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Boston Dynamics
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Atlas does parkour. The control software uses the whole body including legs, arms and torso, to marshal the energy and strength for jumping over the log and leaping up the steps without breaking its pace. (Step height 40 cm.) Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately. For more information visit www.BostonDynamics.com.

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Oct 11, 2018




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Comments 80
Toaster 6 hours ago
This should replace the military
Chang Xu
Chang Xu Day ago
Imagine one day an army of them slaughtering humans
NLP 3 days ago
People will stop laughing when this robot is armed to the teeth... bye bye!
Dark Crystal22
Dark Crystal22 4 days ago
If you add the spot mini navigational device to atlas and that would be the end...........
SlyBoots 4 days ago
You do not want to be chased through the woods by this thing gone berserk...
ON EYES 5 days ago
Is this real?
ON EYES 3 days ago
@NLP Just my nickname..
NLP 3 days ago
Open ur eyes...
logitech4873 4 days ago
Robot 7 days ago
ᕼEY TᕼᗩT'ᔕ ᗰE
Muhammed Ali SOYLU
Future 🔮
Aidan Davis
Aidan Davis 9 days ago
Love how Terminator and authors such as Ray Bradbury told stories which acted as warnings for AI and robotics. Then Boston Dynamics posts a video of a robot doing parkour. Ahhhhh sweet, sweet irony XD
Stefan Filipov
Stefan Filipov 5 days ago
To be fair,we humans,are the only reason to consider ourselves "special" or "superior" on this planet.It is proven over the past few thousand years that we are not worthy "owners"of this place.Our future from now on is intertwined with machines and we should not fear,but embrace it!
Bregje Marieke
Bregje Marieke 12 days ago
This is scary
Purgatory _
Purgatory _ 13 days ago
USA: *cough* uh....is there some way to .....militarize these AI's?
Purgatory _
Purgatory _ 10 days ago
@Seven True, true
Seven 12 days ago
@Purgatory _ whatever USA admits they have is 30 years behind what they actually have. They are liars.
Purgatory _
Purgatory _ 12 days ago
@Seven Only Russia has not the USA.
Seven 12 days ago
They already have
Gamer Swapnil
Gamer Swapnil 17 days ago
Deul Riepako
Deul Riepako 17 days ago
Did just that damn thing used arms to be balance while jumping?
Saliha Choudhary
Saliha Choudhary 2 days ago
@Kreaspy the secund one waz sacrasm tho
Kreaspy 11 days ago
I think reading these two comments just gave me a stroke
000000000 15 days ago
Yup .the egginer realy put a lot
Sawyer_89 18 days ago
The next Reaper from Cod BO 3
Android killer
Android killer 17 days ago
More like the first reaper.
Макс Какая разница
требую новое видео!!!
BOSSL3V3L 27 days ago
Can you imagine those kind of Limbs on a person like an amputee? they'd probs be able to move even better than ever.
Steam Powered Maniac
Rais hold on wait, I take that back, take fucking hike ya furry bastard!
Steam Powered Maniac
Cade damn... sorry man, I tried.
Android killer
Android killer 17 days ago
@Steam Powered Maniac If you are trying to seem intelligent you are failing miserably.
Mateusz B
Mateusz B 18 days ago
We kind of have these already
BOSSL3V3L 24 days ago
@Steam Powered Maniac I have no idea what you just said.
Suvar Oglu
Suvar Oglu 28 days ago
So when are you guys making the body ready for google AI? Just wanna know how much time we have left for human civilization.
Nikki E
Nikki E 12 days ago
@JanLi Then you're very naive to believe that!
JanLi 21 day ago
@Suvar Oglu Machines wont take over the world mate😑😐 You're prob blind asf
Suvar Oglu
Suvar Oglu 26 days ago
@Filip Nikitovic oh I appreciate well, dont worry. I am just not blind, that's it.
Filip Nikitovic
Filip Nikitovic 27 days ago
Suvar Oglu Can you please stop and appreciate what people at Boston are doing
Edwin C.G
Edwin C.G 29 days ago
Portal 2 in real-life confirmed
Edwin C.G
Edwin C.G 29 days ago
Yo: wow en pocos años podré comprar robots: Mi pobreza y vivir en un país de tercer mundo: *no*
Edwin C.G
Edwin C.G 18 days ago
@Sawyer_89 hay que esperar como 10 años (no exagero) para que lleguen a latino america
Sawyer_89 18 days ago
Así es... Esa es la triste realidad sobre los países tercermundistas...
Ederson Bairros
Ederson Bairros Month ago
this is real, or animation?
jake halle
jake halle 10 days ago
Do you underestimate Boston Dynamics??
