Parkour Atlas

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Atlas does parkour. The control software uses the whole body including legs, arms and torso, to marshal the energy and strength for jumping over the log and leaping up the steps without breaking its pace. (Step height 40 cm.) Atlas uses computer vision to locate itself with respect to visible markers on the approach to hit the terrain accurately. For more information visit www.BostonDynamics.com.

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Oct 11, 2018




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PedroRonin 5 days ago
Aaah vtnc eu n consigo fazer isso direito kkkk imagina quando essa merda criar vida própria e querer matar todo mundo.... Como q foge de um kpeta desses?
JB 6 days ago
All of these robotic advancements and we can't make sex dolls replace women yet...
Mutt Hohmann
Mutt Hohmann 7 days ago
This will definitely only be used for good
NuR 3 days ago
Bet the American Military is sitting there with a hard on ready to kill more civilians
Bayram Karadeniz
Bayram Karadeniz 10 days ago
Iaroslav Blagouchine
Нда... в то время как весь мир развивается, в России в космос запускают роботов уровня алиэкспресс, а ученых заставляют писать подробные отчеты о встрече с иностранными коллегами... Пока в России та верхушка что уже 20 лет у власти, отношение в стране к науке и образованию так и будет оставаться пренебрежительным, и мы будем и дальше печально смотреть на то как развивается весь мир, понимая что всё больше и больше от него отстаём... офигеть насколько реально Россия отстала, просто стыдно... при таких талантах и умах создать все условия что бы они загнивали или валили в тот же Бостон Дайнамикс..
Liza Live
Liza Live 14 days ago
Battlestar Galactica : RISE of CYLONS/ Звездный крейсер Галактика : Восстание Сайлонов - ruvid.net/video/video-WLBIyq6JXJM.html
LLOYD SAMUELS 15 days ago
WTF... is this real??????
Inder Pal
Inder Pal Hour ago
@ALIEN FREE FIRE lol.. this video is real brother.. these robots are real. The video link which you shared is just another channel who do video editing and stff and do VFX of the boston dynamics robots. These robots are real man
Gramps is this you?
ALIEN FREE FIRE 5 days ago
No, check this ruvid.net/video/video-TIlEYGFBECU.html
Terry Walker
Terry Walker 7 days ago
@turbotrup96 In the old days maybe, not anymore.
turbotrup96 7 days ago
they probably have to be preprogrammed to do these things, including positions of the objects they jump on/over
vulo365 15 days ago
Skynet is coming
Comrade Gallegos
Comrade Gallegos 15 days ago
When they gonna make the Friend-Bot
XiwiX 16 days ago
I wanna try fight this with bare fist
o0Pixelz0o Day ago
You're probably going to lose, robot motors have a lot more strength than an average human
Marc Donis
Marc Donis 17 days ago
2.1k dislikes? WHO ARE THE HATERS??? srsly, you seem to be present in every video, no matter how earth-shatteringly awesome. I want to meet you.
Derpy Parrot
Derpy Parrot 12 days ago
Arch Linux nobody’s getting replaced by them. These fuckers worried about something else carrying boxes?
Kairos Uran-York
Kairos Uran-York 17 days ago
I can't even do that
Kairos Uran-York
Kairos Uran-York 17 days ago
Very impressive for a robot
Austin Latshaw
Austin Latshaw 18 days ago
These robots will be humanity pretty soon
Macdeep 17 days ago
I only love robots
Austin Latshaw
Austin Latshaw 18 days ago
Take a few minutes to think about that Then forget i was ever here
Liz Lawlor
Liz Lawlor 18 days ago
These look fake but look real at the same time it’s amazing to think about the future
Stupid skitz
Stupid skitz 19 days ago
So now when they finally begin there uprising hey can parkour across buildings to snap your neck
Gonk Droid
Gonk Droid 15 days ago
we can see that.
Stupid skitz
Stupid skitz 17 days ago
Marc Donis jokes on them. I don’t have a brain to eats
Marc Donis
Marc Donis 17 days ago
yes, and they will even correct your grammar for you, before eating whatever brain you happen to have.
