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Here is me recap and review of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 "The Broken Man". Cheers! Support my video making via Patreon any time ya like: www.patreon.com/ozzyman
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RATM - Born of a Broken Man
Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Eddie Vedder - No More
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Jun 7, 2016




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Comments 953
Ryder Wilson
Ryder Wilson 19 days ago
Every nice girl in GoT has been naked. I like it
Count 27 days ago
The wall was built to be manned by women of a certain age.
Chris MCMLXXXII 27 days ago
Season 6 wasn't great but at least it was Game of Thrones. Such a shame how it turned out.
Chris MCMLXXXII 27 days ago
Have you read the books? There's a whole thing about Broken Men in the books. It's very powerful.
Edmund Schrag
Edmund Schrag Month ago
Blackfish: TopBloke Level: Dicks Bags Salesman of the Month
Floyd Harrison
Floyd Harrison Month ago
when i saw the thumbmail i had no reaction. when I saw it was an ozzy man review I started laughing uncontrollably.
brian hutchinson
It's a pity they fuckuped the last season
J F Month ago
Never watched it. Never will
Edgar Garred
Edgar Garred Month ago
So this bitch is a lesbian. Euron really needs to rape and impregnate this hot cunt to remind her that shes still just a woman. Euron needs to pound this bitch hard
شوبي شوبي
اكو عربي مر من هنا
rushdi ahmad
rushdi ahmad 2 months ago
Fuck you, clickbait..!!
Bekim Hasani
Bekim Hasani 2 months ago
We all know why this video got 5.7 million views 😉
Sim Sim
Sim Sim 2 months ago
Your channel is👎
Corey Kelley
Corey Kelley 2 months ago
Lol... Psychotic slow blinking!
Lia Grumazescu
Lia Grumazescu 2 months ago
2:47 ))
Luis Sorto
Luis Sorto 2 months ago
Nfktjrkvkj Jurkjktktjbtlyirkitkvtifk fih Kgjvbirkbuyig
Headless Chook
Headless Chook 3 months ago
R.I.P Deadwood guy!
denveraspen 3 months ago
You are a strange man. Keep up the good work.👍👌
Zackary Woehler
Zackary Woehler 3 months ago
“Sansa tells Jon how shit there army is, he’s thinking its not that bad at least we have giant.” Had me dead too rights
bigkiwial 3 months ago
Id give sansa my point, repeatedly.
Nimish V Shaji
Nimish V Shaji 3 months ago
Friendship Like if you understand
ChrisT4 Edwoods
ChrisT4 Edwoods 3 months ago
Yes to sideboobs.
memiller0617 3 months ago
Came for boobs, but then remembered this is RUvid.
2nd3rd1st 3 months ago
4:55 She's young, but not dumb and not full of cum, yet.
Woodland 3 months ago
Who's here after its all all over :(
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands 3 months ago
Is this Aussie here on holiday or just out on parole?
William Sebastian
William Sebastian 3 months ago
Born of a broken man
Beth Carmona
Beth Carmona 3 months ago
Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the commentary
Adam East
Adam East 4 months ago
The winter is gone...
Androo 64
Androo 64 4 months ago
“Well your here now! And your pretty fucked no matter what!!!!!” Love ya Ozzy man! 😆
willow the midget
willow the midget 4 months ago
The midget has enjoyed your presentation,...well done 😎 the midget has smiled upon you....enjoy🤗
رشید احمد
willow the midget 9 س
ramesh khadka
ramesh khadka 4 months ago
CrunchyNorbert 4 months ago
wahmens can only be strong wahmens if they fuck female prostitutes and larp as men; D+D didn't get Asha's character at all
Alex Duper
Alex Duper 5 months ago
Man i agree with the Bronn part, i like when he's on screen but not when he's being forced into every scene for comedic or "Bronn is so cool" moments
MGC 996
MGC 996 5 months ago
1000th comment
Nekad Entity
Nekad Entity 5 months ago
This episode was Bob the fucking builder getting pissed
immortal · 100 years ago · Updated
I see boob i click
Harold Ellis
Harold Ellis 5 months ago
Best GoT critique ever.
Peter Vesalius
Peter Vesalius 5 months ago
"Getting the point" bit was funny as hell! 🤣
Stefan Schleps
Stefan Schleps 5 months ago
Game of Thrones huh? I ain't never seen it. Is it a spin off the Soprano's? I ain't never seen that either. Or does it have something to do with Breaking Bad, or the Wire? I mean the rest of you wankers can sit around watching T.V. But some of us have to work on the farm. Guess I'll just have to get the Pinguin book version. Fuck me and a million dollars. Peace.
IceGecko 5 months ago
what fuckin clickbait
Subliminally Multicultural
3-5 things if you're not a pussy LOL
Jonathan LR Khiangte
The POINT 🤣☺️🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta 6 months ago
Good clickbait
bachir zirek
bachir zirek 6 months ago
fuck yes ozzy fuck yes
studiocigs plain
studiocigs plain 6 months ago
Lol this guy is hilarious!
Sean T Finn
Sean T Finn 6 months ago
I'm Sorry I didn't watching Game of thrones season 8 Cancelled 2018 sized anymore without not interested more dangerous violence against innocent other people playing with actors and actresses. 🙈🙈👎👎🙈🙈
Mass Debater
Mass Debater 6 months ago
I've never seen it and this certainly hasn't swayed me
Najma said
Najma said 6 months ago
I love u man
Daniel Fernando
Daniel Fernando 7 months ago
I thought I was gonna look in the comments and see someone say " this is what your looking for" with the time by nah realised I was clickbaited
vincent H
vincent H 7 months ago
Rage quit by Cercei: you saw it right :D
Extreme Dwarf Gaming
Ozzy man your explanation is awesome
k ironman90
k ironman90 7 months ago
The thumb nail being boobs really got me to click on this vidoe and ozzy man is funny as shit
rohan sharma
rohan sharma 8 months ago
Came here for thumbnail and of course Ozzy.
MaxwellD13 8 months ago
Damn you for that thumbnail
fred jean-germain
fred jean-germain 8 months ago
I wonder if Yara Greyjoy brings a strapon when she leads a raid.
dirm12 8 months ago
Long live the psychotic slow blink
Porky Pig
Porky Pig 9 months ago
Omg, this is fucking funny. 😂
Ира Борисова
ғұмыр нұр үннің нщү
Tim Cross
Tim Cross 10 months ago
Gee, do ya think the writer(s) played Skyrim?
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