Overpass & Over Moisture - Harvest Part 5

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We are well on our way harvesting wheat. If not for saw fly damage we would be moving along faster but overall it has been a good season to date. Yields are lower but with the lack of rainfall we are not surprised. And then there are those massive 45ft headers!
Beastbine crazy bright lights are Thomas HP4 and HP5 LEDs:
- www.larsenlights.com/hp-4-oval
Special thanks to AgriCover for setting us up with,
Roltec Electric Tarp Conversion:
- www.agricover.com/rolltarps/roltec/
Roltec Electric Hopper Conversion:
Special thanks to Dakota Micro for setting us up with AgCam:
- dakotamicro.com/imaging-technology/agcam/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1s2z0fHk4wIVk8BkCh2ZKwRJEAAYASAAEgKhU_D_BwE
Check out Demco aluminum trailers here:
- www.demco-products.com/trailers/grain-trailers/aluminum-grain-trailer/
Check out Frielings equipment here:
- www.frielingagequipment.com/
Beastbine's massive tires are Titan LSW 1400:
- www.titan-intl.com/TiresVsTracks
Video edited by MODI -
P.O. Box 771, Shelby, MT, 59474
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Aug 17, 2019




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Welker Farms Inc
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Bathurst Trainspotting
Hey Nick would you be able to link the music you used in the “Beautiful trailer for a Beautiful truck” vid plz
Hunter 747
Hunter 747 Month ago
R. B.1994
R. B.1994 Month ago
I've expected that. Cool 👍
Jesse Goodnight
Jesse Goodnight Month ago
Welker Farms Inc yo Hollywood, so uh, where is that 3rd combine from the post huh????
AJ Deere T680
AJ Deere T680 Month ago
Its just me taking a bunch of clips from the videos and lashing them up lol
Lewis Muirhead
Lewis Muirhead 4 days ago
love the videos man
John Banks
John Banks 4 days ago
I like to eat lunch with you guys & the family in the field in the future.
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 5 days ago
rule no 1 you may have to make different rules. you take off and go fishing for a few when you think its time to go. you just cant fool or hurry ma nature
Joe Scheller
Joe Scheller 5 days ago
you may consider using the rock rollers we started using them for soybeans in our country which enabled us to plant them they push them fist sise and smaller into dirt so we can shave the ground.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith 6 days ago
This is illegal and grossly negligent
Bryan S
Bryan S 6 days ago
Hay where that stop sign go?
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 6 days ago
Strange lights above a Montana Freeway and crop 🔗
Chris Hall
Chris Hall 6 days ago
Great video Nick.
Will Bernhardt
Will Bernhardt 6 days ago
I am on my ps4 now and I am playing farming simulator 19 and I am on the welker farms map. I like it. It is really fun.
Thomas Blaikner
Thomas Blaikner 6 days ago
Nice to see a case header on a case. If they wanted a macdon header on it I’m sure it would have came from the factory with it.
Gene Murphy
Gene Murphy 6 days ago
At 7:00ish did you throw that rock back on the ground? If you’ve collected it you should take it home to grow in the home garden Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California Did you know we have a frog tunnel under Interstate 80 in Davis CA. FYI great Agriculture museum in Woodland CA just north of the Krapitol of California
ivana dzinic
ivana dzinic 6 days ago
In Montana you don't have trees? I watching your video but can't see any tree
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
Probably 1/3 of the state is forest with pine and cottonwood trees. 1/3 is cottonwood river bottoms and brush, 1 /3 is grass or farm land. The last is us
John Banks
John Banks 6 days ago
In the future I want to go to church with you & your family every Sundays & eat meals to gather every day & eat lunch with Nick Walker every day at the shop or out in the field or in the combine with Nick.
John Doe
John Doe 7 days ago
Robert so why not spray for the sawfly? Your loss this year was enough to justify a application. I saw y'all putting on the "pea vine lifts" to salvage to damaged crop; was there enough mature grain in the downed stocks of wheat to justify the damage/risk to your "new machines". I currenged when I watched rocks in the header/spout of your "new" combines and thought, "this cannot be worth it". It's all good. Here in the greatest Republic in America, TEXAS
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
There is no spray for the flies that would be economical. The lifters are for downed crop and we picked up almost all of it. The damage was just on the cutting knives which we are very use too. Many farmers around here do the same. But thanks for giving us suggestions.
