Our Snake Gave Birth to a Double-Headed Baby!

Snake Discovery
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The title says it all- Prius (our garter snake) gave birth to a wonderful clutch of babies, including one with two heads. Unfortunately I don't think the little guy is going to make it, but he's still a fascinating animal nonetheless!
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Jun 30, 2020




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Comments 100
Snake Discovery
Snake Discovery Month ago
Update: Still don't get attached, but I was able to get some tilapia in him last night 🥰
Durpy_ Meowth
Durpy_ Meowth 28 days ago
Im attached
The bløød łMøønł
I will try.
Łazý Eggs
Łazý Eggs 28 days ago
Did you keep de two headed baby snake?
Its Corona Time
Its Corona Time 28 days ago
Did he die?
Prosperos Moon
Prosperos Moon 29 days ago
He probably won't, but I hope he survives
Jamie Sparkle
Jamie Sparkle Hour ago
2 headed baby: 🙃🙃 hello Other babies: am I a joke to u?
Tường Vy
Tường Vy 3 hours ago
Its alive!! Ay and it survives
Patty Crystals
Patty Crystals 3 hours ago
What set up do you need to take care and enjoy one or more?
emmett bartz
emmett bartz 6 hours ago
It a hydra
GOD 8 hours ago
poor snake
Sujan Chowdhury
Sujan Chowdhury 13 hours ago
How to ready baby I never seen that babies 😵😵😵😵🤮🤮🤮🥴🥴:‑X:‑X😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔😵😵😵🍂
Ryan Dart
Ryan Dart 14 hours ago
Does that mean 2 headed snakes are 2x smarter?
Git Gud
Git Gud 17 hours ago
I always wonder...if you have two heads...who controls the body...? If its only one person then the other one is just a spectator for life? :(
Carrie Dangerhoff
Carrie Dangerhoff 20 hours ago
that is precious
Annabel Kiselyak
Annabel Kiselyak 21 hour ago
Love the Drax reference lol
Fay Cornaggia
Fay Cornaggia 23 hours ago
Rachel Renfrow
That sneaky little snake had her babys without telling you
charlotte cockrem
Blend his food to liquid and maybe he will eat?
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
They had to euthenize him sadly.
Ava Ferrero
Ava Ferrero Day ago
Poor baby.
Emmy Drawz
Emmy Drawz Day ago
Name him Carlos!
Dakoda Amaro
Dakoda Amaro Day ago
Drax’s line
It's 4aron
It's 4aron Day ago
Too bad I can never have a snake due to my moms phobia
Zombijasonn Day ago
There was 15 babys cuz the one With Two heads is Two souls
Hoping that the little guy makes it.
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
They had to euthenize him :(
I used to have that kind of garder snake
Claire Miraclaina
Awww I really hope the 2 headed one survives!
Claire Miraclaina
Claire Miraclaina 51 minute ago
@Dead Fish aw :(
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
amy six
amy six Day ago
Your garders look like pure velvet ♥️😍
qanisha shamiza
two head is a relly wreid and starnge
Lauren Boggs
Lauren Boggs Day ago
I have a cat that has a brain disorder (meaning she can’t control her legs as well) but she’s doing great so maybe there hope!😁
Jennifer Baxter
Snow Sekki
Snow Sekki Day ago
Rip little buddy loved you from the start to the end hopefully you will find a good multiheaded one next time in the foreseeable future
Natsu9596 Day ago
There is an update on their community page, they did have to cull him.
myla e
myla e Day ago
I love snakes they are so cute and unique
Savi Grace
Savi Grace Day ago
The double headed one doesn’t look wrong he just looks autistic
Maggie Wilder
Those babies are really cute
The baby snakes:I am speed Me:why are you running Also me:stop running
Michael Renner
Michael Renner 2 days ago
I'll take your entire stock
Nailani y Xionary Pastrana
looks like that two headed snake's heads were fused together or somethin.
The Farm
The Farm 2 days ago
𝚋𝚝𝚠 𝚒𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚝 𝚝𝚠𝚘 𝚜𝚗𝚊𝚔𝚎𝚜 𝚒𝚗 𝚘𝚗𝚎?