Doc 20 days ago
Me on my way to the care package because I love loot.
Esports Women
Esports Women 20 days ago
TuringRobot.com TuringRobots.com TuringRobotic.com TuringRobotics.com - be curious.
Marcos Balieiro
Marcos Balieiro 21 day ago
Incrível abilidade desses robôs !!
Awer Lpoi
Awer Lpoi 21 day ago
Finally something to replace fat Americans
graham guitar1901
@Jerry Udonneedtoknow I would say, a mixture of the two. But it could also replace the few slim Americans too. :)
Horny Ducks
Horny Ducks 18 days ago
@Jerry Udonneedtoknow eh, just let him have it
Jerry Udonneedtoknow
I cant tell if you said it as an insult or a joke
Corentin Jorel
Corentin Jorel 26 days ago
I was wondering if the robot path was more or less preprogrammed in the robot, seems not, so very impressive !
Coringa Gamer
Coringa Gamer 29 days ago
Lu B.
Lu B. 20 days ago
No its a real fucking company
Michael Margiotta
Michael Margiotta 22 days ago
If you want fake look up BOSStown Dynamics
Barnabas Balega
Barnabas Balega 24 days ago
Beastify 26 days ago
yeah,they say it
Eric xD
Eric xD 29 days ago
How this can be fake
chiron 29 days ago
Forget exploring mars, when the police start using them, robots will be exploring your rear for contraband.
Connor Falcon
Connor Falcon 29 days ago
You can’t escape by climbing boxes now...
Anderson Braga
Anderson Braga Month ago
No real
Ramon Castillo
Ramon Castillo 20 days ago
Is this fake 😂😂 what are you a flat earthier 😂😂
Rafi Putranto
Rafi Putranto 21 day ago
No fake
Charliekatchat Month ago
Nice engrish and It is real
Ξ Month ago
Nice engrish.
Jude Felton
Jude Felton Month ago
Great now have a squad of these explore Mars
RandomMayhemGuy Month ago
Would be an awesome idea that might take off if they could weight less than an average human in the future
【Aesthetic Kitty】
Generation zero comes to life bruh
Random Month ago
they trainnin robots to kill us oh may gudneeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis, call batman
Daniel Connelly
Daniel Connelly Month ago
I think it can Parkour better than me at this point...
Remington Bradley
Yeah my AR-15 Isn't enough...
Horny Ducks
Horny Ducks 18 days ago
@THEEYE SEESALLhonestly I would prefer a truck, I mean they line up all at once after school. Honestly it's the perfect time to do it
Dolphin Boy
Dolphin Boy 22 days ago
Wow but true
seems fine enough to take down schoolkids, should do ok against this.
Robinson Mertilus
JBP sent me here
Mukul Chaudhary
Mukul Chaudhary Month ago
Seems fake!
Lord Voldemort
Lord Voldemort 20 days ago
You dumb fuck.
Мистер Тортик
no fake!
logitech4873 Month ago
It isn't.
my gym teachers grandmother
A Simple Name
A Simple Name 20 days ago
this honestly made me chuckle
Al Din
Al Din Month ago
Now cover it in silicon and will be quiet like human
Mind4Lease 13 days ago
Just put sophia and this together and we will have skin jobs at last.
SykeAmer88 _
SykeAmer88 _ Month ago
good name mate for atlas. He is (a bit) like the robot called atlas from portal 2
Pvk Jhilk
Pvk Jhilk 2 days ago
I know these fuckers are playing the Talos Principle (same game dev team)
Innerlock Studios
Corridor Digital, are you watching?
Velcro1167 Month ago
I have my anti robot weapon almost complete, so when these things come down the road, I can blast them rendering them as a pile of junk, hehehehe
THEEYE SEESALL 25 days ago
@Velcro1167 Never said an emp pulse, sure an Omnidirectional pulse is difficult, but Emp guns themselves that fire in a single direction aren't hard to make at all dude...there's literal test videos to see how effective they are against stuff like mobile phones. Also what do the 1900s have to do with anything...its 2019, technology has improved. an emp gun ain't hard to make bud, kids can make em in science class. The main issue is whether the thing you're using it on would have shielding against it.
