Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! - Velkase Velka 3

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We build what might be our SMALLEST custom gaming PC ever, in the new Velkase VK3 / Velka 3.
Buy a Velkase: On their site: www.velkase.com/products/velka-3
Buy an AMD 3700X CPU:
On Amazon: geni.us/KHY4Erm
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1c
Buy an ASUS Strix X570-i Motherboard:
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Buy a Gigabyte RTX 2060 Mini:
On Amazon: geni.us/tQqcI
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1z
Buy a Noctua L9a AM4 Cooler:
On Amazon: geni.us/ozdR
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1P
Buy Corsair LPX Memory:
On Amazon: geni.us/MINRiBs
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1m
Buy Corsair PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs:
On Amazon: geni.us/YeUKfFo
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV11
Buy SilverStone Flex ATX PSUs:
On Amazon: geni.us/n5VbBC
On Newegg: lmg.gg/8KV1W
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Oct 12, 2019




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Comments 80
Aublak 7 months ago
I'd imagine that Linus randomly advertises LTTstore to his kids at this point.
Pamle Pfirman
I imagine Linus: Dinner time! Kids: Yay what are we having Linus: Shoutout to LTTStore Kids: uhm ok
Oseobulu Ebosele-Park
Oseobulu Ebosele-Park
I feel like his kids do that to his friends, like , Hey guys want to play football, we can use Lttstore.com to buy team shirts
Aaron Lowe
Aaron Lowe 2 days ago
If they wonder into the toilet while he's doing a dump he breaks into a Charmin's toilet paper advert, with demonstration.
God Teii
God Teii 6 days ago
Cpt. BlazedAsFck420
Cpt. BlazedAsFck420 30 minutes ago
I use the sam RAM :D but only 8GB
Pennant Gaming
Pennant Gaming 37 minutes ago
That little box has 3x the performance than my huge aging GTX 750 ti!
squidud Hour ago
Most cases you build in... this one you build on.
James Weaver
James Weaver 2 hours ago
You should have went with water coolant
dashozin 5 hours ago
younkyoung PARK
younkyoung PARK 8 hours ago
Isnt the k39 smaller by like 100th of a liter?
Lollitoe 8 hours ago
But is it water-cooled?
Mattie Norml
Mattie Norml 9 hours ago
0:22 Ohhh! So thats how you get all your neat gadgets! You naughty boy!
Unforsakable 12 hours ago
When's the baby due?
Filip Žalud
Filip Žalud 12 hours ago
Velka means "big" in some slavic languages
Patrik Martinovski
Patrik Martinovski 14 hours ago
Ironically velka in balkan means big
the worshiper of scar,grian and zombie
My headset would crush that thing.
Auftragschiller 18 hours ago
"oh, a web result" o.O i feel you...
Hinata Shot_on_film
Hinata Shot_on_film 18 hours ago
I love to see linus struggles ( • ω < )
mikstr22 Day ago
You really might as well buy a laptop at this point
Stylix Day ago
the moment when you realise that a little cube is better than your Xbox or PlayStation.... and smaller
Southy567 Day ago
I'm like, stressed oot
Krystan Honour
Damned straight never do up your side panel before post in the case
Red Neck
Red Neck Day ago
You: _Slap the sheep's butt_ The Sheep: 13:57
King Rthur
King Rthur Day ago
Linus is such a crackhead
Aimane Calila
Aimane Calila 2 days ago
Where is the hdd Linus ? 🤔🤔
Asher Dorock Hazard
What I don't like about him, he is not excited for what he is doing anymore. He is kinda In a mood like OK let it finish let me get my sponsor money and share this shit product video..
Nathan 2 days ago
Smallest gaming PC you say? *peers over at my raspberry pi 3 running Minecraft Ahh
WildFire101 The Gamers
Ever heard of a Leveno thinkcentre ultra small m92p
James Stapleton
James Stapleton 2 days ago
how much did this cost in total?
Fam Cam
Fam Cam 2 days ago
That small thing is better then my pc
Jayden Jones
Jayden Jones 2 days ago
i play games on a mac so i can't play any of the good free games
Mr.NoobsterSocks 2 days ago
Haha you think that's small? Think again. My pc is half the size of that.
Omar feras
Omar feras 2 days ago
how much does all of this cost?
Everyday Justin
Everyday Justin 2 days ago
bruh my computer cant even run minecraft
BrryntChris Ching
so basicly a ps4 or xbox but its not
WE_EAT_BEANS 3 days ago
I'd personally feel so uncomfortable putting a 350w psu in a system that draws around 300-320w
Ethan Diehl
Ethan Diehl 3 days ago
Imagine The Verge trying to build the smallest pc ever😂 they will probably just put this case in another case and call it good 👍 and all the components besides the motherboard is in the smaller case.
