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Kitchen Nightmares
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Grab your tin foil hats.
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Sep 22, 2018

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Comments 2 641
Marcar9 Marcar9
Well Yelp does try to take down your business if you don't give them money, that being said the reviews are usually real.
Northy 2 hours ago
1:56.. " I wrote my review on Yelp, as I thought your waiter raped me by asking "would you like a drink madam", I also thought your toilets.. Ladies & Gents...were triggering every customer. When I ordered a burger..Just because I changed into a vegan at last min, doesn't mean you can't read my mind, throw the meat into a bin and give me a vegan pancake!! Also Gordon, why am I, as a woman, being paid the same as the male patriarchy for doing the same acting role???."
Jacke28 2 hours ago
Alans father was a crime boss in Australia
Timothy McKane
Timothy McKane 4 hours ago
Gen on 2:05 faking her yawn.... Like she doesn't give a f**k about it.
Jammu Qxrt
Jammu Qxrt 9 hours ago
5:18 holding his tits😉
Meghan Bee
Meghan Bee 11 hours ago
The yelper lady with the purse looks so anxious
NPC #00517 3
NPC #00517 3 14 hours ago
0:47 permit patty daughter
Gerardo Joaquin
Gerardo Joaquin 20 hours ago
Anyone else laugh when as soon as he says 'every yelper lies' a card for amy's baking company appears?
Daniel Treadwell
"I signed up for Yelp just to whine about your food because I have no life at all" Losers.
Daniel Treadwell
Yelpers are losers
Beefcake Bill
Ya gotta be pretty arrogant to think that it’s an attack.
b3makinn Day ago
LA is trash
ItsMePhoebe Day ago
After watching these videos from this episode I can honestly say I've never disliked two parents and restaurant owners more than these two, especially the mother who is attritious!
Good ol' Joe
Good ol' Joe Day ago
1:25 "Plot confirmed! The world has a plot against me. I gotta finish the cannibal ritual this week or else this realm is lost."
Karan Trivedi
Omg the son is a fedora
Tr. Da.
Tr. Da. Day ago
Wow, I feel really bad for the son
MrJedabak Day ago
Gordon is so reasonable here and later he tells customers to fuck off after they complain for not getting what they ordered after waiting for an hour
Joseph Apostolou
I can't stand the fucking wife
Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney Day ago
I can sympathize with the dad. theres a worldwide conspiracy from the youtublers to close down my uploaded pirated movies.
Jonno Day ago
0:08 tf he sounds like peter griffin lmao
Hirmuinen Day ago
Im 60 year old woman
skynet0419 2 days ago
This guy and his wife were the worst
eqDWARAWDER 2 days ago
what a fucking dumbass
Hick Rarrison
Hick Rarrison 2 days ago
Some yelpers are annoying douchebags and some are legit critics.
j karnes
j karnes 2 days ago
Bruh, you steal $250,000 from me. I'm not being in the same room without swinging.
Cobb Knobbler
Cobb Knobbler 2 days ago
I can't stand any of these people. Yea, the son is getting fucked over. But I can't stand him either. The girlfriend is disgusting. And the parents are obviously both totally fucked.
Jester 3 days ago
Let me catch MY son
The mom is so disrespectful.. and childish
A Random weeb
A Random weeb 3 days ago
AviationFanClub 470
This dude was having vietnam war flashbacks during the whole kitchen nightmares when they were so called creating a ‘plot’
Just WhoTheFuckAreYou?
God forbid this woman turns 65
Rene Segat
Rene Segat 3 days ago
I tried so hard to watch this entire episode but the denial, the hostility and the wife only triggers me. I am a chef who's run into this very megalomaniacal behavior before and I simply walked. I admire chef Ramsey's patience.
splash attack
splash attack 3 days ago
Does there son remind anyone of Justin roiland?
