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Celebrate Halloween early with me with "Parked", a scary short film I helped create! It was so much fun seeing this come to life and working with so many talented people!
Check out the BTS (Behind The Scenes): ruvid.net/video/video-WMcf6-SOgas.html
Produced By: Princess Pictures, Mike Cowap, Tobias Webster
Director: Michael Shanks
DP: Earl Desner
Writer: C.S. McMullen
Steve Bastoni
Valentino Bastoni
Kym Gyngell
Lauren Mcguckin
Ryan Toft
Special Thanks to Screen Australia
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Wengie 8 months ago
Get ready for Halloween this year and settle in with me in "Parked" It's a crazy project I worked on and was amazing to see the idea come to life and I'm so thankful to the amazing team that I was able to work with for make this happen Hope you guys enjoy this!!! 😍😍😍
Fern Fun
Fern Fun Month ago
I want this to become a whole massive movie well done you done so well
no name
no name Month ago
that's cool
Aatisha Afsheen
Aatisha Afsheen Month ago
AprilCorns Vlogs
Hi wengie
Hiren Rathod
Hiren Rathod Month ago
You are correct 🦄🌈💩
Anoosha Imran
Anoosha Imran Hour ago
The role u have choosen for yourself is definitely not matching with your real life character. Great work . Loved your outfit
Ishita Adagale
Ishita Adagale 5 hours ago
this is like final destination:0
EmirAndRoblox2020 6 hours ago
EmirAndRoblox2020 6 hours ago
EmirAndRoblox2020 6 hours ago
dxnnut xxiii
dxnnut xxiii 9 hours ago
Parked is a great film! It needs to be a full movie! Wengie, that role isn't the one who taught me literal school life hacks. I am on Replay, 24/7 just for Summer to learn her lesson. "You'll never move on if you don't win."
dxnnut xxiii
dxnnut xxiii 9 hours ago
hi rude summer wengie lol
Softi Nurul
Softi Nurul 9 hours ago
Arienne Fleurot
Arienne Fleurot 11 hours ago
there should be a part 2
Zay 12 hours ago
This gives me stranger things vibes tbh
carmamento 17 hours ago
When she runs out then turns around, before I got to see what will happend, an add for perfume for you toilet came on.
Chris and Ryan Dessert
Is it just me, or is this the freakiest thing ever?
Moonlight Pandas
I will never sleep again
Kate Bentley
Kate Bentley Day ago
Kate Bentley
Kate Bentley Day ago
You are skating me stop
Kate Bentley
Kate Bentley Day ago
ivo donevski
ivo donevski Day ago
Aimi Farhana
Aimi Farhana Day ago
so scary
Zynah Yousafzai
LOL I'm still watching this in 2020 😅😅
Lisa Pedersen
At 7:23 anyone else notice the wengie mimic in the background
Nagomi TV
Nagomi TV Day ago
It’s so gross when the girl barfs 🤮
gina canete
gina canete Day ago
Did The Kid Growed Into The Manager ? And The Story Repeats?
Rainbow Flames
If somebody doesn’t scream in the chat I’m going to die aaaaa
Duaa Mahmud
Duaa Mahmud 2 days ago
This is like a movie 🎥🍿???
Can you be freinds with me on snapchat Anggun Amani
Jhumur Jhumur
Jhumur Jhumur 2 days ago
Can you message for me and call for me ok
Jhumur Jhumur
Jhumur Jhumur 2 days ago
Hay what is your hobby
Jhumur Jhumur
Jhumur Jhumur 2 days ago
Your song is very nice my favourite song your I love you I love you where are you living
Rosalind Turner
Rosalind Turner 2 days ago
I'm now terrified Jk But I'm scared
Courtney Comer
Courtney Comer 2 days ago
I think there should be a sequel to this short film because I can’t just be left with one of these endings although they are magnificently crafted.
Crafting with Margret Maria
So wait does this mean if u don't do it correctly u don't move on. so each doll was a different chance and u keep on becoming a doll unless u do it right .........annnd once u do it correctly u can get out......
wengie fan50
wengie fan50 3 days ago
This was amazing wengie
OMGalaxy Space
OMGalaxy Space 3 days ago
I have never heard wengie swear
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera 3 days ago
This is not the wengie I used to know and love
AnimeXK-pop 3 days ago
hmm im so scared watching these
Jillian Goodwin
Jillian Goodwin 3 days ago
stop cusing
Aniyah Plummer
Aniyah Plummer 3 days ago
You deserve that
c h e r r y
c h e r r y 4 days ago
Will someone explain the meaning behind the film to me?