Velcro1167 26 days ago
@THEEYE SEESALL LOL, and you believe it? Let's see if I understand correctly what you are attempting to say, all of American industry and the United States government could not replicate an EMP pulse during the 1950's 1960's and 1970's to test whether American built aircraft could withstand an EMP pulse but some guy in this garage built one? Is that what you're trying to say? LMAO
@Velcro1167 ....it is that easy... People have build emp guns on RUvid... It's literally just electromagnetic fields. You point it at anything electronic and it shuts down
Velcro1167 Month ago
@THEEYE SEESALL yeah, like that's easy to generate, anyone have a nuke handy? LoL
....or just have an emp?
Vforfettuccine Month ago
Zombie apocalypse?? Please
kagetsuki23 Month ago
Now! Make it supersonic, teach it kung fu, give it a high frequency katana and now we are talking.
jeve nagi
jeve nagi 23 days ago
Like Taito's Ninja Warriors
Good videos
Jonesso Month ago
so all we need is pathfinding and and programming for shooting a firearm and we have murder robots
Scooters Videos
Scooters Videos Month ago
correction: we have murder robots
mira kang
mira kang Month ago
You Win!
Mr. Na
Mr. Na Month ago
It is real? Or fake?
Mr. Na
Mr. Na 18 days ago
@Jerry Udonneedtoknow Soooo sorry.. english is not my language..
Jerry Udonneedtoknow
@Mr. Na the reply you made has awful grammer
Mr. Na
Mr. Na Month ago
Now I can see it is real. Humm.. maybe real. Guys thanks.
Galzerok Month ago
@K.K. Cheung i want the atlases to shoot you rn(yes there are more)
logitech4873 Month ago
@K.K. Cheung it's real.
Luis Maryland
Luis Maryland Month ago
Chinese version includes a real chinese inside the robot.... Like a costume
Patrick Britz
Patrick Britz Month ago
That's a model T .... T standing for terminator.
Adam Karelius
Adam Karelius Month ago
Please stop.
Kane Oliver
Kane Oliver Month ago
This one fake
Jerry Udonneedtoknow
Its really a shame when you cant tell the difference between cgi and reality, my brain feels like stabbing itself because you guys tjink its fake
kagetsuki23 Month ago
You're fake.
Mr. Na
Mr. Na Month ago
@Juicebox Industries Thanks
Juicebox Industries
Mr. Na this is literally on the official Boston dynamics RUvid channel
Juicebox Industries
Mr. Na I saw that video too but I assure you this ones real
Ethereal Catholic
Frightening. This technology is going to destroy us.
Magnet Art
Magnet Art Month ago
Scary from Korea..🇰🇷
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Month ago
Wow, good tecnology. The engineers who build these robots are very intelligent. These machines can really help us a lot but would never replace a human.
Alex B
Alex B Month ago
You guys should make a video of him shadow boxing 🥊
Y ZH Month ago
omid eftekhari
omid eftekhari Month ago
only cant speak english of me best 😃😃😃
omid eftekhari
omid eftekhari Month ago
only UsA in robot of me best walk and sport very soft
darcipeeps Month ago
Soon it’ll be on American Ninja Warrior
HOOVY PL Month ago
Like aperture science
Jen-Feng Chang
Jen-Feng Chang Month ago
So terrible...
bonbon boy 468
bonbon boy 468 3 days ago
What is terrible??
jobayer sajal
jobayer sajal Month ago
Please,build someting to fight them soon
jobayer sajal
jobayer sajal Month ago
@Luis Maryland which will kill human,to fight only with something of their level(
Luis Maryland
Luis Maryland Month ago
Another robot...
tdd d
tdd d Month ago
I ♡ you skynet, don't hurt me
Muhammad Adlin
Muhammad Adlin Month ago
Its kinda weird for me to see a robot move that smooth
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