds play. A small way for me to repay you for the wonderful series of videos
roy luttrell
roy luttrell 2 months ago
Kudos on sticking with it and finishing the job even though you sold your house. Bet you were thinking " damn, i wish id never started filming and uploading this"
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 2 months ago
"Canyon hydro" is where I bought my hydo system. An environmental survey was done, test for migrating sea life, topographical scan from a drone. it was crazy all the stuff that had to be done. And don't get me going about the lawyers. It took over a year to get state permits. local permits were completed in 60 days. But the System runs about 250 amps 24/7/365. CH fly in by float plane to my property from Vancouver for maintenance once a year. been four years now. My 9 acre homestead is water front property on the Mitoh Island south of Petersburg. My closest neighbors are a 35 minute ocean boat ride away..no roads. Just how I like it. I don't mind discussion but I'm to private to ever film and post on RUvid. As a former Navy engineering officer, worked in Silicon valley and at one of our National Laboratories.. I don't trust much.
Tetra Digm
Tetra Digm 2 months ago
CH is some massive shit to. youre talking 40k for the cheapest machine they will bother making. though every job is custom, and for the price you get the very best service possible without ever having to worry about driving to some shithole town in the middle of nowhere hoping they have spare parts you can jury rig into place.
wilsden 2 months ago
sounds like a dream
Erik Borger
Erik Borger 2 months ago
Zak S
Zak S 2 months ago
Yup ...see a little problem here?? I'm not finding the rest of your video's easily,means never) ..like what you're doing , but the ring of fire is too big to jump through for the little treat (said the dog)..
Zak S
Zak S 2 months ago
Is it just me ?, what amperage are we looking at if we load this thing down to about 14 volts charging a car battery? .i think i can get 14 volts static electricity from dragging my feet on the carpet , but it certainly would not have the current flow to charge a double "a" battery.Why is know one asking this??
Happy Pets
Happy Pets 3 months ago
There are better ways to power your house independently. Try bit.ly/Power4fam or a Solar alternative like bit.ly/Solarbyself.
Adena Properties
Adena Properties 3 months ago
I had to laugh when your axe head came off. This has happened to me just too many times, boyo. I had even worse luck with a sledge I was using to break apart several layers of concrete. I was letting the sledge hammer drop with way too much force and the steel sledge came off, even tho' it was epoxied into place. I spent a lot of time, cleaning it out and reinstalling it properly. Once I had it all assembled, I got maybe four strokes outta' the thing...and then the ash handle just up and shattered. So I had to replace the entire handle. It takes whatever it takes. You've got a real set setup there; I'm envious. Thanks for sharing.
jacob swiney
jacob swiney Month ago
Get the Norwegian fibreglass axes they are bad ass
umad? 3 months ago
Aren't you concerned about doing all this work with wood? Is the lumber at least treated? (Doesn't really look like it...) I'd hate to go through all that time, effort & personal labor just to have it rot in a year or two...
Sander Tel
Sander Tel 3 months ago
Aha, the Polish metal milling tool at play....Dobra !!!
cony.!! pls animes
cony.!! pls animes 3 months ago
keep out the metal parts from waterfall 24 hours. the mechanical transmission and use some tech for anti corrosive. as i see it will sufer oxidation add 5 year approx. it could work more than 30 years. don't need a lot of inversion. to make it more durable.
lunaticPenguin 3 months ago
18:03 It's AC, isn't ?
Evangéliste Jean Paul MUTOMBO NSAPU
How much tué system costed you ?
Hussain Mirahmadi
Hussain Mirahmadi 3 months ago
2:10 / You're "gonna let that melt under the water" ? Guess it was developed under that water .
tim 2140
tim 2140 3 months ago
keep wondering why wheel assembly couldn't be mounted on strut as well?
joebonsaipoland 3 months ago
Really cool , I wish I had a stream out back!
CRH 3 months ago
Why didn't you slather the gears and the chain in machine grease before fitting it?
Vivian Schwartfeger
Vivian Schwartfeger 3 months ago
Love your videos
Achim August
Achim August 3 months ago
664.124 and nobody has written something? it looks nice :D
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 3 months ago
@Achim August Fun fact: 2.4% of my viewers are from Germany.
Achim August
Achim August 3 months ago
​@Joe Malovich oh, now I see the other posts ^^ greetings from Germany
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 3 months ago
You wrote something. Thanks for being the 664.124th viewer person from a place that uses . for the thousandths place.
DukeOfChirk 3 months ago
Zip tie tip! Very clever, gonna remember that one
Bruce Gerard
Bruce Gerard 4 months ago
All power being lost to friction. Your high speed generator is the wrong format for a slow moving wheel.
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 4 months ago
Some yes, chains are better than 95% efficient. Sadly there are no cheap consumer sourcable low rpm generators where I live. Fisher Paykel isn't used here.
Mark Baver
Mark Baver 4 months ago
I've just discovered your vids and am really enjoying them.
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 4 months ago
Thank you. I aim to entertain and enlighten.
Eric McKnight
Eric McKnight 4 months ago
whats the amps?
Burken Productions
Burken Productions 4 months ago
Why shop ice with an axe? When you can just pour some hot water on it to melt it.
Luke • 101 years ago
The ice is to strong! 💪 1:56
Ryan Paul
Ryan Paul Month ago
eliel alves
eliel alves 4 months ago
Ficou legal ... precisa testar pra ver se não irá travar a roda pois a queda é muito pouca ...
Paweł P
Paweł P 4 months ago
Super ! :)
monkeywyk 4 months ago
Hi my friend! Greetings from south east Asia here. Can I ask you some questions related to micro hydroelectricity and wind turbines?