Mahnoor Mujeeb
Mahnoor Mujeeb 4 days ago
Wengie is that really you ?? This is not the Wengie I see in this channel , reacticorns and music channel I am really scared
SWETA SINHA 4 days ago
Tiang Yun Bing
Tiang Yun Bing 4 days ago
Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh love it!
Shaira Enerlan
Shaira Enerlan 4 days ago
I wish Wengie will have a any kind of film again huhu
Chelsea Achu Fon
Chelsea Achu Fon 4 days ago
WOW ❤️
LOKE HAY LEE Moe 4 days ago
some parts were scary espeacially the part where wengie turns in to a doll or in the end she is forever trap in a time loop
Daniel's World
Daniel's World 4 days ago
Cristy Montanez
Cristy Montanez 4 days ago
I love your videos even my cousin loves it
Emili Chacon
Emili Chacon 4 days ago
Who else is watching in 2020 June 29 or just 2020
Emili Chacon
Emili Chacon 4 days ago
Plot twist:it's her long lost twin and not her
_NaishaTandon_ 4 days ago
Me after seeing conjuring 2: -_- Me after seeing this: -_- Me after seeing the same person who used to give me diyz and lazy hacks: 😵😵😵😵😵😵
Kiran Tandon
Kiran Tandon 4 days ago
Lolz seriously u r right
Jungshook 5 days ago
I literally forgot that wengie existed-
Baby cobra
Baby cobra 5 days ago
What if the old man is a time traveled version of the kid who was employed by the funfair and decided to teach "summer" a lesson
iiflxffybunny '
iiflxffybunny ' 5 days ago
It says it was shot in Australia and that’s where I live
Michel Catindig
Michel Catindig 5 days ago
Ooh goody
Tanishka Tekale
Tanishka Tekale 5 days ago
Aman Sheikh
Aman Sheikh 5 days ago
Akshata Shetty
Akshata Shetty 5 days ago
It was amazing ❤️ Such a nice idea
55 5 days ago
Cringe !
Jared Sankar
Jared Sankar 5 days ago
FUN FACT: Jump scares are weak without sound hehehehehehe, you know what to do if you dont like jump scares, i used to watch wengie a year ago, but then i forgot about her... then ON THE DAY IM TYPING THIS JUNE 28th 2020 SHE WAS IN MY RECOMMENDATIONS YAYYYYY>..
Parnika Jaiswal
Parnika Jaiswal 5 days ago
Wow this is so amazing.. the camera angles, directing and the storyline overall!! Its brilliant. I hope we get more of this..💕
XxGachaCookiexX 1
This should be on Netflix
Ynna Macaraig
Ynna Macaraig 6 days ago
Wengie: running Ad:see that bye the new ap
Rosa Khongbantabam
it was scary for me ;-;
Nayab Rafi
Nayab Rafi 6 days ago
Wengie is so talented, beautiful, pretty, cute and I should say that she is the meaning of perfect to me
Mezuyakii 6 days ago
Kabir Sanghadia
Kabir Sanghadia 6 days ago
Yo I feel you abt not having kids. Rather have a dog
sophia faustino
sophia faustino 6 days ago
this should be a movie this is so wonderful!!!!
Galaxy Penguin
Galaxy Penguin 6 days ago
it looks like the carnival for escape the night season 3
Elmira Karimova
Elmira Karimova 6 days ago
This was giving me chills 🥶
123UnicornRose /Abby:3:p
Am I on the right side of Internet
Baby cobra
Baby cobra 6 days ago
Wait I’m confused, is this channel family friendly?
KitKatKavita 6 days ago
I loved this short movie so much
Elif inci ADALI
Elif inci ADALI 7 days ago
Love ❤❤
Hussain Raza Gheewala
0:00 - 0:24. doesn't it feel like coraline??
Jessica Resendiz
Jessica Resendiz 7 days ago
I’ve never seen so many of you in my life
roblox master
roblox master 7 days ago
Is thsi a movie
Angie angie Mahira
Kids jes 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Creative Thingz
Creative Thingz 7 days ago
Can anyone plss tell me what's 4:37
Creative Thingz
Creative Thingz 6 days ago
@Sayed Chowdhury i didn't understand..
Sayed Chowdhury
Sayed Chowdhury 6 days ago
sorry to say this but your christian minecraft sever has been cursed she swore
Kiranpreet Kaur
Kiranpreet Kaur 7 days ago
What is the park owner crossing off on his clipboard
Amaya Koon
Amaya Koon 8 days ago
Tell my why the maze scene remained me of the movie "us"
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