Ozzy Man Reviews: Game of Thrones - Season 6 Episode 7

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Here is me recap and review of Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 7 "The Broken Man". Cheers! Support my video making via Patreon any time ya like: www.patreon.com/ozzyman
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RATM - Born of a Broken Man
Joan Baez - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Eddie Vedder - No More
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Jun 7, 2016




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Comments 953
EpochDeus 6 days ago
6million side boob clicks. *internet brofist here* -e 2:47, yw.
Waqas Bashir
Waqas Bashir 2 months ago
Put a side boob in thumbnail and views go wooooooooffff
Bunly Heng
Bunly Heng 3 months ago
Every nice girl in GoT has been naked. I like it
Count 3 months ago
The wall was built to be manned by women of a certain age.
Chris MCMLXXXII 3 months ago
Season 6 wasn't great but at least it was Game of Thrones. Such a shame how it turned out.
Chris MCMLXXXII 3 months ago
Have you read the books? There's a whole thing about Broken Men in the books. It's very powerful.
Edmund Schrag
Edmund Schrag 3 months ago
Blackfish: TopBloke Level: Dicks Bags Salesman of the Month
Floyd Harrison
Floyd Harrison 4 months ago
when i saw the thumbmail i had no reaction. when I saw it was an ozzy man review I started laughing uncontrollably.
brian hutchinson
brian hutchinson 4 months ago
It's a pity they fuckuped the last season
J F 4 months ago
Never watched it. Never will
Edgar Garred
Edgar Garred 4 months ago
So this bitch is a lesbian. Euron really needs to rape and impregnate this hot cunt to remind her that shes still just a woman. Euron needs to pound this bitch hard
شوبي شوبي
شوبي شوبي 4 months ago
اكو عربي مر من هنا
rushdi ahmad
rushdi ahmad 4 months ago
Fuck you, clickbait..!!
Bekim Hasani
Bekim Hasani 4 months ago
We all know why this video got 5.7 million views 😉
Sim Sim
Sim Sim 5 months ago
Your channel is👎
Corey Kelley
Corey Kelley 5 months ago
Lol... Psychotic slow blinking!
Lia Grumazescu
Lia Grumazescu 5 months ago
2:47 ))
Luis Sorto
Luis Sorto 5 months ago
Nfktjrkvkj Jurkjktktjbtlyirkitkvtifk fih Kgjvbirkbuyig
Headless Chook
Headless Chook 5 months ago
R.I.P Deadwood guy!
denveraspen 5 months ago
You are a strange man. Keep up the good work.👍👌
Zackary Woehler
Zackary Woehler 5 months ago
“Sansa tells Jon how shit there army is, he’s thinking its not that bad at least we have giant.” Had me dead too rights
bigkiwial 6 months ago
Id give sansa my point, repeatedly.
Nimish V Shaji
Nimish V Shaji 6 months ago
Friendship Like if you understand
ChrisT4 Edwoods
ChrisT4 Edwoods 6 months ago
Yes to sideboobs.
memiller0617 6 months ago
Came for boobs, but then remembered this is RUvid.
2nd3rd1st 6 months ago
4:55 She's young, but not dumb and not full of cum, yet.
Woodland 6 months ago
Who's here after its all all over :(
Duncan Sands
Duncan Sands 6 months ago
Is this Aussie here on holiday or just out on parole?
William Sebastian
William Sebastian 6 months ago
Born of a broken man
Beth Carmona
Beth Carmona 6 months ago
Came for the thumbnail, stayed for the commentary
Adam East
Adam East 6 months ago
The winter is gone...
Androo 64
Androo 64 6 months ago
“Well your here now! And your pretty fucked no matter what!!!!!” Love ya Ozzy man! 😆
willow the midget
willow the midget 6 months ago
The midget has enjoyed your presentation,...well done 😎 the midget has smiled upon you....enjoy🤗
رشید احمد
رشید احمد 4 months ago
willow the midget 9 س
ramesh khadka
ramesh khadka 7 months ago
CrunchyNorbert 7 months ago
wahmens can only be strong wahmens if they fuck female prostitutes and larp as men; D+D didn't get Asha's character at all
Alex Duper
Alex Duper 7 months ago
Man i agree with the Bronn part, i like when he's on screen but not when he's being forced into every scene for comedic or "Bronn is so cool" moments
MGC 996
MGC 996 7 months ago
1000th comment
Nekad Entity
Nekad Entity 7 months ago
This episode was Bob the fucking builder getting pissed
immortal · 100 years ago · Updated
I see boob i click
Harold Ellis
Harold Ellis 8 months ago
Best GoT critique ever.
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