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Our morning routine in quarantine..
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Apr 4, 2020




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Comments 80
Afrina Ashikh
Afrina Ashikh 2 hours ago
I wet my toothbrush and put toothpaste then wet it again
Kathryn Three Legs
Kathryn Three Legs 3 hours ago
My sleep schedule is way off
Holly Rice
Holly Rice 5 hours ago
yalk are sych incredible parents and yall are one of the best quarintine families going through pregnancies that i know i love yall stay safe!😄😝❤
kaitelyn Sinoro
kaitelyn Sinoro 5 hours ago
Would be the first time
Justice Schley
Justice Schley 7 hours ago
There whole dam bed is most of the room
J Sanchez
J Sanchez 10 hours ago
Me: eats pop tart in the morning The ace family: eats bagel sandwich and eggs and ceral
Ammu Vlogs
Ammu Vlogs 14 hours ago
Nishant Mathur
Nishant Mathur 16 hours ago
Ho love ace family channel hit like here👍
Madison Turski
Madison Turski 16 hours ago
I remember watching Elle's birth video right when it came out, now she's so old
christopher guevara
christopher guevara 16 hours ago
KickinItWithRuthh 23 hours ago
did austin make the intro song ???
Shasvathi sakithan
Shasvathi sakithan 23 hours ago
I love you guys I am from england 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Maraki Dejene
The face drop at 13:17 tho 😂
Olivia Beuns
Olivia Beuns Day ago
Wet Put toothpaste Wet Brush Lol
NyAsia Dallin
When I am washing out my mouth I brush it
Nadia Day ago
Go go go
Alexis Khaliq
I brush my teeth the same as Catherine lol
Yuridia Lopez
I always did catherine way to brush my teeth except i brush my teeth on the side
Tamuka Maiswa
Tamuka Maiswa 2 days ago
They have changed so much tho then last time I watched them was a year ago cuz I had no WiFi 😧
Tamuka Maiswa
Tamuka Maiswa 2 days ago
Do they even read comments?
Jesse Robles
Jesse Robles 2 days ago
I wet my tooth brush first and the toothpaste and the water
Golden killer - قولدن كيلر
Golden killer - قولدن كيلر
Golden killer - قولدن كيلر
Golden killer - قولدن كيلر
Golden killer - قولدن كيلر
ddddoooooooooooonnnnnneeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeee
Khadijah Fofana
Khadijah Fofana 2 days ago
Can you guys do more morning routines🌞☀️
clifford claude
clifford claude 2 days ago
Now Elle is gonna have to be the responsible because she is the oldest
Talia Muawia
Talia Muawia 3 days ago
I brush my teeth the 2 way
Eliana Arias
Eliana Arias 3 days ago
I wet it again cause I feel like the toothpaste is dry and I need a little bit of water on it
Pet mani
Pet mani 3 days ago
In my country can I be a member of your family
Abigail Iskhakbayev
The way Catherine brushes her teeth is how I do it
Aaliyah Payne
Aaliyah Payne 3 days ago
Mercedes AC.
Mercedes AC. 3 days ago
Ur beautiful already you don't need makeup.
Nada Sisters
Nada Sisters 3 days ago
I don't wet my toothbrush sometimes
Summer Kirton
Summer Kirton 3 days ago
Yes I wet my toothbrush then put toothpaste on then wet it before brushing my teeth 🦷 xxx
Cici Basset
Cici Basset 3 days ago
Josh Zuniga
Josh Zuniga 4 days ago
9:51 anyone else agree with Catherine. Like if you agree
it isabella gamer
Elle said the name but it was blur out
Maknzi Colon
Maknzi Colon 4 days ago
done!!!!!!! I love your family
Luis Torres
Luis Torres 4 days ago
omg the same my little cousin that is 18 months old is so independent bc she dosen,t like nobody feed her so my ant just puts her in a baby chair and lets her eat by her self
Genesis Rodriguez
I think the baby’s name is gonna be Adrian I just think 🤔
Vaishali’s Vlogging Cam.
Done✅✨ Literally i have gone through almost all of your videos like just in 3 days of my freekin life❤️i just love you guyz , i am inspired by you guyz and have started my own channel 😍i hope I become as big as you are someday ✨
Amber-Stacey Phillips
Abdirahmaan suufi
The people who like this will be a billionaire after 10 years
Yaciel Perez
Yaciel Perez 4 days ago
why does catherine where so much things she is perfect
RcOnna Davis
RcOnna Davis 4 days ago
WAAATEVAAA U NEEDD !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Travis York
Travis York 4 days ago
Both of your kids are so cute and good
Lucy Appleton
Lucy Appleton 4 days ago
Mines like 1 in the morning till 9 or 10 xxxxx
mylea hinkle
mylea hinkle 4 days ago
I do
Lesley Constantino
I brush my teeth in the shower in the mornings if I don't shower right away I wet my toothbrush first
Phoebe Sheehan
Phoebe Sheehan 4 days ago
Yes. am I the only one who puts ketchup on Mac n' cheese?
