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Pale Waves
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Pale Waves - Easy
From the new album ‘Who Am I?’, out now - dirtyh.it/whoami
Directed by James Slater
Produced by My Accomplice
Close your eyes
Act surprised
It took its time
I know it’s not your birthday
Oh my god
I don’t believe
How can it be?
That you’re alive at the same time as me
Why, why would I ever know a life without you?
I would fade into the blue
You keep the lights on for me
You help me to believe
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
You changed something inside me
I’m not who I used to be
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
But the truth is
That this world can be so sour
But you make it so sweet
I was tryna make myself so tough
You make me so weak
Why, why would I ever know a life without you?
I would fade into the blue
You keep the lights on for me
You help me to believe
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
You changed something inside me
I’m not who I used to be
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
Nothing’s ever felt this right
I look at you and I feel alive
You save me every time
You keep the lights on for me
You help me to believe
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
You keep the lights on for me
You help me to believe
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
You changed something inside me
I’m not who I used to be
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
Loving you, loving you is easy
©&℗ Dirty Hit 2020

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Jan 13, 2021




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Comments 100
Гизмо Морено
Best Song from an Album!!!💜
Chloe Caddamy
Chloe Caddamy 19 hours ago
Sounds like it should have been released in 2012
Carla C.
Carla C. 23 hours ago
Adoro 💙
Karl Pilkington
I heard this on radio 1 thru a colleague's phone and didn't know the name of it or the artist. I've never had such a struggle trying to track down a song. Google had no results and I ended up on Yahoo typing the chorus lyrics which 1 website had on the 1st or 2nd page. The song is great there's something ethereal about it
Ira Day ago
Why do I always fall for brunette girls?
I Love Taylor Swift
Sounds like a Taylor Swift song...
Alan S
Alan S Day ago
Marilyn mansons daughter. Great music....
Sefrei Day ago
this makes me wanna be a teenager again lol
Ayush bhagwat
Glad I found them
Martha Jane
Martha Jane 2 days ago
Daniel Hatt
Daniel Hatt 2 days ago
I need to spend some time with Heather, maybe possible to get together sometime and perhaps she's interested in starting a cute RUvid children account down like Ryan's World.
Clinton Chakma
Clinton Chakma 2 days ago
❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘..nice one..❤️❤️
Roylee Walker
Roylee Walker 2 days ago
the eyebrow raise at 2:12 gets me every time
David Arriaga
David Arriaga 2 days ago
She’s doing what robert smith did. Look gothy and make upbeat music. Idc what anyone says this isn’t far off.
Bolla Péter
Bolla Péter 2 days ago
Goth queen Heather is the way to go!
Riza Tumulak
Riza Tumulak 2 days ago
Almost sounds like a younger avril lavigne...just goth instead of punk lol
Tony Jackz
Tony Jackz 2 days ago
Here before 1 million! \m/
Matt Briggs
Matt Briggs 2 days ago
Jason Abraham
Jason Abraham 3 days ago
If u got the godly voice n that pretty face...Then loving you is easy for indeed
Kristin Roth
Kristin Roth 4 days ago
okay after seeing the thumbnails for like a year and thinking this band was gonna be full goth I was completely shocked to find out they sound like this. I am 1000% a fan.
Kuggar 4 days ago
Waiting for the next High School coming-of-age movie where this is in the soundtrack XD
Tom M
Tom M 5 days ago
good song but she scares me. I guess that's what she wants! lol
Pentawa 5 days ago
Loving this was easy
Daniel Bienapfl
Daniel Bienapfl 5 days ago
Just discovered you i think you sound like OG Avril
SnazzyBoxx 5 days ago
Pale Waves 🔥🖤🔥
Noah Drake
Noah Drake 6 days ago
Dude this song is making me feel the happiest I have in awhile. I can’t stop smiling.
