Oscars 2020: Who Will Win Best Actor and Best Actress?

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The 2020 Oscars are next weekend, and Variety's Jenelle Riley and Marc Malkin give their final predictions on who will win best actor and actress. As it's looked like all award season, Renee Zellweger ("Judy") and Joaquin Phoenix ("Joker") are the front runners.





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Deborah Carroll
Deborah Carroll Month ago
Mark Malkin has a wonderful voice!!!!
George Francis
George Francis Month ago
As much as I love Adam Driver and I hope he gets an Oscar soon, Joaquin took it well and he and he got what he fucking deserved. Im sure Driver would agree with me
Sarahsmiles71 Month ago
I would like Joaquin to win but I have a feeling it will be Adam Driver and Renee for Judy she was just superb!
Brenda Month ago
I'll be surprised if Joaquin doesn't win for best actor this year. He was so creeeeepppyyy! haha!
x minutes of
x minutes of Month ago
Adam driver or joaquin for me
R O K Month ago
I am so excited for oscar 2020
tha Beast84
tha Beast84 Month ago
Where is Adam Sandler
Gen G.
Gen G. Month ago
david duhoux
david duhoux Month ago
Willem Dafoe should have been nominated for lighthouse
geee maca
geee maca Month ago
Its gonna be Joaquin Phoenix for sure ruvid.net/video/video-RLrcOhsB8xo.html
oh baby that's sad
everyone deserves but i hate that this year is so predictable. i really hope the oscars pull something that has us all shook.
Andrew Harbort
Andrew Harbort 2 months ago
I want Adam Driver to win
Pete Salah
Pete Salah 2 months ago
Fernando Gregol
Fernando Gregol 2 months ago
Charlize really deserves to be the winner this year!
Cepheus 2 months ago
"The movie is so dark, the people didn't like the movie" what??? The box office gross definitely didn't show that. What do people like nominated instead? Frozen 2?
Ben Kerrison
Ben Kerrison 2 months ago
Best Actress : Saoirse Ronan ( Little Women ) Best Actor : Jaoquin Phoenix ( Joker )
AppalachianWolf 2 months ago
Joaquin all the fucking way
kdccatgmail 2 months ago
People still care about these whiney, entitled, rich people who claim they want change, i.e. climate change, help for the poor, diversity yet then climb in their hummers, pull into their sheltered mansions as they make sure their staff wait on them, and then smile at all their awards.
kdccatgmail Month ago
@Adam Kerdus I am sorry. Hope your days get better. Happy Valentine's.
Adam Kerdus
Adam Kerdus Month ago
@kdccatgmail A little of column A and a little of column B
kdccatgmail Month ago
@Adam Kerdus Are you lonely or just sad?
Adam Kerdus
Adam Kerdus Month ago
@kdccatgmail Not so sure about that...
kdccatgmail Month ago
@Adam Kerdus which says more about you that me that you felt you needed to...
David Ramos
David Ramos 2 months ago
Lets be real now, once upon a time will win, props to Joaquin tho
Ramon Ruiz
Ramon Ruiz 2 months ago
Joaquin. Is the best !!! For the "OSCAR"
Bethanie 2 months ago
Don’t get it. You guys say René will 100% win because she’s won all the precursor awards, but so has Joaquin and you say it’s between him and Driver? What? 🙄
Aboodash56 2 months ago
Is it me or the awards seasons is becoming very predictable?
Jan Jacobsen
Jan Jacobsen 2 months ago
100% Zellweger and Phoenix
BlazinNSoul 2 months ago
The only thing that really pisses me off. Is that Awkwafina wasn't at least nominated. It's a bit of a slap in the face here really. When your best actress winner from the Golden Globes. Doesn't even get a nomination at the Oscars. Makes the entire thing look like a goddamn joke. Oscars so white still remains a problem. This year's nominations certainly adds to that & hope one day. We will actually have a serious conversation. About the lack of representation of women of all colors. Practice what you preach, just saying. :/
Punu Begum
Punu Begum 2 months ago
Joaquin Phoenix deserves every bit
TONY STark 2 months ago
Joaquin Phoenix absolutely 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎 and others also great but joker deserves
Mrs. Dawson
Mrs. Dawson 2 months ago
Leo or Joaquin 🙂
Bethanie 2 months ago
Leo has no chance.
