Our Lives Are About To Change Forever

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May 21, 2019

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Comments 22 923
P-U-R-E 38 minutes ago
Hila sounds like the pokemon go kid
VineNinja 41 minute ago
She talks like shakira singing
Sophie Salamanca
June 6 haha It’s my birthday 😂😂😂
Man Ray
Man Ray 3 hours ago
I remember back when I was a freshman in High School. My good friend showed me Vape Nation at lunch. I watched his next video about 90s boys with frosted tips and golden abs and I've been hooked ever since. Congrats
Laura Salles
Laura Salles 4 hours ago
I so wanna get pregnant now
Tudor Danciu
Tudor Danciu 5 hours ago
ethan jr. I'm proud
yerthaaa _
yerthaaa _ 6 hours ago
JapanDealer Steve
JapanDealer Steve 9 hours ago
congrats :D
Ender41948 13 hours ago
LOL....Can you imagine what their son is going to think when he's older & watches a vid about his Mom pooping on him? Poor guy. 😊
Germ 26
Germ 26 15 hours ago
Good luck mates
Samuel Obiwale
Samuel Obiwale 18 hours ago
Who dislikes this video ??!?!?!
Ellie L
Ellie L 18 hours ago
Congratulations Hila and Ethan, I think you two are great! and you'll Be Great Parents!
Ellie L
Ellie L 18 hours ago
indigestion usually means the baby will have hair
Jonny Cagle
Jonny Cagle 18 hours ago
Holy shit June 6th is my birthday
FiRe CluTchN
FiRe CluTchN 20 hours ago
Oh also when installing a car seat, literally get inside the car seat so that your weight sinks the car seat into the seat and tighten the belt, then once you get out it will be super tight.
FiRe CluTchN
FiRe CluTchN 20 hours ago
Congrats y'all!!!! I have a few kids of my own and its AMAZING being a Father.
Artur Renzenbrink
Artur Renzenbrink 21 hour ago
Can you name him Calvin Klein
Daddy Shark
Daddy Shark 22 hours ago
I love you guys congrats and welcome to parenthood
yersopunk 23 hours ago
Meth babies......
kalvyn havenhill
4:08 i dont know about you guys but, i can see Susans bra.
Pop Jiggidy Fogo
Anyone noticed how Hila looks like Leyla from Deep State?
Brenda Orr
Brenda Orr Day ago
I love you guys! You are so real and the coolest! More videos!😌🌸🐝🐞🌺
Family vlogs of Ethan & Hila would be a killer show! :) Just seeing how they both have to work together in figuring out how to be good parents.
Apples Cullum
She is beautiful! Congrats on the baby! Your original due date was my daughter Horizons birthdate. She is now 24. 💜
Lennon O'Grady
congradulation incredible job
Seamo One - Seamonster -
yvette davis
yvette davis Day ago
Gavin Games
Gavin Games Day ago
God bless you Ethan
Ridley Main
Ridley Main Day ago
A baby is going to grow up with a Amazing Dad and an even more perfect Mom...
scrumbled tits
i watch this video every time i feel low and man it never fails to cheer me up
L - I - O - N
It's funny how people congratulate pregnancy hahahaha they had unprotected sex. "Ohhhh congratulations, you came inside if your wife, now she's expecting!" Bahahaha
L - I - O - N
Cool... so how did that happen? You tripped she fell?
Nooooooo omgmgmgmgmg they might leave any time, maybe NOW
zorada Nine
zorada Nine Day ago
babies = the most un green thing for the planet....carbon footprint
Tasha Wood
Tasha Wood Day ago
On the bus and I know everyone behind me is wondering wtf I’m watching, thanks for the close up of your non lactating nipples Ethan
Snuggbugg Day ago
I screamed Ew when i saw those things suckin on Ethans nipples!
Ilusiones 2 days ago
Don't worry Ethan, the baby seat is a pain in the ass for all new fathers. Once you get used to it tho ...
Ari W
Ari W 2 days ago
So true about car seats they are a pain in the ass 😂
Lewis Mugo
Lewis Mugo 2 days ago
your making her blush
Sophia Stef
Sophia Stef 2 days ago
Please be more polite to the mother of your child
Tauni 10 hours ago
W what
Lisa Mitchell
Lisa Mitchell 2 days ago
Hey guys. I just want to say that you are so lucky to have found one another. Dude....you are so lucky you found a beautiful woman to put up with your Shinanigans. Congratulations . Peace Love and Blessings
Sophia Stef
Sophia Stef 2 days ago
The joke about shitting herself was actually disgusting. I don't like you talking like that to the future mother of your child.
Tonald Drump
Tonald Drump Day ago
Sophia Stef Hahaha
supershyguy16 2 days ago
4:37 I have those same shoes in a size 6 1/2
Steven Sabino
Steven Sabino 2 days ago
😂😂😂 you guys are the best
Martin 2 days ago
FranklyBatman 2 days ago
I am happy for yall.
Zachary Blaze
Zachary Blaze 2 days ago
We gotta fuck Theodore up. He’s taking our family away
Bort 2 days ago
H3H3 Jr. is upon us.