Scotty 2 Hotty
Scotty 2 Hotty 6 days ago
British music scenes on another level
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 6 days ago
This is my favorite song of the year. This deserves so many millions more views man. The song is a straight up banger lol
Beth 7 days ago
She looks cool and expected some cool music but this is ... 👀🥴
Tony 7 days ago
I love the Avril influence. I posted one of their first singles a while ago in an Avril forum and they were like "you're crazy!" lol Oh and her makeup is great
kaspar k
kaspar k 7 days ago
New Billie Eilish
Lolhey 7 days ago
Pop goth realnesssss yasssss
James Christmas
James Christmas 8 days ago
This song really makes me want a girlfriend... :(
Billy Maleus
Billy Maleus 8 days ago
😈😻 I love !!!
Aebbycee 8 days ago
Loving you is easy, Heather
Vinnie Superstar
Vinnie Superstar 8 days ago
something incredibly sexy about that spiky collar
Beau Long
Beau Long 9 days ago
Sounds like a Taylor Swift song. 🤣
Outsider & Arianator
Loving this song is Easy.
Fabian Gay
Fabian Gay 9 days ago
kei goed music
Fabian Gay
Fabian Gay 4 days ago
your the best pale waves
natalia jatkowska
Joke's on her, it IS my birthday
milkplays 6 days ago
belated happy birthday ;p
From the thumbnail, I was expecting some heavy metal screaming, not 2000's sounding pop. I like it.
Jacob 10 days ago
Wow they really went from unique sounding genuine band to typical pop tune exploit the female lead singer act quicker than no doubt 😆
vizualnoizz 10 days ago
not sure if i have a crush on her or i want to be her or both. the gay experience🌈
junsone19 10 days ago
I’m feeling the 2000s Michelle Branch vibes
STBXT Lyrics
STBXT Lyrics 10 days ago
I will colab with u my inspiration 💜💜💜
İbrahim Ay
İbrahim Ay 10 days ago
MaxHavoc69 11 days ago
The image doesn't match the music, was expecting something cool not Gay.
Kawaii Kitty Kat
Kawaii Kitty Kat 11 days ago
Why does this sound similar to love me like you do, by Ellie Goulding Edit: some parts of the song not all
Sean Housner
Sean Housner 11 days ago
Interesting, something new!
Patrick Brennan
Patrick Brennan 11 days ago
so easy it's hard
Robert Pope
Robert Pope 11 days ago
Incredible music yet again by Pale Waves!
Millie xx
Millie xx 11 days ago
at first sounds like love me like you do
heath cliff
heath cliff 11 days ago
I came back to say this is as good as the day I heard it
elvensith001 11 days ago
spam 6 and 9 a lot for a DOPE drum solo
LowerAgenda674 8
LowerAgenda674 8 12 days ago
She looks and sounds like herself, which is damn fine
uncle fester
uncle fester 12 days ago
This is like Taylor Swift but only 10x better
ma nizzle
ma nizzle 12 days ago
giving me avril lavigne vibes!
Radio Rain
Radio Rain 12 days ago
( O.0) look who's back!
hannazo19 12 days ago
How could anyone not love them. That’s just pure seratonin
Christopher Stark
Christopher Stark 12 days ago
Yes, their new album does branch out and overall has a different sound. However if you listen to this song closely, it definitely speaks to their first album, especially during the chorus. They haven't changed. They are just becoming more complex.
Alessio 12 days ago
Nice to hear Taylor Lavigne singing intro of "Love me like you do" by Ellie Goulding
How can anybody prove that I am or that I am not as talented as Heather Baron Gracie when they've never listened to me singing?
ethan miles
ethan miles 13 days ago
this song makes me feel good about myself. thank you for a positive headspace!
ethan miles
ethan miles 13 days ago
KnightZ1987 13 days ago
Ah man! This has American Pie/Early 00s feels! Love it!!!