SJ _LunarArtist
SJ _LunarArtist 2 days ago
I already got attached
Salma Hanygalal
Salma Hanygalal 2 days ago
Birth !🧐🧐🧐🤥🤥
Bentley S
Bentley S 2 days ago
It's a rare hydra snake
Mr. Gutsy
Mr. Gutsy 2 days ago
Omg the spegetti
Your Local Ginger
5:13 How come you were just recording the rock? There wasn't even a snake there.
Daniel Maylett
Daniel Maylett 2 days ago
Are those snakes ovoviviparous?
H0nkai GT
H0nkai GT 2 days ago
The Snake:End my life NOW!!!! The women:Nah i just want too see u suffer
H0nkai GT
H0nkai GT 2 days ago
@: D Well it just a joke but your right....:)
: D
: D 2 days ago
You know she did put it down right? It wasn’t eating so she euthanized it. Also it wasn’t suffering, it just had a physical deformity.
Loren Perez Puig
Loren Perez Puig 2 days ago
can you geaft me a sneick
Francesca Sveistrup
Keep the baby with the two heads like if you agree
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
: D
: D 2 days ago
It died
Francesca Sveistrup
Keep the baby like if you agree
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 2 days ago
I don’t understand how she’s fine with snake bites :’)
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
People overestimate how bad snake bites are. Unless they are venomous it isn't a big deal.
Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
They get used to it. lol It's not that bad.
Chelsea Petke
Chelsea Petke 2 days ago
U may think u have 14 but you see the two headed snake is do snakes in one body so that means in reality you actually have 15 snake 🐍 baby's
super gamer girl
super gamer girl 2 days ago
Da ma'mas face before the intro was like ya I hid my baby's UNU
Felicia Malcolm
Felicia Malcolm 2 days ago
This is so cute lol
karma chonjor
karma chonjor 3 days ago
Him: Aw he did a tongue flick! Her: Oh he did!?!?! Him: YES HE DID *triggered*
kariesa lane
kariesa lane 3 days ago
I don't know if this is real this is just what I think but I think how a 2 headed snake is born 2 babies was trying to be born but accidentally morphed together! I don't know if this is true
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
Sometimes twins hatch from eggs. A two headed snake could be conjoined twins This is a bit harder to figure out though cuz this is a live bearing species.
Margaret Cook
Margaret Cook 3 days ago
Did he die?
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
: D
: D 2 days ago
Big boi Doggo
Big boi Doggo 3 days ago
I said 12 babies to
MADDIE Rankins
MADDIE Rankins 3 days ago
Hi what is a good 1st snake
FlowerPower48 3 days ago
I hope the double head snake survives.
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
It did not :(
Wl Sean
Wl Sean 3 days ago
Vonda Grubb
Vonda Grubb 3 days ago
Lara Knoetze
Lara Knoetze 3 days ago
Is he still alive 👼
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
: D
: D 2 days ago
Lara Knoetze nope
Boss Master
Boss Master 3 days ago
Sorry. Hope he does good 😊
ri Fri the meme child
Miss please tell me what happened please I love the lil baby but I'm not attached Thu
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
KG Bricks
KG Bricks 3 days ago
He sadly passed
Katie Sharp
Katie Sharp 3 days ago
New update video on him?
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
Chloe Lacombe
Chloe Lacombe 3 days ago
You mean two headed snakes are common ???????????
Demon 4 days ago
poor baby i hope he makes it i dont even know him and i will cry if he does die
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
He died
OLIVIA BODINE 4 days ago
Would the two headed baby be adopted? or do you wanna keep him/her/bOtH?
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
ForceboyGaming 4 days ago
Get jayprehistoricpets if u have 2 headed snakes!
Roxy Morris
Roxy Morris 4 days ago
You are so brave to be around all those snakes but they all seem so calm
scarlett wyman
scarlett wyman 4 days ago
I hope god gives lil 2 head a chance to grow up and have kids him self🥰
Hridya Ramesh
Hridya Ramesh 4 days ago
Can we have an up to date update on the double head baby please is it still alive?? Did it make it?? I hope it did
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
Jordan Stone
Jordan Stone 4 days ago
Does anyone know where I can look at the animals they have for homes?
