Papa Roach - Scars

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Music video by Papa Roach performing Scars. (C) 2005 Geffen Records




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HayesByeGrey 6 hours ago
I remember people be dressing like Papa Roach in the early 2000’s. Those were the days.
Keith Marlowe
Keith Marlowe 11 hours ago
Can't wait for the concert
Jen Sig
Jen Sig 13 hours ago
yes I'm old 47
Courtney Britt
This is the theme song for my entire life I swear...
DextropHm 2 days ago
10 years ago and im still listening to papa roach
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Is this listentnig in 2020 This video Wonderful 1:44 💚🔥🔥 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💞
Gacha Wølfie
Gacha Wølfie 2 days ago
2020 and still listening to this song
Sam Nicholas
Sam Nicholas 2 days ago
The soundtrack to Chad in a Tapout shirt punching dry walls
Crystal Mitory
Crystal Mitory 2 days ago
Yup i do care to much this song is deep.
Angel 2 days ago
This shit go fucking hard lowkey
Adrean Roberts
Adrean Roberts 3 days ago
Who's watching in 2020 ?
Phillip Rodriguez
I bet NONE OF YOU knew Jacoby was the host to the show Scarred
Poncho Gonzales
Poncho Gonzales 4 days ago
She stole my 💓 and that is not a crime.
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 4 days ago
2020 anyone?
Braden Hamilton
Braden Hamilton 4 days ago
The best
Frenet t.c
Frenet t.c 4 days ago
The best band PAPA ROACH!!!!
brittany kunker
brittany kunker 4 days ago
I was twelve when my sister showed me this now I'm 22
looper man
looper man 5 days ago
Quarantine families ,I love you all 🔥🔥🔥💕 from Highschool .. this song never die..
Gracias Dios Dios es Amor
Gracias Dios Dios es Amor
Anna Bush
Anna Bush 5 days ago
Compassions is in my nature & I've yelled Go fix yourself to my ex a few times & when i finally had the strength to leave him i told him i had to move on with my own life. this song helped me a lot to realize how bad a person with alcohol addiction can get i did all i could but my weakness is that i care to much but in order for anyone to save someone that person with the problem has to want to save their self.
Mariah W.
Mariah W. 6 days ago
Memories of being in my moms car just being a kid enjoying life and listening to awesome music
A W 7 days ago
Fixing myself
buttman robin
buttman robin 7 days ago
best decade of my life
Transeúnte Profano
salute from Colombia. I'm in half quarantine, due to excess of time i have these days, i´m making a playlist on RUvid and Spotify called Songs on Quarantine. my profile is profane passerby. because together we can passing all of this, and because music is the cure
Jeanne Bumaat
Jeanne Bumaat 8 days ago
Make it blue still a fan...
Shivam Patel
Shivam Patel 8 days ago
I forgot this song existed. Glad I found it again.
Ma Lim
Ma Lim 9 days ago
Retta Spradlin
Retta Spradlin 9 days ago
180502 food
ignacio domingu
ignacio domingu 9 days ago
vamos Talleres carajo!
Leonid Yurchenkof
Leonid Yurchenkof 10 days ago
2020 live
Anthony Vega
Anthony Vega 10 days ago
whos here in 2020??
Jonathan Espinoza
Jonathan Espinoza 10 days ago
Temazo de. Papa roach 💞anotenlo nice song
Jesus Barbacena
Jesus Barbacena 10 days ago
im 14 y/o and this song makes me LSS.🤘
Jesus Barbacena
Jesus Barbacena 11 days ago
Joshua Foster
Joshua Foster 11 days ago
i was born in 2005 and discovered this music in 2013 and i loved it ever since
jorgo myrto
jorgo myrto 11 days ago
04:25 AM i lisent this in my birthday cause my bth suck
Retta Spradlin
Retta Spradlin 9 days ago
Μπεσμιρ Σκεμπι
Hey there
Leo Felice Barbieri
tyreese whitewolfboi
Man, that stupid Ho knot that candle stick over lol
Kaitlyn McKessy
Kaitlyn McKessy 13 days ago
It doesn't matter what has happened to you in the the past because JESUS CHRIST is always there for you.
