Our Snake Gave Birth to a Double-Headed Baby!

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The title says it all- Prius (our garter snake) gave birth to a wonderful clutch of babies, including one with two heads. Unfortunately I don't think the little guy is going to make it, but he's still a fascinating animal nonetheless!
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Snake Discovery
Snake Discovery 6 months ago
Update: Still don't get attached, but I was able to get some tilapia in him last night 🥰
Peggi Abreu
Peggi Abreu 8 days ago
Eric Li
Eric Li 11 days ago
Wait does he look like
Starx 26 days ago
Too late my friend I’m too attached
Dolliechu Month ago
Shawna Hannah
Shawna Hannah 2 months ago
I am a kid I don't have a phone number
Juna Mathews-Prentice
Emily: Prias u hide ur baby’s ! Prias: LOL
Beatrice Almond
Beatrice Almond 20 hours ago
The double headed was meant to be born as twins but got a bit messed up in the proses so it can be counted by most people as two snakes same with any other twin born a bit messed up but there the exactly the same besides there body problems.
Noormalin Abdullah
Noormalin Abdullah 23 hours ago
Darwin Thrasher
Where did you get the hides ????
Fiona Schimanski
I have a question just a question do people buy your snakes or do you keep them all?
Samantha Shirk
Taylor Way
Taylor Way 2 days ago
when you first put the water dish in I was like "oh no but he cant control his body yet! what if he drowns!" but i now literally nothing about snakes so I was like "What do i know?" but I'm glad my common sense still works cuz you quelled my fears ha
Bill Sandstrom
Bill Sandstrom 2 days ago
He's going to survive I used to have a two headed snake
Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson 2 days ago
Did the two headed snake survive?
Lewi Yson
Lewi Yson 3 days ago
i like your vids
Dana Drutschmann
Dana Drutschmann 3 days ago
so cool
RipXxxtentaction 3 days ago
Lps Kitten Productions
When I watched this I almost cried baby snakes are so cute 🥰
Ayi[QUIT] 4 days ago
Woah! :0
Augustina Ckuo
Augustina Ckuo 4 days ago
How do snakes poop?
•BloomingSunFlowerSkies •
The display you gave to your two-headed baby snake is the one I have for my gecko!
Pugz R LIFE 4 days ago
I know you mainly handle snakes but I need to know whether or not my bearded dragons are female or one is male and one is female
Dragon_Playz_YT 4 days ago
emily and ed :* get a 2-headed snakes and are kinda chill everyone : HOLY * unholy word *
kate potje
kate potje 5 days ago
I said 12 😎
Skye Stewart
Skye Stewart 5 days ago
I have never in my life heard someone say a snake is "cute" maybe sent im new to this chan ill get use to it..........
Schnüff Schnüff
Rip buddy🥺😭
Samantha Rendon
Samantha Rendon 5 days ago
Having a two headed snake is very rare
Anthony Bier
Anthony Bier 5 days ago
It's so cool
Beatriz Zaldana
Beatriz Zaldana 5 days ago
i thouht two headed snakes were fake
Midoriya Vue
Midoriya Vue 6 days ago
Baily Dural
Baily Dural 6 days ago
so did he make it?!
Sally Caticorn
Sally Caticorn 7 days ago
Can we see them again when they are older? Pls 🥺
Shadow amazing cat
Do you give the snacks away???
Av Smit
Av Smit 7 days ago
What was that growl/purr at the beginning?
Vlad Pido
Vlad Pido 8 days ago
Is the two-headed baby still alive?
Fong's Review
Fong's Review 8 days ago
I love babies ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Malibuseo 8 days ago
I like how you have lots of animals and your so good at taking care and I'm living over scared of someone saying my name and opening doors ect
Deanna Hurt
Deanna Hurt 8 days ago
I think because I have to head snake it's because I tried twins engine the flooring process they formed together
Midnightgamer 313
This is how many times she said “BABY” | | V
Puppy Squad
Puppy Squad 9 days ago
The two headed snake the head looks like crab 🦞 claws
Ashley Zampitella
Wendelile 9 days ago
It's so cute looking at garter snakes. When I was maybe 10-12 we went floating down a river and when we were getting out we found an injured wild garter snake, called for advice and we were told to leave it to die or keep it and rehabilitate it ourselves. It became my nightlight lol. I loved feeding it and letting it heal. After about a year we got to return the garter snake to the wild. It was so fast I was too scared to hold it.
