OUTPLAY Enemies With A *FAKE* Launch Pad! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Sep 19, 2019




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Comments 80
SypherPK 8 months ago
This definitely isn’t a new trick but I don’t see enough people doing it! Hope you enjoy todays video!
Matthew Long
Matthew Long 2 months ago
nadeem Sharkir
nadeem Sharkir 8 months ago
are you pakistani i think pk is for it
trollers tv
trollers tv 8 months ago
I want vbucks
45Bigz 8 months ago
Its not a fake pad tho
Mr. Bot ‘-‘
Mr. Bot ‘-‘ 8 months ago
That get over here sounded like adam sandlet
I was ur 3m sub
Liberty Taylor
Liberty Taylor 6 months ago
I pray to God who is reading my comment live long and happy 👉Ameen👈👈 just let me pray 😋👇
E :3
E :3 7 months ago
Eyebrows getting better, not there yet
Lil_Puff 7 months ago
Hvala fortnite za remuvanje skreena da ne gledam tega bota
Xces 7 months ago
Predix 7 months ago
Not to be mean, but Kermit the frog is playing for him at 4:52
JS Entertainment
JS Entertainment 7 months ago
Sub for a sub yo
Rodney Baptiste
Rodney Baptiste 7 months ago
where did nick merks come from?
dragonfly16 7 months ago
Whoops forgot to turn on notifications an I oop
Wiconi Zephier
Wiconi Zephier 7 months ago
Dude this guys titles are annoying af im reporting this shit so i dont have to ever see him again ill stick to tfue
MINI BROS 7 months ago
Sypher is toxic now
A.s.T !
A.s.T ! 8 months ago
Slot of kids in my school think that
Frost 8 months ago
Can we agree that Sypher is the type of pro player who sweats but in such a way you cant hate him for it
XXX TENTACION 8 months ago
_when you try your best but you don’t know how to_ _woah_
Vrayzt 8 months ago
is this with colorblind mode because there is the problem that you can't see your enemies in the storm while fighting...
BLACKHAMMERthc 8 months ago
“Honestly not even close bro I was in control the whole time” dude he almost 1 shot you all he had to do was pull out the smg🙄 this is what I hate about sypher😬
The Executed Code
The Executed Code 8 months ago
Playing without music is a joke
Paul S
Paul S 8 months ago
Sypher is under appreciated
space man
space man 8 months ago
syphers getting cringy.
Trippy x Rod
Trippy x Rod 8 months ago
I did this trick in season 4
VIVEHappydawg 8 months ago
i’ve done this
Tiny Guy
Tiny Guy 8 months ago
What if u just do a launchpad and put batarangs on the floor next to it so when they jump for it it blows them up
MGO Mastro
MGO Mastro 8 months ago
You are the 1 000 000 000 player
Jordan H.
Jordan H. 8 months ago
Let's get sypherpk to 3 mill subs
Doody Stainz
Doody Stainz 8 months ago
I've been doing that since launchpads existed not even playin
SURGE RYFT 8 months ago
4:52 yo sypher no hate but u need to work on that laugh
Vortexred [GD]
Vortexred [GD] 8 months ago
Your so good I wish I could play with you just once
Ben Caron
Ben Caron 8 months ago
Yo are a pussy
Spongy 57
Spongy 57 8 months ago
Only disliked because it was at 666 and didn’t want this video to be cursed
KILLTHAZOMBE 85 8 months ago
“You’ve been erased” now to add this “you’ve been erased from this game” :)
Rafa V10
Rafa V10 8 months ago
I agree, people think it’s cool to hate on fortnite and they say Minecraft is better but half of the people who say that don’t even play Minecraft and are fakes
t 0ne
t 0ne 8 months ago
Sypher i dont play fornite at all but i like watching you ur plays are crazy 😳
bluefieldchecker 8 months ago
Thanks for these tips! I sniped an entire squad thanks to your advices. Even made a video for it. Grinding to be you!
golden gamer
golden gamer 8 months ago
You might be the best fortnite player
Ashton Moreno
Ashton Moreno 8 months ago
Yo I just watched syhper pk for the first time in a while and this nigga just got weird asf like wtf is he doing with his life
Riley oneal
Riley oneal 8 months ago
Really big fan of i could sub twice defiantly would
Doodle Bob
Doodle Bob 8 months ago
Thanks for the trip I now have big brain
Tony vasquez
Tony vasquez 8 months ago
I started doing this in season 6
ur mom
ur mom 8 months ago
Fuck u pussy fruit cake
baño 8 months ago
sypher you’re insane bro
yani 8 months ago
NRG.Wasfghij 8 months ago
Cause this game does really suck now
epic the II
epic the II 8 months ago
wait I am watching it on 1080p? ohh.