Crash Bash
Crash Bash 17 days ago
@Dj Mars One sorry man, not an animation
Spam Can
Spam Can 22 days ago
@Dj Mars One nope, look up Boston Dynamics and get ready to shit bricks.
Edwin C.G
Edwin C.G 26 days ago
@Dj Mars One not, it isnt
Dj Mars One
Dj Mars One 27 days ago
Is animation .
Barbara Downie
Barbara Downie Month ago
D LF 6 days ago
seans music
seans music 10 days ago
Mateusz B
Mateusz B 18 days ago
Fuck yeah! I can picture Native Americans taking back their lands with their robotic army
Little Moth
Little Moth Month ago
Meowser Month ago
CrimZon RayZ
CrimZon RayZ Month ago
Is it real
kanedaniels Month ago
Yes it is
Cliiquue_ Month ago
It is, kinda scary and exciting in the same time
G A L L A R D S Month ago
By the way it moves you know that it's something that will serve in the military.
Meowser Month ago
Cliiquue_ no robot can dirvive from eating corpses dummy
kanedaniels Month ago
@Jean Jacques Rousseau water guns
Jean Jacques Rousseau
Yeah kinda sad that engineering and innovations are often military focussed. Imagine us dealing with social problems with the same innovation drive like military progress. No one tried to fight ww2 with bow and arrow still we are trying to deal with economic problems with ideas from the 19th and 20th century. :D
kanedaniels Month ago
@Cliiquue_ water guns
Damian Damienov
Damian Damienov Month ago
Yep, it moves like Predator (1987)
Sean Bela
Sean Bela Month ago
Yeah it's fake cgi... Until it shows up at your doorstep with a warrant.
zaikoen 888
zaikoen 888 18 hours ago
With a minigun
Familia Patita
Familia Patita Month ago
It,s reality?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Crash Bash
Crash Bash 17 days ago
@Dj Mars One yes it is, I don't know why it's hard for you to accept
Dj Mars One
Dj Mars One 27 days ago
トキエ 27 days ago
Yeah it is
Filip Nikitovic
Filip Nikitovic 28 days ago
Karrie LAU
Karrie LAU Month ago
Must not to service people such as waiter. Must kill human in future years.
PacosMosis Month ago
I cant do this hahahahahha
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Month ago
Is this CGI?
SeaJay Oceans
SeaJay Oceans Month ago
No, it's the New Private Snuffy, reporting for Duty, SIR !
Boosted Lúcio
Boosted Lúcio Month ago
It's the real deal.
Alban Robert
Alban Robert Month ago
Nope, this is the result of years of improvement and innovation in robotics. I recommend watching their older videos to understand how much they have improved over the years.
Mustafa amiri
Mustafa amiri Month ago
tired boy
tired boy Month ago
I god they can jump over logs now!
CharlieBoi LTAS
CharlieBoi LTAS Month ago
Wow that’s robot is pretty quiet for a robot!
Port Land
Port Land Month ago
I want to see them do boxing.
Nathan Month ago
If this is science at its pinnacle I think we're safe 😅
Meowser Month ago
Science gets better, thats the essence of being a scientist or engineer etc
armr6 Month ago
@Matthew McPeek They are but 5 years is too optimistic. And when it happens, you'll still have a human keeping tabs. We won't give up control unless we know for sure that it's intelligence that's pulling the strings, not just fancy code. We probably won't have a choice but to give it up when that happens and hope for the best.
Rui Cruz
Rui Cruz Month ago
Do you think this pinnacle will be the same in 10 years time? You are not being very smart here.
Matthew McPeek
Matthew McPeek Month ago
@Nathan You sound like my grandfather back in the seventies when I was a teenager. He was making fun of computers and laughing at the idea of having computers in cars and homes.
Matthew McPeek
Matthew McPeek Month ago
@Nathan The engineers are observing and constantly refining. I think the point you're trying to miss Kama perhaps intentionally, is that we have a free standing autonomous robot that can run jump and judge terrain for itself. Do you honestly believe that this is it? That this is the pinnacle of science? In another 5 years there won't be a live human being holding a gun, flying an aircraft or doing anything else. If this is what they allow you to see on RUvid, what do you think they won't let you see?
Firulais _sempai
Wow inclibke omg idhskfjekdkei
Justin Coppedge
Justin Coppedge Month ago
Why does it look so fake?
Crash Bash
Crash Bash 17 days ago
The way they filmed it looks cinematic thats why
Mateusz B
Mateusz B 18 days ago
@No More I guess this is why we wiped out Neanderthals lol. *IF IT LOOKS LIKE HUMAN BUT IS NOT HUMAN: DESTROY IT BEFORE IT KILLS YOU*
No More
No More Month ago
Because it’s so alien in a way. None of us thought they’d ever get this far.
