Our LS3 Miata "MAKES SOME POWER" With A State Of The Art Nitrous System!

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Sep 20, 2020




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Chris Palfreyman
Chris Palfreyman 17 days ago
IMO you really shouldn't use the progressive full time with a wet shot, use it to soften the hit of nitrous but you need to go 100% duty fairly quick otherwise it messes with the N-F ratio due to the different dead times of the solenoids and you can burn stuff up.
Greg 24 days ago
Jeremy... dude... don’t worry about the diff/axel. Show that car some love and properly fix the dang roof 😆 At least use some gorilla tape. Just kidding and much love for Fasterproms.... but for real... let’s get that roof fixed.
Chesspiece 25 days ago
I absolutely love the car and all the R&D you've put in. But please put in some new heaslights.
RedFTW89 25 days ago
Totally love you guys. Especially after dabbling in HP Tuners myself. Made a few N/A tunes on 3rd gen small block trucks including my own truck that I sold later on. Hate that I sold my cable! Would love to do what you do Jeremy!! Would never get bored of my job. Keep up the good work!! I know all of it is divided between you, George, and Laz so I admire everyone’s knowledge and hope to continue seeing the knowledge you all can encumber when you three put your minds together!!
Liam Uzzell
Liam Uzzell 27 days ago
are they new puppies or old clip?
Richard Culbertson
Richard Culbertson 27 days ago
Any links for the power steering
The Squirrel Chronicles aka Rescue's
I think it's funny that you guys think 7s is fast in the 1/8th na... I run 6.38 with a small block Ford in a foxbody
Fasterproms 27 days ago
It’s all relative. Undoubtedly an auto Not crazy to do that. A 6k truck is a bit harder
Imagine A World
Imagine A World 27 days ago
Bangarang takes me back!!!!
jesse mahoney
jesse mahoney 27 days ago
I've seen the way you drive. You've got a heavy foot. You'll blow yourself to pieces.
Donald Darbonne
Donald Darbonne 27 days ago
But then you have to ask yourself, what can you put to the ground?
Donald Darbonne
Donald Darbonne 27 days ago
Nitrous came out when US aircraft couldn't keep up with German Jets. Nitrous is a gift from the military.
Josh Kamp
Josh Kamp 27 days ago
Jeremy, you're a brilliant tuner but like everyone you've got a major blind spot. Stock LS manifolds are meant to be dry. Tons of information out there on how if you run any sort of liquid, be it methanol, nitrous, or fuel through them the cylinder to cylinder distribution is absolutely HORRIBLE. The methanol nozzles you rely on so heavily aren't doing even remotely the same thing to each cylinder and neither will this nitrous. For a man who is brilliant in so many areas and excellent at optimization, it seems unusual that you'd sacrifice that much avaliable power, efficiency, and reliability.
TetraHydroCannabinoL THC
Supercharged twin turbo nitrous meth Car
TetraHydroCannabinoL THC
Calling out a busted truck, damn that's a low blow bro
Wolf Firewalker
Wolf Firewalker 27 days ago
Um there's a huge difference between a actual powerful Engine and a engine that is simply being Sprayed to make power anyone can bolt on a simple little bottle it's only real mechanics that know how to build Engines .. Bottles are for baby's and or lazy half-assed wannabes if you have to install a bottle to make power then you know absolutely nothing about how to correctly build a fast car plain and simple
the great white
the great white 28 days ago
You can also put in a lot of the top of your gears. Make yeah feel like boost ramping in
Atanas Tripzter
Atanas Tripzter 28 days ago
Gotta cut the rear bumper.. it's a big parachute.
Once Again
Once Again 28 days ago
Still not going to beat the dale truck
I3ruce pain
I3ruce pain 28 days ago
Can't wait to see you hit 500k subs
balzonyr4head 28 days ago
When you hit the Nitrous you need something inside the car that says "danger to manifold"
Spooling Up Cory
Spooling Up Cory 28 days ago
i’ve got the same controller set up, insane how much stuff you can monitor/adjust....paired up with the Lingenfelter LNC-2000 to pull timing, it’s completely fool proof
LDN Wholesale
LDN Wholesale 28 days ago
Nitrous, an explosion waiting too happen. And that is even when done properly
Naught Meenaym
Naught Meenaym 28 days ago
German Air Force used nitrous oxide in WWII. I know someone personally that used it on a race car in the '70's. Please share why a -4 line won't make more than about 250. It's because it freezes closed.