Lamar Pray
Lamar Pray 4 days ago
Gordon needs to tear in to this wife and husband and he doesn’t and they’re ABSOLUTE DICKHEADS. I was waiting for him to snap and call them delusional
SSA DL7 4 days ago
She doesn’t like the Yelpers because she is a medium rare girl.
l Ency l
l Ency l 4 days ago
“I am a medium rare girl”
Zohaib Jamal
Zohaib Jamal 4 days ago
Im the only person that likes Alan
Leo 4 days ago
1:02 What I really wanna know is why the fuck would you spend $26 on a burger?
prince charli
prince charli 4 days ago
i hate both the fucking parents so much, i just really wanna adopt the son and girlfriend and give them everything they want even tho im probably half their age the mom is so fucking disrespectful and makes me want to snap someone's neck, and the dad is so disrespectful and such a moron >:((
WreckageBill 5 days ago
What's up with the hats?
Elegant Waster Innit
The mother's got a face like a punched trifle....the ignorant, horrible cunt
NO ONE 6 days ago
Im sorry what does "Yelp" mean. Im not American or British and English is not my first language
Elegant Waster Innit
It's an online review service.
Lizzy And Lilly
Lizzy And Lilly 9 days ago
What Episode and Season is this? Please i need to know
hiss hiss this is Snek
Ethan Paris
Ethan Paris 10 days ago
What is this episode
lucy connor
lucy connor 11 days ago
Someone said it in another comment and I strongly agree that the mum needs a fat punch to her face
GaMzEe MaKaRa
GaMzEe MaKaRa 11 days ago
Scummy parents
LAWBRINGER 1 11 days ago
Audriano Gotyè Jr.
The wife looks like a fat-lazy-blob of a woman. She should have her face punched.
Fuckologic 12 days ago
I mean…. From what I heared yelpers are actually garbadge
KoalaZZ 12 days ago
Lol Alan's bald spot
Ben Spagnuolo
Ben Spagnuolo 12 days ago
Yelpers 😂
mind assassin
mind assassin 12 days ago
No idea why the son would put up with his father's bullshit for so long. It's not his fault he has an ungrateful cunt for a father. I'd cut all ties with him asap.
playwitmychoppa 13 days ago
The plot is lead by Nino, and he took pictures to prove it
Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning 12 days ago
Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan
The restaurant should have been named “Dundee and the 64 Year Old Polish Nutcase”
Bryan_Is_here 14 days ago
Yelpers are huge bigots by default but this place was nasty.
Greased Lightning
Greased Lightning 12 days ago
Bigots? You’re an absolute fuckwit
LetMePayMehRent pLEaSe
The farther stole $250,000 from his son, then continued disrespect his girlfriend, his son has every right to be annoyed with him
Aurora Addison
Aurora Addison 14 days ago
I *LOVE* the sons girlfriend
QueenStylin 15 days ago
I truly have never wanted so badly for a couple to take a one way trip to Mars. Just ugh. It unfair they got a great son and takes advantage.
Miggle XP
Miggle XP 15 days ago
Why’d it take another owner for the father to somewhat listen instead of his own son that broke down the process of a review
kulat 15 days ago
Oh crapp.. That backward NINO sound effect at the end got me.
Tom Thedutchguy
Tom Thedutchguy 15 days ago
No Alan, the Yelpers are not out to get you by writing bad reviews about your restaurant, they write bad reviews about your restaurant because your burgers look and probably taste like piles of raw dogfood.
MrLego3160 15 days ago
Wouldn't getting people in who CREATED ACCOUNTS to review him only re-enforce his view that they are fake.
The non Jewish man
The non Jewish man 15 days ago
This show just turned from a cooking show to a therapy session
Adam D
Adam D 15 days ago
This episode definitely went that way. The "owners" are absolute fuckwads. I felt bad for their son and his girlfriend
Ruthie May
Ruthie May 15 days ago
This couple was hard to watch because they're so horrible and not entertaining.
Not 670
Not 670 15 days ago
I am not taking the side of the owner, but Yelp has been know to take business' hostage but deleting good reviews unless you pay them. At my business(not restaurant), they would hide the good ones, and only show the bad ones, and would call to solicit me for "business".
