Orion the Hunter - All about the mythology, stars and celestial objects (N. Hemisphere perspective)

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Orion the Hunter is one of the most famous constellations in the sky. It has been identified in various cultures for thousands of years. If you can learn to identify this constellation, you can easily find the rest of the constellations in the winter sky.
Please note that my instruction is based upon how you would observe Orion from the northern hemisphere perspective, not the southern hemisphere.

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Aug 1, 2016




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Comments 23
Endo _
Endo _ 24 days ago
Ofc why wouldn't it be my enemy is Orion & Artemis... I am an SCORPIO
Torin Derrico
Torin Derrico Month ago
Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss 2 months ago
Study dogon mythology and Egyptian mythology
Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss 2 months ago
This is so wrong....guess you have not researched the ancient kemetic order of kemet and Ethiopia. All consolation and calendars are of African history
Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss Month ago
@m Dr Rkhty Amen Jones is the best.
Jermaine Moss
Jermaine Moss Month ago
@m there's videos of this information already online. Dr Charles S Finch lll spoke of all of the callander invented in ancient Ethiopia. Booker t Coleman also has videos on this topic, they're the experts but I have studied and researched
m Month ago
if you know so much then why don’t you make your own video
KARTHIKEYAN SD 2 months ago
I think , you located cancer in wrong place .it left side from gemini
darth rednax
darth rednax 3 months ago
-Batelguize- BEEETLE JUICE
Jay Bouchard
Jay Bouchard 10 months ago
great video! I learned so much. I never knew Betelgeuse was pronounced that way
Learn the Sky
Learn the Sky 10 months ago
Thank you! Here is a great website to help with star pronunciations: www.space.com/3250-stars-pronunciation-guide.html
Akon Akter1999
Akon Akter1999 11 months ago
Very nice explanation thanks
Matt Hopper
Matt Hopper Year ago
Very nice explanation,thank you very much,!
R.A.D. Berry and associates
3MESSAGES COMBINED I am writing to you because I have learned a lot from you. Like character and endurance and above all respect. Hence I am compelled to share some know ledge combine with wisdom as if it was from another dimension knowing. Once again thank you and stay strong with the stars Rene Descartes Double AA from L.A. ruvid.net/video/video-rwVeAfGU4bk.html
Yah Noah King
Yah Noah King Year ago
Beetlejuice is red because it signifies or Ryan caulking is bowl Back. Not because it’s being blown up.
W Covey
W Covey Year ago
What you labeled as Cancer is Perseus. The Crab is a bit left of Gemini.
Jannina Sánchez
Jannina Sánchez 10 months ago
W Covey yes, you’re right
Coleen Dela Luna
I really appreciate how the video is done. ❤ Thank you for the informations.
Manny117 FTW
Manny117 FTW Year ago
my name is Orion and thats weird
Manny117 FTW
Manny117 FTW Year ago
I'm named after Orion well
Rami Emad
Rami Emad 2 years ago
You didn't mention "Saiph" which in Arabic is pronounced the same and means "Sword of the Giant"
Learn the Sky
Learn the Sky 2 years ago
Thank you for adding that detail. I appreciate it.
Rami Emad
Rami Emad 2 years ago
Rigel is originally "Rejel" in Arabic which means "Foot of the Giant"
Learn the Sky
Learn the Sky 2 years ago
Thank you for clarifying :)
Rami Emad
Rami Emad 2 years ago
Betelgeuse is originally an Arab name which is "Ibt el-Jawzaa" which literally mean the "Armpit of Gemini". Because Arabs used to call Orion as Gemini and Gemini as the Twins.
Learn the Sky
Learn the Sky 2 years ago
Yes, I have read about these references as well. Thank you for sharing.
ЯΞКT 2 years ago
I see this thing every night and i have no idea what it is. Thanks so much
jin shark
jin shark 6 months ago
so the earth is not spinning also the stars?
Lucy Caramaschi
Lucy Caramaschi 2 years ago
So well explained. Thank You
Ankaraman 3 years ago
Absolutely love this, shared, thank You, Janine.
adeel256 3 years ago
Thanks. That was very informative.
believer e
believer e 3 years ago
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