Snooks Month ago
uncanny valley, almost human movements but not quite
Michael Owoola
Michael Owoola Month ago
It's not
morgan1985uk Month ago
Imagine the stuff they dont show us! The proper top secret military grade black ops projects. If the stuff they show us does this, then the stuff they don't show us is ginna have no problem rounding us all up
Jan Milavec
Jan Milavec Month ago
The military isn't really interested in half working robotics technologies for now... It just makes more sense to stick with highly trained soldiers. That's not to say that they don't have their own research, but for now the private sector is probably in the lead
Gi pokemon catcher carp
make a glados from portal 1
Lady Anemone
Lady Anemone Month ago
I want one!! No more second trips to the car to get the weekly shopping! 😆
breanne Month ago
Is this fake? It looks fake because the shine on the robot but I can’t tell
トキエ 27 days ago
It is real, they've been working on this for a really long time
Abu Hajar stole my RPG
@abdimond 15x5 He has an anime pic, he is dumb
Sarcasm Month ago
Nope, Boston Dynamics has been working on these things for more than a decade
Xaljo Heck
Xaljo Heck Month ago
it is real
abdimond 15x5
abdimond 15x5 Month ago
either your vision is 1/20 or your just that dumb
Ryan 2 months ago
That future war against China is gonna be a walk in the park with these bad boys lmao
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 7 days ago
@MadLad Boston Scientific has a lot of Chinese Engineers.
Hans Month ago
If they implement AI they all rebel and fuck us (humans) and why wouldn't they? We are fuckin chimps for top tier AI
MadLad Month ago
Unless they steal the tech like they usually do
Ryan 2 months ago
@Sumo Raptor woops
Sumo Raptor
Sumo Raptor 2 months ago
but i think china makes all the parts
Meanie Beanie
Meanie Beanie 2 months ago
David Johnson is having a mental breakdown
Edilon Francisco
Edilon Francisco 2 months ago
More videos please.😢
Sarcasm Month ago
Yeah I wonder how "Cheetah" is doing these days... ran 18mph 7 years ago.. would love to see if they've gone further with it. Though maybe the scarier and best projects are becoming top secret and military only ;S
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
I mean friggin bewondered isn't even the damn word for it Jesus f Christ YOU people need evolutionary help gd
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
Titanium down to the layer of granette... Do I have to fix every damn thing for you people? I didn't finish junior college I mean gd
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
Clunka wunk dunk stunk nearing final completion
Ye Et
Ye Et 2 months ago
You good bro?
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
I dunno Andre what have you done!?
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
Sting no ring
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
No reow just ow
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
The darn centership complex invariance variable thereom yeah
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
Logorythmic variable town glitch.... Eeeeeee swim yeah! Woooo hoooo
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
Think the movie Pi
David Johnson
David Johnson 2 months ago
Space time continuum implosion kablewiee snunka dunk frunk uhnk fdyjcdeeuuvgt
Jonas Trash
Jonas Trash 2 months ago
Banana peel
Carlos infinite
Carlos infinite 2 months ago
Nice but next time we got to test the balance on the log going down a hill
anonymusx321 2 months ago
How tall is this thing? Looks absolutely monstrous.
anonymusx321 15 days ago
@Clemp29 i would say that is pretty tall, i'm 180. So that thing would be terrifying.
Clemp29 15 days ago
Between 1m90 and 2m i think
Jay Jay the jet plane R
You can see it bumped it's left foot in slo mo and had no effect... Pretty cool!
osh kosh be josh
osh kosh be josh 2 months ago
Master shake: "you look at him and tell me there's a god."
Grandmaster UV
Grandmaster UV 2 months ago
I need to see this thing weaponized wish I worked for Darpa to do secret weaponized android experiments
Dkoy Koala
Dkoy Koala 2 months ago
lol darpa sold the japan. softbank owns them.
Atlas phoenix x
Atlas phoenix x 2 months ago
The perfect terminator
AllFather Foop
AllFather Foop 2 months ago
Everybody gangsta till the robot can jump better than you
MBS industri
MBS industri 2 months ago
Michael Berthon
Michael Berthon 2 months ago
Fake cgi
no no
no no 2 months ago
dude if youre going to troll, at least put some effort into it, you game is weak
Chrismofer 2 months ago
dude.... fuck off with your misinformation. it's a real robot. they panned and scanned the video after the fact because they couldn't be fucked to move the actual camera. it makes for a jarring, shitty video that I can't believe such a bleeding edge-advanced company would make. BUT IT'S REAL. deal with it. watch more videos, come back when you've learned.
