Our Puppy’s First Surgery In Years

Aaron Burriss
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It's finally time to take Guppy in for his surgery and we're all stressing out. Guppy has a history of health issues and today he's going in so that they can help improve his breathing. Honestly its just the part about him going under anesthesia that scares me but I know he'll make it through. This is the Pug Puppy who was only suppose to live for 2 years and now he's already 4! I know he'll make it through this and live another 10 years! Please pray for our little guy and thank you so much for all the support!

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Dec 9, 2020




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Comments 2 789
Zoe MCNAMARA 17 days ago
me seeing a pig in the car next to them. i am dreaming
Sienna Robinson
Sienna Robinson 20 days ago
I had tears in my eyes when Roni started crying I have 2 pugs they always have difficulty breathing because there face is not like wide and we support guppy
Jadalynn Felicano
Jadalynn Felicano 20 days ago
no bc the way aaron was getting pretty upset but right when he noticed roni getting rly emotional he immediately tries to comfort her
Angie R.
Angie R. 23 days ago
I was literally crying when roni was praying
Dayana Mejia
Dayana Mejia 23 days ago
Toady Gaming
Toady Gaming 29 days ago
Aaron and Roni are so close. When Roni started crying he did A GREAT job at comforting her. I hope they stay the best of friends for 100 HUNDRED YEARS.
Lisa Kowalczyk
Lisa Kowalczyk Month ago
i know how you fell my puppy as a hernia and she has to get surgery
Samanta Ramsammy
i love guppy
Mia Yoshimoto
Mia Yoshimoto Month ago
Briley Butell
Briley Butell Month ago
Roni I was crying with you
Chloe Winter
Chloe Winter Month ago
That prayer was so heart warming !
dani HQ
dani HQ Month ago
Notice how it says our
April's channel
April's channel Month ago
im the biggest fan on you.re channel my name is april can i get a shoutout
Stretch With Alida
He has such a cute dog and did anyone tear up as well when roni started crying tho she is beautiful without makeup
Ron ur making me cry 😭😭
Alicia Human
Alicia Human Month ago
I am kinda confused are they together .?
Ana Galindo
Ana Galindo Month ago
Such a cute couple❤️🥰
Maria Olivero
Maria Olivero Month ago
Aaron, rony should be your sales manager, just take all my money
Napa Pidech
Napa Pidech Month ago
Roni you’ll be ok
Napa Pidech
Napa Pidech Month ago
Are you guys dating
Turtle City
Turtle City Month ago
But it was funny😂
Turtle City
Turtle City Month ago
When Aaron says when you go in that direction when he screamed he sounded like a goat
Christian Almeida
#getbacktogether #loveuguys #loveguppythecutiestpugever
Halle Month ago
I love that roni prays 🙏
Doryzandrea Patino
Doryzandrea Patino 2 months ago
selvakumar padmanaban
LuvJulia 2 months ago
LuvJulia 2 months ago
I cried when Roni cried ;-;
8:57 i laughed so hard when roni made that face
i dont have a dog but can someone tell me why he’s snoring when he’s awake
0:51 when the glasses made her eyes look so small i literally said out loud OH-
Holly Hersom
Holly Hersom 2 months ago
Wait is guppy Aaron’s and Roni’s dog
Aubrey Avacado
Aubrey Avacado 2 months ago
I love how they prayed for Guppy!! So precious!!
Avery DeVries
Avery DeVries 2 months ago
Twig 2 months ago
I'm crying like Roni in the start of the video i love you guppy and my hamster died pray for guppy and my hamster guysssssssssss
AiUsHi SeNgUpTa
AiUsHi SeNgUpTa 2 months ago
awww..........i love guppy...
Sahmin Yasha
Sahmin Yasha 2 months ago
Omgg!!! 5:36 Aaron kissed Roni’s hand💞💞
EverPink kayesea
EverPink kayesea 3 months ago
Guppy is so cute omg
TheFortBlox_ Bear
TheFortBlox_ Bear 3 months ago
Noooooo roni dont cry or I'll cry😢😭😭😭😢😢😢
Freya Moore
Freya Moore 3 months ago
When Roni was crying I was SOBBING🥺
Lxza⚠️🏆 3 months ago
Stop!!! You’re making me cry
Eileen Roh
Eileen Roh 3 months ago
Where is nessa?
Neera Kangoo
Neera Kangoo 3 months ago
I hope he OK 😭😭😭
Neera Kangoo
Neera Kangoo 3 months ago
Journey The Talker
Journey The Talker 3 months ago
Are yall dating???
Heidi Month ago
Journey The Talker
Journey The Talker 3 months ago
If yall aren't that is just wrong
Teddy aesthetic Toca Bear
Teddy aesthetic Toca Bear
Awwwwwww I’m gonna cry
bigsley623 3 months ago
When Ronnie started crying I cried
net flix
