Packers vs. Raiders Preseason Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019

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The Green Bay Packers take on the Oakland Raiders during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason.
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Aug 23, 2019




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Comments 2 406
Raul Ruiz
Raul Ruiz Day ago
Gj raiders
crunk bunk
crunk bunk 15 days ago
touchdowns for this game should've only been worth 5 points since its an 80 yard field lol
Luther Petty
Luther Petty 21 day ago
Please keep Pierson-El #9 #RN4L
Wayne Krumbach
Wayne Krumbach 23 days ago
First Vancouver, then Toronto and now, Winnipeg. The NFL goes north these days.
CivilianLeaf 19 days ago
Now I just want to see the NFL play on a full sized CFL field instead of having to change it.
Jason Zabeli
Jason Zabeli 23 days ago
Is Canada that gra(e)y?
MrQuicks class
MrQuicks class 24 days ago
Who really wants to hear a woman who sounds like a man calling a game.... Yuck!
Suptom 24 days ago
Trevor davis had a good day, he was able to get open and catch the ball
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Liquor 2Much
Liquor 2Much 24 days ago
So, basically, kids no longer wanna be firemen or police officers, of the law...they wanna be sports announcers...congrats, good for them
Martin Brady
Martin Brady 24 days ago
Did that lady announcer say the ball was "just short of the line of gain"? "The line of gain"??? Who says that?
Chance Ream
Chance Ream 24 days ago
I think the hawks are going going to beat la or Oakland on Thursday
Jay Crew
Jay Crew 25 days ago
Neanderthal's in Fancy Leggings.
beggersbanquet 5150
iNNoCeNttDReAMs 25 days ago
wait wheres roger?
Young c Coom
Young c Coom 25 days ago
Who came here for antiono brown like
Johnny G
Johnny G 25 days ago
I been seeing a lot of stupid ass comments about the end zone being on the 10 yard line. They were playing on a CFL field and they were bitching about safety precautions because the end zone goes behind the goal post in the CFL, they didn't want the players slamming into it. Even tho the CFL players never do that, I don't see why the NFL players would. Hopefully that clears up all the questions.
Leo M
Leo M 25 days ago
Nobody here is being SEXIST that "farmer lady" voice is ANNOYING! Any other female voice would be great! Just not a female farmer! Yeehaw! Yippie ki yay! My chickens are layin! and the Packers are playin! Yeeeeeeeed
Ja Man
Ja Man 25 days ago
that ladies voice is annoying!!!
One More
One More 25 days ago
Josh Jacobs is a Beast
kyle damron
kyle damron 26 days ago
Everyone said Gruden was crazy for his Peterman comments, ill admit i was more than skeptical but as a Raiders fan im happy he got his confidence back and is killing it
Yari Jones
Yari Jones 26 days ago
We need malcolm simth next to blake that what be a big boost
Joke See
Joke See 26 days ago
Offense raiders doing better but defence sucks
GreenCookie_RBLX 26 days ago
Can anyone tell me why the raider end zone is like 10 yards shorter?
CivilianLeaf 19 days ago
@GreenCookie_RBLX CFL football fields are 110 yards. We don't use meters in football. And because the Goal posts are at the start of the CFL endzone they had to take them out and change them to fit NFL regulations. Now I assume they couldn't make the field completely safe with the holes is because of time allocations. It is currently the middle of the CFL season so they would have had to change the field back to full size as soon as this game was over. I know decent amount about the turf and field size in CFL. I work at a CFL stadium.
GreenCookie_RBLX 23 days ago
I hear that like their end zone turf is rule unsafe and they made it 10 yards shorter. But you could be correct since Canada Football field is 100 meters not yards.
Rylee Nepinak
Rylee Nepinak 24 days ago
GreenCookie_RBLX they are playing on a Canadian Football League field and it is longer and wider than an nfl field so they had to make adjustments
vereniki leweniqila
For the sure 2+ odd just follow the RUvid link below and subscribe ruvid.net/show-UCBpybZtb8gMD2tTBgOUgj9A
Vinnay 26 days ago
announcer has too much twang
Jeff Ray
Jeff Ray 26 days ago
Lol lets take a knee for the big empty stands.lolgfy leave if yiu dont like it
Robert Bourdeau
Robert Bourdeau 26 days ago
Wow. This woman’s voice is horrid 😖 I only made it a minute
JustinLovesCats 26 days ago
Sounds like yodeling kid's balls finally dropped. 🤠👍
Daniel Madden
Daniel Madden 27 days ago
Raiders defense has to dominate. Too many points on board.
