Paper towns and why learning is awesome | John Green

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Some of us learn best in the classroom, and some of us ... well, we don't. But we still love to learn, to find out new things about the world and challenge our minds. We just need to find the right place to do it, and the right community to learn with. In this charming talk, author John Green shares the world of learning he found in online video.
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Jul 22, 2015




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Promoting classes
Promoting classes 2 hours ago
DubiousDoom 23 hours ago
Anyone else get sucker punched by the fact that John Green met and is friends with zefrank?
epic gamer
epic gamer Day ago
I just now realized that he made the crash course videos and is my fav author lmao
Taelemea 5 days ago
just a realisation- his voice kinda sounds like Peter Griffin from family guy.
William Woods
William Woods 8 days ago
Just started enjoying Crash Course. I enjoy it! Thanks!
Blair D
Blair D 10 days ago
never knew this was his voice......... sigh
Domi Figueroa
Domi Figueroa 10 days ago
I lived in Birmingham too!!!
The_Ultimate _Solitude
I didn't know Jim Carrey was so into maps.
dai east
dai east 11 days ago
shirt tails, dude, shirt tails!
driver8 12 days ago
I ate a cheeseburger in roscoe, ny
Electromorphous 15 days ago
imagine all the Amandas from that school watching this...
wata melone
wata melone 23 days ago
sandwich lol
wata melone
wata melone 23 days ago
Christina Fidance
Christina Fidance 25 days ago
DORKS UNITE!!!! I freakin LOVE learning!!!! 💕 💗 💕 💗
miss honey
miss honey 27 days ago
John Green is an awesome guy
corrda1993 Month ago
That crash course video with half a million views now has 5 million views.
Shrinky Face
Shrinky Face Month ago
Was awesome.
Eric Stuhr
Eric Stuhr Month ago
This was one of the best ted talks I’ve seen
Lachlan Edwards
Lachlan Edwards Month ago
im convinced he is one of the greatest humans to have ever walked the earth
collin henry
collin henry Month ago
This continuation of education in a fun way to learn. John Green is right that it is generation of the community of learning. Thank God for the technology of the internet. And is not only White Americans and Europeans who pioneer the creation of the internet and also computer in general was African immigrant in the States from Nigeria who name is Philip Emeagwali who invented the Internet. But that is another story or is it?
Josie Clarke
Josie Clarke Month ago
I like learning but then everyone puts pressure on me to do well because I actually work hard outside of school, therefore I generally do well inside of school too. But it’s too much pressure, and I never know how to respond. What should I say next time somebody does that?
Javier Carrera
Javier Carrera Month ago
You’re great John
Edward's Archive
what a ravenclaw
Abdalrahman arrob
Anyone know what the RUvid channel at 13:48
Sagar Gaur
Sagar Gaur Month ago
Joel Mahon
Joel Mahon Month ago
Wish more of the video was more tightly related to the initial concept of maps influencing the world.
It’s just YouTube
All jokes to one side I never want to school I taught myself to read I'm new always reading I learned to play guitar on RUvid RUvid is amazing
Teodora Markova
Teodora Markova 2 months ago
RUvid is so rich in various topics, which I would never even think of. The Green brothers are absolutely top quality learning and whenever me and my friends have a conversation and we quote something from them, it's always a top argument. And that is because it is followed by logic. This argumentative part lacks so much in the general mass of people in my city - Sofia, that I just wonder if they know what they are missing out on. (Nevertheless I keep my mind open to an opposite argument)
Hayden Cope
Hayden Cope 2 months ago
I swear, John Green is a huge inspiration to students or people in general who are learning and becoming world knowledgeable or intelligent of a field of subjects
- -
- - 2 months ago
Oh! He missed some1: Gorden Ramsay
Big Fish
Big Fish 2 months ago
Why does he keep switching from homer simpson voice and smart concise voice :)
Megha Kaushik
Megha Kaushik 2 months ago
What's the name of the RUvid channel at 13:45 ?
Sagar Gaur
Sagar Gaur Month ago
Jonanas Bananas
Jonanas Bananas 2 months ago
4:25 nobody laughed because it was too relatable
Eli Dryden
Eli Dryden 2 months ago
Someone tell John to tuck in his shirt.