net flix 3 months ago
I dont know why but when anyone crys I cry
Minitwister Minitwister
I love Guppy so much with all my heart he's okay Roni and Aaron I love Guppy too💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💕💕💕💓💓💓💓💓💜💜🤎🖤🤍♥️♥️♥️♥️💘💘❤️❤️💛💚💙💗💗💖💝💝
Minitwister Minitwister
Roni I cried too Roni don't worry Guppy will be alright
Roblox gaming
Roblox gaming 3 months ago
Stoppp when roni started crying i started crying 🥺🥺
Sarah Holton
Sarah Holton 3 months ago
U guys r adorable 😻. praying for you guys.ly
I’m literally crying 😭 ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ there going to be amazing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Ain abdullah
Ain abdullah 3 months ago
Are you both girlfriend and boyfriend??
Aditi Avula
Aditi Avula 3 months ago
aaron and roni are good pair
Bella Stafford
Bella Stafford 3 months ago
The dog is so cute I was crying wen I watched this video
Clare Covert
Clare Covert 3 months ago
Roni’s prayer made my heart melt.
A V 3 months ago
5:35 that's cute..😍 Roni has golden heart..so pure.. 😢
Lola Cox
Lola Cox 3 months ago
The racial beef unpredictably measure because israel sequentially offer near a sharp cowbell. mountainous, chilly skiing
Ntando Ngidi
Ntando Ngidi 3 months ago
Aaron when are you marrying Roni?🤔
Bunny 4 months ago
I was crying because Roni was crying
Jason Alfaro
Jason Alfaro 4 months ago
7:00 I teared up...
moriah.farted 4 months ago
Maranette Agrest
Maranette Agrest 4 months ago
Guppy is SOOOOO cute I just want to go to California and steal that CUTIE
Keith Ottaway
Keith Ottaway 4 months ago
Not even lying when Roni started to cry i did too
Isabel Villegas
Isabel Villegas 4 months ago
Isabel Villegas
Isabel Villegas 4 months ago
Sorry tho comment is late but poor ronii
Isabella Brummett
Isabella Brummett 4 months ago
good thous
nt007 4 months ago
Guppy is so cute!
Rina Concepcion
Rina Concepcion 4 months ago
Y'all realize the vet said "is that mama and papa" IM FREAKIN DEAD IT SOUNDS SO RIGHT
elizabeth franklin
elizabeth franklin 4 months ago
He is so cute I hope he gets better 🥰🥰🥰
Natalie Morin
Natalie Morin 4 months ago
guppy is the cutest :)
RANEIKA PINNOCK 4 months ago
Roni did you and Aaron have a sleepover
Renuga Kanagaraj
Renuga Kanagaraj 4 months ago
The next day December 6 is my birthday
Britney Shelley
Britney Shelley 4 months ago
Britney Shelley
Britney Shelley 4 months ago
Britney Shelley
Britney Shelley 4 months ago
When roni started praying for gapy then cried is so heartbreaking💔💔💔
And when roni said hey baby I love you then aton said I love you to ehhhh💖💗💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
jayshree kanjee
jayshree kanjee 5 months ago
the way Aaron looks at Roni , absolutely adorable 😊♥️
Sarai O
Sarai O 5 months ago
I’m not crying you are😭😢🥺
Alex W
Alex W 5 months ago
6:50 hes trying to keep her fron crying...😍
Alex W
Alex W 5 months ago
When she grabbed his hand at 3:57 like a 'this is serious look' and started praying and crying it was so precious
Al._. m
Al._. m 5 months ago
Are they girlfriend and boyfriend?
Katie Powell
Katie Powell 5 months ago
I love how he chose Roni of all people.
June Dixon
June Dixon 5 months ago
i cryed when roni cryd
Joel Stoyan
Joel Stoyan 5 months ago
I am praying to roni and aron
Grace Denbigh
Grace Denbigh 5 months ago
I had to turn this off 4 times not to cry
Misk Kordy
Misk Kordy 5 months ago
I cried
Soldier 5 months ago
Roni and Aaron are my literal relationship goals . Soo cuteee
its naya!
its naya! 5 months ago
When roni cried I cried☹️☹️☹️☹️poor guppy
Baylee Taylor
Baylee Taylor 5 months ago
Does roni live live with you?
sunshinexxmerrell s
sunshinexxmerrell s 5 months ago
The way he tried to cheer up roni when she was crying💗
Mia Lujan
Mia Lujan 5 months ago
aww guppy looks like a grandpa🥰
Rayn Rangel
Rayn Rangel 5 months ago
Roni please. Don.t. Cry
Bumble BearYT
Bumble BearYT 5 months ago
At 5:57 why is there a pig on the car? Hahaha
Mikylla Octavio
Mikylla Octavio 5 months ago
When roni cried and aaron said hey don't cry.. i literally burst into tears!!..
Monkey Marely21
Monkey Marely21 5 months ago
I’m buying mercy!!
Tanya Ung
Tanya Ung 5 months ago
Roni is a beauty !
Alex Doan
Alex Doan 5 months ago
guppy is so cute and chubby
Zion Njeri
Zion Njeri 5 months ago
Hey dont cry lalala hakuna matata Me:burst out into laughter
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