Ferdie Cassel
Ferdie Cassel 27 days ago
Annoying voice. I was waiting for a breakout of Danke Schoen.
Jordan Boteler
Jordan Boteler 27 days ago
Super bowl 2 rematch
Imda Mann
Imda Mann 27 days ago
Bye bye Kizer ! 😉👍
Colin Griffin
Colin Griffin 27 days ago
Why is the field shortened
Ted Jajer
Ted Jajer 27 days ago
Drunk, perhaps! Now you call it a T D as the runner crosses the 10-yard line. But I owe you a service as I now have more time to rearrange my sock drawer!
Ted Jajer
Ted Jajer 27 days ago
Either you people, the NFL or someone has their ass broken into! You have loud crowd noise when the Pack makes a big play! Idiots, the game is being played in Oakland!
iCMan//Child 26 days ago
No it was played in Winnipeg, Canada
Ronald Araica
Ronald Araica 27 days ago
Can't believe the Packers got that sloppy in the last few minutes left, wtf Cheese Heads ???
Denzel from Washington
Why it look like they playin on a local highschool field? Just sayin the feild look ashy.
Ralph Firley
Ralph Firley 27 days ago
Watched the whole game and nobody scored from inside the 10. /s
Guy McDaniel
Guy McDaniel 27 days ago
Ha ha
CaptainAwesome 27 days ago
Nathan peterman for that mvp race in 2019!!! :):)
coogko moim
coogko moim 27 days ago
Peterman really finna start over Carr while we over here playing😂😂 let Carr play bad the first few games, and watch😭
SharkCityRich 27 days ago
5:29 rushes to the 10 yard line. TOUCHDOWN GREEN BAY. So nobody is as lost as I am ? Or?????
Levi Sowell
Levi Sowell 27 days ago
finally greenbay got a alright backup..
marcos sanchez
marcos sanchez 26 days ago
Levi Sowell lol I know right the last guy was horrible
#RAIDERS #OneNation
NFL needs to stop sending the teams out of the country already specially them RAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDEEEEEERRRRRRSSSSSSS
coogko moim
coogko moim 27 days ago
Can someone tell me what is up with the shortened field? I just noticed it this game and was like WTF!!! Is this another pussification of the game? Or is it just for pre-season?
YAMA KAWI rode bike
Announcers SUCK !!!
responsible jerk
responsible jerk 28 days ago
Packers backups tackle just as good as the starters do. That is not a compliment.
Xinthose 28 days ago
Why is a woman commentating?
Isaiah Jones
Isaiah Jones 28 days ago
Raiders Defense is playing 7 on 7 out there SMH play with some confidence
hunnedmillion 28 days ago
Keisean Nixon making the roster.. a very solid CB
Greg Seal
Greg Seal 28 days ago
that voice !!! nooooooooooooooooo
phoolishbwoy 28 days ago
All I see is Packers Defense being how they are even to the second strings. Misstackles and little aggressiveness.
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva 27 days ago
U tripping the second and third string defense played well only allowed 10 points corners were locking up tackling was wayyyy better second half were 4th sting guys who might not be on the roster
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson 28 days ago
The Green Bay Packers will have a good year in 2019 and will make the playoffs!!!
Walter Diaz
Walter Diaz 28 days ago
Dam Josh Jones is gone. I knew it would happen.
Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva 27 days ago
Too much depth at that position we have young talent and he wasn’t gonna get a lot of play time
Sossa'ra'ce TV
Sossa'ra'ce TV 28 days ago
If you hate the Packers watch this video @
Colin Formichella
Colin Formichella 28 days ago
Get rid of kizer he sucks
Simba Stewart
Simba Stewart 28 days ago
Am I missing something? How was that a touchdown 3:13
Tyger King of kings
Carr will be replaced. I don't know if he will be replaced by one of these guy's but never the less he will be replaced mark my words, and honestly it will be about time and long over do.💯🤷‍♂️
bulldogsbob 25 days ago
You are either a troll or a Raider hater.
Tbs Schiro
Tbs Schiro 28 days ago
ya'll need to edit your videos better
rudy rush
rudy rush 28 days ago
Doing the Petermen. English Phrase. see also; Petermening : To throw a dime backshoulder TD, then throw a Brick in the middle of the field that gets intercepted.
DLWidowmaker 28 days ago
Can someone tell me what is up with the shortened field? I just noticed it this game and was like WTF!!! Is this another pussification of the game? Or is it just for pre-season? Curious!
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