Carlo Angel
Carlo Angel 2 days ago
WTF did I just see, ok back to work, for real now.
george Richan
george Richan 2 days ago
Hila is so Beautiful, Congratulations to both of y’all
flying sandcat
flying sandcat 2 days ago
Dude. I just came from your Instagram vs real life video and felt so much better about myself. Now I gotta go back and watch it again cuz this chick is freaking gorgeous. No fair. 😋
Weetzie Bat
Weetzie Bat 2 days ago
I didn’t want to see Ethan’s teets
heyyyybixhhhhh 2 days ago
Blessed Hope
Blessed Hope 2 days ago
The breast pump had me rollin😂🤣
Jason Evans
Jason Evans 2 days ago
You guys are awesome. Please keep kicking out more videos
SLIGHTLYsketchy 2 days ago
Guys I think Ethan has a crush on Hila.
Martin King
Martin King 2 days ago
liked for ethan praising his queen
Juju T
Juju T 2 days ago
Hila you have the most beautiful eyes! Happy baby mama, Papa and baby boy Klein.
박창현 2 days ago
어그로 유투버니깐 저 집에 깔린것들은 다 views돈들로 샀겠지.... views 돈들로 아기 장난감 사고 시발ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Neo Anderson
Neo Anderson 3 days ago
Elmo’s a Zionist!
Code Name
Code Name 3 days ago
The breast pump would work better if the hair wasn’t compromising the seal.
Morena G.
Morena G. 3 days ago
“Smell my shit!” Lmfao ummm yeah! Something like that! 🤦🏻‍♀️😬💆🏻‍♀️Dyin 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
IBRO S 3 days ago
Wtf ia i watching
Hunter Molina
Hunter Molina 3 days ago
Imagine this came full circle with Michelle Obama actually saying “ wow Ethan great moves”
Yukey 3 days ago
Alisha Veracruz
Alisha Veracruz 3 days ago
Congrats guys I’m so happy for you. you guys are so funny and so positive I’m sure that you guys will be incredible parents !!
k b
k b 3 days ago
You two are awesome! Glad I found this channel. Congratulations on your baby 😊
Fry_Doe RBLX
Fry_Doe RBLX 3 days ago
are they adding the baby in payday 2?
UntoldKatt 3 days ago
My birthday was June7th
IKEA Meltdown
IKEA Meltdown 3 days ago
CrystalEyeZeD 3 days ago
You still win BIGGER BOOBS😃!! HolyFluck!.. Haa haa, Win Win💪😉! Tis... I'm beginning to REGRET click this one, umme humme😏. Yup.
CrystalEyeZeD 3 days ago
Beautiful Momma😊💕Yes. You said it. Congrats Guys
Agar Craze
Agar Craze 3 days ago
Wat is the baby to be born in shit 😭
Happy Father's Day!!!!
jacobroomfield64 4 days ago
Teach your kid to eat a salty in n out burger
SpaceKoala 4 days ago
I thought she was fat. My bad 🤗
Frogman Waterblast
upon my eyes that i will burn those rainbow flags in tel avive even if it starts a civil war
Frogman Waterblast
why are you wearing gay propaganda could it be because you're breaking my heart
Mike Moffett
Mike Moffett 4 days ago
On rare occasions it is possible for men to produce milk, I believe if anyone can do it Ethan can
Derek Forgione
Derek Forgione 4 days ago
Happy Father's Day, Ethan! Great moves, keep up the good work! Proud of you, Ethan!
D S 4 days ago
hila with the chain
Monkey Warrior 25
I can’t tell, who’s pregnant?
AGarin478 4 days ago
Are you going to throw syringes at Theodore's butt? You promised you would and it would make some great content.
Code Name
Code Name 3 days ago
AGarin478 huh?
Beansy 4 days ago
I can imagine Theodore is gonna watch this in like 13 years and be so embarrassed
Joe B
Joe B 5 days ago
Dude when my woman gave birth, there was poop and it was gross! 4 am, tired, shit. Welcome to reality. 1.5 years later, business as usual.
Viktor Bergman
Viktor Bergman 5 days ago
Will be the best parents ever!
R osso
R osso 5 days ago
She don't look that pregnant, actually she looks skinny for a pregnant woman
T GAY 5 days ago
So cute
Stella GS
Stella GS 5 days ago
She looks so beautiful I'm going to cry this cheers my heart even if she's telling Ethan to smell her poo
Yeeyee Hawyee
Yeeyee Hawyee 5 days ago
The baby’s birthday is on d day 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Destiny M McKenzie
Congrats to you both!!!
TheCheddar 5 days ago
Their kid is gonna have the best life ever
2GMichael 5 days ago
I don't get how she managed to gain like, no weight.
Gavin Gracey
Gavin Gracey 5 days ago
June 6th the 2nd D Day
Shimo Dragon
Shimo Dragon 5 days ago
Ethan calling his pregnant wife “dude” will never not be weird.
happyerin1997 6 days ago
-this babby was brought to you by honey-
happyerin1997 6 days ago
heey is the babby there yet? my dad has a new gf and they're getting a baby expected to be here 18 julli :3 hope you can find the time and resources to take care of the little one. following you for so long actaully seeing you age and stuff idk man i just feel happy for you 2 ^^
25 buttholes
25 buttholes 6 days ago
so happy for you guys
Ajlez 6 days ago
Lucas xd
Lucas xd 6 days ago
Lol ok
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