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 4 months ago
@monkeywyk it's easiest to compared to water. With a valve shut volts is like pressure. With a valve open and water flowing watts is like pressure x flow which is power.
monkeywyk 4 months ago
@Joe Malovich 33 volt or 33 Watts? Until now I Still cannot under the different between voltage and Watts sad. :.. (
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 4 months ago
@monkeywyk you can store the power in batteries, or if you have enough power available you can run it at a fixed voltage and frequency and use power directly from the turbine.
monkeywyk 4 months ago
@Joe Malovich bro... Do you have Facebook? :)
monkeywyk 4 months ago
@Joe Malovich how I store the generated power? There is 6 water fall at my area. South East Asia. Borneo.
Speedy racer
Speedy racer 4 months ago
this guy is a real badass to be standing in freezing icy water to get the job done
Meer Sabbir
Meer Sabbir 4 months ago
how much ampire its producing?
Joe Malovich
Joe Malovich 4 months ago
Essentially 0.
Joeslinx 4 months ago
Great vid Malo-bitch
HansI Gurtner
HansI Gurtner 4 months ago
Is this the charging station for the mobile phone? )))) I am excited, great. Where can you buy such a generator? Can one use such a. www.ebay.de/itm/LICHTMASCHINE-GENERATOR-30-A-VW-1500-1600-1-5-181-1-5-1-6/302889188494?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D2%26asc%3D20160323102634%26meid%3D8f3b7205634d489ea1e3a1127194a934%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D401218829542%26itm%3D302889188494&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1
Matthew Galpin
Matthew Galpin 4 months ago
Could you not probably benifit from a extra motor but without a single gear cog use insted a bicycle back end cog on another motor connected to the drive chain from the first motor and check to see if you could increce the V/C/A on the output and insted of stalling the motor by making a short circuit the backend of the bicycle cog can be used to carry on the genoration with another motor. I just had a thought might or might not work who knows. or a car alternator. with the same method?
Robert Ahrens
Robert Ahrens 4 months ago
Ice pick?
Paul R
Paul R 4 months ago
One thing it could use is a chain oilier, as steel does not handle being wet all the time without rusting.
davesyerdaddy /
davesyerdaddy / 4 months ago
Love you so much sir
Flor Hoorebeke
Flor Hoorebeke 4 months ago
Hi Joe! I don't know if I already asked, but... Here is how I would do it: First: I reroute the stream, so I can dig a hole deep and wide enough so I could put in a 10000 gallon rainwater tank and dig a trench for the 3 or 4 pvc pipes (for equal pressure for the pelton wheel) in a concrete casing in an angle downwards with a ball valve or better at the end. You could add 3 more smaller pvc pipes, to generate electricity, if you don't want to use magnets on your big generator, but magnet wire around a coil for both stator and rotor, like an alternator in a car. Second: put stainless steel mesh on the top of the rainwater tank, use big rocks to prevent debris from falling in. Then remove the bypass so the stream can start filling up the tank and then take the usual route. I don't know the conditions of the stream in the winter, whether or not water is completely frozen, but 10 feet below the ground, it's not below 0°C, the water doesn't freeze in the tank. certainly not when you insulate it with rockwool and then wrap plastic around it so it stays put and dry. Then downstream, you must have a way better waterflow this way and you just have to calculate how much water you need from the stream to keep them both optimal. Nobody will see it's there, so nobody will complain, and you have the benefits :-) Yes, it's costly, but you can also do it in concrete, that doesn't cost that much, just a lot more effort. This project takes so much time and effort and it will always have room for improvement, but what will be more costly in total, trial and error, or use my way where you will almost always have a constant flow and pressure of water. You'll have 240 volts that way with better generators and a pelton wheel. If you use the pelton wheel to drive a flywheel first, you might even be able to get 400 volts out of it. 40KW should be doable I think. think big :-) just make sure nobody can see it for the least amount of complaints :D
Dan Clark
Dan Clark 4 months ago
Put the nut on without the washer to begin with, do it up and it will pull the head of the other end in. Then unscrew the nut, put the washer on, and return the nut. ruvid.net/video/video-aVQ8g8iZeCI.html
mitzvos Golem
mitzvos Golem 4 months ago
nice Russian generator lol Good job Thanks
John Ringo
John Ringo 4 months ago
Jeeew wit jeeeew! 😂 stop being so technical.
Kev Bot
Kev Bot 4 months ago
Water wheel is slightly too far back now
michael lennon
michael lennon 4 months ago
Sorry guy . The wheel is to small . Once you apply a load on the generator its going to slow down the wheel. In the pring dig it out and make the paddle wheel a lot bigger and the water needs to ha e a longer drop . Drop it thru a pipe. And you should be good to go . Only wish I had a water flow like that in my yard
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly 4 months ago
Evident by the extreme splash and reverse flow of the water at the top of the wheel demonstrates why the 11:00 impact point is important from the efficiency perspective. Use all the flow by adding some flashing along side of the wheel and trough in a manner all water flows the direction of the wheel. Additionally, the water splash is eroding the river bank and in a few days, maybe hours (so we are now talking historically it probably already happened), the bank will cave and the entire water wheel assembly will be downstream. Indeed the use of a 12 volt regulator of some type will increase the available current. However, knowing what your load (resistance) would be will tell if your generator is robust enough to deliver what you need. Did you conciser using an AC brush-less stater motor-generator? AC will travel via wire more efficiently and better utilize the gravity fed waterfall energy. Better than using an inverter indoors to create 120VAC from 12VDC.
nick w
nick w 4 months ago
if you had no zip tie just use a little strong neodinium magnet to magnetise the whole area to stop screws and bolts falling though, and you can manipulate it into place with a stick or whatever
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