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett 8 days ago
I see areas up here in Alberta where there is grain fields knocked down. Is that wind damage from thunder storms or saw flies?
Daniel Barrett
Daniel Barrett 8 days ago
@Robert Welker After watching your vids and not being a farmer but observing over then years a lightbulb went off. Thank you. I enjoy your vids.
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 8 days ago
I suspect sawfly.
Zaxit Y
Zaxit Y 8 days ago
Gay's you are amazing!!!))))
Benton Wesley
Benton Wesley 9 days ago
Lalisa !
BIGRAMBO96 9 days ago
That’s great to see everyone in the end eating together like a big family 🤘🏼
simon lawrenson
simon lawrenson 10 days ago
You fellas seem so easy going nothing seems to faze you at all. Any problems or break downs you just get on with it and keep on farming . My father was a farmer in the UK wish he was still around to show him the videos you post I'm sure he would enjoy watching God bless you all
xxtothemoviesxx 10 days ago
So did the second combine take out the stop sign after crossing the overpass. TS 14:20
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 8 days ago
No but the new demo combine did.
Chip Altman
Chip Altman 10 days ago
Two rocks an u break even on the bright side u can leave um off an feed the birds
William Nelson
William Nelson 12 days ago
Flying the colors is a nice touch.
Pewdie Pug
Pewdie Pug 13 days ago
Is it just me that’s jealous of the welkers
Welker Farms Inc
Welker Farms Inc 13 days ago
It's okay we can understand why you would feel this way ☺. But understand after many many months of non stop work and trying to keep up with youtube... We are pretty burnt out and on need of a nice long break. So it does look pretty on the outside but very very physically and mentally demanding on the inside. But thanks to all your support we will keep pressing on!
Christopher Breton
Christopher Breton 14 days ago
That was an amazing ending of a day. You my friend are lucky. That's the true american dream
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 14 days ago
Don’t you love the should of the Jake Brake. Cool video.
Clinton Emmert
Clinton Emmert 14 days ago
Is there anything you can put on the wheat to stop The fly’s? 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 8 days ago
No, just different variety of wheat
ty worrell
ty worrell 14 days ago
your shopping your fields on farming simulator 17 and I plan on them so many times it's I'm fighting I love playing on them thank you so much for letting farming simulator copier fields for other people can play on
Epsilon Silver
Epsilon Silver 15 days ago
How did I end up here? The closest I ever came to a farm is my FS19 game. From that experience I can agree with you on the difficulty of navigating overpasses with the 45' header.
CPUDOCTHE1 15 days ago
It is always a pisser when you are ready to go and trying to beat the rain and the crop is not ready to go.
Caleb Herbert
Caleb Herbert 15 days ago
definitely make you wish more people understand what we do being away from are family for extended periods of time food on the go etc. there's many of times I've slept in a tent during harvest
Dixon 16 days ago
Mocne maszyny, mocni kierowcy 💪
kev fore
kev fore 18 days ago
Our tradition is to go eat steak after the crops is out.
goldiefish72 18 days ago
Harvest lunches always taste better.
Crazy Nate
Crazy Nate 19 days ago
the graphics in Farm Simulator 19 are so real looking!
Josh Handy
Josh Handy 20 days ago
I'm sure that it was disappointing having to shut Harvest down cause of the high moisture content in the Winter Wheat and the Rain but Lunch Time in the Field with the Family made up for it. That's the reason why Y'all do what you do is for your Family. Making Memories makes up for having to shut down Harvest. Enjoy every minute. God Bless Y'all
Missouri Man
Missouri Man 21 day ago
probably too late but you can drive in an aerator tube into your building at the bottom of the pile of grain. Usually seen them home-made from old 2"-4" gas pipe with a bunch of holes drilled into it (facing down) and runs off dried/compressed air with a ball valve turned about 1/4 open but you only run it for a couple hours at a time for a day or so and youll be low moisture before you know it. I heard nitrogen does better but never seen if it affects kernel yield/quality/flavor, i imagine a mix of nitro/dry air would be best but never tested it.
