Our First I Love You (Babysitter Part 11)

It's Alex Clark
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Thanks to Kat Purgal for voicing the Babysitter :) . This is Babysitter Part 11.
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Comments 100
nooby boy
nooby boy Day ago
2:12 I subscribed to you
GarrettGamer YT
GarrettGamer YT 2 days ago
I subscribed to u Alex buddy I love u no homo
waleed pervez
waleed pervez 2 days ago
It takes so long for the new episode to come By that time I have already forgot everything in the last episode
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez 3 days ago
Salsaphilia at 5:47
Areeba imtiaz
Areeba imtiaz 3 days ago
2:11 sorry but I already did and I can't double subscribe
junk duelist42
junk duelist42 3 days ago
cartoons are gone and that makes me sad :(
SlideShowGirl And Karma
I hope you get happier that I subscribed I actually forgot about your RUvid Channel after watching theodd1sout until I REMEMBERED SOMETHING the ONE person who I remembered was none other then...... Al- YOUR EVIL SISTER 😂
SlideShowGirl And Karma
I subbed
da big cat buddies
I am trying to be a author !
VioletPetal 4 days ago
I subscribed so hard man. My finger hurts now. Actually!! Like I was about to hit the sub button while walking and I tripped and slammed my finger into the phone screen and it hurts so bad XD
Abbie Bridge
Abbie Bridge 4 days ago
I need more
Cameron van Blerk
Oh come on Alex!!! Wht do yoh have to do this to us!?!?
delano loon
delano loon 5 days ago
This baby sitter story is still not over?? This is kinda amazing tho. I just watch this whole series for like the 3rd time now hahaha will do it again with the new episode
The Experienced Gamer
Its his friend or the bully
Audry Brooks
Audry Brooks 5 days ago
And Catdog
Audry Brooks
Audry Brooks 5 days ago
I loved Rocko's modern life too
Audry Brooks
Audry Brooks 5 days ago
OMG I loved Rocket power
Mykel Dumas
Mykel Dumas 5 days ago
I can’t wait till part 12
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 4 days ago
Agreed... Agreed...
Abdallah Bechara
Abdallah Bechara 5 days ago
*Then invite her to your grandma's birthday!!* Then When your girlfriend meet your family /your grandma meet her (best gift ever) You ask for permission to take your time together Your parents say no but your grandma say yes Easy
Mr Boi
Mr Boi 5 days ago
Part 12 com on
Random Ant
Random Ant 5 days ago
I thought that her brother was gay for a second
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 4 days ago
If a gay guy looks and act like a gay guy. It is...
deweyyoboi drums
deweyyoboi drums 5 days ago
Juantae Wong
Juantae Wong 5 days ago
If I click subscribe, I would be unsubscribeing
Sentro 6 days ago
This story have going for 2 years lol
Abyssal Titan
Abyssal Titan 6 days ago
How did I miss this ep
MegaShot 6 days ago
Bosnian ProEF
Bosnian ProEF 6 days ago
2:03 🤣🤣🤣
Jason Rodriguez
Jason Rodriguez 6 days ago
I love my hero academia
808-D.C.B Lit
808-D.C.B Lit 6 days ago
victor last name
victor last name 6 days ago
Is it me but I'm starting to think these stories are fake because there's so many
Jasper Reyes
Jasper Reyes 6 days ago
Just invite the babysitter to the birthday
Kylie Fitzgerald
Kylie Fitzgerald 6 days ago
I was so sad r hat I had to wait till the next vid came out bu wile I was whriteing this I got the last vid😁
TURAN GAMER 6 days ago
2:28 who knew that clark bombs were so efective
Logan Defoort
Logan Defoort 7 days ago
Nooooooo not another cliffhanger!
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 7 days ago
Hi alex can you do a shout out to Orion damron please? Also you're my favourite animator.
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 2 days ago
Also... No WHAT?
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 4 days ago
Who are you? ('/')
MrsKrypt 5 days ago
David Milosevic
David Milosevic 7 days ago
Dude this series is going for like 1 year now.....
Purple Trees
Purple Trees 7 days ago
[D2] 8 days ago
A great amount of the population died due to that head explosion
nazir carlos
nazir carlos 8 days ago
Did you got your bot kick
Sarah Holshouser
Sarah Holshouser 8 days ago
Amanda Williams
Amanda Williams 8 days ago
yeet dude
yeet dude 9 days ago
Chelsea D'Souza
Chelsea D'Souza 9 days ago
I love bnha especially Bakugou
Caleb Drepaul
Caleb Drepaul 9 days ago
I love VRV! I watch my hero academia and Gary's demons on it!
Jordan Vela
Jordan Vela 9 days ago
WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? EHHHH!! dang it. I can't wait Alex. Your amazing keep up these great videos!
sammmy playz 056
sammmy playz 056 10 days ago
What do u mean by our?