Tshepiso Matlhaga
Carlos M
Carlos M 5 days ago
I put toothpaste first then wet it.
Brea Hurst
Brea Hurst 5 days ago
I brush my teeth the same way as Katherine, wet it then toothpaste then wet again. I don't know anyone who doesn't do that
Bety Montelongo
Bety Montelongo 5 days ago
You are the only one that can be taken
daisy martinez
daisy martinez 5 days ago
Me too I which she was my mom
Jayden Bratsch
Jayden Bratsch 5 days ago
Done love you guys❤️
zereth perez
zereth perez 5 days ago
lol ik im late to this, but I don't really have a sleep schedule I usually fall asleep around 1 to 5 am and wake up around 10am to 12pm
Emily Jayde
Emily Jayde 5 days ago
Valerie Sebastian
Aëlä (I think that’s how you spell it) is like my lil cousin chubby cute and keeps brushing their teeth one every else has finished.
Rashika Rashika
Rashika Rashika 5 days ago
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane 5 days ago
I wet my toothbrush and put toothpaste I don’t wet my toothbrush 2 times 💋
Noel Hammond
Noel Hammond 6 days ago
The people who like my comment is an Amazing person 🖤
kardi kay
kardi kay Day ago
Alexandra Tamayo
Alexandra Tamayo 5 days ago
Ur amazing
Tracey Khan
Tracey Khan 6 days ago
Alaïa looks so cute! Catherine where do you get her sleeper gowns ? Btw so excited for baby boyyyy!!!!
TR UG3NDS 6 days ago
Yes I do Austin and katherine
Salisa R
Salisa R 6 days ago
That’s cool the trampoline that looks safer than the above ground ones
daniela dilone
daniela dilone 6 days ago
First : I wet the toothbrush next : i put the tooth paste on last : then i brush my teeth. Catherine the thing is gonna slip off lmao
Isabelle Huerta
Isabelle Huerta 6 days ago
CallMeEnhle 6 days ago
Hi Ace family.. I love your channel and have been watching ever so ce you started, you inspire me.. I am 15 turning 16 in a few months.. I love your show.. I love all your products I just don't have money to bu I am based in south africa.. I would absolutely buy your products if I had the money.. You inspire many and continue to do so I would love to touch base with you. I live you lots Ace family
Valentina Rodriguez-Vargas
same I like it soggy
OLIVIA ROMERO 6 days ago
iv been watching you sens i was 5.
candice ramnarace
Why do you show the vlog everything you use nobody want to see what you use
Dmariyah taylor
Dmariyah taylor 6 days ago
austan got a oot of cloths
Rosa Bay
Rosa Bay 6 days ago
MY DAILY QUARANTINE ROUTINE: 1. Wake up 2. Maybe stay in bed for a bit longer 3. Put on my glasses 4. Choose my outfit (This part can get stressful but not daily) 5. Brush my hair or if my hairbrush isn't in my room I go down stairs to brush my hair and continue my day 6. I go downstairs 7. Get on my spot on the sofa 8. Brush my hair 9. Restart/put on my headphones 10. Log onto my laptop 11. Find the perfect video 12. Eat breakfast while watching youtube 13. Watch more youtube 12. Maybe have a snack 2 or 3 hours later 13. Watch more youtube or I go on a walk 14. Then wait a few hours and do whatever I want 15. Have lunch and maybe have pudding but if I had a snack after breakfast then I obviously won't have pudding because I get stressed out about eating too much and eating all day and being unhealthy 16. Do whatever 17. Maybe go on a walk. 18. Do whatever 19. Do whatever 20. Do whatever 21. Eat dinner 22. LAPTOP 23. LAPTOP 24. LAPTOP 25. Get ready for bed
Cute Girl
Cute Girl 7 days ago
Cathreen even knows what’s austen’s dad fav cereal 😂♥️♥️
Amanda Emary
Amanda Emary 20 hours ago
she didnt know untill austin told her
Sh N
Sh N 4 days ago
She did beacuse it's hiq wife
kim minnies
kim minnies 7 days ago
14:21 why did it make that beeping sound
kim minnies
kim minnies 7 days ago
It's weird because exactly when Austin was reading Catherines shirt I was reading it too
Glam Spill
Glam Spill 7 days ago
lol she shouting you out haha "i never seen you do that" you must do it when i'm not around" lmaoo why you lying to us
RF SupaGirL
RF SupaGirL 7 days ago
I swear Catherine and Austin you guys are the greatest parents💕 you have beautiful kids
RF SupaGirL
RF SupaGirL 7 days ago
I always wet my tooth brush put tooth paste and then wet it again
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