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A Bruno Fernandes penalty chance got things started off in Paris as Manchester United buried its opportunity to take control 1-0 in the 23’.
From there PSG kept creating chances until they tied it up in the 55’ off an Anthony Martial own goal off of a corner kick. Manchester United would eventually answer back late in the second half, burying it right where PSG keeper Keylor Navas couldn’t reach it, giving them a 2-1 lead in the 87’.
Manchester United would hold on for the final minutes to secure a decisive win over PSG away from home.
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Oct 20, 2020




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Nick Walker
Nick Walker 6 hours ago
Why haven’t these uniforms been dropped in Fifa 21!?!?
Nathan Branch
Nathan Branch 6 hours ago
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Marco Verde
Marco Verde 6 hours ago
Paris saint gerstupid
Marco Verde
Marco Verde 6 hours ago
Laylan 6 hours ago
Navas so sorry. He never stretch out properly
Sadie Tillberg
Sadie Tillberg 6 hours ago
Why the hell.did this come on after memes😂😂😂😂😂😂
Bobby 6 hours ago
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Dawit_K 7 hours ago
Imagine beating PSG but struggling against mid ass premier league teams.
Dawit_K 7 hours ago
it ain’t Man U without a gay ass penalty.
Caityyy723 7 hours ago
Darwin Gonzalez
Darwin Gonzalez 7 hours ago
United will lose to Leipzig and get trashed like always in the playoffs.
1k SUBZ Before 2021
Rashford just loves playing in Paris
Chance Uemura
Chance Uemura 7 hours ago
Hahaha I’m crying right now my reds are finally in the champions league
1k SUBZ Before 2021
MAN united: Loses to tottenham 6-1, become 15th place in the league Also man united: Lets beat last year's champions league finalists!!!
dbogust 7 hours ago
At least this doesn't have the fake fan noises like the NFL does...
Sam Uranga
Sam Uranga 7 hours ago
Poet called it
Fume 7 hours ago
Yo Rashford kept trying and got that nice goal 😈
cy fassihi
cy fassihi 7 hours ago
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D W E B B 8 hours ago
Fuck this go listen to nba youngboy
Aalam Sulski
Aalam Sulski 8 hours ago
Ole's reaction to the pen at 1:07. Just look at that eye roll lol
G M 8 hours ago
5:12 It’s funny how they still celebrate Martial’s own goal with Uptown Funk😂😂😂
Eden Chilton
Eden Chilton 8 hours ago
I’m only chatting for likes.😛
Sorrow Clan
Sorrow Clan 8 hours ago
Kswagg Reacts
Kswagg Reacts 8 hours ago
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globefunseekers 8 hours ago
These games have no energy without the crowd cheering. It's boring.
Noe Ortega
Noe Ortega 9 hours ago
The dribble from Mbappé @4:04 should’ve been goal
Reynaldo Ramirez
Reynaldo Ramirez 9 hours ago
Yoo this is crazy must watch ruvid.net/video/video-pyWDgd9uxR0.html
Reynaldo Ramirez
Reynaldo Ramirez 9 hours ago
Nidhi Ladiwal
Nidhi Ladiwal 9 hours ago
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Midori Arakai
Midori Arakai 10 hours ago
I hope it's Jensen
Midori Arakai
Midori Arakai 10 hours ago
I hope it's because I really like it
Marty D
Marty D 10 hours ago
Is that Juve?! 🤔
yes papa
yes papa 10 hours ago
Frank Dylong
Frank Dylong 10 hours ago
admire the fact that this is trending more then james charles videos
Just Awesome ::
Just Awesome :: 10 hours ago
I love this game😍👏👏
Bazeline Wallace
Bazeline Wallace 10 hours ago
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Raelynn Lamach
Raelynn Lamach 11 hours ago
Raelynn Lamach
Raelynn Lamach 11 hours ago
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RICO PARADISE 11 hours ago
SierraRomeo 11 hours ago
I don't understand why Neymar didn't use his best ability, throwing himself in the penalty area for no reason and spin and scream like a poisoned rat.
Lucid Love
Lucid Love 11 hours ago
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SprDam 11 hours ago
Wow number 1 on trending
ROBLOXOOF122 11 hours ago
Justpickaname 11 hours ago
0:57 this bullshit has ruined soccer
brandon 999
brandon 999 11 hours ago
Alex 12 hours ago
Man utd going all the way
Joshua Gayle
Joshua Gayle 12 hours ago
Wan Bisaka is a great defender. I can't really remember when he's had a bad game, and even in his bad games he still does something good.
chill gamer
chill gamer 12 hours ago
A gem a absolute gem!!!!
Alan Anaya
Alan Anaya 12 hours ago
only goals man u has conceded since the spurs defeat have been own goals lmao
SKYLAR CUNHA 12 hours ago
oh shit
SKYLAR CUNHA 12 hours ago
lets go yahhhh
SKYLAR CUNHA 12 hours ago
hell yah
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Michael Bernstein
Michael Bernstein 12 hours ago
navas the G
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RochaMusic X
RochaMusic X 12 hours ago
Always said Tuanzebe is a great defender and what Man Utd needed. NOT sure why he never got a real chance.
Ava Braxton
Ava Braxton 12 hours ago
Great game by MU, impressive
Vedant Tiwari
Vedant Tiwari 12 hours ago
What’s one word that will trigger the entire comment section here, “soccer”
Justus 12 hours ago
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ZANE 12 hours ago
Martial what the actual fuck
World Truth
World Truth 12 hours ago
Why does the intro shout "VAGINAAAAAA'S"?
beberli guzman
beberli guzman 12 hours ago
i am not subscribing
STILL 12 hours ago
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Cowboy Wazowski
Cowboy Wazowski 12 hours ago
Ofcourse Tuanzebe can catch up to Mbappe. He is the fastest Hungry Hungry Hippos player.
Alma Ramirez
Alma Ramirez 13 hours ago
Sheeby 13 hours ago
C.R 13 hours ago
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Elan Wan
Elan Wan 13 hours ago
I just decided to check out the trending page for the first time. I was definitely surprised to see this
Cam Jo
Cam Jo 13 hours ago
United had way too many opportunities. Sure PSG has some star attackers, but something’s going on in their defense
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I didn't know soccer was this popular...
1000 Subscribers Without Videos
Incredible game didn't know soccer was back on.
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