OZZY OSBOURNE - "Straight To Hell" (Official Audio)

Ozzy Osbourne
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Alright now
C’mon now
You’re flying higher than a kite tonight
You’ve took the hit and now you feel alright
You’re dance be death so we must celebrate
I’ll make you scream
I’ll make you defecate
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
I’ll make you lie
I’ll make you steal and kill
I’ll make you crawl until your final thrill
enjoy the ride I’ll plant my bitter seed
You’ll kill yourself and I will watch you bleed
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
Something is missing
And you don’t know why
Deeper in the darkness
You will hide
Alright now
Alright now
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight
Straight to Hell tonight
We’re going straight to hell
Straight to Hell tonight

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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 100
Violetta Wennman
Violetta Wennman 8 days ago
Сегодня вечером - прямиком в ад.🔥❤️🤘
Donald Chase
Donald Chase 23 days ago
Fabian Zaube
Fabian Zaube 25 days ago
Still can't believe ozzy predicted all of 2020
Tony Mate Generation 60s
Ozz is the only Truth we have on One Earth. One Life. One Love. 🤘🏻✌️🏻
Tony Mate Generation 60s
Straight to the Damage Dammed Hell of this gray, pale an' frightened century 21... 🤘🏻✌️🏻
TUFF GONG GB Month ago
Random Pirates
Random Pirates Month ago
Dio is King of Heaven Lemmy is Emperor of Hell and Ozzy is Prince of Earth
Karislost Month ago
No Ozzy don't eat that snake You'll get food venoming
ZachTheOwlHouseFan Hall97
This song will be perfect for somebody on RUvid who's both a fan of The Owl House and Ozzy to do an amv for the season finale of The Owl House!!!
Reden Heist
Reden Heist Month ago
For some reason i always imagine *Crowley* singing this song idk why lol
gib feet
gib feet 2 months ago
I thought i was tripping when i saw the snake showed its tongue but they’re actually moving lmao
Brody Hall
Brody Hall 2 months ago
December 31st 2019 be like
wizarddemon 5000
wizarddemon 5000 3 months ago
Sharon : ozzy no more biting heads Ozzy listen Ozzy: * takes one step* Sharon: ozzy Ozzy : *sped 0ff* Sharon: ozzy get back here!!!!
Lazuli Winters
Lazuli Winters 3 months ago
Over 2 mil views. That sounds way too low...
The music video has 8
WENDIGO 3 months ago
2020 right now
Doctor Winston Milo
Doctor Winston Milo 3 months ago
Thats awful nice Uncle Ozzy. Just imagine If we couldn't poo. Are Bag Lunch would Taste like shit. 🧐
Doctor Winston Milo
Doctor Winston Milo 3 months ago
Ok, its the only time I get to leave this damn farm. Fucking Funny Farm!
@Doctor Winston Milo what are you talking about?
Doctor Winston Milo
@1000subsnovideos if you feel that way realy, like im losing my mind, why do you comment? Why not keep your Social media distance? Or do you want everyone to know that I know your an internet stalker. Cant leave the Purple hot guy alone.
Doctor Winston Milo
@1000subsnovideos yeah, They try to claim your insane before they attack you. Ask a mental health professional. They are actualy insane themselves and know the can talk the police out of arresting them.
Doctor Winston Milo
@1000subsnovideos no, thats what you want people to believe so you and your friends can take a knee to the back of my neck you Raciest! Its Gorge Floyed all over again.
@Doctor Winston Milo dude your losing your freaking mind
Jeffrey Freeman
Jeffrey Freeman 3 months ago
It was so nice of the race hustlers to play this song Straight to Hell at Thug Floyd’s funeral yesterday because that’s where he’s going today to see his Daddy. He’s going where all victimizers of women go, to burn eternally. 🔥
Robert Weisler
Robert Weisler 3 months ago
If Ozzy ever dies (for a long time yet), he enters Hell, and Satan will then clean off the throne and exclaim "Your throne is ready, Master."
ashbritt2 3 months ago
Great. good .
Rob Wilson
Rob Wilson 3 months ago
That's what I'm fucking talking about muwahahahahahahahaha
optimus jakey
optimus jakey 4 months ago
Stairway to heaven Knockin on heaven door Locked out heaven door Highway to hell Straight to hell
M Stone
M Stone 4 months ago
Ozzy practicing for Co-vid 20
Shadow Self
Shadow Self 4 months ago
Damned good song...Ozzy has great mates on his team...make him sound 💯%...all hail the prince of darkness...