Anindita Anjani
Anindita Anjani 2 months ago
idk why adam is many people's choice. i think joaquin deserves this one, easily
Bethanie 2 months ago
100%. Anyone questioning it is a fool.
Kit Keller
Kit Keller 2 months ago
I’ve been a fan of Zellweger’s since “Jerry Maguire” and “One True Thing,” but, since she’s won once already, I won’t be surprised if the Academy goes with Erivo, Ronan, or Johannsen.
Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger, it is a no-brainer this year.
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Joker FTW!
Clips Out Of Context
For a true rundown of the Oscars, please view: ruvid.net/video/video-5A68My8ryDs.html
sopereme 2 months ago
i love how they're so straight to the point
ilona paffen
ilona paffen 2 months ago
I hope that Adam Driver will win.
Dancer Of the boreal valley
Renee will win as she is representing Judy Garland
Montravius Daniel
Montravius Daniel 2 months ago
I’m still sad that Taron Egerton wasn’t even nominated in the Oscars. He really deserves to be nominated. He did a dang good job of playing Elton John in Rocketman.
Montravius Daniel
Montravius Daniel 2 months ago
Brad Pitt for Once Upon A Time... in Hollywood! 🤩
jack joel
jack joel 2 months ago
Joaquin phoenix is Joker deserved very good acting
The Stamford
The Stamford 2 months ago
Best Picture: 1917 Best non-English film Parasite 👏 Joaquin Phoenix👑 Renee Zellweger Brad Pitt Scarlett Johansson Best Director: Sam Mendes DOCU: For Sama 🤞Directors: Waad Al-Kateab, Edward Watts Best short film: Brotherhood Director: Meryam Joobeur Best original music: Hildur Guðnadóttir
João Vitor Candido da Silva
Phoenix or Driver win this oscar there's not reason to people be crazy and talk shit because both deserve this award since both shown to us amazing performance... (Sorry for my english)
Bethanie 2 months ago
Joaquin’s performance is the best. He 100% deserves to win.
Kate Spade
Kate Spade 2 months ago
I don’t know why critics say a lot of people didn’t like Joker. I wouldn’t be the first R rated film to make over a billion dollars if people hated it. It’s a small pretentious bubble of critics who just attack the movie.
Neve 2 months ago
i am the person who doesn't want renee zellweger to win. i think there were some much more deserving actresses that should be awarded
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 months ago
No black woman has ever won since Halley Berry that's a shame. African Americans does not have a chance
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 2 months ago
@perlancia im supporting role not leading role
perlancia im
perlancia im 2 months ago
Michael Johnson Viola Davis did !
Florin Natu
Florin Natu 2 months ago
joker is not fuckin dark for the 50000000000th time it.s real. it.s the world we (mou) live in wake the fuck up already,bubble people
Cengiz92931 2 months ago
DiCaprio deserves the Oscar. Phoenix did a good job, but DiCaprios performance was amazing. But we all know, the movie Joker, which is not really good, was so hyped, so Phoenix will have more chances than DiCaprio
John Sean
John Sean 2 months ago
@Cengiz92931 joaquin =bafta, the sag,critics choice, golden globe he won everything this year so l dont think anyone can match him in oscar
Joker !
Joker ! 2 months ago
Fuck you Just kidding. I respect your opinion but I fucking love joker
dragging no
dragging no 2 months ago
@Cengiz92931 lol nah joker is far better then Hollywood and joaquin is better then Leo
Cengiz92931 2 months ago
@Kristina Ant There are some Tarantino movies which are better than Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. But this movie was far better than Joker. Joker has no narrative, the dialogues are bad and laughable and there are too much plot holes. As I said, the hype made the Joker movie so big. The movie is boring.
Kristina Ant
Kristina Ant 2 months ago
No. Once upon a time in Hollywood is the worst Tarantino movie and DiCaprio was not interesting in it. Pitt was ok. Phoenix, Driver and Banderas are much better this year
MrMangoHead jr
MrMangoHead jr 2 months ago
I think that I would be more upset if Scarlett or Saoirse doesn't win
Dorsa 2 months ago
Best upset would be if Scarlett and Adam won over Renée and Joaquin. Scarlett and Adam surely deserve it over them, Joker is quite overrated and Marriage Story is underrated.