its Jesiahz
its Jesiahz 14 days ago
like if here in 2020
Böðvarr Bjarki
Böðvarr Bjarki 11 days ago
Like of here in 3030
Dylen Paone
Dylen Paone 14 days ago
this song is so relatible and true dam
RobinYourHood 18
RobinYourHood 18 15 days ago
Story of my life
sara-jayne Davis
sara-jayne Davis 15 days ago
Listening to this play list on my motorbike it's not loud enough tho🤘
sebastian bentos
sebastian bentos 16 days ago
Sin dudas, es un excelente tema.!!! 💪💪
D J 16 days ago
1. Muse - Starlight (feat. Veronica Bravo) 2. Laszlo - Drive 3. Sum 41 - Walking Disaster 4. T-MASS - Automatic 5. Beck - Loser (ft. Phantom Sage & Collective Soul) 6. Coldplay - In My Place (feat. ReesaLunn, Blink & Lifehouse) 7. JPB - In The End 8. Papa Roach - Scars 9. Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (feat. Nirvana) 10. Ed Sheeran - Make It Rain 11. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside (feat. The Kooks) 12. ARCTIC Monkeys - Brianstorm (feat. Kaiser Chiefs) 13. Portal - Still Alive 14. The Cranberries - Animal Instinct? (feat. Bloc Party) 15. Bruce Springsteen & Travis - Sing 16. Modest Mouse - Dashboard 17. Stereo Phonics - Dakota 18. U2 & Incubus x PADI - Vertigo (feat. Flyleaf) 19. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phone Jam 20. Kasabian - Fire 21. System Of A Down feat. PrimalScream - Aerials 22. Green Day - Oneofusa (feat. Franz Ferdiand) 23. The Cribs Feat. Embrace - Last Nite 24. Electric Six - Gay Bar (feat. Bruce Springsteen) 25. bobsinclar - World Hold On 26. David Guetta - Memories (feat. Kid Cudi) 27. Sum-41 & Bruce Springsteen - Pieces (feat. The Fratellis) 28. Trulli Tales & Veronica Bravo - Pizzicad 29. t'he cardigans - Lovefool (feat. Duran Duran) 30. Van Halen - You Really Got Me 31. Portal - Glumurphonel 32. Paul Flint - Lovebug (feat. Jonas Brothers) 33. Nirvana & Kings Of Leon - Lithium 34. Unknown Brain - Oneofus Earthquake 35. AFI - Medicate 36. Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning 37. Travis - Closer 38. Metallica - Nothing Else Matters 39. The Verve - History (feat. Silent Sanctuary) 40. Oasis & Bloc Party - Banquet (The Academy Guitarra Electrica) 41. My Chemical Romance - Helena 42. Survivor - Burning Heart 43. The Academy & Diamond Eyes - Flutter 44. Simple-Plan - Untitled 45. AFI - Affliction 46. DrowningPool - Reminded 47. Mgmt - In The Afternoon (feat. Seether) 48. Kaiser.Chiefs - I Predict A Riot 49. Travis - Side
Holdy 17 days ago
I watched this clip for the last time several years ago, and today, having reviewed it, I could not stop laughing: Jacoby does not like what his girlfriend is drinking. What is he doing? Right, the party with a bunch of booze!
sire Luci Fer Diablo
this came out the same summer i spent in county jail
Retta Spradlin
Retta Spradlin 9 days ago
Go bog or go home in lies
aphisa da
aphisa da 21 day ago
Same my feel
Chelsie Blevins
Chelsie Blevins 21 day ago
2020 anyone
Shorty 22 days ago
God can you imagine if this happened to you? Like if your ex burned your house down (even on accident)? I'd be livid
Idk Anymore
Idk Anymore 23 days ago
Fun Fact:The actress in this music video was also in Tears Don’t Fall by Bullet For My Valentines music video
Mr. T
Mr. T 23 days ago
Who remembers his show on MTV called Scarred back in 07 🤘🏻
Taylor Cole was so hot, damn
Extreme Warrior
Extreme Warrior 24 days ago
Here because of 9gag🙌
feliᴄɪтy 24 days ago
Came back after 9gag post. Going to check version 2 from the comments 😂
Jasminanya 24 days ago
Boy showed me this on my very first date ever because it was his favorite band at that time. We were just twelve. Nine years later it still has a special place in my heart...
Benjamin Giancotti
Benjamin Giancotti 25 days ago
Anyone still listening to this in 2020??
Toxic Liquid
Toxic Liquid 25 days ago
And my weakness says that i can’t love that girl anymoree
Clarita Bazaes
Clarita Bazaes 25 days ago
Xander Mall
Xander Mall 26 days ago
[Secret garden refrence] mr. roach, can I meat your father, papa roatch?
Semuelle Federico
Semuelle Federico 26 days ago
9gag brought me here
jnamikaze23 26 days ago
Mitchy Bueno
Mitchy Bueno 26 days ago
Still listening this 2020 🤟
ezat adie
ezat adie 26 days ago
Im here from a 9gag meme
Just Andi
Just Andi 26 days ago
9gag brought me here.. what a hurtful song
midoribishi 26 days ago
So, this redhead I used to date back in Texas prior to coming back out west, phoned me last night. While it was a chill convo dat didn't go anywhere. I can tell she was either missing me or trying to get me. Why do I even answer? Fuck man, I care too much. This song has never been so relevant to me than now.
Luffu D
Luffu D 27 days ago
Emo days
Efi Wijayanti
Efi Wijayanti 28 days ago
Bingewatcher Fanatic Productions
Born in 2003 . I don't know why but I love the alternative rock genre . And I'm not a fan of the new music .
Rys 7
Rys 7 29 days ago
It’s a great song!!😩❤️, Listening in march 2020
joan Jett
joan Jett 29 days ago
I just love their personal connections to the ones who have been there and done that...my pain has caused me to have a heart attack...and all i pray is to be able to move on with my own life ....to be happy again
xXgo_ drinkbleachXx
Asking Alexandria, Papa Roach and Shinedown was a cool show.
Charlie 29 days ago
I thought I’d see more comments about how much Jacoby Shaddix looks like Synyster Gates here
Mike Wazowski
Mike Wazowski Month ago
d(--- _ ---)b
Katie Sanders
Katie Sanders Month ago
Hand me some black eyeliner!
Luana Lacerda
Luana Lacerda Month ago
This song literally saved my life 15 years ago. This band means the world to me. This was an Anthem for all us emo kids back in the day. Me at 12: "AND MY SCARS REMIND ME, THAT THE PAST IS REALLLLLLL"
Say hello to my new theme song.
Angela B
Angela B Month ago
Jacoby was definitely his sexiest here and in getting away with murder
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