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We finally kissed guys...
Today Molly and I had our first kiss on camera! Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog! Let me know if you want to see Molly in more of my videos, I know you guys all love us together! ROLLY FOR LIFE
Check out Molly:
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If you read this far down the description I love you!
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OUR FIRST KISS!! (ft. Molly Eskam) | Vlogs | FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug


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Jun 30, 2017




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Comments 36 270
FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug 2 years ago
Tyvell 123
Tyvell 123 2 months ago
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson 3 months ago
We finally had our frist kiss like the video for
DiamondXD 3 months ago
You broke up though:(
TheCute DuCk
TheCute DuCk 4 months ago
Rolly do you mean molly 🤣😂
Baät 6 months ago
asmr Izzy
asmr Izzy Hour ago
Anyone in 2020?
Marc Sayegh
Marc Sayegh 6 hours ago
You're gonna have to delete that video Rug
Veronica Jimenez
Do one more
IT'S SMOKE 2 days ago
Well i just searched it up incase he deleted this after April 14😆
سوسان ترلي
مـــين🥰 يـــرحـــب🥰 بـي🥰 يـــضـــغـــك لايـك🥰ويـراسـلـنـي خـاص واشـتـرك بقنـاتـــــــي واتس اب**0034603343635*💋💋💋
Miguel Ramirez
Miguel Ramirez 3 days ago
Anyone else just staring at her chug chugs
Aiden Montgomery
Aiden Montgomery 4 days ago
Ain’t nobody talking about those “boob”erangs in the comments that the only thing I’m looking at
sammy dick
sammy dick 5 days ago
molly made brians bed what were they doing :) wink wink nudge nudge molly brian smashed hard
Google Fool
Google Fool 5 days ago
i miss old rug and old molly screw kaelyn
Shirelle Jacobowitz
2 years later and still a huge fan
Enzo M
Enzo M 5 days ago
Reshi Nimdhoo
Reshi Nimdhoo 6 days ago
And now on 14 February 2020, you see fazerug having a new girlfriend and several kisses❤❤ Edit: Sorry if my comment hurts you
Ruby Pereyra
Ruby Pereyra 6 days ago
Ok but like that was such an awkward kiss
Andrew Flores
Andrew Flores 7 days ago
Who’s here after he got back with kaelyn
Andrew The G
Andrew The G 6 days ago
Andrew Flores me
Yareli Gutierrez Hernandez
Who’s watching this 2020
turtles for life
turtles for life 7 days ago
My cousin can do the water challenge
gnb 75
gnb 75 8 days ago
Molly aint here no mow
Junior Soto
Junior Soto 8 days ago
I’m here when he ask out the wrong girl in 2020 jkjkjkjkkjkjk
Ethan Daly
Ethan Daly 8 days ago
I love you face Rug ❤
o1kic amani
o1kic amani 8 days ago
2020 anyone??
ItsChrisNader 12 days ago
Spam Email
Spam Email 12 days ago
Nourhan Sparkles
Nourhan Sparkles 15 days ago
You guys did not kiss😭
nick gurrz
nick gurrz 13 days ago
Nevaeh Leee
Nevaeh Leee 15 days ago
Omg u cant believe how much they change and how much faxe has worked so hard
Samantha Torres
Samantha Torres 16 days ago
Hussein Awada
Hussein Awada 16 days ago
Any one 2020 thumbs up 👍 for dream car
Erwin Arias
Erwin Arias 16 days ago
He looked at Molly’s boobs
ok try me
ok try me 18 days ago
Rug geiy
Koufezツ 19 days ago
She look transgender no cap and 2022 were you at
D3aD clan
D3aD clan 19 days ago
Fuck you
nick gurrz
nick gurrz 13 days ago
wendi Nunez
wendi Nunez 20 days ago
Rolls Royce is cool but I’m a more sports car kinda guy so I’ll definitely choose an R8 over a rolls Royce
Quintay Rogers
Quintay Rogers 20 days ago
I dear you to kiss
PhxSniper77 21 day ago
Eds Kasbrak
Eds Kasbrak 21 day ago
FreezyTheBoi 21 day ago
Why would you break up with her. She got the best (.Y.)
FreezyTheBoi 13 days ago
nick gurrz lol
nick gurrz
nick gurrz 13 days ago
Henry Chisi
Henry Chisi 22 days ago
Jonathan Johnson
Jonathan Johnson 22 days ago
Rug: this will be my room for years for the rest of my life Me:so your going to live with your parents for the rest of your life
Abigail Cid
Abigail Cid 22 days ago
You came for 16:03
Manuk Sabah
Manuk Sabah 23 days ago
Manuk Sabah
Manuk Sabah 23 days ago
Gerardo Vasquez Narcizo
The kiss is at 16:04
bonilla2510 25 days ago
Who is watching on 2020
Ye Boi
Ye Boi 26 days ago
Its 2020 and no rolls royce
Supreme Kid
Supreme Kid 28 days ago
Such a gold digger
Infinite Gaming
Infinite Gaming 27 days ago
Supreme Kid your a gold digger 😂
michele di penta
michele di penta 29 days ago
Just can't take my eyes off those boobs
Jamaila Catuday
Jamaila Catuday 29 days ago
it's been 2 years
Makhi Tillman
Makhi Tillman 29 days ago
Makhi Tillman
Makhi Tillman 29 days ago
KristinaVidz 29 days ago
Who remembers this?
UselessMemes Time
UselessMemes Time 29 days ago
2020 now and i dont see no roles royce
ziad benmerad
ziad benmerad Month ago
Yes it is perfect buy it in 2021
Yuri Medrano
Yuri Medrano Month ago
i’m lucky causeeeeeeee my first kiss was when i was 7 years old and gifting my first 10 subs :)
Ty Rese
Ty Rese Month ago
Janie Kulyuru
Janie Kulyuru Month ago
I think you guys are in love
Araly Borunda
Araly Borunda Month ago
Okay that was kinda awkward😅
Peimon X
Peimon X Month ago
HH-Vlog Month ago
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