Paper towns and why learning is awesome | John Green

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Some of us learn best in the classroom, and some of us ... well, we don't. But we still love to learn, to find out new things about the world and challenge our minds. We just need to find the right place to do it, and the right community to learn with. In this charming talk, author John Green shares the world of learning he found in online video.
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Jul 22, 2015




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Comments 100
Rudy Dulcera
Rudy Dulcera 14 hours ago
Joimee Cajandab
Joimee Cajandab 18 hours ago
So true, ruvid.net/video/video-NgDGlcxYrhQ.html
Jahred Sullivan
RUvid comment section stand up!!
Rhes Cataluna
Rhes Cataluna 4 days ago
5:34 have y'all heard abt The Fault in our Stars? YES U KNOW IT
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma 5 days ago
watching this in 2020. oh god
Jimin Cheon
Jimin Cheon 6 days ago
Those memes though... They gave birth to a whole new race of memes, and those ones are VERY different
Call Ace
Call Ace 7 days ago
wait so my favorite author's GPA is in 2s? lol love him
Parnika Sahu
Parnika Sahu 8 days ago
"Yes, I can see her almost perfectly in this cracked darkness. " Anyone remembers?
purple hope
purple hope 10 days ago
I wonder if anyone is watching this now in 2020. What 12 year old John Green thought of education being hurdles and people going on good jobs as being symbol of unhappiness, is what I still think; a 24 year old adult. I see I have been developing backwards? Idk. Just a thought that came to my mind. I thought to leave here since no one will read it.
William Jarosz
William Jarosz 11 days ago
..... The Mongols
chasmi 13 days ago
i will never move on from the fact that an imperial affliction isn't a real book.
Vaibhav Jindal
Vaibhav Jindal 14 days ago
RUvid has forgotten the way.
M. O.
M. O. 15 days ago
It is not a video about learning or communitues or anything useful in terms of enlightement. It's a bunch of videoclips presented by a an overexcited kidult with a recently discovered vocabulary bagage. There is no substance, no originality, no solution, no conclusion. This way I could write a TED talk right now. Awful! P.S. though not bad for a pub conversation
NKL 15 days ago
wow wtf that exactly what i thought
sunil wajge
sunil wajge 17 days ago
Even I think the same way about schools and John just put this into words.....hurdles in the way of adulthood😛
sunil wajge
sunil wajge 17 days ago
This guy has been my best friend since ages. Be it in a novel or his youtube video 😊
marya mike
marya mike 18 days ago
I watch crash course as a hobby
marya mike
marya mike 18 days ago
Mr Green! Mr Green! Yes me from my past... were there paper people in paper town on a paper map
Somenath Mukherjee
Somenath Mukherjee 25 days ago
This is a really new perspective on community learning. I never related to my school and college education in this manner, but I'm excited to make this a part of my world map and see where I might get.
aMuffins 26 days ago
who else is here because of school LOL
Juliane Keller
Juliane Keller 27 days ago
I am proud to have found this video on my feed :)
Mika Morgan
Mika Morgan Month ago
John Green is like the coolest lame guy ever
Jude Ji
Jude Ji Month ago
someday i will become just like john green (:
The Wealthy Sailor
Not that it's the biggest problem of today, but today's problems are caused, atleast on part with peoples refusal to learn new things.
Nikolas Banzuela
I just hear Crash Course
Don Z
Don Z Month ago
What's wrong with his voice? Its not normally like that...is it? It doesn't sound like that on his crash course series. But, maybe I just haven't realized it yet.
Izhan Month ago
I came back to watch it again but it hurts that I can't like it again. ಥ‿ಥ
Dunya Month ago
What channel is this advanced math video? Please help dear fellow community of learners!
Sangay Zam, BA Eng Studies [Cohort2020 RTC]
I loved his perspective especially the part when he said that we are a part of something great which can be a part of achievements that are equivalent to the discussion of the Parisons from the Enlightenment Era. We are constantly creating and living a part of the upcoming History! Hurray to Mr. Green!
Krish Shah
Krish Shah Month ago
John Green is lit
Jacob Month ago
I'm starting to notice that some of the best teachers didn't do well in school. Is that just me?
Marlah Angela
Marlah Angela Month ago
When u thought it was just a book but it has a whole lot of crash course behind it. 👁️👄👁️
Brenan - Gaming
Brenan - Gaming Month ago
At 7:20 there was an ad so it said, “and i learned that (insert insurance company name) will save you and your loved ones from death or terminal ilness”
Math S.