Oskar Kahn
Oskar Kahn 4 months ago
travis scoot ''I am the best performer'' Ozzy ''hold my snake''
Lee Mitchum
Lee Mitchum 4 months ago
At least someone tells truth
Captain Velveeta
Captain Velveeta 5 months ago
I love Ozzy but this is poor songwriting. I'm sure the 'mass appeal' is due to Duff and Slash being in the lineup. Andrew Watt is a mediocre guitarist at best and a less-than-mediocre songwriter...Duff and Slash did not contribute to the songwriting they're just there for marketing purposes. It sounds like he's trying to revisit his past with these songs...actually to the point of regression...maybe trying to keep his 'prince of darkness' reputation intact, because they DEFINITELY lack the depth and meaningful content of the "Scream" album. I really thought that album was going to be the beginning of, yet, another string of iconic songs...but alas, along comes this shit! He needs to bring back Kevin Churko for the next album. He's probably the best song writer he's worked with in years. Gus G, Rob Nicholson, Adam Wakeman and Kevin Churko was the best lineup he's had since "No More Tears"
Garrett kidd
Garrett kidd 5 months ago
Ozzy osbourne the best even at 71 years old
Dreezy Will
Dreezy Will 5 months ago
“i’ll make u scream i’ll make u defecate!!!!” my fav line
Henry Douberly
Henry Douberly 5 months ago
Uh guys, I think Ozzy ripped KISS off. Listen to the opening riff of this song and compare it to the opening riff of 100,000 years
Non-binary Metal head
I hope Hell will be playing this as I'm on way there, and when I do get there I'll tell Satan "YOU'RE SITTING IN MY THRONE"
Audrey Faith
Audrey Faith 5 months ago
Curt Hartman
Curt Hartman 5 months ago
All rite now come on now love ya ozzy
burox 5 months ago
Dergun 5 months ago
If you see "firdaus radzuan" in the comments tell them they're a retard. Thanks
JuNNNkie 5 months ago
Hian Aurélio
Hian Aurélio 6 months ago
Please, watch my band on RUvid and Instagram: Cinnamon Band (From Brazil) Lyrics “Straight to Hell”👇🏼 Ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah, ah Alright now C'mon now … You're flying higher than a kite tonight You've took the hit and now you feel alright Your deadbeat's dead, so we must celebrate I'll make you scream, I'll make you defecate … Straight to hell tonight We're going straight to hell Straight to hell tonight … I'll make you lie I'll make you steal and kill I'll make you crawl until your final thrill Enjoy the ride, I'll plant my bitter seed You'll kill yourself, and I will watch you bleed … Straight to hell tonight We're going straight to hell Straight to hell tonight Ah, ah, ah … Straight to hell tonight Ah, ah, ah We're going straight to hell Straight to hell tonight … Ah-ah, ah-ah Ah-ah, ah Something is missing And you don't know why Deeper in the darkness You will hide … Alright now Alright now … Ah, ah, ah Straight to hell tonight Ah, ah, ah We're going straight to hell Straight to hell tonight Ah, ah, ah … Straight to hell tonight We're going straight to hell Straight to hell tonight
mark long
mark long 6 months ago
i'm a obe master mercy, all your higherselves are midgets
cody Zimmerman
cody Zimmerman 6 months ago
You took the hit and now you feel alright
Mark Putito
Mark Putito 6 months ago
This record sucks. You should of kept gus g in the band who is a better song writer and guitar player than that washed up Zack wylde. This is really what you wanted for your last record?
sudarshan poudel
sudarshan poudel 6 months ago
Wait...... is he gonna take the snake's head off or what..?
Echidna 6 months ago
long live this crazy bastard
SmashTheBandicoot 6 months ago
It’s okay, that’s not the Real Ozzy Osbourne, so the snake isn’t in any danger!
DEACONAP4LOVE 6 months ago
That “defecate” part gets me every time! 😆. AALLLLRIGGGHT NOW!
British First
British First 6 months ago
If your going to dislike, go & dislike something else...
Richard Bring
Richard Bring 6 months ago
80. Year old can still rock!
Pub Crawl Channel
Pub Crawl Channel 6 months ago
Rip it up OZZman !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kathleen Kennedy
Kathleen Kennedy 7 months ago
Ozzys not 70 yet hes 63 or 64 now.
ps3862248129 7 months ago
How many can see the snake moving in the pic
Kc Kc
Kc Kc 7 months ago
Slash in guitar newely released Ozzy's ordinary man ,under the graveyard and what a song are they?Absolutely astonishing
Frank Becerra
Frank Becerra 7 months ago
I know im going straight to hell tonight
Reden Heist
Reden Heist 7 months ago
Idk why but his voice is so soothing
Blitzen 7 months ago
First a bat Now, the screen says Ozzy has a taste for snake head now!
MMRRock13 13
MMRRock13 13 7 months ago
El rey de las tinieblas!!!! Buen sólo del magnífico Slashhh!!!