Bethanie 2 months ago
Joaquin carries Joker all by himself. For that alone he deserves the Oscar over Driver.
PokemonFan 2 months ago
Lol no marriage story is overrated And nah joaquin deserves it more
Ben Carlson
Ben Carlson 2 months ago
Don’t be surprised if Adam Driver steals it from Phoenix
PokemonFan 2 months ago
He's not
Hope Keeley
Hope Keeley 2 months ago
Joaquin Phoenix will definitely win ( I love Adam to death but joker was just amazing )
CLAPTON MAN 2 months ago
Adam driver plzzzzzz
Derek Langston
Derek Langston 2 months ago
Adam Sandler should’ve WON
Hich 24
Hich 24 2 months ago
But I think Leonardo DiCaprio's performance was another level of acting.
Tobi Kayode
Tobi Kayode 2 months ago
He is happy that he got invited to the party.
Perris Kertroy Fortson
Renee is without a doubt winning. I can truly say that throughout the entire film, I stg I thought I was actually watching Judy herself
lilmil 2 months ago
Renee or Scarlett, Joaquin or adam
M.M 2 months ago
Unpopular opinion. I really want Adam Driver to win
saket adarsh
saket adarsh 2 months ago
Gonna cry?
Ty Knobloch
Ty Knobloch 2 months ago
Actor & Actress... Check!
Kevin 5012
Kevin 5012 2 months ago
The Best Actress award should’ve gone to Lupita Nyong’o for Us since she been sweeping up the category at the critical circle award season and in fact her performance is just a ultimate tour de force. The only reason Renee will win is bc 1) she’s nominated and lupita isn’t of course, 2) the oscars and other prestigious film industry awards love movies that are about Hollywood rather it’s fictional or real life and have a long biasedness towards horror films and 3) the oscars have shown they still aren’t ready to give the best leading actress to another black/minority actress after Halle Berry win in 2001 every minority actress have won in the supporting category since
Sayuri Lopes
Sayuri Lopes 2 months ago
Joaquin for sure.
Hellzyead 2 months ago
The Oscars are so goddamn boring and predictable 🤣 Joaquin Phoenix will win. Renee Zellweger will win. Brad Pitt will win. Laura Dern will win. Adam Sandler should have been nominated and won. And Lupita Nyong'o and Awkwafina should have been nominated and either one of should have won. Willem Dafoe should have been nominated and won for "The Lighthouse" 👍👍 the only runt of the litter is the best supporting actress category 🤣
Ich bin B********
Ich bin B******** 2 months ago
I will never understand the Driver’s performance hype in Marriage story, lol in almost the entire movie he was acting like himself, his performance is good only for ten minutes, actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Antonio Banderas had a great performance in the entire movie and people still want Driver to win when there are other better performances? People need to realize that Phoenix has the Oscar in his bag since the day Joker movie was released!!! No hate to Adam Driver but this is not his year...
Bethanie 2 months ago
100% agree. Driver doesn’t even come close to Joaquin.
Red 2 months ago
Ich bin B******** I disagree
assmane999 2 months ago
Banderas will win.
Bethanie 2 months ago
assmane999 it’s so not.
saket adarsh
saket adarsh 2 months ago
@assmane999 😂😂😂🔥🙏
assmane999 2 months ago
norm2014 it’ll be a surprise for sure. But it’s happening
norm2014 2 months ago
I think he doesn't have a chance, he wasn't nominated to the Bafta
Ty Knobloch
Ty Knobloch 2 months ago
Nah. Most likely not.
Amber Shay
Amber Shay 2 months ago
Adam Driver. He's the best of them all.
Bethanie 2 months ago
He ain’t.
Ty Knobloch
Ty Knobloch 2 months ago
I'd say both Driver & Phoenix!!
R8Zio 2 months ago
Alot of people say that Phoenix should but they wish Driver would win because they like him more. Adam Driver has made a big fanbase with SNL and his personality. I mean, i wish Adam would win too but this year Phoenix' perfomance is just better.