OIF/OEF-0341 28 days ago
Looks like someone is going for Cleetus' stick shift title
TetraHydroCannabinoL THC
Haha not in this pos, way to slow he is 7's to the 1/8th not even close, he'd be lucky to break into the 9's in he 1/4
J Bettis
J Bettis 28 days ago
Laz- "Don't let it blow the welds on the intake" 😂🤣
J Bettis
J Bettis 28 days ago
0:25 nice touch 😂🤣
Don Burg
Don Burg 28 days ago
You need to kick cleethus 's ass against the dale truck
Mike Larsen
Mike Larsen 28 days ago
Meth....anol .he's like touching his nose constantly 😆 did you get it all there bro
E1337Jerk 28 days ago
if it aint skechy it aint fun
Arjan Kremer
Arjan Kremer 28 days ago
Nice video again, starting to become Santa?
I like this
Cody Edmiston
Cody Edmiston 28 days ago
Some inspiring Nitrous content, huh?
mark scully
mark scully 28 days ago
loving the way George does the commentary on what they are doing
r j auto
r j auto 29 days ago
Love the dogs the car isn't bad either lol👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Andrew Steele
Andrew Steele 29 days ago
Hey what kind of monster clutch are you running in your miata? I have an fbody and am looking to run a monster clutch. Keep making videos! Even here in Connecticut we appreciate your content man. Thanks Jeremy, George, and laz!
Fasterproms 28 days ago
Bartow Santa
Bartow Santa 29 days ago
How do you handle timing changes necessary when more nitrous is introduced? Also did you go to the coldest plug for anticipated nitrous levels? Thanks.
popsicle33 29 days ago
This is the kit I have on my G8 on a plate system. It's a great setup.
Jake Schultz
Jake Schultz 29 days ago
"Hey Nitro" 😂😂😂
steven reynolds
steven reynolds 29 days ago
Its going to tear the fabric of time
mjs1012 29 days ago
3 stage dry back in the day...must have been crazy to tune that.
Dakota Dennett
Dakota Dennett 29 days ago
Thought for sure it would be some cobbled together kit , happy to see a modern System !
lb7zf6 03
lb7zf6 03 29 days ago
Just got that sticker for my duramax
lb7zf6 03
lb7zf6 03 29 days ago
ggss11 29 days ago
George is the best
Jim Mills
Jim Mills 29 days ago
-4 = 270 shot? Damn good info!
Ben 29 days ago
Dan bilzarian vibes haha
Turbo Dreams Come True
I started watching you an Cleetus when you were doing dyno videos while building Leroy then ruby. Glad to still have one of you guys doing build and dyno videos.
shawn friel
shawn friel Month ago
Everyone check out coops new channel!!!! Now if only James would do his own channel!!!! Please... we need James’s crazy builds.
Brian Miller
Brian Miller Month ago
Do you run a colder plug when on nitrous? If yes does that affect the motor when your not on nitrous?
slingshot Month ago
What power steering kit did he use??? Going big turbo on my trans am this winter.. don’t want to loose power steering lol
Fasterproms 28 days ago
Check out @dune_addict on IG
skizzik121 Month ago
man this is insane, i had a simple 150 wet shot on my turbo 427 fox body notch back on a full throttle switch...my bottle warmer was a heating pad with a power inverter!
nathan butler
nathan butler Month ago
Purge your fuel solenoid derp. Thats why guys will purge there nitrous then bring the rpms up to 3500-4000 where its consuming fuel and air then hit the button it will purge the fuel solenoid. If you dont thats when you see the big nitrous backfires on the starting line ita from not purging and or sometimes upside down nitrous nozzles instead of spraying down the intake runner if its upside down it will spray out the top of the intake and shoot a big fire ball
jamie dell
jamie dell Month ago
When he was talking about going up in pressure to the red zone, all I could think was "Danger to manifold"
Chester McGillicuddy
George: "That was back when Nitrous came out!" AKA: The birth of electricity!
KCadby Month ago
*Simple Fuel Purge guys, do the first pull with the Bottle Turned Off* That will save you from wasting any of that precious NO2 as well 🤪 I always do that on new installs (even if it's a Dry Shot) just to make sure the nitrous Fuel Enrichment is working...
Joe Fetherolf
Joe Fetherolf Month ago
I’ve always liked you cooper. I really hope you make it and become very successful on RUvid!
Richard musick
Richard musick Month ago
Bust welds on the intake? Hahhahaahaaahaa! Way to go, Laz!
ian evenknowit
ian evenknowit Month ago
You know when he goes to mexico he says “bro i have nothing to hide the whole builds on youtube”
Anon Omus
Anon Omus Month ago
Those rolls are smooth, do you factor in road-load co-coefficients? and to run that kinda pull, wouldn't you need a 60,000 cfm fan for this?
KCadby Month ago
No load control. He's ramping the nitrous in relatively slow (with rpm) is why it sounds so smooth.
Anon Omus
Anon Omus Month ago
Is this Miata top-dead-center on the dyno rolls? How much down-force do you have with those 2000lbs tie-down ratchet straps? Do you calibrate that dyno before you do your pulls?