Luke Becker
Luke Becker 22 days ago
Thats a pretty truck
JJKHaywood 22 days ago
Does that old IHC 9370 have the Old Shepard easy steering gear?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
I'm not sure but it works.
Pepp5150 23 days ago
Sweet..!! 16:00
thelazygoat 23 days ago
Do you ever make bales ???
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
No we leave it to continue build our low organic soils
Évo Lution
Évo Lution 24 days ago
i realy love this song pipe of your trucs is sooo lod i like thats i thinks is streigth pipe no ? is maybe kenworth or international truck
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
It's straight piped. And it is an international
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 24 days ago
We have the same moisture testers
C.A. Carlson
C.A. Carlson 24 days ago
What's poor soil? Dry? Sandy loam? Not much to hold nutrients and water? Or low flooded?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
It's a shallow soil area with an area that thins out. But the biggest hurdle is our low rainfall, 9 inches a year
Rj Senich
Rj Senich 24 days ago
Hey I got your map on farming sim 19 I like the map
suffeks 24 days ago
Google kongskilde stonebear
Ravi Patel
Ravi Patel 24 days ago
i seen a vid were a farmer took a school bus. and made it into a break room and servive truck.
Scotsman1984 27 days ago
If you want to know what Good Hard working Amercians look like then the Welkers are the poster Family! The American Dream........
White Hyde
White Hyde 27 days ago
He is lucky to have great job. :(
fingers1945 27 days ago
Hey guys!!! My Family still farms out in SE Nebraska. A small Farm Town(Humboldt) of less than 1,000 that my Great~Great and Great Grandfathers built when the town was incorporated back in the late 1800's... Cousins run it now as my Mother and Father moved east to NJ many years ago.(Grandparents retired to Loveland, Colorado) So I'm thankful for your videos on RUvid. I ordered two blue Welker t'shirts last month and when Dad and I wear to our favorite little Diner, a few of the local Farmers ask where we got them!! (We tell them you're Family....Brothers and Sisters In Jesus Christ!!) Anyways, Gods Blessings to you, leg-arms, your Parents and Wives/Children and keep up the good work,,, Keep rollin' coal and the combine on !!!! James
fingers1945 6 days ago
@Robert Welker Amen!!
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
That's so cool 👍And appreciate the faith in our precious Lord. We are humbled with what the Lord has brought us in. May we be used for the kingdom, Blessings
DotusTM 27 days ago
You guys were Blessed on your Peas from the sounds of it. Fight for your money on the winter wheat. Either way you will be fine, got the right heads out there working. Love you guys, have a blast like any other day.
Brandon Blair
Brandon Blair 27 days ago
Your videos keep getting better and better! Keep up the good work!
John Connolly
John Connolly 27 days ago
No matter where you Farm in the world the problems are much the same.
Stephen Granger
Stephen Granger 27 days ago
Why don’t you wear hi-vis clothing? Admittedly I never did until ten year ago either. All the tradies and road workers wear it, just a thing with all the machinery moving around and those big headers.
బై బై బై బై
hi indian good 🆔
John Doe
John Doe 27 days ago
You picked up two heads of wheat and there wasn't enough kernels to worry over.
Motor 2of7
Motor 2of7 28 days ago
Thank you. Just thank you
Mitch Lecapoy
Mitch Lecapoy 28 days ago
100% THE best part about harvest.... lunch and supper in the fields, food never tasted sooo good when served in the field around equipment, the smell of fresh harvest, God I miss it.
Larry Gawne
Larry Gawne 29 days ago
The end of this video with the family and overview was special. Thanks for sharing...
Ricky Ivey
Ricky Ivey 29 days ago
Can you spray to kill or keep the flies out of your wheat?
Robert Welker
Robert Welker 6 days ago
No spray has worked
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