Peggy Bliesner
Peggy Bliesner 4 days ago
Babies snakes are so cute 🥰
Derp Fish
Derp Fish 4 days ago
There is two lower jaws but one is overlapping the other (i think please correct me if I'm wrong)
HAK-DOS 4 days ago
Would be nice if they gave us some kind of update on this snake. I'm guessing that it died, and they don't want to tell us about it.
Fouad Hattar
Fouad Hattar 4 days ago
If he has 2 heads does that mean 2 peeps ? 🐍🐍🤔
xXGalaxyXx 4 days ago
That snake who has double heads,Looks.so.COOL omg i never saw one in my entire lifeee
Samuel Anthony Dumapias
JUSTJUDAH 4 days ago
Time for two ta shine
Parakeet World•
Your parrot is so cuteee. Are his wings clipped?
Parakeet World•
: D Thank u, but i wasnt wondering cuz of the plucked feathers 😂 She just never flew so i was confused
: D
: D 2 days ago
No, it can still fly but the plucked feathers are from a bad past home
Ellyzza7tot1i Ruiz
How is it posible
Lupus Spiritus
Lupus Spiritus 4 days ago
How goes the wee Two-Faced one thus far? Or has it graduated to a specimen jar? 😥
: D
: D 2 days ago
It think it was euthanized because it refused to eat
demon slayer
demon slayer 4 days ago
If she had 12 babies she would eat some of the babies
Marley Mae
Marley Mae 4 days ago
the two headed baby is so cool i have never seen one
Marley Mae
Marley Mae 4 days ago
It looks like he has big tounge from the top because of his bottom jaw
Kayson Brynn
Kayson Brynn 4 days ago
mite uve bine twins but thae bothe kcodent ulav
Cynthia Franklin
Cynthia Franklin 4 days ago
He has a twin on the other head
DavynXtreme 4 days ago
Can i tell u this What are the Icopods for?
: D
: D 2 days ago
Cleaning waste
Thomas Proctor
Thomas Proctor 4 days ago
How's the double headed snake doing???
Dead Fish
Dead Fish 3 hours ago
They has to be culled sadly:[
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
cute Mew
cute Mew 4 days ago
Poor baby
Gasmask Guy
Gasmask Guy 5 days ago
F. B. I
F. B. I 5 days ago
Monsters university scene here “We count body’s not heads that dude counts as 1”
Legendsneverdie wolfgangblueraptor
Sooo let’s name the two headed snake hmmm what about two awww yess name that baby two please please
Karre Gunn
Karre Gunn 5 days ago
Don’t Touch the child.
Ink the singing ink dragon
im already attatched! lets call him we! bc he has two heads!
Chloe Smith
Chloe Smith 10 hours ago
He died
Elizabeth Afton
Elizabeth Afton 5 days ago
no one: noт even god: noт even мy dead мoм: oтнer ѕnaĸe: *looking in the camera trying to be noticed*
Mipad 4
Mipad 4 5 days ago
Cute snake
Anonymous_ uwu
Anonymous_ uwu 5 days ago
Why does the two headed snake look like they have a pug face to me? XD
Reysina Reysina
Reysina Reysina 5 days ago
Two hand snake is very rare i never see that before in my life
xiana topacio
xiana topacio 5 days ago
Gosh I love you and your pets they are cute!!!!!!💞😍😘🥰🥰🥰😘😍😍😍
Evaline Begay
Evaline Begay 5 days ago
They actually hove two headed top jaw and two bottom jaw it’s just overlapping
Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens 5 days ago
It is sad the some people don't understand that sometimes they need think of the ANIMAL'S quality of life, not just their own feelings. Thinking only of your feelings is a selfish point of view. It is a very hard decision to make, but sometimes it must be done so the animal doesn't suffer.
DJWafflez366 6 days ago
The best thing to do to a double headed baby is A: Put it down because it’s painful to live like that B: remove the other side of its head with plastic surgery. I would suggest putting it down.
HAK-DOS 4 days ago
It isn't always like that, you know. There are many cases of two headed animals actually living healthy lives, it depends on the scenario and how educated/well trained their handler is about the situation.
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