OUTPLAY Enemies With A *FAKE* Launch Pad! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 1 411
SypherPK Month ago
This definitely isn’t a new trick but I don’t see enough people doing it! Hope you enjoy todays video!
nadeem Sharkir
nadeem Sharkir 29 days ago
are you pakistani i think pk is for it
trollers tv
trollers tv Month ago
I want vbucks
45Bigz Month ago
Its not a fake pad tho
Mr. Bot ‘-‘
Mr. Bot ‘-‘ Month ago
That get over here sounded like adam sandlet
E :3
E :3 2 days ago
Eyebrows getting better, not there yet
Sergej Dajovic
Sergej Dajovic 3 days ago
Hvala fortnite za remuvanje skreena da ne gledam tega bota
Vrinnio 9 days ago
Always Flaco-001
Always Flaco-001 10 days ago
I do this all the time
Predix 10 days ago
Not to be mean, but Kermit the frog is playing for him at 4:52
Leonidas_XCIII 12 days ago
Sub for a sub yo
Rodney Baptiste
Rodney Baptiste 15 days ago
where did nick merks come from?
P9k138u _
P9k138u _ 15 days ago
Whoops forgot to turn on notifications an I oop
Wiconi Zephier
Wiconi Zephier 16 days ago
Dude this guys titles are annoying af im reporting this shit so i dont have to ever see him again ill stick to tfue
MINI BROS 17 days ago
Sypher is toxic now
the immortal
the immortal 20 days ago
Slot of kids in my school think that
Fractions 21 day ago
Can we agree that Sypher is the type of pro player who sweats but in such a way you cant hate him for it
Nayan Kienno
Nayan Kienno 22 days ago
_when you try your best but you don’t know how to_ _woah_
Vrayzt 24 days ago
is this with colorblind mode because there is the problem that you can't see your enemies in the storm while fighting...
BLACKHAMMERthc 25 days ago
“Honestly not even close bro I was in control the whole time” dude he almost 1 shot you all he had to do was pull out the smg🙄 this is what I hate about sypher😬
The Executed Code
The Executed Code 26 days ago
Playing without music is a joke
Paul S
Paul S 28 days ago
Sypher is under appreciated
space man
space man 29 days ago
syphers getting cringy.
Neptune 29 days ago
I did this trick in season 4
VIVEHappydawg 29 days ago
i’ve done this
Tiny Guy
Tiny Guy 29 days ago
What if u just do a launchpad and put batarangs on the floor next to it so when they jump for it it blows them up
MGC master
MGC master 29 days ago
You are the 1 000 000 000 player
BT Admist
BT Admist Month ago
I do the trick all the time at the block
Jordan H.
Jordan H. Month ago
Let's get sypherpk to 3 mill subs
Doody Stainz
Doody Stainz Month ago
I've been doing that since launchpads existed not even playin
IMPULSE Month ago
4:52 yo sypher no hate but u need to work on that laugh
Vortexred [GD]
Vortexred [GD] Month ago
Your so good I wish I could play with you just once
Ben Caron
Ben Caron Month ago
Yo are a pussy
Spongy 57
Spongy 57 Month ago
Only disliked because it was at 666 and didn’t want this video to be cursed
You’ll never find me In darkness
“You’ve been erased” now to add this “you’ve been erased from this game” :)
Rafa V10
Rafa V10 Month ago
I agree, people think it’s cool to hate on fortnite and they say Minecraft is better but half of the people who say that don’t even play Minecraft and are fakes
t 0ne
t 0ne Month ago
Sypher i dont play fornite at all but i like watching you ur plays are crazy 😳
Thanks for these tips! I sniped an entire squad thanks to your advices. Even made a video for it. Grinding to be you!
golden gamer
golden gamer Month ago
You might be the best fortnite player
Leave a like and sub And comment
Yo I just watched syhper pk for the first time in a while and this nigga just got weird asf like wtf is he doing with his life
riley oneal
riley oneal Month ago
Really big fan of i could sub twice defiantly would
David` Alvarez
David` Alvarez Month ago
Thanks for the trip I now have big brain
Tony vasquez
Tony vasquez Month ago
I started doing this in season 6
ur mom
ur mom Month ago
Fuck u pussy fruit cake
baño Month ago
sypher you’re insane bro
Yani Chibane
Yani Chibane Month ago
NRG.Wasfghij Month ago
Cause this game does really suck now
epic the II
epic the II Month ago
wait I am watching it on 1080p? ohh.
Uncleargamez Month ago
I’m still upset that you killed me in World Cup qualifiers
Mel Marz
Mel Marz Month ago
Try playing with no aim modifications, I see there's no recoil on your weapons. You Corny, taking on little kids and still need a modifier, CORNY
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas Month ago
U cant justify not liking somthing people dont like the game because its fucking trash i stopped playing at season 5 i played a week after the game dropped and i used to play 12 hours a day but after they added soooo much garbage i stopped playing thats why people dont like the game not because they dicksuck others because others dont like it
Elvis Kuang
Elvis Kuang Month ago
I don’t dislike fortnite because it is popular I dislike it for the repetitiveness I’ve just gotten bored of playing because I no longer have a full squad of my best friends
Dom Mischief
Dom Mischief Month ago
Sypher gotta lil hate when it comes to people not liking fortnite 🤣🤣🤣 idk why tho, it's just a opinion bro.
Landon Louw
Landon Louw Month ago
The game is still fun it’s just the bad players that hate on it
KnownBadSanta Month ago
Yo sypher you should stream on RUvid too I would love to see you stream on RUvid ❤❤❤❤❤
No-v-aa Month ago
That’s like season 2 basics my guy
Jack Hill
Jack Hill Month ago
I dont even like fortnite but sypher makes it very fun to watch
wack memes
wack memes Month ago
fortnite trash and black ops is good
wack memes
wack memes 29 days ago
@Jackomojo because i can lol
Jackomojo 29 days ago
I feel a bit confused. If that's the case, is there a reason you are watching or on this video?
justyn goody
justyn goody Month ago
Saw this live but wanted clicked on the video to make that like button blue
Ashby Wilson
Ashby Wilson Month ago
Fun fact: AOL still sells dial up Internet. I miss them days, 3D spade cadet pinball, minesweeper, and dial up Internet on the courier. Life was simple back then.
Xx Lion100 xX
Xx Lion100 xX Month ago
I think Sypher is one of the smartest Player
FZ Engineering
FZ Engineering Month ago
Sypherpk are u Hoomantv u look like him??????????????
Daequan Loco
Daequan Loco Month ago
Bruh I thought this was a fortnite funny video
AnnasYT BTW Month ago
The best player
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