Math S. Month ago
Mr. Green I invite you a read more history and learn about black legend about of Spanish Empire, this will be amplify your vision about history and you do not huge mistakes when you talk and TEACHING about Spanish History
jadyn martinez
jadyn martinez Month ago
anekoinatophat Month ago
respect to you mr green
Sharon Vargas
Sharon Vargas Month ago
No se que dice pero lo amo
Shyamal Ganguly
Shyamal Ganguly Month ago
This is l know Hogging the Lime Light green, ExLant!
archana hiremath
i hear bestdressed (ashley) in a male voice
-COOKIEZILA - Month ago
Ik about the book paper towns and ik about crash course and I knew the author and the host were both named John Green and I thought 'Oh, theres two influential people named John Green. How funny.' Now I know their the same person lol
multifandom 2 months ago
with all the stories about people being successful and not getting good grades, I wonder why my parents still think that the only way to live life right us to get good grades, get into a uni with a scholarship and get an awesome job
Carlos Hernández
Carlos Hernández 2 months ago
I will not lie, I was expecting the mongols joke. But above all, is a wonderfull talk
Magnus Damborg
Magnus Damborg 2 months ago
John Green is so awesome
Laura G
Laura G 2 months ago
John your parents didn’t want you playing Mario Kart all summer
Purva Tekkar
Purva Tekkar 2 months ago
Suggest some books that are great for learning about multiple interesting subject matters.
Sahrish Majeed
Sahrish Majeed 2 months ago
It's covid rn and i'm sick (not becoz of covid) and i wanna take a break but i can't coz if you stop for sometime but the world won't and you get scared that you will remain behind.. I was topper and passionate learner in school but now i clg i just don't know what to do anymore. . Everything feels like a burden..
David Chidester
David Chidester 2 months ago
I took a conservation biology class in college. In our discussion page I linked a relevant video from minute earth. My professor loved it and must have gone down the rabbit hole of their videos because she recommended everyone go watch their channel. Many of the topics we covered in the class were explained in a more accessible way over there. There really are some amazing educational resources on this platform.
Suresh Jayaprakasam
Suresh Jayaprakasam 2 months ago
Community of learners
skunktheshrink 2 months ago
Things specks of dust do to make themselves feel special.
Ahmed Haeba
Ahmed Haeba 2 months ago
This is a fake John green he is not talking fast enough
c y p h e r f a c e x _x
why is no one laughing? like for real!
Frank Wagner
Frank Wagner 2 months ago
Paper towns was kind of a pointless story. Character driven, for sure, as the plot was dreck.
Mugdha Kurkure
Mugdha Kurkure 2 months ago
5 years later and this video is still just as relevant
Sanjeevani Saikia
Sanjeevani Saikia 2 months ago
John is cracking jokes. Why aren't these people laughing?
Justas 3 months ago
3:25 John "Advertisement is my middle name" Green
Justas 3 months ago
Didn't realize this was John Green
Michael Block
Michael Block 3 months ago
The way we map the world changes things. Yup. July 2020 can confirm.
Eric Guo
Eric Guo 3 months ago
So true, I look at google maps locations for ideas on where to go
Jarrod Yuki
Jarrod Yuki 3 months ago
public urination should be legal as long as its out of the sight of children.
th4t gi
th4t gi 3 months ago
I love the Green brothers buuuuuuuuut: why is Johns shirt not tucked in?.........
Andrew B
Andrew B 3 months ago
No disrespect but he kinda looks likes Tom Brady
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
I knew I recognized thw voice and when I looked it was this guy
Nysha Kapur
Nysha Kapur 3 months ago
john green is the coolest man alive
Izhan 3 months ago
You forgot to say,"Good Morning, Hank it's Tuesday."
Karthikeyan Saravanabavan
He is probably the one speaker who didn't speak in the style imposed by Ted but spoke in his own style and it's an absolute delight to hear his voice in his style
rsr789 4 months ago
If only John Green had learned how to tuck in his shirt.
William Teller
William Teller 4 months ago
His humor
Ellyra 4 months ago
I saw John Green. I clicked.
Chase prevost
Chase prevost 4 months ago
Man sounds like Swagger Souls
zhao hong
zhao hong 4 months ago
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shaka g.k.
shaka g.k. 4 months ago
john green is the best
Pyro Plus
Pyro Plus 4 months ago
lmao love the shameless self promo, this guys good.