BigManDexter 2 months ago
its not cgi mate it just looks that way because of the way the camera is moving when it is jumping
Michael Berthon
Michael Berthon 2 months ago
@Atlas phoenix x yes and Fuck America by the way
Atlas phoenix x
Atlas phoenix x 2 months ago
Michael Berthon caveman do you know we have a device called computer and machines
Santiago S
Santiago S 2 months ago
2050 Will be a nice year
Hitendra Rawat
Hitendra Rawat 2 months ago
Hitendra Rawat
Hitendra Rawat 2 months ago
This is what I thought but it seems 2030 will be exciting too
Chrismofer 2 months ago
@Orion L. what do they estimate will run out first, as the basis for that prediction?
Orion L.
Orion L. 2 months ago
Population is estimated to hit the maximum carrying capacity of the planet. Overpopulation will be about 1.5 times worse than now. Fortunately, at that point we should theoretically stabilize.
MESCALINK 3 months ago
Its all fun and games until your wife cheats on you with Model 8.5.7-A
Meaty Stalactite
Meaty Stalactite 2 months ago
Or I cheat on my wife for one
Antonis Antoniades
Antonis Antoniades 3 months ago
absolutely amazing... love it
JonatasAdoM 3 months ago
BossTown Dynamics will sue you guys.
benjamin meza
benjamin meza 3 months ago
Looks too puppet like when running , its not real.
Orias X
Orias X 2 months ago
But it is
Bread Richie
Bread Richie 2 months ago
This is very real
John Christian
John Christian 3 months ago
Iss Lebosss
Iss Lebosss 3 months ago
Astr0 Month ago
That isn’t Boston Dynamics. This is real. They tried to remake it with CGi
Jason Alen
Jason Alen 3 months ago
Akiro Ai Del rosario
atleast it will never catch us
JUREBELSON 3 months ago
It reminds me 'The office'
Dankoneon 3 months ago
It always seems like cgi watching atlas. It’s so cool what you guys are doing
Опа, твоя мaть шлюха
робот фёдор обоссался от зависти
Дима Кнопа
Дима Кнопа 3 months ago
Датчики и зелёный фон, бежит человек, иначе зачем роботу движения руками за которые отвечает спинной мозг?
Fred Garvin
Fred Garvin 7 days ago
Centripetal force dampening.
Вадим Кугушев
Может быть движения "руками" запрограммированы для поддержания равновесия? Да нет, бред какой-то. Злобные омерикосы конечно же опять всех НАИБАЛИ. И здесь то хромокей, и на Луну-то они не высаживались, и вообще США это империя зла, а мы молодцы и всех победим, сука!
ArchierounD 3 months ago
Russian bots incoming, brace for retardation!
Josef H.
Josef H. 3 months ago
Does this comment really make sense to anyone? Seriously..
veter 3 months ago
Dragonkeeper 3 months ago
@veter что только не придумают от зависти. На луну наверно тоже не летали несколько раз, да?
veter 3 months ago
@Alexey Chumacov ну и лана. шизик дак шизик и Вам выздоравливать!
Alexey Chumacov
Alexey Chumacov 3 months ago
Автор этого бреда - шизофреник.
Игорь Курчатов
LawCritic 3 months ago
I wonder if this uses Reinforcement Learning?
Хуимя Хуимия
Nice animation
Orias X
Orias X 2 months ago
I want to say that it’s real but I don’t want to get r/wooshed
John Christian
John Christian 3 months ago
le idiote
The Stainless
The Stainless 3 months ago
The cgi was pretty good from the rear view camera shot. The shots from the side was pretty poor quality cgi.
Вадим Кугушев
Какой тонкий троллинг. Guys, come on, it's a fucking attention seeking troll
neogil 3 months ago
@Busy Business what the Hell? Not, isnt...its Robotic. You rode the Name of the Channel? Its Boston Dynamic formerly a Part of the MIT.
Vitaliuz 3 months ago
- "Ma'am, is that your purse?" - "Of course it's my purse. I left the inhaler at home. He was running it out to me." - "I saw a robot running with the purse, and, naturally, I-I assumed--" - "What? Are you crazy?
Diego Swell
Diego Swell 3 months ago
Haha! nice I Robot reference! loved that movie XD
TheReal_ist 3 months ago
To bad hes not already replacing cops, one say we will have bots like these as cops to arrest criminal scum that don't discriminate. Unlike the pieces of Sh*t we have now in power that do.
Kinnik Kinnick
Kinnik Kinnick 3 months ago
unfortunately, AI is also racist.. :p uxdesign.cc/is-ai-doomed-to-be-racist-and-sexist-97ee4024e39d
James Liu
James Liu 3 months ago
@TheReal_ist despite making up 13 percent of the population...
TheReal_ist 3 months ago
@Sam Swanson U described your fecal ridden mess of a comment perfectly. Well done ya twat
Sam Swanson
Sam Swanson 3 months ago
there is no reason on Earth for this comment to exist.
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