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Welcome to this installment of "Is she okay? No, really... is she okay?"
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Apr 11, 2019

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Comments 11 773
unicons rl
unicons rl 3 hours ago
I got a audible ad on this vid
13 hours ago
lol but 8:30 tho #HeresTheThing There u go, everyone, to all the peeps who've been wanting a Gabbie Saying Here's The Thing compilation video...
13 hours ago
awwww u guys 2:23 Gabbie sparks joy. That's what sparks joy for me.
Ivory Tim
Ivory Tim 16 hours ago
joe very 5 minutes: GrEeN eGgS aNd HaM!
soonsims 21 hour ago
Wow, she's a proper hoarder.
Brynn Smith
Brynn Smith Day ago
i rewatched this and there was an audible add half way through the video 😂😭
holly greathouse
Best part when she found the keys on the book shelf
Kurtisha Charlery
Urghh look at all the books 😫😫 I'd be in heaven
Masquerade Makeup
I see the iisuperwomanii book
Elyse Cash
Elyse Cash Day ago
I’ve watched random videos of yours in the past but I haven’t been a big RUvid watcher up until recently and in just the past few weeks I’ve been binging your videos and what’s weird is that I literally watched the storytime of the ex who gave you that stupid book immediately before watching this one 😂
Simone Roberts
Simone Roberts 2 days ago
She always talks about how messy she is and yet she uses a LETTER SLICER
Aubrey Wu
Aubrey Wu 3 days ago
*gabbie talking about how she might struggle reading a 1200 page book, and then you have me that read at that level when I was 12*
Isabella Angell
Isabella Angell 4 days ago
My mom has the book codependent no more and the fact that she has it is so funny to me
Hanna Crooks
Hanna Crooks 4 days ago
When you had to sneeze I had to sneeze
Amy Mck
Amy Mck 4 days ago
You threw out Graceling!! It is such a good book. Kick ass powerful chick with superpowers and has issues with being overly independent and pushing people away... for real, such a good book. Books are my Kryptonite.
LOLoLAWL GT 4 days ago
I feel so bad for you and your grandmother😭😭😭
trinity Jones
trinity Jones 4 days ago
She said my name omg
Dais and K
Dais and K 4 days ago
Gabbie : HeRe'S tHe ThInG.... Joe: NoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo
Emily Schroeder
Emily Schroeder 4 days ago
It kinda annoyed me that he was trying to make her get rid of all of her books like let her keep what she wants…
AUBREY PIERCE 5 days ago
please organize your fridge magnets!
Maddie Rose
Maddie Rose 5 days ago
I spy 1984 by George Orwell! Very good read! I'm reading it right now for my senior year english class!
hey wassa
hey wassa 6 days ago
Do the ear wax things!!
Kimberly Kirby
Kimberly Kirby 6 days ago
clean your mirror for a video
Zobo Crystal
Zobo Crystal 6 days ago
Someone will bring something up or I’ll see it on the internet and hours or days later I hear it nonstop. I don’t know if I just haven’t noticed it or if I’ve been living under a rock
cece ibarra
cece ibarra 6 days ago
Graceling is meh
hi 7 days ago
alaa awad
alaa awad 7 days ago
the dolls story FREAKED ME OUT !
Anya H
Anya H 7 days ago
Can we please have ‘my therapist reacts to my videos’ 😂😂
Estefany Gonzalez
Ugh the Chuck books yessssss WE STAN A READING KWEEN
Holly Foyle
Holly Foyle 8 days ago
i LOVE how i met your mother ive watched it all like 20 times no joke
Simran Shah
Simran Shah 8 days ago
Oh God dont read Graceling it sucks
Liv Hall
Liv Hall 9 days ago
my brain ; “ well ,,, here the thing ,,,, “ “ nooo “
Tea Hawkes
Tea Hawkes 10 days ago
Me: *opens video* Also me: *closes video because Irene isn't here*
Drink Me
Drink Me 10 days ago
It’s crazy how skinny the pillows on her couch are
Kennedy Voelker
Kennedy Voelker 10 days ago
u should frame the book prints
Genesis Miranda
Genesis Miranda 11 days ago
11:45 i cant stop watching that part
Alyssa Roybal
Alyssa Roybal 11 days ago
Gabbie knew she was gonna get her new house 👌
Autumn LaBourdette
Autumn LaBourdette 11 days ago
Oh my god! Graceling is so fucking good!!!! How could you!?
Sam Rodriguez
Sam Rodriguez 12 days ago
Dont do the ear wax thing because it can damage your ear drum
Kyri Grantham
Kyri Grantham 12 days ago
Joe wants all her books gone
Kyri Grantham
Kyri Grantham 12 days ago
I stalk have AR reading 😢😢😢
Mackenzie D
Mackenzie D 13 days ago
*_GaBBiE tHaT’s a SiN!_* But here’s the thi... *_nOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOoO_*
Ray Dayton
Ray Dayton 13 days ago
aww i liked graceling...
Emily Cemer
Emily Cemer 13 days ago
Love your vids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you have a lot of 📖 books
xXReaper Xx
xXReaper Xx 13 days ago
Gabbie tryna flex on us with her AirPods ÙwÚ (This is a joke)
Ruthie Wynn
Ruthie Wynn 13 days ago
i love watching these videos bc they motivate me to clean but i dont clean i watch the video lmao but i WANT to clean
Mama Croc
Mama Croc 13 days ago
The graceling book!!! Omg such a good trilogy!! ( @5:48 )
Mia Gorham
Mia Gorham 13 days ago
24:22 - 63,072,000 times
Karena Forbush
Karena Forbush 13 days ago
I like to read and imagine what the characters look like too 🙂 this makes me want to start reading
Josslynn Cox
Josslynn Cox 13 days ago
Does gabby realize that the nock is not the water sprayer thing falling over
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