Wesley223332 3 days ago
A summary *Mashing things onto each other until the clearance is good*
Td 3 days ago
Wish someone would make a case ever so slightly larger than this with a tempered glass side panel, am I asking too much? I have a lian li TU150 and I love it! its extremely roomy for an itx build
Cara StGermain
Cara StGermain 3 days ago
a pc the size of my gpu
MR GAMER 3 days ago
*Banana for scale* *PHLYDAILY: HOL UP.....*
Cartoons 3 days ago
An add with you came up on your video
Trvpking Beats
Trvpking Beats 3 days ago
Am I the only one that doesn't mind fan noise? I think its soothing.
Malte 3 days ago
Maybe just disable the nvme ssd
Giggidygiggidy12 4 days ago
Nothing like watching Linus watch someone else do a new build on RUvid, while he explains how it's built on his RUvid channel😂
Giuliano C.M.
Giuliano C.M. 4 days ago
@blink46 made 2 of them
Childish Karstino
Ree its so cute!
Meliodas 4 days ago
Shoplifting joke didn't age well
jacob zak
jacob zak 4 days ago
2:00 that tool is so convenient! Where I can get that? and most importantly what is that specifically?
Tyler Brownwood
Tyler Brownwood 3 days ago
It's just a ratcheting screwdriver, u can go to lowes or home depot to find one
FoamyAdampower 4 days ago
bruh I just want to run dos on this thing
AussieShifTy 4 days ago
Love this build and all your other videos. You really inspire me!
David King
David King 4 days ago
If it does not run windows 98 its not a pc. Its just a very expensive paper weight.
yezihp 5 days ago
Replace the 4mm fan with a silent one from the PSU it does good, and upgrade PSU to 500 or 600W
yezihp 5 days ago
I bought the parts and still struggle cramming the cables. What kind of sorcery is this!?
Zyonix 5 days ago
15:53 “There’s gonna a bit of a gap but hey, if it’s good enough for Tesla owners it’s good enough for me” 😂
Sebastian Hernandez
I was looking for this comment 😂 I almost spilled my water when he said that hahaha
Alan Dike
Alan Dike 5 days ago
do an external 19v dc into an atx dc adapter inside
Shehan Jayasinghe
I feel like Linus has finished covering all the good topics and now just publishes in bulk low quality content just to churn out a profit.
Abid Lucien Nugraha
This PC look like PlayStation 2
Saucy Sausages
Saucy Sausages 5 days ago
i fricken want one of these, a pc for that matter
Women's Grace
Women's Grace 5 days ago
Good gaming pc
easydigisoft 5 days ago
Sad, this channel became advertising board...
Michael Dempsey
Michael Dempsey 5 days ago
“If there’s a weird thing that almost no one could possibly want, SilverStone probably makes it”
Zairhyxe D alien
Zairhyxe D alien 6 days ago
Granpda Corey
Granpda Corey 6 days ago
I have that same ACER monitor
a random guy
a random guy 6 days ago
Laughs in basically homeless
Geek Therapy Radio
Now to undervolting.... :)
Eman Decadiz
Eman Decadiz 6 days ago
hey linus, can you review metal fish S3 and k39 from aliexpress ? those are budget options of this velkase. it would be fun to see conparisons
Samuel Putro Adi
Samuel Putro Adi 6 days ago
no one: linus: demonstrate shoplifting using LTT STEALTH HOODIE
PanosXD Gamer12
PanosXD Gamer12 2 days ago
dark killer
dark killer 6 days ago
this guys building pc in kitchen
Just your average Crusader
For when you need to conduct a drone strike on your neighbor but your on a plane
Chris S
Chris S 6 days ago
If ever there was a system to give away!! Perfect for a living room media center that is easy to hide.
ɢᴠɴɢ flootay
Watercool it.
Sahd Qasim
Sahd Qasim 7 days ago
BasicallyHomeless: Hold my acog
Travis Biehle
Travis Biehle 7 days ago
when the tiniest pc ever has better specs than my PC...
PoCanDo _
PoCanDo _ 7 days ago
I need this in my life. My old laptop probably weighs around the same anyways. Lol
Mskba 7 days ago
He could've made it even smaller by using an apu
JustBrandon. 5 days ago
I know right.
Ye Yo - FcTeam
Ye Yo - FcTeam 7 days ago
what will you do with all computers that you assemble? could you give it to me? I'm from italy, I can pay the shipping..
Amariel 7 days ago
Basically Homeless be like, Bruh
Loran Menickpura
Loran Menickpura 7 days ago
I liked how small it is but when I so how much it cost to build it I just forgot about it
snoopy_ 7 days ago
can i have pls
ScuseMeSir 7 days ago
0:50 and 2:03 just the way he yells is so perfect
snoopy_ 7 days ago
LuvLockDwn 8 days ago
Yea ive watched this video 12 times idk why its been months and every month ive watched it at least 3 times 🤦🏻‍♂️
Sam Dillard
Sam Dillard 8 days ago
honestly, I think I watch these videos more for the Brilliant Advertising Segues. God Linus or his writers (if he has them) is amazing at it.
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