Andrea Jeanne
Andrea Jeanne 2 months ago
at least i dont have to set my video speed to 0.75x to hear what he has to say unlike when i watch his brother teach on crashcourse lol
jupiter is a bean
jupiter is a bean 2 months ago
ugh this man is awesome!!!
Charlie Penis
Charlie Penis 2 months ago
john green crash course > john green books
Andrea Rodriguez
Andrea Rodriguez 2 months ago
I didn't know that Jhon Green is the one who teach me history in CrashCourse channel
keshav tiwari
keshav tiwari 2 months ago
How could I thank this person for bringing a revolution in my life?........... M speechless
Shukrullo Nazirjonov
“Uzbek people “
t1n 2 months ago
Amazing talk! I also figured out that I'm pretty much addicted to learning. I'm a redditor myself while enrolled in youtube university. My response to any "coastline" I get excited about now is to Google it, RUvid it, and Reddit it. Sometimes, I look it up on Instagram. I actually don't really use my Facebook account anymore, and I check Instagram about once a day. There's just so much more interesting material elsewhere.
Kennedy Ralocke
Kennedy Ralocke 2 months ago
he’s literally my physics teacher
Jacob 3 months ago
That is the reason why I love John Green because he was a normal teen who struggled like most students but found a way out to benefit others in ways he wished he got benefited in. To help others learn that learning is quite amazing, that things are new and it can bring people together. He inspired me to do the same and tutor others. Thank you John Green. You are my hero in everything you do from your books like looking for Alaska to fall in our hearts and to places on the internet like Crashcourse and Freemanpedia(which I think you made), you helped me get pumped and motivated to be a better learner and person, which I am helping others in spite that I wish I had someone that helped me as a kid.
Corinne Geras
Corinne Geras 3 months ago
Oh GREAT..................A NEW book !!! THANK YOU. I love the way you put word together.
Danielle M Hall
Danielle M Hall 3 months ago
RUvid helped me to learn stuff I had no access to in school. Photography, creative writing, film studies etc.
Hedda Axelsson
Hedda Axelsson 3 months ago
My first thought comming in here: omg, John Green had a Ted talk
Emily Hume
Emily Hume 3 months ago
He is such an amazing and inspirational person...I really aspire to be like him.
Sarah H
Sarah H 3 months ago
The best thing about RUvid learning is you can pause and repeat. Very helpful.
Rin 3 months ago
I don't think John will ever read this but I just wanted to say I first watched this when I was really struggling with finishing high school because I had just lost all the motivation to "learn" (memorize things). But after high school, I'm so glad I found myself inspired again. My uni classes were so engaging and the professors were amazing. It was like I could feel my brain grow everyday! I'm happy to say I was able to turn things around for myself and get excited about learning again. Also, having a degree is a nice bonus. Watching this video now, I'm very grateful to you, John. Learning is awesome!
A Shish Kebab
A Shish Kebab 3 months ago
Slacker 3 months ago
Why does john green looks like version of 'pudge' (from looking for alaska series), who reads whole book straight not just the ending lines?
Celiene Paul
Celiene Paul 3 months ago
Learned a lot from my "U" courses @ RUvid. Thanks John for mapping it out online.
muhammada kaleem
muhammada kaleem 3 months ago
Now I want to go and learn physics. I hate physics.
Grace Fasiku
Grace Fasiku 3 months ago
John Greene is so amazing
Robert Crier
Robert Crier 4 months ago
John green is my super hero if anything. My hero’s are: -Elon Musk -Nikolai tesla -John green -Hank green -Kevin Mitnick -Albert Einstein -Grace Hopper -Ada Lovelace -Al-kurismi (7th century cryptanalysis developer) -Gary McGraw -The character from MR.ROBOT And so much more intelligent people, I just wish I was on John greens level of world perspective.
Ella Hammett
Ella Hammett 4 months ago
And now he finds himself wearing his own strangulation device. Despite that irony, I think he still maintains his own intellectual freedom through his untucked shirt 😂
Truthseeker721 4 months ago
Bravo sir. By engaging Ted talk fans you continue to broaden the circle.
brendan meyer
brendan meyer 4 months ago
why does he sound like owen wilson but only in this video
Bantisikha Das
Bantisikha Das 4 months ago
i love crash course
Muhammad Mubashirullah
If only that shirt was tucked in.
馬善存 4 months ago
8:48 : how he get on the fbi watch list.
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