OXFORD UNIVERSITY ROOM TOUR 2019! | 2nd Year Student (ad)

Eve Bennett
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Here's my second year room at Oxford University! I LOVEEEEE IT!

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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Star light
Star light 2 months ago
I have the same goods as you!
yuppy duky
yuppy duky 3 months ago
I want to ask what type of piano is that?
Martyna 7 months ago
What did you get for your GCSE’s and A levels?
Adrian King
Adrian King 7 months ago
At least you will not have to be subjected to those oppressive 'claps' anymore - oh the horror!! Work on those Jazz hands :)… A long time ago I was a Balliol and if I saw what was going to happen, I'd cry..
Rose Richardson
Rose Richardson 7 months ago
We just watched this in full as we hadn’t had a chance beforehand. Having watched all our lovely RUvid Study friends room tours for this year (you know them all), we like your room the most so far this. It feels well organised and spacious and not too dark or too bright. We really like the notice board collage. It brings the room together very well and is a great focal point for sparking joy while you are working. The massive desk, formed of your actual desk and your nightstand, is brilliantly done! I don’t drink but the way you have organised your shelves otherwise is nicely done as nothing overcrowds anything else and you can see a lot of your personality coming through, great job! Sorry you have a small wardrobe, if you have organised it in a sensible fashion and so it doesn’t look cramped at all and the extra space you lost means you ha e your own en suite so BONUS! We hope you have been enjoying the first couple of weeks back now and that this year is awesome for you and all the others as well!!
Eve Bennett
Eve Bennett 7 months ago
thank you so much! hope you and your daughter are well x
Feli González Calvo
Loved the spanish books shelf ☺️. I'm an argentinian lit professor, so everything was something I knew
Maisie Langley
Maisie Langley 7 months ago
Noooooo, don’t leave you vinyl out like girllll. Please stop you’ll damage it!!xx
Isa Hussain
Isa Hussain 7 months ago
Where’s your lota though?
Kim Tassen
Kim Tassen 7 months ago
You saying "wo-evah" honestly makes my day every time you say it 😂❤
ItsAmberrr096 7 months ago
Wheres the tea station?
Pestiferous 7 months ago
2:15 , you are man's best friend Eve.
the sarah xox
the sarah xox 7 months ago
at first i thought the ad was for oxford university and i was like... why do they need to advertise
Serena Seninah
Serena Seninah 7 months ago
Gorgeous room. The notice board looks so good. What brand is your Keyboard and where is it from?
daisywaltonx 7 months ago
I've been listening to 'Innocent Man' Billy Joel all the time recently and know no one else who even knows the song and then I watch this and its in your record player!
daisywaltonx 7 months ago
And I love Vienna! and you have the best lyric from it too omg
Sophie Kellagher
Sophie Kellagher 7 months ago
My sister goes to oxford but her room is like half the size of this lol xx
Massive Monkey
Massive Monkey 7 months ago
I like billy joel too :)
DanaGold 7 months ago
Oh du studierst Deutsch? Wie schön! :)
Lauraa 7 months ago
omg this is literally the same room my brother was in last year (he goes to LMH too but is in 3rd year doing 4 years in maths and computing)
Nicole Staples
Nicole Staples 7 months ago
Lovely room! Thanks for the code I’ve already placed an order 💜
COMASSIM FOFA 7 months ago
Which course do you do?
sumaya mire
sumaya mire 7 months ago
yes queen we part of the #MCC 😝
Holly G
Holly G 7 months ago
Wow I do not know how you survive with that little amount of wardrobe! I have so many clothes
Daisy Bell
Daisy Bell 7 months ago
How many times she said whatever 👇
Aksan 7 months ago
Macey Mckenzie
Macey Mckenzie 7 months ago
What are your favourite Billy Joel songs? I’ve never listened to him before (except She’s Always a Woman and Uptown Girl) but I’ve just listened to Vienna and fell in love.
Harry Higginson
Harry Higginson 7 months ago
Shes deffo got fatter
Liberty Che
Liberty Che 7 months ago
Can you do a video in Spanish please?
Jane 7 months ago
i HIGHLY like VEEEERY HIGHLY recommend visiting Vienna, it’s my fave city ever
Kien A.
Kien A. 7 months ago
lucy 7 months ago
Can you link the big cushion?
Shaunna 7 months ago
Ive watched a few of your videos before but i literally gasped when you said you were studying German and Spanish. Im studying Germanistik at uni (currently on my year abroad). I havent found another person who is studying German
Ariadne Cassiel
Ariadne Cassiel 7 months ago
Oxbridge students, what's your opinion on Oxford brookes students?
