Original Gummy Pizza from Vat19

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Grab a slice of sugary perfection with the Gummy Pizza in a Box, an eight inch gummy pizza that looks like the real thing!
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Just like every good pizza commercial suggests, you need to pair that za’ with some soda. There is NOT a discount with this option, it is just a fun suggestion to get the party started.
Every ingredient that makes up this sweet pie is a unique gummy flavor, starting with the crust (orange) and cheese (berry blast), all the way to the toppings of pepperoni (cherry), green peppers (apple), and yellow peppers (lemon). Now, who’s going to be the one that gets the last slice?
Each gummy pizza comes in a real cardboard pizza box, so when it’s party time, you can serve it up just like your local pizzeria would. For those who prefer a spicy pizza, try pairing it with Spicy Gummy Peppers. Made in the USA.
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Comments 80
Vat19 4 years ago
Pizza night just got a little bit sweeter.
Yuri Gagarin
Yuri Gagarin 2 days ago
Houston, we have a cross triple promo: giant gummy bears, giant gummy worm, giant cola.
Tun Min Latt
Tun Min Latt 4 days ago
snake and pizza gummy plase
Gemma Ali
Gemma Ali 5 days ago
pezel mazon math and saiyace tvo kids
SM hipermarket
Elena Kuan
Elena Kuan Month ago
Pun city!
Michael LoCascio
Michael LoCascio 3 hours ago
same l
SIBERIANTEXAN 5,000,000,000
you can really taste the diabetes
Malwina Wójcik
Malwina Wójcik 2 days ago
Atri dasgupta
Atri dasgupta 2 days ago
Why was there written" fresh from oven" on the box ?
Tik Tok Addicted Person
*Diabetes wants to know your location.*
Mehmet Cetkin
Mehmet Cetkin 2 days ago
Enrico Tanubrata
Enrico Tanubrata 2 days ago
Niko bellic
Tan Siew Hwa
Tan Siew Hwa 2 days ago
new gummy pizza?
Ami Mistry
Ami Mistry 3 days ago
Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Wish it was. Release
Kelly Marshall
Kelly Marshall 3 days ago
I want one😲😮😛
fabyan aqshal
fabyan aqshal 3 days ago
So this is were youtubers are getting it from
Filip GDR
Filip GDR 4 days ago
I watched this like so many times when I was little.
Tun Min Latt
Tun Min Latt 4 days ago
GachaStar18 5 days ago
U guys need to make gummy breadsticks
Aisha Aisha
Aisha Aisha 5 days ago
Franklin vlogs with friends
Since it's 2020 vat19 should be vat20
Sofia Carrillo
Sofia Carrillo 6 days ago
𝕆𝕥𝕙𝕖𝕣 𝕔𝕒𝕟𝕕𝕪𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕤 𝕒𝕝𝕣𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕪 𝕚𝕟𝕧𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕖𝕕 𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕥 𝕍𝕒𝕥.19.𝕔𝕠𝕞 𝕚𝕤 𝕕𝕦𝕞𝕓
GachaCrazyMeme Hi
I got pizza when 8 was wwatch8ng this
Anna Natale
Anna Natale 9 days ago
This girl in my school brought this to lunch. This is all she brought. And she didnt eat it all and threw it away
Concealed Gaming
Concealed Gaming 9 days ago
You just made me hungry.
Jordan Fan Jordanfan
Lana Mufte
Lana Mufte 13 days ago
Lana Mufte
Lana Mufte 13 days ago
Zeny Lopez
Zeny Lopez 16 days ago
Zeus the subway Hub and zeus noah LOPEZ
anonymous spectator
I guess this is a real boneless pizza
StoryBoys 17 days ago
Ah yes i too like apple lemon and orange on my pizza
gia an
gia an 19 days ago
Oh god to sweet
Hello There
Hello There 21 day ago
Go to amazon for everything 20% off
Swaroop 25 days ago
I wish the pizza delivery man would just leave me like that after giving me pizza 0:13
Ahmad Ilmam
Ahmad Ilmam 28 days ago
Madeleine Cole
Madeleine Cole 28 days ago
can you put it in acid
F.B.I 29 days ago
Me : wait, how did they stuck a ingredient together? Vat19 : With a *Glue*
Lynsey's Life
Lynsey's Life 29 days ago
and ornge
Amphar Hou ma
Amphar Hou ma Month ago
Wow what about a big Grammy pizza
Broken JPEG
Broken JPEG Month ago
They should make a Gummy Breadstick.