Wendelile 9 days ago
Lol I love how you are just "so this is my gravid snake, *gasp* you already had your babies!!
Frank Peters
Frank Peters 9 days ago
Eric Frye
Eric Frye 9 days ago
She probably was gonna have 14 but somehow it became 13 its like two eggs made a two headed snake but he's still beautiful
fox skinny legend
A few years ago I saw a snake in my backyard good thing girl scouts were there, every won got to pet the snake then we set it free.
Funtime Freddy
Funtime Freddy 9 days ago
críѕtч 10 days ago
It is possible that medussa is the next baby snakes like that for sure
Ňăîýà_ Üņîčøŕñ
omg i hope he makes it!
Izzy Dillman
Izzy Dillman 10 days ago
I normally don't like snakes but the 2 headed one is so cuteeee
Ariel Solorio
Ariel Solorio 10 days ago
Can baby snakes 🐍 bite?I am asking this because I never owned a snake 🐍 😤 cause people think they're deadly 💀 but are they 🤔?
Lillian Gilbert
Lillian Gilbert 11 days ago
That’s amazing seeing a double headed snake. I mean I know that when a snake or any animal for that matter is double headed that just means that they were twins and their eggs (idk what to call it...) didn’t separate all the way at birth
Aubree Stevens
Aubree Stevens 11 days ago
Is the baby snacke going to survive
Erica Ortiz
Erica Ortiz 11 days ago
How can you tell if it’s a girl or boy?
Jana Hatem
Jana Hatem 11 days ago
Ramona Owens
Ramona Owens 11 days ago
May i adopt da to head snake
Naughts & Crosses
Naughts & Crosses 11 days ago
How is he now?
Rafael Rodrigues
Rafael Rodrigues 11 days ago
Sheldon Adelson
Memesfact 537
Memesfact 537 11 days ago
Laa baby snake under the rock be like: my siblings... I am the last one left.... I am the CEO of the company 😂
XxClo̸ck _ Wo̸rkxX
My snake had a two headed baby and he made it 😊 I hope that one does too :(
XxClo̸ck _ Wo̸rkxX
Can we name the two headed one duo? 🥺
XxClo̸ck _ Wo̸rkxX
I really want the two headed one to make it
Sahil NAWABI 12 days ago
Goopy Demon
Goopy Demon 12 days ago
did it make it? cause I don't any uploads of you reporting it. if its already dead at least make a funeral for the little buddy.
Patricia Rissa
Patricia Rissa 12 days ago
I dont know why but my brain say its the Louis Vuitton snek
palden Mikchan
palden Mikchan 12 days ago
I think that the egg had twins and they never did anything without his or hers and I think that they didn't have enough space in their egg so I think that one of them ate the other and made a hole and put his or hers head so they have to do something to like if it was scared it would be like on a rollercoaster one is like ahhhhhh and the other one is bored hee
Zahra’s World
Zahra’s World 12 days ago
I guess 10
SxphieBxbble 12 days ago
Question of the day what is the worst thing that can happen to a snake being born but dying?