Sophie M
Sophie M 7 months ago
You look so much happier and I'm so happy for you!!!
ThereWillBePeace1 7 months ago
5:04 '...and then I have bras pants' lol I dont think viewers wanted such an in depth breakdown. Lmao. Hope I made you laugh
Reading Diamond
Reading Diamond 7 months ago
Emma Hurrell
Emma Hurrell 7 months ago
Where is your Jumper from?! 😍
buleberryjam177 gaming
How come you are not living with your friends in a house for your 2nd year ?
Emilie Rapport
Emilie Rapport 7 months ago
At Oxford colleges often offer 2 or 3 years of accommodation
Charlotte D
Charlotte D 7 months ago
So is she in Oxford halls again? Or a house share
emmawhenever 7 months ago
rian Hidayat
rian Hidayat 7 months ago
kagak ngarti
SCM EQUESTRIANN 7 months ago
When you said tact you are in one of the colleges at oxford are you not at uni 😘
Molly O'Grady
Molly O'Grady 7 months ago
Oxford Uni is divided into different colleges! :)
lauren hazel
lauren hazel 7 months ago
dAmn how do you have the patience for that pinboard it’s gorgeous xo
Charlotte Adams
Charlotte Adams 7 months ago
7:16 - the plural of vinyl is vinyl - fun fact!!!
ok ef
ok ef 7 months ago
Charlotte Adams These are*
Charlotte Adams
Charlotte Adams 7 months ago
Peter Roth ‘this is my vinyl’
Hans Peter Roth
Hans Peter Roth 7 months ago
But how do you say if you got more than one?
Caitlin Thorn
Caitlin Thorn 7 months ago
You talking about your Alexa woke my Alexa up 😭
Annabel Wood
Annabel Wood 7 months ago
I was so excited for this video eeek!!
Holly Jade
Holly Jade 7 months ago
Room goals!
Luke Sheldon
Luke Sheldon 7 months ago
Is that Eve with a kanken? 😂 We love it!
Laura Crofts-Viney
Laura Crofts-Viney 7 months ago
You definitely got an upgrade in the room department from last year
Megan M
Megan M 7 months ago
It’s hilarious, I’m just imagining all the American students watching this crying at eves booze shelf 😂😂😂 Edit: ty for all the likes :)
Jason Feinberg
Jason Feinberg 7 months ago
@Wolverine X although when parties have been shut down, security is just kinda like "throw it away" and move on
Jason Feinberg
Jason Feinberg 7 months ago
@Wolverine X yeah, but at my college we can lose our housing if security finds alch bottle out and about our rooms. :o
Wolverine X
Wolverine X 7 months ago
@Jason Feinberg ohhhhh ok lol, well not legally, but most students drink a little anyway right?
Jason Feinberg
Jason Feinberg 7 months ago
@Wolverine X because (for the original comment) American students are not legally allowed to drink. Also, we mostly have roommates.
Wolverine X
Wolverine X 7 months ago
Wait why would they be crying? lol
georgina 7 months ago
Nobody: Eve: Yeah once the other side has fairy lights it'll look amazing!!
ThereWillBePeace1 7 months ago
Swagged out!
Student Vlogs - Dylan
the photo board is very very pleasing hahaha
G S 7 months ago
I love the room! ❤️
Kenny 7 months ago
i love seeing the different vibes of people uni rooms :) absolute guilty pleasure i could watch these vids all day long
Study With Additti
Study With Additti 7 months ago
this is such a cute room!
Khadija Merzais
Khadija Merzais 7 months ago
I love this room! 💖
Nicky L
Nicky L 7 months ago
Have they deliberately limited the window opening for health and safety? They are probably worried about the railings not being high enough or strong enough for leaning out as would inevitably happen. And that curtain setup isn’t practical for inward opening windows maybe there was too much damage to them? It would annoy the hell out of me.
Brownie 7 months ago
why is no one talking about the bedding? it's sooooooo cute, to the point where i'm gonna buy it x
Polar IceCube
Polar IceCube 5 months ago
I turned the volume down when she was talking about it 😂
sofie. liz
sofie. liz 6 months ago
@Wolverine X yeah I was thinking the same, the way she talked about it made me feel a bit weird
Artist Flare
Artist Flare 6 months ago
That's the thing I most disliked lol (never disliked a bedding this much in my life) 😅
Wolverine X
Wolverine X 7 months ago
The bedding looks like some fetish weird porn thing lol
Blaise 7 months ago
Is that a Harlech shot glass I spy? :o I spent a week there a few years back and it was so lovely!