Kristina Ant
Kristina Ant 2 months ago
SNL ?? I thought he has fanbase because of Star Wars. He was great in it. Also Phoenix still has much more support because he played Joker
Susette Santiago
Susette Santiago 2 months ago
Poor Melanie Griffith ...she is unrecognizable...it's not enough to be a novelty character like joker...it can't be the character....it has to be performance....
alfababy 2 months ago
who the fuck are these clowns...STFU!
MegaGamer 2 months ago
It's almost a shame how obvious the acting categories are this year with Zellweger, Phoenix, Dern & Pitt - Such a fantastic year of performances but the awards season has spelled out these four names in particular.
MegaGamer 2 months ago
@norm2014 I'm saying I wish it was a more up-in-the-air race like say Best Picture is this year. It's more fun to predict when it isn't so obvious, literally has nothing to do with the performances themselves - speaking only in terms of how awards season has been going this year.
norm2014 2 months ago
Why is a shame if these performances were the best
norm2014 2 months ago
You're talking like if these performances weren't great, please.
Rocknrolladube 2 months ago
Rick Dalton!
Swaroop 2 months ago
99% comment section Joaquin
jordan elizabeth
jordan elizabeth 2 months ago
adam deserves -_-
Bethanie 2 months ago
Angus Ross
Angus Ross 2 months ago
"A lot of people didn't like the movie" (talking about Joker) I'm sorry what? 1. How did it reach a billion dollars at the box office 2. why does it have a 97% audience review on RT
R8Zio 2 months ago
because those people live in their hollywood bubbles.
CJE 2 months ago
Angus Ross this guy probably tried to make a point that HE didn’t like the movie
Rozemberg Barbosa
Rozemberg Barbosa 2 months ago
I agree with you both and I will adore that Night 😘💞❤️
J nid
J nid 2 months ago
it's gonna be a boring Oscars
Matt Z
Matt Z 2 months ago
These people drive me crazy. Idk why but they’re very annoying. (Not the actors) these two people.
Joker !
Joker ! 2 months ago
Matt Z why are you watching this then
Tuang Khek
Tuang Khek 2 months ago
Adam driver is so good
Jam Gomez
Jam Gomez 2 months ago
To be honest, I hope there is a tie, Adam Driver is so good.
Agnes Sofia Castro Carvalho
Scarlett & Joaquim couple of HER
Hitchcock Fan
Hitchcock Fan 2 months ago
Joker shouldn't have been nominated for 11 awards. It doesn't deserve that much. It must settle with actor , composer and makeup. It doesn't deserve more.
Ty Knobloch
Ty Knobloch 2 months ago
Hey, it's no big deal!
norm2014 2 months ago
@Hitchcock Fan of course this time there are good movies, and Joker is one of them, and has the same merits as 1917 in technical aspects, the cinematography and sound in Joker are amazing, I don't know if they're going to win but definitely those aspects deserved a nomination.
Hitchcock Fan
Hitchcock Fan 2 months ago
@norm2014 this time there are so many good movies, 1917 might grab technical awards. I am not disrespectful but efforts of others also has to be taken into account rather than going by popular opinion i love joker but equally competitive movies should not be neglected.
norm2014 2 months ago
Your opinion, the engineer of sound editing is a two time Academy award winner, these guys put a lot of effort in this movie, is a shame someone disrespect them that way.
Maverick 2 months ago
Thumbs up for Joaquin Phoenix !!!
Rifqi Falih
Rifqi Falih 2 months ago
This lady previously said Adam Driver would take the triumph 😂 but not saying Adam Driver is not good i think he is totally stunning in Marriage Story but Joaquin.. man, that performance doesnt come up quite often. We have waited for one performance that captivates us and Joaquin nailed it. Well 2019 was one of biggest satisfaction for movie industry. We were all satisfied to watch many great movies.
Salman Abu
Salman Abu 2 months ago
1.Antonio Bandares 2.Adam Driver 3.Joaquin Phoenix 4.Dicaprio (Haven't seen 2 pops).. (It's shocking to see no love for Antonio,such a subtle and realistic performance followed by Adam)
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