Another Commentator
Plot twist: YELP really did conspire to unfairly tarnish this restaurants reputation
Longrod McHugendong
LADIES AND GENTLEMAN MAY I PRESENT....................ninooo
justin batt
justin batt 16 days ago
What an idiot. Deliberately going after you. What a freaking idiot. Shit makes me extremely angry
Star 17 days ago
omg his wife has no respect of actually listening to their opinions wth ??
Ezekiel Morgan
Ezekiel Morgan 18 days ago
The end had me disappointed that they didnt say nine but they put it backwards
Aaron Sawich
Aaron Sawich 18 days ago
yes. your restaurant is being sabotaged by the terrible food you serve.
Dave Richards
Dave Richards 19 days ago
Alan is lip servicing
CalifornianNiño7 19 days ago
Noob Australia has officially met professional United Kingdom.🇬🇧
Chris Griffin
Chris Griffin 20 days ago
I swear at the beginning of this vid there was music from beyond scared straight
GanjaStarburst74 20 days ago
What. A. Slime. I Feel Sorry For The Son Having To Put Up With This Crap.
Gabrielle Preston-Farrar
Those two are complete assholes. The husband is fucking delusional and the wife is a rude, ignorant bitch. I feel so sorry for their son and his girlfriend. He truly got dealt the shittest parents possible.
Zackery Crouch
Zackery Crouch 21 day ago
Wow these are actually yelpers.
Edward Gomez
Edward Gomez 22 days ago
"grab your tin foil hat"- kitchen nightmares 2018
Ryan Manoj
Ryan Manoj 22 days ago
5:18 Did anyone noticed his left hand?
Andrea Mendoza
Andrea Mendoza 21 day ago
Ryan Manoj some tiddes just need to be held
Francisco Garcia90
Francisco Garcia90 22 days ago
Stupid cunt is "falling asleep" my gosh I hate that bitch
prince charli
prince charli 23 days ago
i want to strangle them so badly
Jay Dog
Jay Dog 26 days ago
There is a nice Episode of South Park about Yelp...😅
nacionalismo mexicano1
Cobb Knobbler
Cobb Knobbler 2 days ago
Mexico is the disgrace of the Western Hemisphere.
Infuriated Dragon
Infuriated Dragon 29 days ago
This guy HAS to be the Uwe boll of restaurant ownership
K S Month ago
Yelp really does mess with your reviews if you decide not to partner with them though. I've worked for two small businesses, one that chose to pay into their advertising program and had their bad reviews buried and one that had to keep telling them not to call us anymore to ask us for money because every six months our account would go to a new Yelp employee and we'd get spammed with calls. They're kind of terrible, like this weird Australian man's burgers.
allison winchester
When the neckbeard is the smartest one in the family... there are issues deeper than unseasoned burgers.
Eric Leaf
Eric Leaf Month ago
Fired them both Mom and Dad....
Broque Volk
Broque Volk Month ago
Imagine failing at your life so much that at 60 years old you still have a shitty attitude of 12 year old and ruin your children's lives.
Get him a body bag!
Gen is such an unlikable human being.
Esidara Sun
Esidara Sun Month ago
This guy is clueless. This is a guy who invested his son's inheritance in the business without telling his son, and then wonders why his son doesn't like him
Abel Pepin
Abel Pepin Month ago
The son's wife acts as if she sniffs cocaine 😂😂😵
Cxrlos_Truckin Month ago
Nino would have pictures of the yelpers writing 5 star reviews to show how good the restaurant is.
Foxboy106 Month ago
The backwards nino got me
Meme Sir
Meme Sir Month ago
I give the son and his girlfriend props he should own the restaurant
gerardo garcia
gerardo garcia Month ago
waooo, having a parents who are totally losers in life should be a real shame for the son, i woul get out of the door, forget the money and start fresh.....far, faaaaar away from my losers parents, the best example of what not to do
jmiogo Month ago
Food snob yelpers. What a group.
Bayou Burner
Bayou Burner Month ago
The parents were the worst in this episode
bingbashbosh1 Month ago
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