Raphael Web
Raphael Web 7 months ago
Ozzy Osbourne is the only man who scares Chuck Norris.
Jaime Liberty
Jaime Liberty 7 months ago
Kinda odd with deficate but wat the f..k my brothers n sisters in ozz definitly age appropriate
This song is about the relationship between the drugs and the user some drugs cause that to happen
Anthony's go pro series
best music keep doing it ozzy i feel like we are connected some how
Louie Hannigan
Louie Hannigan 7 months ago
Can hardly speak , sings like a God
Ian Fulcher
Ian Fulcher 7 months ago
I love that he leads with "alright now" straight from Sweet Leaf. Rock on, Oz. Show these kids how it's done. Shred right up to death's door, brother.
George BLOW-UP
George BLOW-UP 7 months ago
OZZY, The Unlimited Soul !!
Dave kiesman
Dave kiesman 7 months ago
That snake moves
chasetrain 7 months ago
the best in the world you are OZZY
James wallen
James wallen 7 months ago
Exit #666 NJ !!!
mike fields
mike fields 7 months ago
Ozzy putting out hard hitting rock like this at 71 years old.... hell, when Keith Richards turned 70 in 1983 he wasn't no where near this
Ronald Kusatz
Ronald Kusatz 7 months ago
The laughing!
Aaron Clements
Aaron Clements 7 months ago
666 Sell Your Soul
Aaron Clements
Aaron Clements 7 months ago
Praise the 😈
Bluemushroom44 7 months ago
Quoi dire, si non "quelle magnifique (re)découverte" mieux vaut tard que jamais!
GodsDeceased 7 months ago
Is this song about meth?
Dazed Viking
Dazed Viking 7 months ago
Lyrics are so fucking corny, but the musicianship is amazing
Jamas Dinial
Jamas Dinial 7 months ago
Sucks Donkey Dongs! just like all the new bullshit!! Defecate?? try saying shit Grandpa!
Melk Lima
Melk Lima 7 months ago
0:19 Won't you listen? / 0:33 Try it out
I want to hug ozzy so damn bad
David Rivard
David Rivard 8 months ago
bite his fucking head off ozzy rich with age best artist ever ozzy i'm lucky to be apart of this history 2020 love you guys..
Roger Richards Jr
Roger Richards Jr 8 months ago
"all right now" !!!!!! Prince of f#!$ing darkness!
Jakub Truneček
Jakub Truneček 8 months ago
Something is missing And you don't know why Deeper in the darkness you will hide... Keep fighting Ozzy!
Bi-Han 8 months ago
Ozzy for president 2020
Deborah Zargham
Deborah Zargham 8 months ago
there is nothing wrong with OZZY how dare you,you know who you are
James Colby
James Colby 8 months ago
Ozzy Osborne Died 20 years ago, death just hasn't built up the courage to tell him.
James Colby
James Colby 8 months ago
Snake fear ozzy, snakes dont bite ozzy. Ozzy bites snakes.
roll Rock
roll Rock 8 months ago
Omar Yañez Zavala
Omar Yañez Zavala 8 months ago
Waleed Attawati
Waleed Attawati 8 months ago
Does it sound like Newsted??
Theodore Burdette
Theodore Burdette 8 months ago
wont buy this crap
Theodore Burdette
Theodore Burdette 8 months ago
fucking horrible....is this what we have to expect from ozzy
Mundane TV
Mundane TV 8 months ago
“Defecate”? LoL
rakistang pinoy
rakistang pinoy 8 months ago
that snake is SLASH...
Blacklightning 8 months ago
The prince of darkness strikes again
Leely Moonstar
Leely Moonstar 8 months ago
Thank you Ozzy for making music for people who love the Occult magick & people who chose to live in another realm sometimes I feel like you make music for us..& thanks from a witch✴️🦇
Gary Smith
Gary Smith 8 months ago
Sorry. I was fucked up.
alyssa 8 months ago
Only 23 and I'm a major fan
Joseph Rivera
Joseph Rivera 8 months ago
Love the drums 🔥🔥
wybbert 8 months ago
Wowwwww... Liked! Subbed!!
WillThisLast 8 months ago
That fucking rocked
ShivaSix 8 months ago
If you see someone going down the street with shit stains & headphones on... Oz got them!. Only Ozzy could inject that in lyrics and pull it off. Slash is banging out some cool ass bluesy stuff. Damn...
Satan King of darkness
*sweats nervously*
Maurer Aleixo
Maurer Aleixo 8 months ago
what is that is he Charles Manson now? lol
David 8 months ago
Goddam this is catchy
MRTAKOMIES 8 months ago
when i`m going to school i`m going straight to hell
keely rochester
keely rochester 8 months ago
Hell yeah 👊👊👊
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