Elias Pettersen
Elias Pettersen Month ago
Can i get a free gummy pizza?
Ben Rivers
Ben Rivers Month ago
I want bread sticks!
*when your to lazy to make pizza for dinner*-
Dawn N' Dusk
Dawn N' Dusk Month ago
Um shouldn't the boy have to cola in his hand? Why does the girl have one instead of the boy?
Musicube Month ago
Kamenzo— Month ago
i don’t like the way they say orange like *ornge*
MTT MTT Month ago
I’m eating pizza White im watching this.
Celine Me And you
Jelek bangetsih
Tui Soakai
Tui Soakai Month ago
Hey vat19 make a real 1st prize please pretty please with love on top pleasers
Max Injic
Max Injic Month ago
Wait a white giant gummy bear
Ameena Ong
Ameena Ong Month ago
*Trolli wants to know your location*
ali k
ali k Month ago
Give the poor dude his tips
bries angle
bries angle Month ago
It’s actually disgusting I’ve tried it
Dancing With Mae
I love how he said ORNGE!
Afaa abdulla rasheed
I deleveryd
Agentchops Jr
Agentchops Jr Month ago
0:46 Thanks, subtitles.
Jhonathy Wright
Jhonathy Wright Month ago
Make it pizza net
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker Month ago
He said "gummy" 13 times exactly
Shasha_Mangia _Patate
As an Italian, I feel like I should be offended. *But it's Vat19...*
Blue_wings 2 months ago
I don’t like pizza. But I would eat this.
Josafina Mazzuca
Josafina Mazzuca 2 months ago
Vat19 just takes stuff from other brands -_-
JackLostThe Y
JackLostThe Y 2 months ago
You should make a gummy plate and some utensils
Welcome to Sunny Tran’s actually trashy videos!
David Petrovitsky
David Petrovitsky 2 months ago
Who else still wants it
Ngocnam Tran
Ngocnam Tran 2 months ago
Jose Soto
Jose Soto 2 months ago
It will be cool with cinnamon sugar bread sticks
Turbo dismount Game
Turbo dismount Game 2 months ago
Valentina Contreras
Valentina Contreras 2 months ago
can you send me a gummy pizza
Minikarma 2 months ago
I remember going to a store, and seeing gummy pizzas and no matter what situation we were in mom would always refuse to buy me one
midnightblues17 2 months ago
When I get my braces off, I will buy a gummy from vat19
Ericson Ramos
Ericson Ramos 2 months ago
0:45 1st Plot twist: the breadsticks did something to the director of this ad. [a *BAD* thing] 2nd Plot twist: I actually like breadsticks. *-[I really don’t]-* 3rd Plot twist: Edit: I don’t really care if I get likes or not. (I’m actually serious.)
TMD LV 2 months ago
Flavors Revealed to see what it tasted like. Pepperoni: Cherry Crust: orange Green peppers: green apple Yellow peppers/Cheese: Lemon It tasted sour and weird but it was good :)
Mobile legends bang bang and Roblox
its not delivery its diabetes
goingextra ???
goingextra ??? 3 months ago
The longest it takes to get a pizza, is when you biy this.
nichole curtis
nichole curtis 3 months ago
You guys should make popcorn gummies
fetus deletus
fetus deletus 3 months ago
green apple, lemin and *ORNGG*
Monika #1
Monika #1 3 months ago
If this exists, they should make pizza gummy bears
Gord Lannin
Gord Lannin 3 months ago
Im having pizza tonight lol
Gisselle Alva
Gisselle Alva 3 months ago
I love gummy pizza is the best I tried it can you please have one like it’s my birthday
Sneaky Goose
Sneaky Goose 3 months ago
I bought mine and the amazon worker took a bite of mine 😤
ardibanoツ - PS3D
ardibanoツ - PS3D 3 months ago
When you order a pizza Me: uhmm, may I order a pizza? pizzarhea: what kind of pizza would you like? Me: *gUmMY*
Alexis DoBuilds
Alexis DoBuilds 3 months ago
That guy waiitng for his pay-
VultureLikes Games
VultureLikes Games 3 months ago
Jeez it took 4 years for just 21 million views? Wow that sucks
ツツ Kikuyu The Bunny Loves Sans
I’m gonna marry this pizza.
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