Orion's Belt in Egyptian, Mayan and Hopi Cultures

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Many ancient cultures shared the belief that we came from the stars. For dozens of millennia if not longer, humans have been plotting the movement of the stars, studying the heavens, constructing calendars, and erecting monuments to track the procession of the constellations and heavenly bodies across the night sky.
Several constellations and stars have played an important role in ancient cultures and the belief of the celestial origins of our species. In the places where these legends emerge, we find structures that correlate with the position of these stars and constellations in the sky. And, perhaps the most prevalent of all these correlations is with the Orion constellation.
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Nov 21, 2019




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Comments 33
Olga Gomezsanchez
Olga Gomezsanchez 2 months ago
I've always felt a connection with Orion's Belt. It's hard to explain the feeling I get inside as I stare at it in a clear sky. Ever since I learned about the Hopi Indians I've been wanting to visit the Mesas.
Charles just Charles
Fantastic voice! So soothing, so clear.
I AM Ra 4 months ago
Amazing video! I learned a lot... And Spiritually I believe that you have uncovered some amazing coincidences “wink, wink” of of some of our origins as human beings and our extraterrestrial and inner-terrestrial brothers and sisters Namaste 🙏 and thank you for sharing!
dchait 4 months ago
In the time of two suns as Orion’s Belt prepares to burst forth
Rob Sommars
Rob Sommars 4 months ago
🔼❤42 Home.
Adrian Cotirta
Adrian Cotirta 5 months ago
why did they marked the orrions belt ?! did they had plans going there for some reason?!
independenve4565 5 months ago
Pretty Awesome !
shaolinskunks88 6 months ago
Was looking at Orion’s Belt earlier I keep thinking was it placed like that by chance or by design the 3 in a row whilst the rest look scattered.
Scott Johnstone
Scott Johnstone 6 months ago
Just an interesting fact, Orion's belt features heavily in the first "Men in Black" movie. Probably picked because someone knew it was significant.
Asheru 92
Asheru 92 Month ago
@Barbara Daniel it's deity sekhmet
Barbara Daniel
Barbara Daniel 2 months ago
That was my favorite part of the movie. I like the fact that it was on a cat. A black cat would have been better Bastet Egyptian cat.
Nicky Williams
Nicky Williams 6 months ago
how do you explain it
Bobby Daniels
Bobby Daniels 6 months ago
Notice the proximity of "meteor" crater to cluster of Hopi civilazations, very effective way to begin anew. In order to create without cross contamination in a particular geographic zone, one must first destroy. 🤐
Kant Itsamystery
Kant Itsamystery 6 months ago
6:45 "The Archive is in agreement with [Robert] Buval" Thank you! The simplest answer is usually the right one. Never has that made more sense than here. There's no way in Holy Hell that Mars was EVER a satellite of Earth. Earth is nowhere near large enough relative to Mars to capture it. It could move it off course, which would likely shift Earth's orbit as well, but it is absolutely, mathematically incapable of capturing Mars. What a ridiculous theory. A bunch of convoluted nonsense.
Kant Itsamystery
Kant Itsamystery 6 months ago
Totally diggin the music...
Debbie Bell
Debbie Bell 6 months ago
Great show Mr. Hobbs, loved it!
Mosquito In your ears
The pyramid of giza is older than you been told.
xxx magiik
xxx magiik 4 months ago
Mosquito In your ears how u know
David Corbett
David Corbett 6 months ago
The Great Pyramid is only as old as The Copper Age dates which is maximum 10'000bc and no older
twin rays
twin rays 6 months ago
Way older same for most of the ancient pyramids around the world
Brandon Werner
Brandon Werner 6 months ago
Chuck Sakoda
Chuck Sakoda 6 months ago
What's the music in the intro? It's great.
williechill786 6 months ago
Please father spirit allow me to go to Arizona and see these ruins one day!!
Robert Huston
Robert Huston 6 months ago
All are from the 12th dimension. Love this mans voice.
Reach the divine Self Improvement Tools
the goal is to reactive all piramides and become imortal
xxx magiik
xxx magiik 4 months ago
twin rays and real life if u can open ur mind
twin rays
twin rays 6 months ago
would make an interesting movie
Etheric Zone 11:11
Etheric Zone 11:11 6 months ago
Great show Fascinating!
jwrappuhn71 6 months ago
Excellent vid bro.
dale Boyte
dale Boyte 6 months ago
Nice work keep it up ( I have same book's about this )
summer Donofrio
summer Donofrio 6 months ago
So I have been wondering,is that where we are from?
Ken Jerome
Ken Jerome 6 months ago
Ah yes, I love a clear crisp winter night gazing at Orion and contemplating Sumerian mythology.
Lee Rabulan
Lee Rabulan 6 months ago
Thank you ancient astronaut archive for sharing this. You never cease to amaze me!
20Eyes1974 6 months ago
Crazy how the hopi built their citis.. Excellent as always.
Brian Roy
Brian Roy 6 months ago
Great presentation. There were entities that ruled and created over humans. Where now, not sure,? Could still be here. Who knows. Ty
Steven bent1
Steven bent1 6 months ago
Interesting alternate source for pyramid alignment but the belt of Orion and Sirius seem very plausible: 'these are the gene rations of the heavens and the earth'....
Anthony J
Anthony J 6 months ago
...btw, these videos are dope! Keep at it! 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis 6 months ago
Read the Terra Papers by Hopi Robert Morningsky.👽
Lynn Mitzy
Lynn Mitzy 6 months ago
Thanx, great video💛⛰🤗
Ancient Astronaut Archive
Thx Lynn!
brady alex
brady alex 6 months ago
Jlilli Reid
Jlilli Reid 6 months ago
Thank you. I knew Nothing about these things. It is good to educate oneself in order to be aware of other
Ancient Astronaut Archive
You are welcome Brady!
Anthony Giallourakis
There are no words....
Ancient Astronaut Archive
Thx Anthony for your support!
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