DailyLifeWithElls t
DailyLifeWithElls t 7 months ago
Why are u soooo beautiful I'm just here wishing i looked like u
Hang Thuy
Hang Thuy 7 months ago
tips for studying Spanish plzz
Del 7 months ago
We went on a school trip about a year ago to tour Oxford, and since learning about it I’d love to go - so seeing your experience is so great! What college is this at??
Del Month ago
Hello 123 wait SAME
Princess A 2825
Princess A 2825 Month ago
Omg same I went on a trip and we saw all of Keble college and we walked around to see the outside of other colleges. We also went inside some museums too.
sumaya mire
sumaya mire 7 months ago
lady margaret hall!
McLOVIN 7 months ago
Del Lady Margaret Hall
Estela Lazaro
Estela Lazaro 7 months ago
Me encanta tu habitación, Eve! Muy ordenada acogedora. Besitos desde España!
Sophia Wong
Sophia Wong 7 months ago
Eve do u still live with your previous housemates?
amber meijers
amber meijers 7 months ago
s4phia_ w7ng no problem
Sophia Wong
Sophia Wong 7 months ago
@amber meijers ahh I see thank you!
amber meijers
amber meijers 7 months ago
she lives alone
Arlena 7 months ago
But how do you air your room?? Especially in summer when it’s hot? 😧
Sarah Kale
Sarah Kale 7 months ago
Yeah or after taking a shower or using the toilet or sleeping or eating or... I never get why the windows in all of these uni rooms don' t open properly. I couldn't live like that.
Del 7 months ago
Hafeja Khanam two weeks.
Hafeja Khanam
Hafeja Khanam 7 months ago
@Del are you forgetting two weeks of heat waves this summer?
Del 7 months ago
M. A. it’s the uk. it doesn’t get hot. 😂
Ciara Gray
Ciara Gray 7 months ago
You have a Valentino AD on your video? I’m so impressed, well done Eve x
the donutstrikesagain
I have missed you. Thank you for the update. I hope you're doing alright
e r i n
e r i n 7 months ago
im in year 10 and you are such an inspiration 🌹🖤
Kieran Brookes
Kieran Brookes 7 months ago
Hope you have a good 2nd year Eve! #LetsGetThisBread
Lyss B
Lyss B 7 months ago
I miss your daily vlogs! Love this video tho 😍
Aadarshita Dwivedi
Aadarshita Dwivedi 7 months ago
EWright 7 months ago
Are you on campus or just living in the city with your flat mates?
Emilie Rapport
Emilie Rapport 7 months ago
She's living in her college's accommodation
Mark Magorrian
Mark Magorrian 7 months ago
Your room looks great but No tea station???
Lily Le Huec
Lily Le Huec 7 months ago
Where’s your jumper from???
blurred 7 months ago
Omg I’m so happy for this video!! Lots of loves from Turkey 💕💕💕💕💕 and the sheet is AMAZING
scarlett 7 months ago
the entire minute of mr sandman music with a blank screen at the end is very unnerving lmao
Lila 7 months ago
LOVE to see you happy! Letssss gooooo second year xx
Inthira Phumara
Inthira Phumara 7 months ago
ugh am i early for once????
Aneesa x
Aneesa x 7 months ago
Hi Eve love you soooo much xoxoxoxoxo 💖
Georgia Morgan
Georgia Morgan 7 months ago
Your room is adorable. Do all oxbridge second years still live in the college? Or is there an option for living in like student flats?
Denethor de Bradegar
Depends on the college. In my college (Brasenose) you live on site in the college for 1st year, but in 2nd year you get transferred to the Frewin Annexe, which is still a historic, central building. And for 3rd and 4th year you can choose to live in the college again, so Brasenosers are lucky in that they don't need to find private accommodation for any of their degree years. But I did know some people that only got to live in their college for 1 year of their degree, so make sure you research that before applying!
Rosie Crawford
Rosie Crawford 7 months ago
Depends on the college. I lived in a house in second year ❤
Robyn Briggs
Robyn Briggs 7 months ago
If you want to know about Cambridge, some colleges (such as mine) have houses that the college owns and rents to second and third years xxx
Little Fish
Little Fish 7 months ago
depends on how much accommodation space a college has. I know one of my friends at oxford had to move out for 2nd year, but was able to move back into college accommodation for 3rd year. I think the smaller, city centre colleges are more likely tonot have enough accommodation to house all undergraduates, so priority goes to first years and final years.
arab studytuber
arab studytuber 7 months ago
Nice Btw small StudyTuber
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