Uncleargamez 8 months ago
I’m still upset that you killed me in World Cup qualifiers
Mel Marz
Mel Marz 8 months ago
Try playing with no aim modifications, I see there's no recoil on your weapons. You Corny, taking on little kids and still need a modifier, CORNY
Adrian Rojas
Adrian Rojas 8 months ago
U cant justify not liking somthing people dont like the game because its fucking trash i stopped playing at season 5 i played a week after the game dropped and i used to play 12 hours a day but after they added soooo much garbage i stopped playing thats why people dont like the game not because they dicksuck others because others dont like it
Elvis Kuang
Elvis Kuang 8 months ago
I don’t dislike fortnite because it is popular I dislike it for the repetitiveness I’ve just gotten bored of playing because I no longer have a full squad of my best friends
Dom Mischief
Dom Mischief 8 months ago
Sypher gotta lil hate when it comes to people not liking fortnite 🤣🤣🤣 idk why tho, it's just a opinion bro.
YNG ZERX 8 months ago
The game is still fun it’s just the bad players that hate on it
KnownBadSanta 8 months ago
Yo sypher you should stream on RUvid too I would love to see you stream on RUvid ❤❤❤❤❤
No-v-aa 8 months ago
That’s like season 2 basics my guy
Jack Hill
Jack Hill 8 months ago
I dont even like fortnite but sypher makes it very fun to watch
wack memes
wack memes 8 months ago
fortnite trash and black ops is good
wack memes
wack memes 8 months ago
@Jackomojo because i can lol
Jackomojo 8 months ago
I feel a bit confused. If that's the case, is there a reason you are watching or on this video?
Justyn G
Justyn G 8 months ago
Saw this live but wanted clicked on the video to make that like button blue
Ashby Wilson
Ashby Wilson 8 months ago
Fun fact: AOL still sells dial up Internet. I miss them days, 3D spade cadet pinball, minesweeper, and dial up Internet on the courier. Life was simple back then.
Xx Lion100 xX
Xx Lion100 xX 8 months ago
I think Sypher is one of the smartest Player
FZ Power Engineering
Sypherpk are u Hoomantv u look like him??????????????
ssn spxtr
ssn spxtr 8 months ago
Bruh I thought this was a fortnite funny video
AnnasYT BTW 8 months ago
The best player
AnnasYT BTW 8 months ago
Your too insane
Daniel Liezert
Daniel Liezert 8 months ago
4:40 run them likes
Sir Oofzalot
Sir Oofzalot 8 months ago
PC: imma Spray you down. Ps4: imma go build Atlantic in 2 minutes. Xbox: i do claw with a scuff control. Switch:Chill dude. Im trying to do a 90 but these joysticks are bad. Mobile: i scratched my screen trying to be the fastest editer on mobile
Aaron F
Aaron F 8 months ago
Sypher...the kinda guy to have sex then go into replay mode.
ryan4434 8 months ago
At 10:50 your health drops right down the jumps back up why is this?
Elit3s old acc
Elit3s old acc 8 months ago
ZexifyFN 8 months ago
Y’all should check out my yt if y’all love sypher😊😊
MST_LCK 8 months ago
Sypher you are the best streamer out there can you wish med luck my little finger is broken and sticks out to the side i need to have surgery
SwankyTankyEngine 8 months ago
I know how broken bones are man, hope you're doing well and recover fast. I had to have a full arm cast for the better part of 3 months
rumbiiFPS 8 months ago
Ur really helping me
Nicholas stanco
Nicholas stanco 8 months ago
Bruh literally this happened to me again
Nicholas stanco
Nicholas stanco 8 months ago
John Shana
John Shana 8 months ago
No reason to be toxic
Junger G0tt
Junger G0tt 8 months ago
Like what 3games one video
Drewzzy 8 months ago
dark knight 1
dark knight 1 8 months ago
:19 hard HARD!!!
FROST Plays 8 months ago
I always love to watch sypher with his 1000iq plays and trap kills
Corinna Ziehl
Corinna Ziehl 8 months ago
So your telling me I have to watch the whole damn video to find out how to do this trick?
ADAMIDES 8 months ago
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez 8 months ago
Nick eh 30 showed me that trick lol
Steve Gordon
Steve Gordon 8 months ago
this is the best trick.
JokieeTV 8 months ago
Who hasn't known about this trick dumbass, get original content.
Braylon Flowers
Braylon Flowers 8 months ago
Guys we have to stop self promoters 🛑 here take some bombs 💣 and some swords ⚔️ post this on all of the fortnite videos you watch spread the word good luck soldiers.I believe in yall
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