Palette Swap ft. Jeffree Star

James Charles
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HI SISTERS! In today's video, Jeffree Star and I decided to SWAP our brand new makeup palettes and give you guys the truth tea on all of the colors, pigmentations, AND scandals too. Will the Morphe x James Charles palette be Jeffree Star Approved? Will the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Alien Palette be James Charles approved? Watch and enjoy!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
WRITER: Eros Gomez
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov




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Comments 80
Ashley Sanchez
Ashley Sanchez 2 hours ago
love these videos😍😍😍
Na'Tori Knows
Na'Tori Knows 3 hours ago
Your the best James Charles
Alexandra Solis
Alexandra Solis 3 hours ago
Sisters Jeffrey and James together at 34:01 are a whole as* mood ahh I'm in love😅
XxkanagachaXx Lia
XxkanagachaXx Lia 4 hours ago
i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PAUL WU 4 hours ago
{\___/} ( • - • )
lil baby
lil baby 4 hours ago
OMG love the new pic
F25Q 7 hours ago
You guys are not girls
Riya Shukla-Hargun
Riya Shukla-Hargun 7 hours ago
omg i want james fricken palette and he says the world is crazy and im like well nah cause I cant order his fricken palette
Tammy Lambert
Tammy Lambert 7 hours ago
I love u James
Faith DeRonde
Faith DeRonde 7 hours ago
james= 🍊 jeffree= ⬜️
unicorn fan fiction
Jeffrey I s super wrong about how michagainders drive whe have so much road rage if it was gasoline oilrigs would be quaking
Mazee Younge
Mazee Younge 8 hours ago
Love you
Audrey Jessen
Audrey Jessen 8 hours ago
kc fangon vlog
kc fangon vlog 8 hours ago
OMG,,, i have an idea ... What if u guys (james and jefrey),made a pallet together and name it sisster star! In short SS and a little alien design on it and a some kiss emogi too..❤️😱😁😆OMG that awesome!!!!!!!
Alicja Ostrowska
Alicja Ostrowska 8 hours ago
Dziękuje tej osobie która zrobiła napisy po polsku
Leah Conroy
Leah Conroy 9 hours ago
Hope coates
Hope coates 9 hours ago
how can someone look so fricken cute when applying makeup like James how do you do it
Reaction Land
Reaction Land 10 hours ago
I love your makeup. You are so beautiful
Molly Erickson
Molly Erickson 10 hours ago
I love sister james
J 98
J 98 10 hours ago
lol like i am seeing this now in 2020 and they say that fires are so bad now we have crona
Zaynah Timol
Zaynah Timol 10 hours ago
Who’s makeup is better? Like:James Comment:Jeffrey
Zaynah Timol
Zaynah Timol 10 hours ago
Who’s watching this in Quarantine?
Anais Smith
Anais Smith 12 hours ago
Ooooo he orange 🍊 ly though xx
Justina0_0 12 hours ago
Hey Sisterss!! hehe i just felt like saying that haha i just have to say james's makeup is LiT🔥💖y'all already knew ovs but i just wanted to make it clear..... wait im reading this rn.... does that even make sense? BAHAHAHA anyways i LoVe YoU sIsTeR jAmEs😅💖
Niamh Production
Niamh Production 12 hours ago
Your so nice James and it’s so cool you have a massive family 1 bro and 7million sisters
Akash Prodhan
Akash Prodhan 13 hours ago
Hi james charles So much love from India
Nusrat Tanzila Sarah
Love you both 💖💖💖💖💖
ZainTube HD
ZainTube HD 14 hours ago
SISTA Edit:I just realised that he has pins as earrings
Anamarija Andric
Anamarija Andric 15 hours ago
I love you sister
Sub 2 Micks Masdevallias
Sebastian Bails been real quiet since he posted this....