Saranna Rotgard
Saranna Rotgard 4 months ago
I have a question for EVERYONE watching this video: how did you discover your learning communities on RUvid? And, if the content of a particular channel varies in topic (for example, you're not there just to learn about physics), what makes you stay? Full disclosure: I ask because I am creating an educational channel and my goal is to develop exactly the type of community John Green discusses here. What I am trying to work out is how creators like Tom Scott, Half as Interesting, Smarter Everyday, and vlogbrothers maintain RUvid learning communities that cross the boundaries of traditional academic fields. I aspire to do the same: although I left Columbia University, where I was studying molecular neuroscience, my background is in classical music, my profession is acting, and the majority of what I know I've learnt on my own. I want, so badly, to find a community of learners interested in varied, interdisciplinary topics, but THEY have to find ME. So, how did you find your favourite creators? (Any advice/insight is appreciated!)
J MG 4 months ago
Generally I just search for a topic that interests me and when I find a creator I like I add their channel. Many times the way I come accross a new educator is because they are a guest. I believe if you create content you're passionate about you will gain a following and by being a guest on other channels this will expose other to you. Also ensure you have the relevant search tags. Good luck, I hope this helps.
Miss Seaweed
Miss Seaweed 4 months ago
13:46 Me: VIHARTVIHARTVIHARTVIHARTVIHART Also, God, I literally recognized each person/RUvidr he mentioned.
Hapsetshut 4 months ago
RIP Tumblr
Devin 4 months ago
he sounds like an enthusiastic swagger souls
Dania Flores
Dania Flores 4 months ago
I saw Crash Course in my classroom. The exact one about WW2
Jcm 4 months ago
Just found out that the guy from crash course youtube channel is the famous author John Green😯
Aslı CİHANGİR 4 months ago
John blinking this many times in a video is unusual.
robert tovar
robert tovar 4 months ago
egg salad
egg salad 4 months ago
sunni the strange
sunni the strange 4 months ago
wOw i live in rockland and we finally get on a video 😂
Kate Henkelman
Kate Henkelman 4 months ago
can anyone find the infinite elephants video? I want to watch it but I can't find it. Thanks
Anthony Farago
Anthony Farago 4 months ago
Deadass sounded like Homer Simpson in the intro 0:14
Nicole Ramos
Nicole Ramos 4 months ago
Omg he’s the “Crash Course” guy?!?? I’am addicted to that channel!!!!!! 😃
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal 4 months ago
At first you have no idea where he's going with this and then it all just comes together. What a heart warming speech. Just so you haters know. I've read some of his books and watched ALL of his history videos.
Katarina Jordan
Katarina Jordan 4 months ago
I'm with John Green, and I don't want a "good" job.
Thai Fried Banana
Thai Fried Banana 4 months ago
😭 "Education was just a series of hurdles... and I had to jump over in order to achieve adulthood" 👍🏻
Steve Deasy
Steve Deasy 4 months ago
"Where old men fear to tread..." Not old at 60! Peter Pan! Never, never grow up!
龘鱈鍵 4 months ago
Boy you have no idea how relieved I am to hear that this genius had a 2.0 GPA on average.
Ayesha Madni
Ayesha Madni 5 months ago
i have come to love john green as the the main creator of crash course, (unpopular opinion! not being a huge fan of the fault in our stars) but his extensively researched show, his vast knowledge and his conviction to give back to the community of learners and his utter love of knowledge reflected by him talking about literature, history etc in crash course with so much passion. U can literally feel it when viewing the videos....!
Jamshid Ruziev
Jamshid Ruziev 5 months ago
this man is really smart, he should write a book or something
MF Xandro
MF Xandro 5 months ago
this dudes wearing addidas superstars to his ted talk
timomonochrom 5 months ago
11:25 places like r/science where people make oversimplified claims about stuff without having any academic background in this field, don't even cite a single peer reviewed paper and get a lot of upvotes because it kinda sounds plausible?
Nat Correa
Nat Correa 5 months ago
When he said that all four of the videos aren't watching in classrooms... I've had to watch Crash Course videos in AND out of class by my teachers
Melissa Singleton
Melissa Singleton 5 months ago
actually started crying because I forgot how much I love learning
Marco Castillo
Marco Castillo 5 months ago
Im happy to see these videos thanks TED, but where was this ted talk? Was it in Indiana? Haha I would've been laughing a lot, the audience wasn't that engaged, maybe they weren't the appropriate public, nevertheless great talk and like they said in your hometown don't forget to be awesome:)
Glitter Queen
Glitter Queen 5 months ago
John Green is my favourite
Mag Chan
Mag Chan 5 months ago
I love RUvid as a learning community!
jordi zapata
jordi zapata 5 months ago
Dear RUvid University, Thank you.
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