Anon Omus
Anon Omus Month ago
That front fan does not look big enough...why are you not getting an engine code? how many CFM is it?
Vic’s Autbody
Vic’s Autbody Month ago
Hey man i got a question if anyone could help out. I have a 2013 silverado 5.3 that i just did a cam kit on and obviously had to go 3 bolt cam gear. Was wondering if i could use the stock vvt timing cover. Or if i used the ls3 style cover is it alright that i just unpined the two wires for vvt and leave the 3 for the cam sensor. Any help plz my ig is : victor_10_16
kelly Month ago
Its awesome!!! Love the blue.
Z Gutierrez
Z Gutierrez Month ago
Back in 99' I had a bad case of the nitrous squirts...
Cock of the Rock
I read state of the art and fully expected James with the bottle held up to the throttle body and Cooper's wetshot.
Thomas 29 days ago
Hahahah jackstand would blow that sucker up 1 dyno run.
Gozgim Month ago
Bang a rang is a good song my man.
angel negron
angel negron Month ago
The trees move much faster on nitrous.
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Month ago
Let’s go !!!!
doesitmatter Month ago
dude i swear that NOS screen gives me fast n furious vibes
Soamonte Month ago
Is Jericho your alpha? He looks like he demands authority haha. Great pack Jeremy!
Michael Mott
Michael Mott Month ago
I’m really hoping to see you racing at Race Week with this. Give Cleetus a run for his money!
Rob Sharpe
Rob Sharpe Month ago
Those wheels look amazing guys!
mopargaming Month ago
Wheels are beautiful
Andrew Terry
Andrew Terry Month ago
What electric power steering kit was it?
battle born
battle born Month ago
Why waste your time with nitras just to blow up your Engine Just boost it
James Martin
James Martin Month ago
Love that blue on Miata
Jeffrey Gullett
Jeffrey Gullett Month ago
Castor doing RUvid wtf
adam chapman
adam chapman Month ago
Do like in fast and the furious spray at 10,000 rpm and they always have a extra gear. Dumb movies. Thanks Jeremy keep up the good work from Canada.
Zach Mitchell
Zach Mitchell Month ago
Let's see the miata on drag week next year!
Paulster2 Month ago
What gives? I'm willing to give Fasterproms $$ to get a mail order tune, yet cannot get anyone on the phone nor answer an email. You exclusively doing Social Media for your income? Help a brother out!
Ben w
Ben w Month ago
Can you save different curves. Strip or street curves?
Brady Crowe
Brady Crowe Month ago
Bet the front tires come off the ground now!
Jack J. Jones
Jack J. Jones Month ago
I don't owe anyone anymore thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
xmasterwrightx Month ago
Would love to see this on race week . In fact bring any car along it would be great content and all of you together again @pfi @cleetus back at the beginning of all the RUvid videos 👍
Spilly Month ago
hey laz get that AFR screen on camera during the pulls
Some1 Else
Some1 Else Month ago
The factory/long runner style manifolds will have fuel distribution issues. You really want a shorter runner manifold.
GAT Month ago
The dogs at the end always make me smile. Great touch to the vlogs. That nitrous outlet setup is nice..
Jack Downey
Jack Downey Month ago
Why don’t you toss a wide angle kit on the Miata and drift that seems perfect
Jacob DeWald
Jacob DeWald Month ago
Um are those Greta stickers for sale?
Curtis Hilliard
Curtis Hilliard Month ago
call coop to help you with that wet shot, his is legendary
KungFooGrip! Month ago
"Granny shifting, not double clutching like ya should..."
erik Rowsell
erik Rowsell Month ago
Stop drag racing it and run it in autocross and road race it
Randy Kudijaroff
Thanks!! We need more wrenching content!
Donnie Minter Jr
Tim Leppanen
Tim Leppanen Month ago
this effing guy..........say hey nitro lol. I couldn't handle working with him with his silly self, sides split to much. 6 grounds, nothing to crazy lol
Speedrome Month ago
I wish the tech info list was always included in these vids in the info section. I've been watching but can't remember the drivetrain, rear end set up on the Miata?
pyro 323
pyro 323 Month ago
Man, all this tweakin' and junkies and meth heads...you guys need an intervention lol. 🤪 🤣 All jokes aside, its great to see that Miata making so much power on nitrous. 🇺🇲
Luke Doehrman
Luke Doehrman Month ago
Jeremy, you probably already know this but I would recommend adding extra fuel to the front cylinders since the manifold doesn't flow liquid the same as air.
chris underdown
chris underdown Month ago
Time for another episode of ... ..the adventures of beard man..
S.C Papa Ray
S.C Papa Ray Month ago
Hey I got the same camo in my beard
Theodore Inihao
Theodore Inihao Month ago
I can smell a fking fast truck!!!
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