Brooke Wainwright
Brooke Wainwright 17 hours ago
I love you James. Keep going with what you’re doing! Don’t let anyone make you change!!!!!! I love you x
The Cyber Punk
The Cyber Punk 17 hours ago
I need your pallet so much
Summar Saad
Summar Saad 17 hours ago
And he is
Fawn Bailey
Fawn Bailey 17 hours ago
Hi James Charles
17 hours ago
James your next video could be covering your face in highlighter
Bernadett Donata
Bernadett Donata 18 hours ago
4:03 Hu huh huhuhuh
Lilyin Dykstra
Lilyin Dykstra 18 hours ago
Omg I love u guys
Rihaan Paino
Rihaan Paino 19 hours ago
I am sooooo inspired by u James and one day I will try be as good as u
Paige Murdock
Paige Murdock 20 hours ago
Justin Barker
Justin Barker 20 hours ago
Madison what
Jaylee Kennedy
Jaylee Kennedy 21 hour ago
I love make up
Cookie Gacha Monster
James Charles talk so fast and talk way too much (not judging or hating)
Tamieka Gill
Tamieka Gill 22 hours ago
Tamieka Gill
Tamieka Gill 22 hours ago
Vebi Hajirza
Vebi Hajirza Day ago
Jia Sood
Jia Sood Day ago
Cadence McNaughton
quick quesh. Do u support LGBTQ cuz i do and if u do can u please reply to this comment sis
Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh Day ago
james talks so fast
Fellya Day ago
omg he is orange
Jess Black
Jess Black Day ago
no one: absolutely no one: that person: whos here in 2019/2020 that is the definition of we did not ask (lol kinda salty srry)
Mahi Sahota
Mahi Sahota Day ago
Hi your sooooo good at makup
Animator Bros
LAKEN Dulaney
Awweeeee yesss my tan asf queen
Nightcore Music
Done all :))) hey sister will you reply ? Love you James 💕
Roxey Everheart
Every green I use stains my eyes
Madison Naughton
i want the mac book air but i dont have twitter can i still get it if i subscribe and turn on the bell???
Gosia Naja
Gosia Naja Day ago
Oh wow someone added a polish translation thanks
Kelly McCray
Kelly McCray Day ago
I HATE JAMES CHARLES but like☺️ jefreestarrr 👍
Joudi Moussa
Joudi Moussa Day ago
Isla’s Life
diana Day ago
diana Day ago
reesey bravo25
any body else watching this in april 2020
Livlovesroblox B
hi James Charles! I was wondering if you could do a video on a perfect shape for eyebrows Thx Liv xxx
Woly Channel
Woly Channel Day ago
Они так смешно трещат как подружки
Kylin Williams
Goldfish are so good I don’t know how many times I rewatch all of your videos like they’re all so good and you’re so beautiful
Lee's World
Lee's World Day ago
I love your make up I love your style When I see you, you make me go wild
Karen Horne
Karen Horne Day ago
whois watching on april 3rd 2020 and has to do online school cuz of the carona outbreak
Esmeralda Rodriguez
Foundation Jeffery same skin color James paints his face orange
Sahrina Garrido
Sahrina Garrido
They are boys right
Karen Horne
Karen Horne Day ago
Poornima D
Poornima D Day ago
Super sweet 😍
Trinity Praytor
Jeffry's eyes be lookin like a butterfly Jame's eyes be lookin like a eggplant
Ana isabel Rico Naranjo
Conviértete en hombre 24 h
Alayah’s Makeup
Hi James I love your make up skills
Ava Darby
Ava Darby Day ago
james needs to make a nude palette and call a colour sickening i cant spell sorry :)
Nejla Rasimi
Nejla Rasimi Day ago
I wanna see her like a boy and her frend
Emily Barone
Emily Barone Day ago
Hi sisters,ILYSM JAMES can u do a tutorial how to do your everyday look
jury alajlan
jury alajlan Day ago
Love your makeup
Hailey N
Hailey N Day ago
💕𝙔𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙗𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙟𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙨 𝙖𝙣𝙙 𝙞 𝙡𝙤𝙫𝙚 𝙪𝙧 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙚𝙪𝙥 𝙪𝙥 𝙩𝙤 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙗𝙚𝙖𝙪𝙩𝙞𝙛𝙪𝙡💕
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