Phoebe Bayley
Phoebe Bayley 13 days ago
Avril Lavigne and Taylor swift had a baby
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 13 days ago
when are times are better i'm inviting heather for tea, here in mankland. how great and positive are this awesome band. just what we all need right now! Sounds like a cross between Andrea (Corr) and Paramore, a very good thing! Keep doing what you doing, H we love you! x
ーにだー 14 days ago
advertisements good work
Fredde 14 days ago
I like her's outfit/styling, but the music itself Im not a huge fan of, sorry.
sara 14 days ago
Anet Manjarrez
Anet Manjarrez 15 days ago
Ebliss Vgm
Ebliss Vgm 15 days ago
You gotta love the asthetics
stonks 14 days ago
would you mind listening to THE IMPURES new song "threats"
onyxxx08 15 days ago
Sound like back to early 2000s Love it
stonks 14 days ago
would you mind listening to THE IMPURES new song "threats"
3lo5h _
3lo5h _ 15 days ago
Mike Hatfield
Mike Hatfield 15 days ago
3:15 - bit of Good Charlotte's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" there! ;)
kabloogadie 16 days ago
Wesley wrote this for me.
Andrew Fecteau
Andrew Fecteau 16 days ago
It's like they went from 80s synth pop to 90s alternative and im here for it, definitely a vibe
16 days ago
early 2000s vibes 🥲🤍
Mario In
Mario In 16 days ago
Primero te escuché en Passport approved ahora en Doble 9 xD
Joe 16 days ago
I cant help but think, what would the raw version be.. I imagine more angst and just core emotion, alot less pop sensation. It's like someone saw marketing and took it and marketed it, but removed alot of the true passion
Tavi Guerrero
Tavi Guerrero 17 days ago
I wish they showed more of the other band members. Seeing them feel out their instruments always got me deeper into the song.
Mateusz Mazur
Mateusz Mazur 17 days ago
that sounds more like Avril than Pale Waves
slovakian99 17 days ago
Beautiful Song wonderful video great band
Scott Jettón
Scott Jettón 17 days ago
Ah that sound and the rythem of the lyrics.. y'all nailed this.. gosh I wish I can find a girl like ya.. punk/emo look never died.. it's hot
Veer Maharaj
Veer Maharaj 18 days ago
Trying to find a place to buy the album in mp3/flac download. Nothing.
Vero Gelosi
Vero Gelosi 18 days ago
My fav from the album ❤️❤️❤️
Z Coppleman
Z Coppleman 18 days ago
Oh dear... -_-
りんちょりん 18 days ago
Jalen Sera
Jalen Sera 18 days ago
Singer needs to find her own voice. The Dolores O’riordan impression won’t last forever
Jalen Sera
Jalen Sera 9 days ago
@ohalistair I mean obviously you can’t. I even looked it up afterwards she very clearly says that Dolores is her biggest vocal inspiration
ohalistair 9 days ago
@Jalen Sera Yeah, been singing for over 15 years but, sure, I'm the one who can't comprehend it. 😂
Jalen Sera
Jalen Sera 17 days ago
@ohalistair obviously the music doesn’t sound like the cranberries. I never said that, but I guess you’re too dense to comprehend.
Jalen Sera
Jalen Sera 17 days ago
@ohalistair uh calm down boy. It’s the vocal inflections on the end of almost every note she sings. You can hear it more clearly on other songs.
milkplays 17 days ago
@ohalistair exactly
simon hobbs
simon hobbs 18 days ago
manufactured band wot a shame they sound like so many other bands
Synn Vasquez
Synn Vasquez 18 days ago
Lauren H.
Lauren H. 18 days ago
omg this music style is taking me baaaccckkk.... to a time I didn't even exist
KP 18 days ago
Every possible component of this is perfect. The song is totally addictive. New huuugggee fan!
danashrulez 18 days ago
Bella Hernandez
Bella Hernandez 19 days ago
This is perfect now for Valentines🖤
Osana Tsundere-Chan
I’ve been listening to this nonstop on Apple Music for 24 hours and I MUST say yall saved 2021 ❤️ thank you for this beautiful song. It makes me feel closer to my partners even though we’re separated by the quarantine. Blessings ❤️
Saptarshi Sengupta
Saptarshi Sengupta 19 days ago
Honestly, that wasn't the sound I was expecting! But, this is a really cool song!
Tow Truck
Tow Truck 19 days ago
I heard this at our TV and it was a Bop so I searched Goth band Lighting you Lighting you is Easy 😆
Tow Truck
Tow Truck 18 days ago
@HANEY Omg same
HANEY 18 days ago
I found it on MTV😆
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