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 2 days ago
Hey... Wanna be friends
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 4 days ago
Ah .
sammmy playz 056
sammmy playz 056 4 days ago
+Orion Damron on the thing we're it says "our first I love you " it said our
sammmy playz 056
sammmy playz 056 4 days ago
+Orion Damron nvm
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 4 days ago
? ('-')
Reuven Redlich
Reuven Redlich 10 days ago
I just watched all the baby sitter videos, and you started this damn season in 2017!!!!
alex Shute
alex Shute 11 days ago
I know the ending of the next episode.. It's a cliff hanger
Alan Rios
Alan Rios 11 days ago
Oooooof boi
Banana Power
Banana Power 11 days ago
5:18 aSmr
Nomad Boy
Nomad Boy 12 days ago
Brass Monkey
Brass Monkey 12 days ago
Happy now
JadeGirl OMG
JadeGirl OMG 12 days ago
2:15.... I looked down..... And I already did 👌
Jan Ryan Lunag
Jan Ryan Lunag 12 days ago
I wish it has horrible music
Abdulaziz Alsaad
Abdulaziz Alsaad 12 days ago
Alex Clark when is part 12
Zetski 12 days ago
TACTI PEACH 12 days ago
Shut up salsa boy that’s gay (no effense)
Joey Madrigal 94
Joey Madrigal 94 13 days ago
Sana Mirza
Sana Mirza 13 days ago
Omg i also watched that show on nickelodean
Vasyliy Bentsa
Vasyliy Bentsa 13 days ago
You remind me of gravity falls
Dr. Gamelike
Dr. Gamelike 13 days ago
I know your dad favorite store. THE DOLLAR STORE
charlotte juliette
charlotte juliette 13 days ago
your grandma turned sixty in eighth grade? im in fifth and mine is 80!
Amelia Barrett
Amelia Barrett 14 days ago
Omg I love my hero Academia
Amelia Barrett
Amelia Barrett 14 days ago
Omg I love my hero Academia
- Wayne -
- Wayne - 14 days ago
Dear Alex, WOA (Word of advice) Tell her about your grandma's birthday, ask if she can come, enjoy the party, and when it's over, enjoy the "after-party" (as in date afterwards) Hope this helps dude
Moonbeamstarz 14 days ago
Realdavidgamer298 14 days ago
I made you a happy boi
legomart78 6
legomart78 6 14 days ago
You’re so lucky. Homer Simpson is you’re dad, and Marty Mcfly is you’re best friend! I wish i had you’re life
dank memes
dank memes 15 days ago
*when alex ends on a cliff hanger* *why you...why you bully us.*
Maryann Givens-Hayes
No I said tell me now what now what will you do that I would like a mini never visit you but you couldn’t go to epic cookie dough for your babysitter
Haewon Choi
Haewon Choi 15 days ago
I can’t wait for part 732!
Lighter In Park Jung Yeon's Hand
*If u do salsa dancing with the right girl, it's more like **_jello wrestling_* xD
Orion Damron
Orion Damron 4 days ago
Tee hee
Mi Runder
Mi Runder 15 days ago
No one : Not a single person : Not a single soul : Not even a living things in this the whole universe : Alex's Friend : M A H M A N !!!!!!!
PillowPie Pie
PillowPie Pie 15 days ago
I am the one millionth view
BirdNerd 309
BirdNerd 309 15 days ago
CBC theJEDI 15 days ago
Tj toons are u basically the same kind of you tuber
Kayde PerezSanchez
Kayde PerezSanchez 15 days ago
when is the next video you are going to kill me if I don't know what happens next
Bailey 15 days ago
You talked about vrv 2 minutes after talking about vrv, dude... Chill...
Chad Holcomb
Chad Holcomb 15 days ago
I can't hit the sub button because I have already
Steven Pham
Steven Pham 15 days ago
Dont press send!
Dusty Dorito
Dusty Dorito 15 days ago
Do part 12!
Comickaze 15 days ago
Good job! You’ve earned yourself a sub today! I know animation takes a lot of time so *Sub*
Skibby Skabs
Skibby Skabs 16 days ago
When you dont tell god "I love you" so you can tell it to your mom
Pat Lund
Pat Lund 16 days ago
this story has been going on for like a year and a half... lol
Jurassic Gamer8768
Jurassic Gamer8768 16 days ago
Ummmmm, im already subscribed?
Tousaint Nzasi
Tousaint Nzasi 16 days ago
Make part 12 to ?
Brainas mik
Brainas mik 16 days ago
More plz
RoxolyDaDelphox 16 days ago
It’s been almost 2 years of this siries
Technical Gaming
Technical Gaming 16 days ago
Osmaku games
Osmaku games 16 days ago
Hey Alex I embarrassed myself in front of a girl and said mmm mmm chicken
nesren hejab
nesren hejab 16 days ago
I know your dad luvs u but is he realy a spy on conversations :3
nesren hejab
nesren hejab 16 days ago
Dude first sight first love you got this go get em tiger that’s what my dad told me but if your dad was realy nice he would’ve told you the same
nesren hejab
nesren hejab 16 days ago
Dude your relationship turned from probably to a mision successful so good job on your life hope nothing bad happens
SmilySlimer 17 days ago
Waiting for part 12 my entire life xd Jk
The Worst Channel On YouTube
Who else thinks the end is him telling us this is all fake!
Alejandro Zamora
Alejandro Zamora 17 days ago
No. Not another cliffhanger. OMG I can't wait!! Love this!
Vitto Certeza
Vitto Certeza 17 days ago
Unless u sub to T-serise
Vitto Certeza
Vitto Certeza 17 days ago
I did sub
Sollart gaming from_YT
GOD is watching you
Sollart gaming from_YT
BTW stop saying OMG
Rocco Bruno
Rocco Bruno 17 days ago
My teacher news about that show
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