Navene Cat Squad
Navene Cat Squad 12 days ago
Cool 2had snack 🙃😚
Adrian Salazar
Adrian Salazar 12 days ago
Cool snakes
Shawdowboi1234- And stuff
i wonder what he looks like when the snakes big
Sam Francis
Sam Francis 12 days ago
Wild side
Wild side 12 days ago
Oh wow intresting
Victor Concepcion
Victor Concepcion 13 days ago
Could you cross breed a diffrent color garter snake with your female
Eugene Shuhayda
Eugene Shuhayda 13 days ago
he died guys
Jennifer Mann
Jennifer Mann 13 days ago
Did he make it
Eugene Shuhayda
Eugene Shuhayda 13 days ago
No sadly
GP Productions
GP Productions 13 days ago
That happens when to animals in the belly are not fully done growing and they go to close to each other and the morph together
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez 13 days ago
I really hope the 2 headed little snake survives:(
Eugene Shuhayda
Eugene Shuhayda 13 days ago
he died
Abraham Hernandez
Abraham Hernandez 13 days ago
Hello I’m a big fan and I love your vids and even though I didn’t really like snakes now that I watch your videos I am starting to know more about them and that they are mostly friendly sometimes
Ashlee O'Neil
Ashlee O'Neil 13 days ago
Its 15 baby's cuz if it has two heads its two different snakes
Quinn 87
Quinn 87 13 days ago
I was gardening once and a garder snake came right out from behind me. F.Y.I I have a fear of snakes
Chris Elias
Chris Elias 14 days ago
a heart hed baby
Andrea Bond
Andrea Bond 14 days ago
Women: YOU HAD YOUR BABIES snake: yeah I did
Josephine Röhrig
Josephine Röhrig 14 days ago
One time in school i Had a snake in my hand it was so cool😍
Brandon Shepard
Brandon Shepard 14 days ago
Eugene Shuhayda
Eugene Shuhayda 12 days ago
@Brandon Shepard When i read that post. I shed a couple tears for the little Guy
Brandon Shepard
Brandon Shepard 12 days ago
Eugene Shuhayda damn. I mean I assumed so. But I just had a little hope for him lol
Eugene Shuhayda
Eugene Shuhayda 13 days ago
he died
Helena Smith
Helena Smith 14 days ago
As soon as I see h I get itath
connor johnston
connor johnston 14 days ago
I used to have 2 snakes they were pythons
Kiyafrida Goodstein
So cute
Colten Doll
Colten Doll 14 days ago
i love reptiles but snakes and the no legged lizard peak my intrest
Sonali Pandit
Sonali Pandit 14 days ago
Hey he has attached heads because he's a baby when he gets big his head will get actual two heads
Leen H
Leen H 14 days ago
Are you kidding eye in middle of face where is the nose and two headed snack wow
Il0l_l0ll 14 days ago
If he survives for a long period he’ll inspire lots of things. It’ll maybe have a chance of being like Hope the turtle.
Rebekah Steward
Rebekah Steward 14 days ago
Kennedy Glass
Kennedy Glass 14 days ago
You need to name them !
Man Jun
Man Jun 14 days ago
Greta Anne Craig
Greta Anne Craig 14 days ago
He is kinda cute just saying but I'm trying to get attached though
Baguette Woman
Baguette Woman 14 days ago
The most likely reason why the baby was two headed was because she and her babies are hybrids, this is an example why you shouldn't hybridize snakes. Some babies may be ok however in most cases they are not healthy and develop lots of problems. Yes her babies came out ok for the most part however you should not hybridize garters or any snake, yes hybrids may be cool and pretty but pures are even more so. This is not like dogs where hybrids (mutts) are usually healthier, hybrid snakes are not good, you sacrifice the snake's health of the hybrid just to say you have a hybrid or that you breed hybrids. Please please please don't breed hybrid garters!
Dweebicus Maximus
Dweebicus Maximus 12 days ago
she's bred these many many times and her hybrid has had a similar rate of defect as her non hybrids. garter snakes don't breed for quality in most cases. I don't think you should be telling Emily, whose job is breeding snakes, what you think about the healthiness of her observably healthy clutches (in both hybrids and non hybrids).
Alena Novotná
Alena Novotná 14 days ago
the one that has two heads is terribly cute🥺🥺🥺🥺
Ollie 2502
Ollie 2502 14 days ago
Imagine the other snakes came out when the two headed snake was getting exammend
maaz maksud
maaz maksud 14 days ago
They look like the louis vutton patternbut with stripes
ɱıɕɧεศɭ ศʄtσŋ นшน
I think the two headed one will be become a very strong beast bcs if one of his brains gets damaged he still has the other one to take control which mean if an wild animal would bite in the one brain the other one may still have control of the bofdie like a second live
Adrian Sowma
Adrian Sowma 14 days ago
Wow it’s a double head :3 0w0 snakys
Jennifer Humphrey
Jennifer Humphrey 14 days ago
I found this channel by just looking around then I came across dis XD
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