PACQUIAO WINS against Thurman! : Post Fight Analysis!

Coffee with the Goose!
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Close Victory for the Legend! It went down to the wire and the Goose tells us there was no loser!

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Jul 21, 2019




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bikash dewan
bikash dewan Day ago
Goose...am not sure if KT can win the rematch coz history shows MP does better in rematches. It could be a close fight but I think MP will still come out on top.
Dylan Anderson
Dylan Anderson Month ago
Goose, now I'm wondering about which one of your fans sabotage Spence's vehicle and almost killed him. Shady vibes or direct interference?
JHONIE GARCIA 3 months ago
No! Your wrong.. As I know paquiao already fought and won against undefeated boxer 3 or 4
RandomKitty 3 months ago
Between Broner and Thurman I'd rather see a rematch for Thurman. At least he had the skills to back up his trash talk.
Ros Fry
Ros Fry 3 months ago
No way was that a split decision. Manny won easy end of.
Steve Armstrong
Steve Armstrong 3 months ago
PACMAN......The Lord of the Ring!!!.....The Return of the King!!!!!
Roneo Javier
Roneo Javier 3 months ago
/ 👋
Sema Duqa
Sema Duqa 3 months ago
I had it Thurman
Rfield&Farm R
Rfield&Farm R 4 months ago
I like your oppinion. All respect to two boxer. Thank you.
cheyenne harper
cheyenne harper 4 months ago
make a vlog about voting on whos the greatest of all time. put 10 fighters and let the viewers vote.
Obser Vant
Obser Vant 4 months ago
Hey, Gooseman! By the way you talk and by your body build I dare guess you served in the military? Which makes you doubly cool if you did!
Eliseo Zari
Eliseo Zari 4 months ago
mayflowers is too scared to fight and will run - Manny has to attack Floyd's ego in the ring where he's got to be patient and stay in the middle of the ring and not chase him. Manny should let Floyd get booed and not care and call him out like other fighters and just gesture that he's tired of chasing. Very simple because Floyd doesn't stand a chance of fighting toe to toe. Floyd is just jealous because not only has he not been relevant for a long time - but he's also ridiculed for fighting non boxers and pizza delivery boys in further padding a staged career. He is reviled in sports for his foolishness and buffoonery and envies Manny who he supposedly " beat" but is praised with accolade as a legend and is the most loved and admired fighter in the world; regarded by the boxing world as the Greatest of all Times! Meanwhile , Fraud's main draw left in boxing is that fans only watch his boring fights- passionately rooting for him to lose and hoping to see him get knocked out! Like the much revered Master/Philosopher Bruce Lee stated - Showing off is the fool's version of glory ... and Mayweather personifies this.
Phil Joyce
Phil Joyce 4 months ago
He won because of that body shot in the 10th
Rodel Druja
Rodel Druja 4 months ago
wickedly entertaining fight. all fights should be like this. fight fight til the end.
Erik Michael
Erik Michael 4 months ago
Lesson for Thurman! Never bet against the Pacman!
The socially responsible Anarchist
Thurman didnt land more punches, the counter was not operational
dante nava
dante nava 4 months ago
thurman paid the prize of his trash talk basr in histoty some american boxer like ali whe he fought frazier he insult him but when the fight done he apologize and said its only for promotional ploy ! but the pacman is exception he does the talking by hi fist and stayhumble all the timea devoted servant of God manifisted on his character!
Eric Grinnell Sr.
Eric Grinnell Sr. 4 months ago
No way that should have been a split decision. Pac deserved unanimous decision.
chimichangoo 23
chimichangoo 23 4 months ago
Thurman landed more punches but pacman is the volume puncher and he neutralize the jab of thurman i gave 4 rounds of thurman..i think its u.d for me
Elcid De ramas
Elcid De ramas 4 months ago
Such a nice jacket 😍 sir, where did you get that?
Coffee with the Goose!
SM Mall in Cebu City. Thanks for watching!
Elcid De ramas
Elcid De ramas 4 months ago
Such a nice jacket 😍 sir, where did you get that?
jack mariano
jack mariano 4 months ago
I’m a pacquiao fan , but Thurman fight the hell out there, I respect the kid, he’ll be back.
H DB 4 months ago
Floyd will challenge Pac after Pac's retirement.
Coffee with the Goose!
hahahahaha very good
Romeo Romeo
Romeo Romeo 4 months ago
Thurman vs Spence nxt
Fredrick Reilly
Fredrick Reilly 4 months ago
You called it Goose!!
Rita Bautista
Rita Bautista 4 months ago
sweet just like me haha
Rommel Ramos
Rommel Ramos 4 months ago
LOved your hoodie w the Philippines logo on it! Thanks for a fair review ~
Phil Makak
Phil Makak 4 months ago
I'm still waiting for your interview with the great Manny Pacquiao 🤔
May ward
May ward 4 months ago
Thank you sir and proud to Filipino👊👊👊
S G 4 months ago
Thurman needed one more tune up before this fight after such a long lay off . but $10mil reasons to take it lol
virgie salindo
virgie salindo 4 months ago
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 4 months ago
Congrats to our pambansang kamao👊 d' legendary MANNY "Pac Man " PACQUIAO
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia 4 months ago
Keith got broken ribs and broken right thumb , respect to Keith for a good clean fight a true champion.🇵🇭mabuhay...
Blue Calu
Blue Calu 4 months ago
Salute to Thurman for a clean and exciting fight with Manny..Thurman did his best..
Trent Payne
Trent Payne 4 months ago
It would be dumb for Manny to fight him again. The same mistake as letting Marquez get all the shots at him.
Francismt Moral Tuazon
Send me coffee goose.
Aqua Tech Plumbing
Aqua Tech Plumbing 4 months ago
As I said weeks ago his speed would be too much for Thurman, throw punches in bunches turn him and do it all over again I saw that in spurts the other night flashes of the Old Manny Pacquiao as I predicted Manny would win. You got to think about this, he has been in a lot of Wars, lot of battles with Morales, Barrera, and Marquez to name a few and those were Wars. Although be it I think Spence and Crawford and Porter are great boxers but they don't have the ring savvy or the mental toughness and battle tested mentality to take on someone like Manny Pacquiao if Pacquiao fights the winner of The Spence / Porter fight I think Manny will come out on top either way I see nothing from Spence to make me think that he's a problem for Manny Pacquiao I personally think Porter would give him a better fight due to his aggressive Style but I still think Manny comes out on top either way. Do I think Spence, Porter, Crawford are great boxers of course, they wouldn't be where they're are if they wasn't. I just think Manny's better faster, quicker and more battle tested for any of them
joy delos reyes
joy delos reyes 4 months ago
i think thurman himself said that after this fight there won't be a rematch. so it backfired against him what he said
Mon Rivera
Mon Rivera 4 months ago
Hey Goose, check out Mayweather's tweet and Pacquiao's tweet response after the Pac-Thurman fight.
leoj aivaf
leoj aivaf 4 months ago
Salute and bow to Great Thurman...Never be hurt Much to get out a Zero to the Greatest Boxing Fighter of all Time..Its a History now..
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